TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 464

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Chapter 464

Raon smiled twistedly as he looked down at Heukgeumje's expression.

'As expected, this isn't enough to break her.'

Heukgeumje's eyes, which showed ease and confidence, did not change.

However, the slight trembling under her eyes indicated that the earlier sarcastic remark had indeed touched a nerve.

He turned her gaze from Heukgeumje to the other people.

Shifting his gaze away from Heukgeumje, Raon observed others, including Karoon, Denier, and Balder, all wearing pale, dismayed faces.

Only Glenn was the same. He nodded slightly, as if to say, "Do whatever you want."

'Thank you.'

He blinked inconspicuously and turned his gaze to the right.

"You, you just...?"

Rimmer's green eyes were bulging out as if they were about to burst.

Even though he had been warned in advance, his expression was quite shocking, indicating a significant impact.

'Anyway, I need to get out of this situation first.'

Raon grabbed Rimmer's shoulder and frowned.

"Division leader. What are you doing right now?"

"Huh? Yeah? Me?"

Rimmer was blank for a moment before tilting his head.

"Lately, my words have been escaping without thought from my mouth. I asked you to stop me. You should have prevented the sound from escaping. Why are you just staring blankly?" 

Raon scolded Rimmer, not his own mouth, but Rimmer for failing to intervene.


Rimmer blinked slowly like a frog.

"That, that was my fault?"

Raon had warned him earlier. He had asked for assistance in controlling himself. However, he hadn't imagined his words would come back like this.

He thought it was ridiculous that he would wag his tongue and then blame someone else.

He looked at the platform with his chin trembling. Glenn was glaring at him with eyes that looked like he would be happy to drop lightning right now.

'Damn it....'

He didn't know why he was being scolded when the accident was caused by his well-behaved grandson, but he didn't have the courage to question it, so he just lowered his head.

"I'm, I'm sorry."

Rimmer forced out the words of apology, intimidated by Glenn's gaze.

"From now on, be more careful."

Raon sighed as if indicating he had endured enough.

"...Okay. I'll be careful."

He nodded, biting his lip.

'I should fire him soon, it's so dirty!'

Rimmer clenched his fists so hard that they bled to suppress his anger.

"Did you hear that?"

Raon gestured towards Heukgeumje.

"Our division leader tends to make mistakes. He apologized. Forgive him since he has already said sorry.”


Heukgeumje raised an eyebrow in confusion. It seemed she hadn't encountered such a situation even in the heavenly calculations she claimed to see.

"Please continue with what you were doing."

Raon waved his hand to indicate that they should continue, but of course, the conversation did not progress.

When a cough came from Glenn, everyone in the audience chamber was stunned.

"Don't mind that side and continue."

As Glenn's heavy voice came down, the light returned to the people's eyes.

"I apologize."

Heukgeumje nodded and placed her right hand on her left chest.

"I apologize. It is not incorrect to say that. If I had used the dimensional gate, I could have arrived faster. However, I needed time to reflect on myself."

She straightened her back. She continued to speak with confidence, even in the face of Glenn's imposing presence.

"I apologize for my incompetence in giving orders. I was unable to quickly resolve the issue that occurred in the Zieghart territory, and my subordinates are also suffering. Therefore, I am here personally to apologize for my wrongdoings..."

“What the hell is this bullshit again?”

Raon snorted and blurted out his unfiltered thoughts again.


However, his words did not spread outside. Rimmer had created a barrier to prevent the sound from escaping.

"Why are you like this today? Are you trying to kill me for real?"

Rimmer either looked flustered or scared of Glenn, and he didn't seem to have any intention of lifting the barrier. It seemed that the signal had gone wrong.

'That's even better.'

If acting and reality were mixed together, he would be able to confuse Heukgeumje even more.

Raon created a hole in Rimmer's barrier, using a tiny amount of aura as he had when he broke through Ayad's barrier.

"Oh, what the hell is this bullshit again?"

He frowned as he fired off the words that had been blocked earlier.

"If you made a mistake in Zieghart, you should have run here with sweat dripping down your feet to apologize first. Why are you thinking about your mistakes while walking? Did you do something wrong on the street?"

His childish-sounding, grumbling voice pierced through the still air of the audience chamber. Once again, everyone's eyes in this place turned to Raon.

"Oh? Did you hear that again?"

Raon blinked his eyes and glanced at Rimmer.

"Division leader. Can't you even maintain your barrier anymore? It's too pathetic for someone who's retiring soon."


Rimmer's jaw trembled.

'This bastard!'

