TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 582

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Chapter 582


Raon exhaled deeply, looking at the Blade of Requiem lying on the ground.


He tried to move the Blade of Requiem using his upper energy center's will, but the sword didn't even budge as if to ask what he was doing.


He tried to raise his aura by rotating the Ring of Fire as he did when sparring with Sterin, but the Blade of Requiem only rang slightly as if it was ticklish, without even the slightest shaking.


Raon groaned, supporting himself on the ground with both hands.

'Why isn't it working?'

In order not to forget the inspiration he had gained from the sparring, he had practiced infusing his will into the Blade of Requiem as soon as he returned to his lodging, but he didn't expect it to not even move, let alone rise.

Shall the King of Essence tell you why it's not working?

Wrath approached stealthily, grabbing his shoulder. His hand felt soft and rubbery.

'Why isn't it working?'

The reason is simple!

The guy raised his fist confidently.

It's not working because you’re hungry!


Originally, human strength comes from the stomach. You haven't eaten since you came here, so how can you have any strength!

Wrath, the Demon King, insisted that human strength comes from the stomach and went on to talk about going to eat.

Regardless of anything else, his consistency was top-notch. He wanted to call him the Demon King of Consistency.

'I'm tired....'

I'm serious! Believe me for once!

'Get away.'

As Raon pushed away the struggling Wrath and tried to focus on his will again, the door of the lodging burst open roughly.


The feet that seemed to have kicked the door open stepped inside.

"Division leader...."

Raon shook his head as he saw Rimmer kicking the door even after coming home. Thinking about it, this guy was also consistent to the end.

"You haven't eaten?"

Rimmer placed the tray he was holding in his left hand on the table next to the bed.

"They don't give you food here. You have to find it yourself."

He smiled broadly, saying that he had already given food to Dorian and Yua.


Wrath exclaimed as he looked at the silver lid covering the tray.

What's the matter with the shitty-ears guy? Has he finally come to his senses?

The guy sniffed the tray and savored the taste.

"Thank you for bringing it."

Raon got up and bowed his head to Rimmer.

"There won't be such a good thing tomorrow. But...."

Rimmer narrowed his eyes as he scanned Raon's body.

"Why do you look so tired?"

"I just finished a spar with the Protector a while ago."

“Oh spar, huh? Huh uh? Spar?”

He widened his eyes as if he hadn't expected Raon to spar with Sterin.


"The Protector's archery skills are indeed different, as you said. It was a good experience."

Raon briefly explained his sparring with Sterin.

“Huh! He gave you lessons and told you to come see the World Tree?”


“My grandfather doesn't even teach the guardian personally, what did you do?”

Rimmer laughed, not understanding.

"Show me the fruit he gave you."

“Oh, right.”

Raon took out the red fruit he hadn't eaten yet and held it out.

“This is the Sanrae fruit.”

“Sanrae fruit?”

“Around the World Tree, there are trees that grow on the boundary between plants and spirits due to the influence of the spirit world. Since it's a fruit from a tree that is full of natural energy, it will be more effective than any elixir.”

He raised his thumb, saying that may not increase one's power significantly, it's excellent for recovery.

“Can I receive such a precious thing?”

"If he's giving it to you, why not? If you don't want it, I'll take it."

Rimmer extended his hand, indicating he'd gladly accept it.


Raon shook his head and took the Sanrae fruit back.

"Come to think of it, you seem quite popular among the grandfathers."

Rimmer laughed, finding it amusing.


“Yeah. My Grandfather likes you, and the Sword Demon, although he's a bit different now, but back then, he said he'd teach you as soon as he met you, and the head of house likes you too.”


Raon shook his head nonchalantly. He didn't know about the others, but the head of house would only evaluate him based on his accomplishments.

Their relationship had improved from before, but his personal favorability would not be that great.

“I guess you don't know.”

Rimmer sighed and kicked the ground lightly.

“The grandpa-grandson relationship should be like me and my grandfather. You saw how he hugged me as soon as he saw me?”

He mimicked hugging Glenn as if embracing him.

Raon frowned at Rimmer’s raised smile.

‘He'd lose his head if he hugged Glenn like that.’

Judging by Glenn's stern expression, he would end up kneeling if he tried to hug him.

“I'm serious….”

“Stop talking nonsense. Where did you go division leader?”

It was strange that he didn't know, since the sparring with Sterin was quite noisy and the other elves would have known about it.

