TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 462

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Chapter 462

Glenn turned around completely. The smile on his lips faded like mist.

"There's something I want to say before we get into the interesting part."

"What is it...?"

Raon trembled at the look in Glenn's eyes, which seemed to be displeased with something.

"You said that you have no experience. In my view, you've always seemed older than your age, you have too much experience."

Glenn shook his head, saying that Raon had never looked like his age since he was a child.

"I'm just holding it back."

Raon scratched his cheek with a bashful smile.

'It would be weird if I'm not experienced.'

He had been kidnapped and lived as an assassin at an age when he should have been in his parents' arms.

It was only natural that he was different from other children, as he had lived a life harder than a slave even before he was born as Raon Zieghart.

"Holding it back?"

"I knew my situation and circumstances, so I didn't want to make my mother and others worry."

He lowered his gaze as he spoke the words that were most appropriate for the situation.

"Is that so...?"

Glenn let out a low sigh and stroked his lips with his fingers. His voice sounded like his emotions were showing through, unlike usual.

"Then, what is the interesting part you're talking about?"

He changed the topic as if to lighten the mood.

"I'm going to mess up Heukgeumje's plans a bit."

"Heukgeumje's plans?"

"Yes. Heukgeumje is coming to Zieghart alone so that she and White Whale cannot be touched, and she is creating public opinion. It's simple to figure out her intentions, but it's not easy to break them."

"That's right."

Glenn frowned, as if he didn't like Heukgeumje's methods either.

"In fact, once the rumor that Heukgeumje is coming alone spreads, Zieghart's movements will inevitably be weakened. But it's not fun to just sit back and take it. Even if we have to give up some things, we should get the most out of it, and even humiliate her, right?"


"The head of  house, the executives, and even Zieghart's Grandmasters possess fame, status, and age, preventing them from moving rashly. Any wrong word or action from them would lead to criticism from numerous families and kingdoms. However..."

Raon continued, looking at Glenn's eyes, which were once again beginning to show interest.

"I'm different. I have the status and achievements to participate in that meeting, but I'm young. I'm still at the age where I can make mistakes and be arrogant, isn't that right?"

"Mistakes and arrogance."

Glenn nodded with a faint smile.

"Are you talking about the time you mocked Ayad a while ago?"

"I intend to make that a bit more annoying."

"... That would indeed be interesting."

"Yes. It will definitely be interesting.”

Raon and Glenn looked at each other and smiled, almost identical.


Glenn turned his gaze first and covered his mouth with a cough.

"Okay. You can come to that meeting too."

"Thank you. Can I ask you one more thing?"

"What is it?"

"It looks like I'll be interjecting in the conversation between the head of house and Heukgeumje. Is that okay?"

Raon lowered his head. This was an important request because it was necessary be able to counteract Heukgeumje.

"Kids are supposed to grow up by making mistakes. Since you've been matured since you were young, it wouldn't be strange for you to have a late puberty, right?"

Glenn smiled and nodded. Now that he had permission to do whatever he wanted in the audience chamber, there was nothing to fear now.


Wrath clapped his hands towards Glenn.

As expected, our grandfather! So cool!

The guy expressed admiration, nodding in satisfaction.

‘He is not your grandfather.’

Ignore the trivial things.


It was so absurd that Raon wanted to kick Wrath, but he couldn't move, afraid Glenn might think he had gone crazy.

"Well, let's see then."

Glenn turned around, waving his hand, and started to walk away.

“I'm looking forward to how immature you'll act.”

"I won't disappoint you."

Raon bowed his head to Glenn's departing back. He watched until he couldn't see him, then smirked with a chilling smile.

"I should contact the Black Market.”

* * *

As soon as Raon returned to his room, Wrath pointed at the ice cream box with his chubby fingers.

Open it quickly before it melts!

'This is made of cold stone, so it won't melt.'

Enough! Open it quickly! I'm curious what grandfather chose!

Wrath giggled, saying that only his grandfather took care of him.

‘Oh, okay, okay.’

