IBRV (Novel) Chapter 154

C 154

"Where did you hear that name?"


"All these are things that are not commonly used. Besides, the word Verdant Mirror has probably been almost forgotten by now."

I tilted my head at Chronos Etham's words.

I was a little surprised to see him look more disgusted than happy to know one of these.

"Why? Is something wrong?"

"Where the hell did you find out about the Verdant Mirror...?"

He fell silent and then let out a brief sigh.

"Alright, since it's your job, there must be something more to it. I don't know where these rumors come from."

He sighed briefly as if he had given up on me, shrugged, and crossed his arms.

"The Verdant Mirror is one of the relics preserved in the temple."

"Sacred relic?"

I was told to get something like that.

"Yes, they say you can look into someone's abyss through a mirror that cracks and shatters when touched by an evil person."

"... It's something precious, isn't it?"

"Yes, it will be hard to find."

"I see..."

What was that dragon thinking when it asked me to get something like that?

"I'm sure you won't break it, will you?"

If they had only intentionally given impossible missions, people's spirits would have plummeted.

"No, but..."

There's no way.

"Most of all, only the High Priest knows the location of the mirror."

So, wouldn't it be fine to ask Lucilion?

When my eyes lit up, Uncle Chronos snorted as if he knew what I was thinking.

"This is something passed down orally to those who have officially become High Priests."

"... What?"

Somehow, a sense of unease washed over me.

The current High Priest, Lucilion, had expelled the former High Priest and taken his place. To be precise, he had not officially abdicated the position of minister.

"To put it bluntly..."

"It was a fraud."

Uncle Chronos said as if he had read my thoughts.

"A fraud. It's just..."

"It was a fraud."

"... If you say so, I have nothing to say."

There must be a record somewhere. Or...

"If I go and ask him to tell me..."

"He's dead."

"... What?"

"The High Priest was quite old and had an illness. He hardly ever exercised."


That was a very realistic and sad reason.

"So he didn't live long and he died."

"... Yes."

I was left speechless and couldn't say anything in response. Does this mean that no one will know where the Verdant Mirror is?

"This was not even mentioned in the adoption."

Something about the Verdant mirror and all that.

How the hell do you know something that I, who created the world, don't even know?

As I pursed my lips in dissatisfaction, Chronos Etham looked at me.

"Tian Maple is a demonic language that was only used by a small number of ancient languages. It's a rather forgotten word, but... If there are people who still use it today, it's probably the Magic Tower."

Unexpected words came out. I widened my eyes at the unexpected side of Chronos Etham.

"Well, uncle, you're smarter than I thought."

"... I'm leaving."

Chronos Etham suddenly frowned and turned away.


I jumped up and grabbed the hem of my uncle's pants.

"Dear genius uncle, you can't just leave like this."

"Don't you dare! You're the matriarch, behave!"

Chronos Etham, who was even paler than me, shook his legs. Of course, I clung to my uncle's leg, holding on tightly.

"If you don't go back to your seat right away, I won't tell you..."


Before her uncle could finish speaking, Chronos Etham's eyes narrowed as I sat on the bed.

He clicked his tongue in annoyance and looked at me again. The embarrassed expression on his face was quite funny.

"I know about the Red Mine, but I've never heard of a snow leopard living there. I heard there's a mine in the Suin Kingdom that's so hot everything looks red."

"Suin Kingdom..."

He ordered me not only to travel throughout the empire but also throughout the world. As I lowered my head in disgust, Chronos Etham reached out and ruffled my hair.

"Don't think you have to do it all yourself, just let someone else do it."

"No. I have to do it myself."


"It's a promise."

"Does that guy know you're doing this?"

"That guy?"

When I tilted my head, Chronos Etham did the same with a very reluctant expression.

"Your father."

"No, but just like Uncle, won't he guess that something is going on? Because there's nothing Dad doesn't know..."

I said, scratching my cheek slightly. Chronos Etham's expression was very serious.