“Erian said there was something strange going on outside, so I went out for a bit and came back.”

Rimmer nodded, agreeing.

“If it's something strange….”

“There was a report that wild animals living in the Great Forest are standing in front of the entrance to Seipia.”


"Yeah. Normally, due to the barrier, they shouldn't feel anything, but they stood there as if they really wanted to come in. Strange, right?"

“Y-yeah, it is.”

Upon hearing about animals wanting to enter Seipia, a certain woman came to mind.

‘No way...’

Even if it was that woman, she can't come here.

T-the King of Essence thinks you’re right.

Wrath nodded, his chin trembling.

It’s that crazy woman!

“Come to think of it, there are no animals here.”

“Seipia has a barrier that prevents those not invited by the Elves from entering."

Rimmer pointed to the sky with his finger, saying that the brilliant light he saw when he first came to Seipia was the barrier.

"When we went out, it seems the animals disappeared. It wasn't much of a big deal."

He chuckled, suggesting the animals may have felt the sharp energy before the purification ritual.

"I see."

If it were truly Merlin, she wouldn’t give up and would find a way no matter what. It seemed like he would have to go out after the purification ritual and check if it was Merlin."

“What do you think of Seipia?”

“It’s a more mysterious place than I imagined. However….”


“The elves seem to be more interested in people or others than I thought.”

Although they weren’t chatterboxes like Rimmer, he sensed something similar to people who liked to gossip from a few elves.

“Are you saying that because you saw them spreading rumors about you and Siyan?”


“You saw well.”

Rimmer nodded calmly without refuting him.

"It used to be less, but today, it seems like they're more interested in others. I thought I was looking at a human village."

He shook his head, saying it had gotten worse than when he was still residing in Seipia.

“Is it because of their relationship with humans?”

“That’s part of it, and also because of the defectors.”


“Yeah. There are some who couldn’t stand the life in Seipia and left altogether. Those guys changed the atmosphere here a lot.”

Rimmer’s brows furrowed slightly, as if it wasn’t a good memory.

"Still, many Elves still embrace nature and focus solely on themselves."

He laughed softly, saying Elves won't become entirely like humans.

"Oh, I've kept you waiting for too long after bringing the food."

Rimmer waved his hand, saying to eat before the food got cold.

I believe he has brought fruit pie that would perfectly suit the taste of the King of Essence!

Wrath, who had been fidgeting in front of the tray, gulped.

“Thank you.”

Raon nodded to Rimmer and opened the silver lid covering the tray.



Wrath opened his mouth wide at the sight of the plate. The reason the happy guy was so terrified was simple.

There were two brown loaves of bread on the white plate.

N-Nadine bread...

“Since we've come this far, you should try the original.”

Rimmer chuckled, saying the original flavor would be different.

“Oh, yes.”

Raon blinked as he reached for the Nadine bread.

‘I’m okay with it, but….’

Honestly, while Raon didn't mind Nadine bread, it was obvious how Wrath, who was expecting a normal food, would react.

I’m going to kill you!

Wrath trembled all over and raised his head.

I’m going to kill the shitty-ears siblings!

‘Just calm down.’

Raon suppressed Wrath using the Ring of Fire and shook his head.

“I’ll eat it well. Thank you.”

“I didn’t know you would really like it. I’ll make sure you eat proper food from tomorrow.”

Rimmer shrugged and closed the door, disappearing.

Where are you running away to! Come out right now!

Wrath seemed genuinely angry, his eyes glowing with blue flames as he flailed his arms and legs.

‘There’s no other choice.’

Raon chewed on the bread to calm Wrath down. It was still warm since it had been made a while ago, but the taste and texture were the same as chewing rubber.


Wrath, who had been having a fit, deflated like a balloon.

H, how can warm bread be so tasteless….

He gasped for breath as if he was dying.

It’s truly the food of demons….

Wrath couldn’t take it anymore and slammed his head into the ground.

‘It’s not that bad?’

It was warm. It tasted a little better than when it was cold. Maybe it was like warm rubber.

P-Please, I have a request.

‘A request?’

Raon turned to Wrath, chewing the remaining Nadine bread.

P-Please, even if it's just that fruit from earlier....

Wrath folded his hands, asking him to eat the fruit of Sanrae.

‘Hmm, I do need to heal my internal injuries.’

Raon couldn’t ignore the pleading eyes of Wrath, who had turned into a kitten, and put the fruit he had received from Sterin into his mouth.