Raon opened the ice cream box, revealing four beads of ice cream with a chilly vapor rising.

The color of the ice cream was all the same. It was a deep yellow, like well-baked bread.


Wrath opened his mouth wide with a look of disappointment.

There's no mint chocolate? And the flavors are all the same? Grandfather is a tasteless man?

He seemed disappointed that it wasn't the flavor he wanted, and that all the flavors were the same, and his shoulders slumped.

Hmm, I can't help it. I'll just be satisfied with the fact that it's a bead ice cream!

Wrath seemed to have decided to be content with the ice cream itself, perhaps because he hadn't been able to eat ice cream for over a month.

Let's taste it first. But what flavor is this?

'Hmm, this is... huh?'

Raon opened his eyes wide when he saw the lid of the box.

'...It's bread flavor.'

Bread? Bread is fine! So what kind of bread is it? Pineapple pizza? Pepperoni pizza bread? Or classic flavors like bean paste and cream, what flavor....

'Nadine bread.'


Wrath stopped giggling and turned his eyes away. It was the eyes of a ghost with all the light completely gone.

You just said what?

'It's Nadine bread flavor.'

Raon answered with a hollow laugh at Wrath's sudden change in reaction.

You're lying! Why would they make ice cream with that rubber-flavored bread! It doesn't make sense!

‘Well, there are always unique flavors.’

If Wrath hadn't chosen, the ice cream shop often introduced strange flavors.

E-even so, Nadine bread is too much! It's only rubber flavor, where is someone who likes that stuff!

'I'm fine with it.'

Your tongue is a pervert!

'The head of house also likes it.'

That old man is the same pervert!

‘He's your grandfather, you know.’


Warth grabbed his head and screamed.

The King of Essence's going to kill him! Who made that ice cream? Tell me his name!

He shook his finger, saying that he would find him and strangle him immediately.

‘Let's at least taste it. You never know.’

Yeah, you're right.

Warth nodded briefly, seeming to think that ice cream should have a sweet taste.

Raon looked at Warth's scrunched-up face and picked up a bead of ice cream. He had eaten a lot of Nadine bread, so he put it in his mouth without any hesitation.


The rubber flavor spread throughout his mouth, followed by a sticky bitter taste. Apart from the coldness, it was the same as Nadine bread.

However, there was no sweetness that Warth had hoped for.

 Guh... Guh... Guh... Guh...

Warth fell to the floor with a face of disappointment. He rubbed his tongue and tears welled up in his eyes.

This... This isn't right! This is not ice cream!

‘Hmm, I think it's fine.’

Raon looked at the bead of ice cream and nodded in satisfaction.

‘They've perfectly captured the taste of Nadine bread. I like it.’

 S, save me. Please....

Wrath, lying on the floor, reached out to the sky with a face full of shattered expectations.

There are only people with shit on their tongues here!

* * *

Glenn entered the meeting room. after talking to Raon.

Roenn, Sheryl, and Chad, who were waiting inside, stood up.

"My lord."

The three people tried to bow their heads, but Glenn waved his hand and sat down at the head of the table.

"How is it going?"

"We've been having meetings, but we haven't come up with any answers."

Sheryl frowned, staring at the center of the table.

"If we try to stop or touch Heukgeumje who is coming to Zieghart alone, it will be a problem."

She slammed her fist on the table, as if she was frustrated with the situation.

"That's right."

Chad nodded.

"According to the information from the agents attached to Heukgeumje, the majority of public opinion is favorable towards her. The numbers are increasing. There are also many followers following her."

He sighed, saying that there were also many followers who followed behind Heukgeumje.

"This is a nasty situation."

Roenn rarely clicked his tongue.

"If she came here wanting to fight, it would be easy to deal with, but we'll have to get rid of the assassins instead."

He tapped his fingers under the table, as if he was disappointed.

"In times like this, having a high reputation and status becomes a hindrance."

Chad nodded in agreement.

"White Whale made the first move, and as we're acting under the name of the Six Kings, there was no choice but to respond. Returning the prisoners we have in custody won't yield much. However..."