He was about to yell, "It's you who broke the barrier!" when a cold voice rang in his head.

[Shut up.]

It was Glenn's voice. He flicked his fingers as if he could strike down lightning with just a word.

'Why are you all doing this to me!'

He didn't want to come to the audience chamber in the first place. He tried to skip it when he heard that Raon was going, but he forced him to come, and he didn't expect him to create such a ridiculous situation.

Rimmer bit his lip and looked at Raon's frowning face.

‘This guy is just a troublemaker!’

Creating problems and then passing them on to others was no different from the scoundrels often found in noble families.

“Guh... gulp..."

Rimmer cleared his throat and closed his eyes tightly.

"I'm, I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well. I'll do better from now on."

"Be careful."


Anger welled up inside him, and his veins seemed to be trembling, but he forced it down.

"I'll try my best to endure it too."

Raon lightly patted Rimmer's shaking shoulder.

'How about this time?'

He turned his gaze from Rimmer to Heukgeumje. She still had a firm expression, as if she didn't care what anyone said.

However, he, who had been watching her face from the beginning, could feel a faint crack in her expression.

'Just a little more.'

Those who are good at predicting do not show emotions on their faces.

Their faces become as hard as a mask as the situation they predicted comes true.

Since a crack had appeared in Heukgeumje's face, it was clear that she had not predicted the current situation.

‘I need to keep pushing.'

Raon shrugged lightly.

“Please continue. Don't worry about us.”

Karoon and the other direct lines were also surprised, but they seemed to dislike Heukgeumje as well, so they didn't attempt to intervene,

“I thought of a way to stop them, but I guess that's not necessary.’

Raon curled his lips as he looked at Heukgeumje's sunken eyes.

'Things are going very smoothly.’

*   *   *

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For Indonesian: 

Ariel narrowed her eyes at Raon.

'Raon Zieghart.'

She knew from the moment she saw him that the young man was Raon Zieghart.

There was only one young golden-haired and red-eyed swordsman in Zieghart, and it was only natural that the person involved in the incident would come here, even without reading the stars.

However, Raon making fun of things here in such an ignorant manner was unexpected and not something she had predicted

'I heard he has a calm and thorough personality.''

Those who had encountered Rae Zieghart described him as an old man reincarnated into a young body.

She didn't understand why a human being who was said to be without a single flaw was acting like a hoodlum from the back alley.

'His movements are unpredictable.'

She suddenly felt confused because she had not even considered such a situation.

Raon's irrational approach and Glenn's passive stance left Ariel perplexed. She couldn't understand why Raon was provoking in such an ignorant way or why Glenn wasn't stopping it.

‘This is when I need to stay calm.'

Despite the situation going awry, she couldn't show it. She needed to resolve this situation as calmly as possible.

"First, please listen to me."

Ariel smiled at Raon, who was making an annoying face that made her want to slap him. He waved his hand as if to say, "Try it." As if challenging her.

'That bastard is really...'

She was boiling with anger at being made a fool of by a much younger and lower-ranking man. She chewed on the inside of her cheek and looked at Glenn.

"The White Sword Dragon is right. It would have been right to come to Zieghart first. But I am also in a position to lead an organization, so I could not make a decision lightly. So I was walking here to clear my thoughts and..."

"You've had a month since the incident occurred. What were you doing all this time? Did you spend your nights at a gambling den or something? Isn't that right?"

Raon tapped Rimmer, who had a pale face, on the elbow.


Heukgeumje looked back at Raon and trembled her lips.

'Is that guy really crazy?'

He had asked him to speak a little while ago, and now he abruptly cut her off. It seemed like dealing with this lunatic was driving her crazy, he looked like a crazy lunatic who had been hit on the head with a sword.

"Oh! I said I would stay quiet. I'm sorry."

Raon shook both hands apologetically, as if truly sorry. However, the guy's mouth was still open.

"But it's not wrong, is it? What have you been doing for a month?"

"As I mentioned earlier, being the leader of White Whale requires time to move..."

"Wow, I don't think it takes Zieghart a month to make such decisions. Is White Whale more extensive than Zieghart?"


Heukgeumje trembled her fingertips, which were hidden in her sleeves. Raon's words were like a saw cutting her nerves, making it difficult to bear.

"Of course, it's incomparable. I'm just a little slow in my judgment."

She shook her head slowly and looked at Glenn.

"The White Sword Dragon is a little more cheerful than the rumors suggest.”

Ariel sent a signal to Glenn to stop Raon. But he didn't move, instead the Heavenly Blade division leader's Sheryl, who was standing behind him, stepped forward.