The refreshing sweetness, like a mix of cherries and strawberries, washed away the rubber-filled taste in his mouth.

It’s sweet….

Wrath nodded with a relieved expression.

Thank you.

It was the first time he had ever said thank you, tears welling up in his eyes.

‘What’s the big deal?’

As Raon was about to shake his head, a message appeared before his eyes.

[You have received a message of gratitude from <Wrath>.]

[All stats increased by 2 points.]

‘They even give rewards like this?’

While he was looking at the message in surprise, he heard a thud as Wrath’s head hit the ground.


Wrath stared blankly at the message before grabbing his own neck.

I'd rather die than eat Nadine Bread every day! What's the point of living if that's all I can eat?

Raon chewed on the second bread and shook his head.

‘You can’t die like that….’


*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

Siyan lifted her eyelids and bit her red lips.

“It’s not working.”

She had tried to achieve resonance the way her grandfather had taught her, but her mind was trapped in this pitiful body like a tightly closed water bottle.

She had hoped that she could change a little after listening to Raon’s advice, but it was the same as always.


Siyan buried her face in the blanket, looking exhausted. Her golden hair rose in gentle waves.

‘At least I tried my best.’

To be honest, it wasn’t her best, but she had been trying consistently. She had practiced resonance countless times, wanting to become a high elf like her grandfather, who was praised by everyone.

This world had never opened its doors to her. Now she even doubted if resonance was real.

‘I’m tired. I’m really tired, but….’

Siyan clenched her fists. She raised her body, her veins visible on her transparent hands.

‘I still have to do it.’

Usually, she would have just lain in bed and imagined herself being praised, but after meeting Raon, she wanted to try a little harder.

As Siyan closed her eyes again and tried to practice resonance, there was a loud knock on the door. Only one person knocked like that.

“C, come in.”

She mumbled, her face half-hidden by the blanket.

Sterin entered cautiously and sat down on the chair next to the bed.

“That human you said was amazing.”

He folded his arms and smiled faintly.

“He’s the real deal.”


Siyan’s eyes widened as she saw Sterin’s smile. It was the first time her grandfather had praised someone else like that.

“R, really?”

“Yes. I could sense his natural talent and the countless hours he’s spent wielding the sword. He’s the first real swordsman I’ve met in a long time.”

“That’s right! I told you so!”

She jumped out of bed, pulling the blanket away, happy that she had been praised.

“Sir Raon can burn fire and freeze ice!”

“Hmm, I don’t know about that.”

Sterin raised his hand to silence his granddaughter's nonsensical rambling.

"I called that guy to the purification ritual."

"T, the purification ritual?"

"He's Rimmer's disciple, so I thought it would be good to give him help if we can. And...."

He released his arms and grabbed Siyan's shoulder.

"How about you come along too?"


Actually, she had refused when she was asked to come before. She had said she would stay in her room because she didn't want to encounter other elves, but strangely, she felt more courageous now that Raon and Rimmer were going together.

Siyan nodded her head very slightly, covering her face with the blanket.

"I'll, I'll go."

*   *   *

Raon bowed his head to the elf with blue hair.

"Then I'll leave it to you."

"I'll do my best."

The elf with heavy eyes that seemed unshakable even if the world collapsed nodded at Yua.

This elf was a musician introduced by Rimmer and is said to be one of the best in Seipia. He came to see her himself because he wanted to leave Yua with her.

"I'll learn very hard too!"

Yua clenched her two fists so hard that even her eyebrows furrowed. Her bobbed hair swayed, which was cute.

"Yeah. I'll be back soon. Wait for me."

Raon patted Yua's head and turned around.

"What about me?"

Dorian's eyes shone as if asking what he was going to do.


Raon hadn't really thought about it.

He put his finger back on his mouth and pointed at Yua.

"You watch over Yua and make sure she learns well. Don't let her do anything else."


Dorian raised his hand in salute and nodded.

'Fortunately, it worked.'

Raon shook his head and approached Rimmer, who was waiting behind him.

"You're really wicked."

He shivered, muttering that Raon was scary, and shook his shoulders.

"Let's go quickly when everything's done. The old man is waiting."

Rimmer said that Sterin takes time appointments seriously and walked quickly.

"Did you hear? That human is said to have earned the right to see the World Tree?"

"He's worthy. He's the contractor of the Spirit King."

"If he really does make a contract with the Spirit King, then it's not unrelated to the World Tree."