Glenn smiled faintly, like the fading moonlight on the window.

"It seems that something a little interesting is going to happen."

"Something interesting?"

"What do you mean by that...?"

Sheryl and Chad widened their eyes.


Roenn smiled faintly at Glenn.

"You just met the vice division leader of the Light Wind, right? Did he do something?"

"I don't know."

Glenn closed his eyes, as if to let them figure it out for themselves.

"Is it Raon? What did he do?"

"I'm curious too."

Sheryl and Roenn leaned in close to Glenn, asking what Raon had said.

"I don't know either. We'll find out when the time comes."

Glenn shook his head, speaking with complete confidence in Raon.

"But you must have a general idea, right?"


Roenn smiled at Glenn's lips, which were twitching.

"Did he like the gift?"

"He looked like he didn't mind. He likes Nadine bread, so."

Glenn nodded calmly.

"What is it! Why are you two talking about something that only you two know about! Tell me too!"

Sheryl pushed her way between Glenn and Roenn, demanding to be told about Raon.


Chad watched the three people, who had found laughter in the mention of Raon's name, and renewed his resolve.

'If I want to survive and thrive here, I have to impress Raon-nim. Let's buy a gift tomorrow.'

The finest Nadine bread!

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

The third floor interrogation room in the underground dungeon of Zieghart.

"Ugh... ugh..."


Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf Sword trembled violently, their bodies shaking as if blood was rising to their throats.

The two men, who were wrapped in excruciating pain, turned their eyes to the right.

Raon Zieghart was sitting in a chair, reading some unknown book.

'What is that guy up to!'

'Why did he come here all of a sudden and start torturing us!'

Raon came to this place for the first time in a while, and without even asking for information, he started torturing them right away. He had never seen such a crazy bastard before.

'That damn ghost-like bastard....'

'Even demons would speak before starting the torture!'

Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf Sword trembled their lips as they watched Raon, who didn't even give them a glance as he read his book.

It felt like their hearts were shrinking just by being in the same space as that monster.

Many torturers and interrogators had come after Raon left, but none of them were as vicious as that bastard.

'I'm going to die like this.'

'Where did he learn such torture methods....'

Raon's torture was not just the pain of bones and muscles being twisted.

It also included the tickling and stinging sensation of thousands of worms crawling all over the body, and finally, the pain of alternating cold and heat, as if the skin was burning and freezing.

Even though they had been trained to withstand torture, they could never withstand his methods.

'Please, just ask us.'

'We’re ready to answer anything!'

Since they had already told him about the dragon helmet, they were prepared to reveal all secrets.

They were so ready to answer anything that they started feeling disappointed in Raon for not asking.


'I'm at my limit now.'

White Wolf Sword and Blood Cloud Blade began to foam at the mouth. Just before the two men passed out, Raon stopped turning the pages of the book.

"Every time I read it, it feels new."

Raon smiled faintly as he closed the martial arts book of Sky Sword.

"Hooo... Eeek..."

He put the martial arts book in his arms and looked down at the direction where the groans were coming from.

White Wolf Sword and Blood Cloud Blade were shaking their pupils as if begging him to stop.

When Raon lightly snapped his fingers, the energy of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier that was oppressing the two men disappeared as if washed away.



White Wolf Sword and Blood Cloud Blade vomited while gasping for breath as if their souls were about to leave their bodies.

"Wha. What the hell. Why as soon as you came."

White Wolf Sword, who first regained consciousness, raised his head. His tongue was stiff and his pronunciation was distorted.

"I wanted to make sure you didn't forget me."

Raon smiled and waved his hand.


The two men trembled their jaws with the expression of facing a real devil.

"Just kidding. I got curious."

"Cu, curious then..."

"I'm interested in what kind of human Heukgeumje is, the leader of White Whale, who abandoned you two."

He smiled, emphasizing the fact that he had deliberately abandoned the two.


White Wolf Sword frowned and hunched his shoulders.