"Please understand, Heukgeumje. That kid is in puberty."


Ariel's lips trembled.

'Is there something wrong with my ears right now?'

Raon is 21 years old. He's not even 15 years old, and I don't know what puberty came to him when he was 21.

"The kid matured early, so puberty came late," Sheryl said, as if reading Ariel’s thoughts. She smiled faintly, asking for understanding.

"Disturbing someone during puberty only makes things worse. Pretend they don't exist and move on."

Glenn nodded slowly.


Ariel finally opened her mouth, unable to bear it any longer.

‘Did they take some strange medication as a group?’

I don't understand what nonsense they're talking about. I signaled them to stop, but they reacted as if he couldn't be touched

Not only them but other executives also didn't intervene, wearing expressions that seemed indifferent.

I heard that there seemed to be an internal issue, but they didn't reveal it in front of external enemies.

'Damn it.'

Frustration boiled within, but since the person who came to apologize is herself, she had no choice but to endure.

'It's okay. The contents of the nitpick that bastard is picking on are all within the expected range.'

'For now, I'll back down.'

Ariel bowed her head to Glenn.

"I won't make excuses. I apologize for being late."

In order for Raon not to nitpick, she simply apologized without making excuses.

"I came here to save my subordinates. However, I will first apologize to you."


"It was me who ordered my subordinates to hide in the territory of Zieghart. It was to check the Black Tower, but I was in a hurry and I couldn't keep the order... ."

"You said that your judgment was slow, but you made that decision quickly, didn't you?"


"Besides, that's not the real problem."

Raon clicked his tongue and shook his finger.

"If hiding in the Zieghart territory is a small mistake, then attacking us first is a big mistake."


Arel let out a low sigh. It was something she had to say, but hearing it from him first was irritating.

"I'm well aware of that. It's also my mistake..."

When she tried to say the words of apology while enduring it, Raon's words pierced like thorns.

"If you know, it's even more of a problem. Even a five-year-old kid should know that."

"So I came to apologize... ."

"Then you should have come sooner."


A thick vein finally appeared on Ariel's forehead.

* * *

Raon smiled as he watched Ariel's mask gradually crumble.

'It's working well.'

The best way to stop people like Ariel, who are good at predicting and talking, is to simply cut them off, and that was working properly now.

"Ra, Raon? Are you Raon, right?"

What kind madness is this?

Next to him, Wrath and Rimmer sent glances as if they were looking at a madman. Despite the damage to his image among the executives, he paid no attention.

"Yes, it's not something even kid would do, knowing that it would cause problems."

Heukgeumje again shook her head, pretending to be at ease. She put on a relaxed expression again, nodding her head. To endure like this, she was a woman with remarkable patience.

"However, it is the nature of humans to make mistakes, so please understand."

She smiled lightly and slightly bowed her head.

"To put it again, I just wanted to observe the movements of Black Tower, which is close to White Whale. My subordinates were a bit hasty, but they would never have thought of going against Zieghart."

Heukgeumje looked at Glenn and closed her eyes.

"I just told White Wolf, which I sent belatedly, to bring Blood Cloud Blade, not to fight, but they followed my orders excessively and..."

"If they overdo your orders twice, their head mighy fly away.”

Raon shook his head.

"Before reflecting on yourself, you should manage your subordinates properly."

"Yes. So, I came here to seek forgiveness..."

Heukgeumje seemed to be used to Raon's nitpicking, as she immediately responded. Of course, Raon had no intention of letting her go.

"Then you should have come sooner. Instead of playing games with people."


Heukgeumje's eyes flashed with a reddish light. It seemed like the first time her true nature was revealed.


Raon glanced at that gaze and rubbed his shoulder.

"Ah, the place where I was stabbed with a knife hurts a bit."


Wrath made a face that said, "You didn't get hurt at all," but Raon ignored him.

"That is also my fault. I apologize."

Heukgeumje bit her lip. Now her emotions were clearly visible on her face.

"If it ends with just saying apologize, why would there be laws in the world? Briefly tell us what you intend to do."

It was time to push her even harder, so he continued speaking harshly.

"Hiding in Zieghart's territory without prior notice, then launching a surprise attack, and even picking a fight with Zieghart's swordsmen after they fight with the Black Tower."

Raon shook the three fingers he raised.

"How will you deal with all of this?"

“Well, as I've been saying, I came here to explain all that. I…”

"Then you should have come sooner."


Ariel finally couldn't bear it and let out a groan.


Wrath who was spinning around and drooled, he looked at Raon.

Is this really a human?


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