TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 463

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 463

The Foreign Minister of Zieghart, Illiune, frowned as he looked down beneath the castle walls.

"I never thought I'd be silent witnessing such a sight in my lifetime."

What now appeared in his gaze was a procession of numerous people approaching Zieghart.

If they were coming at Zieghart with swords, he would jump down and push them away, but there was no hint of malice or intent to harm in this procession.

It seemed their sole purpose was reaching Zieghart, their determination quietly emanating.

"Well, I guess it can't be helped. They are the followers of Heukgeumje."

None of the people walking towards the family now were from the White Whale.

They were all inspired by Heukgeumje's heroic journey to Zieghart to rescue her subordinates, and they decided to follow her all the way here.

"Are those things hanging around their necks for style?"

They weren't just cheering for Heukgeumje's antics; they were following her and praising her.

It was the first time he felt why a cult was born and so many believers gathered.


Illiune clicked his tongue and turned his gaze to the head of the procession that stretched out like a snake.

A tall woman is seen walking in front, slightly apart from the people. That is the leader of the White Whale, known as Heukgeumje.

She trained all those people well.

The people who followed Heukgeumje did not approach her. They did not commit acts of violence or shout, and they simply followed her sincerely.

"Damn it."

Illiune clenched his fist with his hand on the wall.

'I don't like it.'

The Foreign Minister of Zieghart is a position like a general who guards the walls and manages the troops.

He is not good at seeing such a sight, so he felt stuffy in his stomach, as if he had been choked.

"Open the door!"

With Illiune's exasperated cry, the gates of Zieghart began to slowly open.

At the thunderous sound that seemed to shake the sky and the earth, Heukgeumje's followers swallowed their dry saliva with tense expressions.

However, the expression of Heukgeumje , who stood right in front of the door, did not change at all. She watched the opening door with eyes that seemed to be calm to the point of being bored.

When the main gate of Zieghart was completely opened, Heukgeumje turned around. She bowed her head respectfully to the people who came with her to this place.

"Thank you for seeing me off. From now on, I will go alone."

Heukgeumje closed her eyes slowly and then opened them, saying that she would definitely come back with her subordinates.

"We will wait here without moving a single step!"

"We will pray for you to achieve your desired goal!"

"Heukgeumje-nim! Please be careful!"

"We believe that you will definitely save your subordinates!"

The people shouted, praising Heukgeumje and saying that they would not move from their place.

In the cold wind of the north, it seemed like they had been brainwashed.

'That can't be it.'

The external informants of the Shadow Agents reported that Heukgeumje had not used any coercive language.

It seemed that all of them were captivated by Heukgeumje's firm path and brilliant appearance.

IIlune shook his head and went down the wall.

"It's nice to meet you, Foreign Minister IIlune."

Heukgeumje bowed as soon as she met his face.

Due to the dignity in her voice and posture, even though she bowed first, it felt as if he were being pushed back.

"Do you know me?"

“One cannot be unaware the lion who guards Zieghart."

She smiled lightly, as if she knew it for sure.

"Hmm, I'm Foreign Minister IIlune."

IIlune nodded briefly and raised his hand to point inside.

"Follow me. I will guide you to the lord's manor."

"Thank you."

He frowned as he glanced at Heukgeumje following him.

'It's really uncomfortable.'

* * *

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For Indonesian: 

Ariel walked down the avenue of Zieghart with a leisurely pace, which exuded a lofty dignity.

Along the outskirts of the avenue, rows of swordsmen stood threateningly, radiating a cold atmosphere. Despite the intertwining pressure of individual martial powers forming a unified military force, Ariel only displayed a smile.


‘It's exactly as I read.’’

Everything was known, from the fact that many people followed, to Zieghart's Foreign Minister Illune coming out to meet and guide, and the threatening aura exuded by Zieghart's swordsmen.

'No room for error.'

Ariel slowly turned her gaze. The swordsmen of Zieghart had firm eyes like rocks and a terrifying sword aura. It means that both actual combat and training have been properly trained. They were all of a high level.

'The continent's fools don't know this.'

Until recently, Zieghart was regarded as a mere appendage to the Six Kings. This was natural because they remained stationary in the north like a rock embedded in the ground.

However, Raon Zieghart shattered the continent's records, and Glenn Zieghart simultaneously dismantled both the Fallen and the White Blood religion leader, resurrecting Zieghart's name once more.

'We knew it from the beginning.'

White Whale set Zieghart as the most dangerous force from the beginning.

As predicted, the swordsmen surrounding them possessed the power to be acknowledged as masters wherever they went. It was simply referred to as the 'Dragon's Nest.' There was no other way to describe Zieghart.


Ariel raised her lips slightly.

'I can gain a lot from this.'

Originally, fame is a difficult thing to obtain even if you invest money and time in it. However, thinking that the status of White Whale and the reputation of Heukgeumje will be elevated through this incident, a smile naturally appeared.

Especially since she knew everything that would happen from now on, there was no fear, but only pleasure.

Ariel, enjoying the aura that the swordsmen were raising as if riding the wind, approached IIlune.

"There are many excellent swordsmen here."

"It's natural, because they are from the sword family."

Illiune turned his gaze away. Even though he heard praises from the swordsmen, he displayed an overtly unimpressed expression.

"Yes, that's correct. But it's even more impressive than I've heard. On the continent, Zieghart isn't ranked very high among the Six Kings, but today, I believe all of those rankings need to be revised."