"Isn't it the first time a human has seen the World Tree?"

"It's not the first. I heard someone came before...."

The elves began to mutter among themselves as they watched Raon and Rimmer pass by.

These shitty-ears bastards!

Wrath cursed at the elves.

I'm not the Spirit King, I'm the Monarch of Wrath!

He waved his hands wildly, saying not to compare him to the Spirit King.

‘Yeah. That’s right.’

Raon snickered at Wrath’s cursing. He has a jerk like Wrath attached to him, even the Spirit King would flee if he showed up. Becoming a contractor would be impossible, even if he were chosen by the Spirit King.

Leaving the elves to chatter as they pleased, he followed Rimmer, and soon they arrived in front of the Protector Sterin’s house that he had seen yesterday.

“You’re here.”

Sterin raised his hand lightly. He had already come out of the house and was leaning against a tree.

“What’s that?”

Rimmer tilted his head, pointing to the blanket tied tightly next to Sterin.

“What do you think it is? It’s your sister.”


When Sterin poked it with his finger, the blanket trembled.

“Siyan? Why are you wearing a blanket even outside!”

"This... it's comfortable. Don't mind me."

Siyan covered her entire body, not just her face, with the blanket and only let her voice out.

“Did you catch a disease that kills you if you come out of the blanket? What is this.”

Rimmer clicked his tongue briefly and approached Siyan.

“D, don’t mind me….”

Siyan’s voice was even smaller than yesterday, perhaps because she was outside.


“Stop it.”

Raon grabbed Rimmer’s shoulder.

‘She must have mustered up a lot of courage to come out.’

Until yesterday, Siyan had not been very interested in the purification ritual. Just coming out for the purification ritual, whatever her intentions, was praiseworthy enough.

“Ah, hello. Handsome Raon.”

Siyan bowed her head with the blanket still on. Only the top of her head full of blonde hair was visible.

“Ah, yeah….”

Raon nodded awkwardly.

‘She sounds embarrassed, so why does she keep using the handsome?’

He didn’t understand, but he didn’t question it for fear of scaring her.

"Grandfather, Raon said you played a round with him the other day."

Rimmer looked at Sterin and blinked his eyes.

”How was it? Did my disciple give you a hard time?”


Sterin nodded nonchalantly. However, there was still a hint of surprise in his eyes.

“He was too good to be your disciple.”


Rimmer shook his body as if he himself had been praised.

“I know there are sometimes monsters in the human world, but that guy is even worse. It makes me think that God and the Demon King made a mistake.”

Sterin expressed his surprise at the time.

It was indeed a mistake.

Wrath nodded his head vigorously.

This guy is a demon who turns any place he goes to hell!

He muttered that he wanted to take him to Devildom and cause havoc.

"I've been thinking the same thing from the beginning."

Rimmer nodded, raising his nose.

"He's going to be a big shot."

He snickered, asking to be praised for his foresight.

"Enough nonsense, let's go in right away."

Sterin stared at Raon for a moment and gestured.

Raon recalled what Sterin had said and clicked his tongue.

'Go in?'

The words "go in" was strange, as if he wasn't going to the place where the World Tree was, but rather entering it.

However, his words were not false.

When Sterin placed his hand on his treehouse, a blue light shimmered like a lake in midair, opening a path.

The green light that had been covering Seipia so far was replaced by blue light, as if everything was an illusion, and transparent leaves filled his vision.

A green wind ruffled his hair, blue droplets moistened his skin, and the yellow earth gave off a soft comfort.

Finally, a thick flame drew a thick hand in the air, as if dancing to his breath.

Raon looked at the path of blue light that had been pierced into a circle, his fingertips trembling.

A thick tree that could not be seen at a glance was visible.

The roots stretched out majestically, as if they were spread out over the entire continent, the circumference of the trunk was so thick that all the people in Zieghart couldn't even grasp it together, and the height reached so far that he couldn't see the end even when he looked up as if it were a pillar holding up the sky.

The transparent leaves attached to the countless branches shimmered as if they were illusion, exuding a mysterious beauty that felt otherworldly. The word beautiful could not even express the World Tree.

'Is this the World Tree Adrian...?'

Raon gulped dry saliva and stepped into the blue path.

'But what's that, a burn mark?'

It was when he thought it strange seeing a part of the World Tree's right side slightly tinged with black.


The Ring of Fire spontaneously rotated on its own and dyed his vision red.


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