TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 581

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 581

Raon gulped as he saw Sterin's taut bowstring.

'If he says I can take it, then does that mean…'

Is he offering to teach me?

Thinking back to what Sterin had said, it seemed like he didn't want to fight, but rather to show him his archery skills.

When they first met, he had said he wanted to see him again after the Purification Ritual, but now, seeing his readiness to impart knowledge, it seemed that he appreciated the advice he had given to Siyan.

"The archery I use is called enchantment. However…."

Sterin smiled faintly and stopped drawing the bowstring halfway.

"Humans call it the Art of Enchantment."

"Art of Enchantment…."

Art of Enchantment, the highest level of archery where the archer can control the trajectory of the arrow with their will. Raon's heart pounded with excitement at the thought of seeing this transcendent martial art with his own eyes.

"Prepare yourself."

Sterin's gaze conveyed a message: speak when you're ready.

However, the arrow on his bowstring gave off a chilling sense of foreboding.

Staring at the chilling arrowhead, Raon bit his lip.

'This is also a test.'

A transcendent. The fact that he could fight a transcendent who used a bow was a stroke of luck among strokes of luck. He would be able to broaden his horizons even further by experiencing this new martial art.

'But I shouldn't think that I have the advantage just because it's close-range.'

While a swordsman is overwhelmingly advantageous in close combat against an archer, that doesn't apply to Sterin, who can use Igieosirago.

He had to think that he was at a disadvantage.

"I'm ready."

Raon nodded, his mind racing to figure out how to block Sterin's arrow.

"You're quick to prepare for someone so young."

Sterin chuckled lightly and drew the bowstring to the end. The moment the string snapped taut, a chill ran down his spine.

'The atmosphere has changed.'

Sterin's demeanor had transformed from composed to menacing, exuding a sharpness that felt almost sinister. This was his true nature in battle.

Just meeting his eyes made Raon's hair stand on end. He felt like he was going to be crushed by an overwhelming sense of pressure that transcended the word 'strength'.

'I can't falter here.'

If he fell now, he would gain nothing. He rotated the Ring of Fire, drawing out more strength than he possessed.


Raon raised Heavenly Drive in the middle of his body, not even bothering to wipe the cold sweat dripping from his forehead. The faintly ringing sword helped to loosen his stiff body a little.

"Your gaze is sharp."

Sterin nodded approvingly and lightly flicked the bowstring.

The arrow he had shot was mere inches from his nose, moving faster than sound, almost as if it had teleported through magic.

'Right waist!'

Fortunately, thanks to the murderous will imbued in the arrow, he could tell where it was aimed.


Raon tilted Heavenly Drive to the right, blocking the space where the arrow would have pierced through.


However, Sterin's arrow stopped just short of his waist and did not move.

The fact that an arrow that flew faster than sound stopped without moving was impossible, but Sterin's martial arts made the impossible possible.


The moment the Heavenly Drive slashed through the air, Sterin moved the arrow again.

The white arrow flew towards his chest even faster than when it was fired from the bowstring.

'I've been tricked!'

Raon pushed off the ground with his heels and used the Supreme Harmony Steps.

However, the arrow naturally approached his chest faster than he could retreat.

'But I've bought myself some time.'

He took advantage of the split second he had gained through the use of his footwork and thrust out the Blade of Requiem, which he had held in reverse grip.


The blue Blade of the Requiem blocked the white arrow path, but Sterin changed the direction of the arrow again, aiming for another vital point.

'I expected this.'

The blade of frost, which followed the Blade of Requiem like a shadow, struck the center of the arrow as it changed course.


Although it hit the arrow shaft, not the arrowhead, it felt like his hand was going to be torn off. Only now did he see that the entire arrow was protected by a powerful aura.


A small exclamation escaped Sterin's lips.

"Two sword strikes with one swing, quite impressive."

He appraised the Frost Pond and smiled leisurely. The arrow that had been vibrating in the air rose thinly and returned to Sterin.

"I didn't know you could use will to create illusions."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched Sterin put the arrow back on the bowstring.

"It seems that you were sincere when you said take it if you can."

Sterin was not giving him a kind and gentle lesson like a mentor, but rather a cold lesson, as if he was telling him to only take what he could get on his own.

"What is easily obtained is easily lost."

Sterin nodded briefly. The feathers of the arrow, imbued with his sharp will, trembled.

"If you understand, then shall we do it properly?"

"Of course."

As soon as Raon nodded, he rushed forward and stretched out Heavenly Drive he had kept behind.