"Being underground may have affected your sense of time, but it's been over two months outside. Furthermore, there hasn't been a single contact from White Whale inquiring about your well-being."


"That's right!"

The two men's eyeballs shook even more violently at the lie of two months.

"That's why I was curious."

Raon glanced at the two men with a cold gaze.

"What kind of woman is Heukgeumje, the embodiment of cold blood?"

It is not always good to use high pressure to extract information. Sometimes you need to stroke their hearts, like whipping and giving carrots, to get good information.

The underground dungeon is a place where information is perfectly controlled. The guards don't say anything, so these people couldn't get any information about Heukgeumje.

"What's the Heukgeumje's personality like? She seems cold and decisive to me."

White Wolf Sword and Blood Cloud Blade didn't answer right away. After a moment of hesitation, the two men opened their parched lips.

"She's a scary person."


"Yes, she knows everything, she cuts and ties like a single sword. If it's not possible, it's not possible, and if it's possible, it's possible. She ensures that and acts accordingly."

White Wolf Sword chewed his lips and closed his eyes.

"That's right. Almost everything goes according to her words when we go on a mission."

Blood Cloud Blade nodded in support of White Wolf Sword's words.


Raon nodded.

‘As expected, a military-like personality.'

In general, those skilled in prediction are resolute in making and breaking connections. If they don't achieve their desired outcome, they possess the coldness to promptly abandon it, and it appears that Heukgeumje shares the same trait.

‘Then it might be easy to break.'

What intelligent individuals fear is not another smart person, but a madman. Madmen are feared for the unpredictability of their actions and their inability to communicate, making them the nemesis of the wise. It seemed that the plan could proceed as expected

'In that case, it might be fun.’

"Then did she predict that I would interfere?"

"She, she only said that Zieghart would come."

Blood Cloud Blade shook his head, saying that Heukgeumje had told him that the White Lotus division would come, but not the Light Wind division.

"And you, what did she told you?"

"She said to bring that guy back, but your name wasn't mentioned, The White Lotus is dangerous, so she said to bring Blood Cloud Blade as soon as possible.”...."

White Wolf Sword said that Raon's name wasn't mentioned, but she conveyed that the situation was dangerous. Consequently, she ordered him to bring back Blood Cloud Blade as soon as possible.

“I see."

Raon stroked his chin and narrowed his eyes.

'She knew that the White Lotus division was moving, but she couldn't predict me?'

Am I special? Or did she make a mistake?

The likelihood of making a mistake is high, but it's also possible that he is entirely beyond the predicted range

'He said she could see the heavens.'

He turned his gaze to Wrath, who was frowning. With that guy attached to him, and having gained the power of two other demon kings, he might have become something of an alien existence in this world.

"A few more things."

Raon asked White Wolf Sword and Blood Cloud Blade, who were filled with betrayal and fear, about the past actions of Heukgeumje, and tried to understand her personality.

When the cleanup was more or less finished, Dorian approached from behind.

"Vice division leader. Se's here. She's currently at the Snowy Rock"


Raon nodded and stood up.

'So it'll take about two hours.'

It takes about two hours for an adult to walk from Snowy Rock to Zieghart. Heukgeumje was not far from arriving.

"I have to go now."


Blood Cloud Blade and White Wolf Sword widened their eyes.

"Who... who's coming...?"

"Who else. Your mistress is on her way."

He told them that the Heukgeumje was coming because he had already extracted the information.

"She's coming to save you, you know."

"What, what!"

"You said a little while ago that there was no contact!"

"That's true. She didn't say anything about you. She just said she wanted to visit."

Heukgeumje had only said that she wanted to visit, perhaps because she intended to come and talk in person.


"Raon Zieghart l! You!"

"I have to prepare, so I'll be going."

Raon turned around with a cheerful wave of his hand.

"This devilish bastard!"

"That's a demon! There's no way that kind of personality could come from someone who is not a demon!"

The two men shouted even louder, as if to overcome their fear of Raon.

What nonsense are you talking about!

Wrath turned to the two men and frowned.

Don't compare such a rotten person to a  demon!



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