She shook her head with a faint smile.


Illiune did not answer Ariel's words. It was not a time to blush at just such praise, but the more he looked at her, the more uneasy he felt.

'There's something off about this woman.'

Even among the leaders of the great powers, there are quite a few who are not normal, but this individual named Heukgeumje was extreme.

Despite numerous swordsmen sending eerie vibes and glares from what was practically an enemy territory, she not only smiled mildly but also seemed at ease, as if she were in her own home.

Even more strangely, when Illiune paid attention to Heukgeumje behind him and the path deviated slightly, she would actually change direction, as if she had been here many times before.


Illiune exhaled a low breath, fixing his gaze on the lord's manor in the distance.

'This won't be easy.'

* * *

Raon stood in front of the pillar in the audience chamber, closing his eyes.

'She will be here soon.'

A report arrived that Heukgeumje had arrived at the main gate a short while ago. Since the Foreign Minister Illiune was guiding her, she would be arriving here shortly.

'I have a rough image of her, but...'

Even though he already had a good idea of what kind of person Heukgeumje was based on Blood Cloud Blade, White Wolf, and the situation she had created, he wanted to see her in person and confirm it properly.

'Especially her way of reading the heavens is curious...'

As Raon was gathering his thoughts, a complaining voice rang out from the other side. The master of the True Martial palace Balder was glaring at him with a look of annoyance.

"Why is that kid here, in a place where only  high ranking executives and above can come?"

He frowned as if to ask Raon to speak for himself.

"True Martial palace's master, your thoughts are as big as our house pillars."

Before Raon could open his mouth, Rimmer shook his head.

What? Pillars?"

"Raon is the one who personally defeated and captured White Wolf and Blood Cloud Blade, so he should be here. Should we send him home?"

He clicked his tongue in a pitying way.


Balder's face was full of annoyance, but he could not refute Rimmer and only frowned.

"You... Ugh."

Balder, with narrowed eyes, approached Rimmer but halted as he caught Glenn's glance from the platform.

Raon nodded as he observed Rimmer, who was holding back his laughter.

'This is it. This is the epitome of an inexperienced individual.'

Raon hadn't seen someone adept at picking on others like Rimmer. Just following half of what he did would make today's confrontation successful.

Raon passed by the heated Balder, glancing at the other executive.

Denier wore his usual calm smile, but there was a sharp edge to the atmosphere. It seemed he, too, was displeased with the situation created by Heukgeumje.


Karoon remained silent, showing neither interest nor indifference. However, more than indifference, a sense of malice emanated from him.

Raon sighed and smiled faintly.

‘I have many enemies.’

He had many enemies. There were Derus Robert, the Five Demons, and even enemies within the family. Upon closer inspection, this life wasn't as comfortable as it seemed.

‘And one more will be added today…’

Just as he thought that, a voice rang out from outside the audience chamber.

"It is I, the Foreign Minister. I have brought a guest."

Glenn slowly opened his eyes. He spoke in a dry voice, granting permission for the guest to enter.


With those words, the door to the audience chamber opened. The door shook as if the entire throne room were being shaken, and a tall woman walked in. She walked with confidence and ease, as if this were her own home.

Raon swallowed his saliva and looked up.

"Is that Heukgeumje?"

Her hair, which brushed against her neck, was as dark as the moonless night sky. Her eyes, set in her narrow-set eyes, were as red as if they were filled with drops of blood, and her lips, which were full of life, revealed a refreshing purity like dew.

She was a rare beauty in the world, but what drew attention was not her appearance. It was her presence. Her presence, which did not lose its light even in the midst of the powerful figures in the audience chamber, was amazing.

If not for Glenn, there seemed to be very few who could match Heukgeumje's presence in this place.

The others were also staring at her in amazement at her aura.

'Indeed, a monster.'

Raon watched the Heukgeumje as she walked towards the center and smiled faintly.

‘…So the chances of causing a ruckus have increased even more.’


Ariel trembled as she walked towards the center of the audience chamber.

‘This is no joke, indeed.’

Glenn Zieghart. The presence of the man known as the Destructive King of the North, or The Conqueror of the North, was enormous, surpassing even his name.

A chilling aura. It was as if the rumors that he had driven out the White Blood religion's leader and the Fallen were not false. Even though he was just sitting, his heavy aura, which felt like it was squeezing her heart, pressed down on her entire body.

'The outcome won't change, despite his strength being beyond predictions.'

She smiled even though her heart was racing.

‘Because the end has already been determined.'

Ariel maintained a calm expression as she approached the stage and bowed her head.

“White Whale's Ariel greets The Conqueror of the North.”

She knelt on one knee and bent her body to show the utmost respect.


Glenn's dry voice rang out, as if it would cut off if it were not for that.

"Thank you."

She stood up and met Glenn's eyes. His eyes were even colder than his voice. They revealed the majesty of a victor who looked down on the world.

"Apologies for the delay."

Ariel smiled at Glenn's arrogance and bowed her head again.

"The journey was longer and more difficult than I expected, so it took a little longer..."

"What kind of bullshit is that?"

Just as Ariel was about to finish her polite greeting and move on to the main topic, a loud and clear voice rang out from behind her.

"You walked here on your own, so what's with the delayed expectations?"


Ariel, maintaining a forced expression, turned around.

"Oh? Did you hear that?”

A handsome young man with golden hair and red eyes, who could be called a charismatic beauty, was scratching his head awkwardly.

"Why wouldn't I hear?"


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