The astral sphere that bloomed from the sword opened its mouth wide, exhaling flames like a dragon's breath.


The red flames surged grandly, not only engulfing Sterin but seemingly the entire forest.

"Your power control is still lacking."

Sterin chuckled coldly, and Raon distorted the flow of the dragon's breath the moment Sterin released the arrow.


He condensed the heat that was spreading out in a fan shape into a single line and aimed it at Sterin's chest.

"A trick within a trick."

Sterin flicked the bowstring while keeping the smile on his lips. The white arrow turned into a literal white light and rushed towards the Flame Dragon Art (dragon's breath).


A terrifying shock wave spread through the air as the white light and the flame breath collided.

However, before long, the dragon's breath began to melt away.

Raon frowned as he watched the flames dismished.

‘It’s not that the Flame Dragon Art is weak.’

It’s just that the Protector’s martial art is overwhelmingly superior.

Sterin didn’t just break through with force, but used the trajectory of the arrow to exploit the gaps in the Flame Dragon Art. It was a fight with a lot to learn from.


In the end, the flames of the Flame Dragon Art were unable to withstand Sterin’s arrow and completely subsided.


Raon exhaled heavily and regripped Heavenly Drive.

‘Let’s take a closer look.’

I’m not here to defeat a transcendent.

The reason I hold the sword now is to gain inspiration for my mind through Igieosirago. I must focus on the fight, but I must not lose sight of my purpose.

'How on earth can the arrow move as he wishes?’

Sterin and the Holy Sword Union leader both control the arrow and the sword with their own will.

Since it’s not a martial art that can be used unconditionally just by reaching transcendence, there must be a special method.


He resonated the eight Ring of Fire to the extreme and used the Evil Eye of Wrath and the Perception of the Snow Flower.

His full concentration seemed to make time slow down.

‘A little more….’

Even though the fierce arrow is trying to pierce through his forehead, he increased his concentration even further.


A splitting headache erupted as his upper energy ached, but his concentration continued to soar. In the slowly slowing world, only he and the arrow were visible.

He leaned back to avoid the approaching arrow.


But Sterin's arrow seemed to predict that movement and deftly changed direction, grazing past his right cheek.

Raon used the pain spreading from his cheek as a driving force to focus even more. The red blood droplets splattering in the air were so vivid that he could see his face reflected in them.

‘Not yet… huh?’

When the Ring of Fire seemed about to shatter, something like a white line seemed to pass through his blood.

‘An illusion? No, it’s not an illusion.’

It’s connected to the arrow.

The faintly shimmering white line was passing in the same direction as the trajectory of the white arrow that had just grazed his cheek.

‘Could it be….’

He turned his gaze forward. The thin line connected to the white arrow started from Sterin.

‘Now I understand!’

Raon gulped and narrowed his eyes.

‘That line is the Protector’s will.’

Will is the power that dwells in the determination to achieve something. Sterin’s will, who had surpassed Grandmaster and reached transcendence, was freely wielding the arrow.

‘The path of will is vast.’

He had only thought that will would add strength to power and aura, but he didn’t know that it could be used in this way.

It seemed that this was the reason why a martial artist who could not use will could never defeat a martial artist who could.

Of course.

Wrath nodded briefly.

The path of will and imagination is truly endless. Even the King of Essence's techniques can only unleash their true power when fueled by will

He gestured, saying that the reason he became Grandmaster was because his will, which he had been handling clumsily, was now properly filled with power.

'Thank you for the advice.'

Tch, it's not advice! The King of Essence just told you a little bit because you're so stupid!

Wrath waved his hand, telling him not to talk nonsense.

Raon smiled and focused on Sterin's arrow again. No, he focused on his will.


He could feel Sterin's arrow, which had fallen back, rotating and aiming for his back.

Raon sidestepped and swung Heavenly Drive. A wall of red flames erupted, but the white arrow effortlessly sliced through it and continued towards him.

Just as the arrow was about to strike like lightning, he threw the Blade of Requiem that he had been holding loosely.


The Blade of Requiem, infused with the principle of flying sword, exuding a powerful aura and shot forward.

However, Sterin's arrow simply changed its trajectory slightly and avoided the Blade of Requiem.

'As expected.'

Raon had anticipated this move, so he had imbued the Blade of Requiem Sword with his will.


A searing pain assaulted his mind, the result of using his will in this way for the first time. It felt like his upper energy center was about to explode.