"But... this is the only way to know the truth."

Because only that person knows the truth about all of this.

"What is Gran Purse?"

"I am well-versed in all kinds of ancient languages. Gran Purse is the national tree of this empire. Gran Purse is an ancient word that few people know anymore. It is now called the Falun tree."

How does Uncle know that? It's interesting. As I looked at him with curious eyes, my uncle opened his mouth with a somewhat satisfied expression.

"My hobby was reading books in ancient languages."

"... Ah."

While nodding with a meaningful look, Uncle Chronos made an unpleasant expression.

"Get rid of that disrespectful look right now."

"I always clean my face every day."

When I spoke bluntly, Uncle Chronos immediately stared at me.

"Are you looking in the mirror right now?"

I looked at my uncle, cleared my throat, and shrugged.

"If it's the national tree, is there a white Gran Purse?"

"There is."

"Where is it?!"

When I opened my eyes thinking things were going better than I thought, Chronos Etham stuck his head out the window.

When I turned my head, I saw the tall tower of the imperial palace in the distance.

"In the Imperial Palace."

"The Imperial Palace?"

Can I ask Enosh for a small favor then?

All I have to do is harvest it myself. If I could get it by asking without threats, wouldn't that be something I could do?

"Does that tree also bear fruit?"

"The fruits of the Falun tree are not edible."

"Ah... then..."

Wouldn't it be easier to get that fruit?

"I heard that the pure white national tree hasn't bloomed for a while, either because it's old or because it's sick. If the flowers don't bloom, it can't bear fruit."

That damn dragon, did you really give me impossible tasks just to mess with me, didn't you?

First of all, it was ridiculous to maintain the acidity of the green and white radish land throughout the entire growth period.

Because sudden rain or dry weather was not something I could control.

"Should I install something like a greenhouse?"

But can something like that be used at this time? I let out a sigh.

"I haven't lived my life relying on magic until now, but..."

Still, I felt quite helpless because I couldn't do things with magic that could have been solved with magic.

I always felt that everything was possible.

"No, I shouldn't give up."

I have to find a way.

Did my father ever want something? I always felt like my dad was taking a step back.

"I'll have to do it one by one."

First, the green and white radishes.

"Thank you, uncle."

"If you're grateful, don't disappear from now on."

Chronos Etham told me.

"The little ones missed you a lot."

"The little ones? Ah..."

I smiled awkwardly and nodded.

"Yes, I will. I promise. I won't go anywhere now."

I'll endure somehow.

"It's okay, don't overdo it."


"I'll come to visit you next time."


Uncle Chronos left the room.

I took a deep breath, took out paper and a pen, and organized my schedule.

"I can do this."

The dragon probably didn't really intend to harass me. Even if that were the case, he wouldn't have given me an impossible task.

"I have no choice but to believe this."

Otherwise, I felt like I would lose motivation.



I smiled happily as I looked at the greenhouse that was doing quite well.

After going through many troubles and wandering around the market for a while, I was able to create a fairly decent field.

"I'm glad I have magical tools..."

This wouldn't have been possible if the world hadn't improved.

"You have to grow."

I said, patting the ground where not even a sprout had grown yet.

"Miss, young Duke Collin has arrived."

"Oh, yes. I'll just wash up first. Tell him I'll be right there!"

I wrote a letter to Richard a few days ago, and fortunately, Richard willingly came to see me.

Every time I received a favor like this, my heart saddened.

After washing my body, receiving new clothes from Laurent, and changing, I ran straight to the living room.

When I knocked on the door and entered, Richard, who had been sitting there with a blank expression, stood up and smiled cheerfully.

"Eirin, I missed you."

Richard opened his arms.

"I saw you a while ago."

"Even so."

I lightly hugged his body and let him go.

"Thank you for coming, Richard."

"You're welcome."

Richard, with a smile, accompanied me to the sofa and sat across from me.

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