'But I have to keep going…'

This excruciating pain was the backlash from trying to exert power beyond his current capabilities.

It was clear that he was pushing himself too hard, but he had to endure it if he wanted to gain even a little bit of what Sterin had spoken of.

'Go down!'

Go down and strike the arrow!

The moment he sent out a torrent of will, the aura of the Blade of Requiem connected with one of those strands, creating a thin beam of light in the air.


The moment he felt like he had become one with the sword, the Blade of Requiem dropped like a puppet with its strings cut and struck the arrowhead.

This was possible because the Blade of Requiem had its own will.


Wrath's eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected situation.


Even Sterin seemed surprised by this, as the white arrow wavered wildly as if it had lost its direction.

But as always, his arrow quickly recovered and flew towards Raon's chest.


Raon couldn't move even as he saw the approaching arrow. He had just used up all of his will, and his mental strength had reached its limit.

The arrow that had been flying towards him with murderous intent stopped just inches away, vibrating faintly.


Raon took a deep breath and raised his head. Sterin's eyes were shaking violently, like the arrow he was controlling.

"Just now…"

He opened his trembling lips.

"Did you control the sword with your will?"

"I-I don't really know. I just wanted to try…."

He spoke sincerely. Having entered a short trance, he didn't even remember what he had done.

However, he could tell that the Blade of Requiem had helped him.


Sterin flicked his fingertips, and the white arrow flew back into his hand.

"What did you feel from me?"

"It seemed like there was a thin thread connecting the arrow and you, Protector. I could feel your will within that thread…"

Raon honestly told him what he had felt a moment ago.

"You didn't just feel it, you saw it?"

Sterin chuckled as he held the arrow.

"I've heard many stories about monsters and geniuses appearing on the continent, but most of them were just rumors. Now I see the real thing."

He shook his head in amazement, as if he was genuinely surprised.

"Then is it really…."

"Yeah. The basis of the 'Enchantment' archery is will and imagination."

Sterin pointed to his temple with his finger.

"The more developed your upper energy center is, the more freely you can use Enchantment. Even if your upper energy center is more developed than your martial arts, it's still not enough to manifest Enchantment."

He narrowed his eyes, unable to comprehend it.

"It must be because of this sword."

Raon gently stroked the Blade of Requiem.

"It has become a demonic sword, but since it was originally good, it seems to have followed my will."

"I know that the sword grasped your will. What I'm trying to say is that your will reached the sword."

"I don't really know about that."

"With that answer, it's become more certain that you're a monster."

Sterin replied firmly and put his hands in his pockets. He took out a red fruit resembling a cherry and tossed it.

"Eat it. It will quickly heal your internal injuries."

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head and received the fruit with both hands.

"I said you could take it, but I didn't think you would actually get it."

Sterin snickered and turned his back.

"I guess it might be okay."


"The World Tree Purification Ritual is the day after tomorrow. You should come with Rimmer too."

With that, he turned and walked back into the forest path from which he had appeared.


As Sterin moved away, the forest grew thicker, creating the same scenery as before.


Raon exhaled and lay down on his back.

"I'm going to die. But…."

This is fun.

Facing a new martial art was always exciting. He felt a refreshing sense of inspiration, as if the stagnation he had felt since becoming a Grandmaster had suddenly burst open.

His body and mind were both exhausted, so much that he didn't have the strength to move a single finger, but he felt like he could get up and swing his sword right now.

"And on top of that..."

To think he would see the World Tree.

He never thought he would see the World Tree when he came to Seipia. He didn't think they would show it to humans. This felt like another stroke of luck.

'How big could it be?'

Raon Zieghart.

While smiling at the thought of the World Tree, Wrath approached slowly. His expression was unusually serious.

The King of Essence has an important proposal.

'A proposal?'

Yes. He will grant anything you desire, so…

It was unusual for him to say such things, so he felt tense.

Let's just try eating one fruit from the World Tree. I'm dying to know what it tastes like!

Wrath suggested that secretly eating just one would be fine, flicking his plump fingers.

'I knew it. Do you want to see me chased by elves for the rest of my life?'

It was clear that if it's just a fruit of the World Tree, eating it would make him the enemy of the elves and he would have to spend the rest of his life dodging arrows.

Even if you get chased, isn't it still worth it if you can eat the fruit?


Raon closed his eyes tightly as he watched Wrath's saliva dripping from his mouth.

'Damn it. Just look at your face.'

Why do they have to use this carnivorous demon as the sin of wrath?


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