TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 583

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 583


A colossal serpent of fire, so large that it would not be strange to call it a dragon, was wrapped around the World Tree.

The once-verdant land was now filled with the charred corpses of elves, and the cloudless blue sky was now covered in black cracks, as if it were about to collapse.

The elves fired white arrows and unleashed powerful magic, but the serpent of fire ignored it all and plunged its red fangs into the World Tree.


The mana barrier protecting the World Tree shattered, and flames began to blaze from the lower right side.

Just as despair filled the elves' eyes, a High Elf resembling Sterin stepped forward.

He looked tired, as if he had come from fighting elsewhere, but his eyes were fierce.

The arrow that the High Elf shot out like lightning pierced the snout of the serpent that was burning the World Tree.

For the first time, the serpent of fire screamed and fell away from the World Tree.

However, the flames it left behind were still burning the inside and outside of the World Tree.

As the High Elf approached the World Tree to extinguish the flames, a colossal figure with spiral horns protruding from its forehead emerged from a rift in the cracked barrier.

The monstrous figure, spewed scarlet flames like a serpent's tongue, blocking the High Elf's path.

The High Elf frowned and shot a white arrow at the creature.

However, his arrow failed to pierce the creature's flames and melted in the air.

From the rift opened by the colossal figure, humans dressed similarly to him emerged, attacking the elves, empowering the serpent of fire.

The giant serpent rose again, tightly gripping the World Tree and sinking its teeth into it once more.

The flames that engulfed the World Tree flared up even more, like red paint.

The High Elf had been exhausted since he arrived here, and he became impatient with the deaths of his kin, eventually allowing the colosal figure's attack to hit him.

It was only a single mistake, but the result was devastating. The High Elf fell, a black hole pierced through his abdomen.

The colossal figure laughed mockingly at the dying High Elf and approached the World Tree.

His minions unleashed flames in all directions, seemingly wanting to erase not only the World Tree but the entire space.


As the land once filled with natural energy turned into hell and wailed, the black sky split open and flames as bright as the sun poured down.

Along with the majestic wind, the golden flames that stretched out devoured the crimson flames that were burning the land and the colossal figure's minions in an instant.

A knight clad in silver armor descended upon the torn land.

It was a familiar back. It was the ancestor of Zieghart

Without a word, he aimed his sword at the colossal figure.

The previously relaxed demeanor of the colossal figure twisted.

The red-haired colossal figure, extended his hand, his palm engulfed in flames, as he had done when he killed the High Elf.

But this assault was different from before. Ten flames erupted in the air and turned into meteors, descending upon the ancestor's head.

The ancestor of Zieghart did not look at the raining flames. Focusing only on the colossal figure, he gently opened the hand holding the sword.


The sword that left his hand became an explosive golden flash, piercing the colossal figure's heart and the head of the red serpent before embedding itself in the center of the World Tree.

It looks like it's visible now. The sword. It seemed like the ancestor imbued the sword with the will of destruction and swung it.

The colossal figure, as if unable to believe it, looked down at the hole in its chest before collapsing, and the serpent of fire, now without a head, writhed before turning into dust.


The ancestor approached the World Tree, muttering an apology to the dead elves for his late arrival.

He frowned at the blackened base and roots of the World Tree, which seemed to be dying.

"If this goes on, it will surely die."

As the ancestor said, the World Tree had suffered a tremendous shock. If only the exterior had burned, it might have been able to recover on its own, but the serpent had pierced it with its fangs, burning its interior, making it seem impossible to save

"This must be fate."

The ancestor closed his eyes deeply, then opened them again, retrieving red and blue beads from what looked like a spatial pocket.

No, they might not be beads. They looked like animal eggs or gemstones.

However, they were filled with a pure natural energy that he had never felt before.

The ancestor put the beads one by one into the hole where the Serpent of Fire had bitten, and then used the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to seal the hole.


He looked up and gently stroked the World Tree.


The World Tree, as if feeling the ancestor's heart, shook its branches and leaves with a small tremor. The surviving transparent leaves fluttered faintly.

After caressing the World Tree for a long time, the ancestor stood up and turned around. His red eyes shook violently as if they were looking right at him.

As he leaned forward to get a closer look at the ancestor's face, the Ring of Fire rotated once again, and his vision turned black.

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:

"...On. Raon!"


Raon lifted his head slightly at someone's call.

"You didn't sleep last night? Why are you dozing off like that?"

Rimmer smirked, saying he’s not Runaan, why is he spacing out.

"I apologize."

Raon lowered his head, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.

Where have you been again, you bastard?

Wrath stuck to his shoulder and rolled his blue eyes.

'I just went to see my ancestor for a bit.'

What, nonsense!

He told him honestly, but the guy naturally didn't believe him and turned his head away.

Raon smirked and looked at the World Tree. Seeing the World Tree, which had grown even more majestic than he had seen in his ancestors' memories, as if forgetting the past flames, he once again felt the greatness of his ancestors.


‘What's the identity of that creature?’

The creature that appear every time he sees the ancestor's memories. Judging only by the appearance of the black and white eyes, they look like demons, but the energy they give off is clearly that of a human.

'And what are those beads?'

It would be the power of the ancestor and the beads that caused the World Tree, which was dying, to grow even larger. He became curious about what those beads were.

‘Are they still inside?’

It was the bead left by Zeighart's ancestor, and since the World Tree survived well, if I could take it, I wanted to take it.

"Oh well...."

As he was worrying about how to find the beads, he heard Rimmer sigh.

"There are old farts around."


"The typical elf old farts you'd expect are over there."

Rimmer raised his finger, pointing towards the group of elves standing behind the World Tree.

There were 11 elderly elves with wrinkles like Sterlin, and behind them stood young elves dressed in Protector uniforms, lined up like a formation.

“They are….”

“The elders.”

Rimmer frowned as he looked at the elves approaching them.


Hearing the word "elders," Siyan, who had been wrapping herself in a blanket, let out a short whimper, trembling all over.

It seemed that those elders might have been the ones who had been nagging and insulting her all this time.

"We greet the Protector."

The blond elf standing in the center bowed to Sterin.

"Have you come early to prepare for the ritual?"

Sterin nodded appreciatively, thanking him for preparing the purification ritual.

"Naturally, it's our duty to do so. But..."

The gaze of the blond elder turned towards Raon.

"Why is there a human here?"

His expression wasn't just one of incomprehension, it was one of anger.

"This is a sacred place for elves only. It's not a place for humans to come."

"It's okay. This human will become the contractor of the Spirit King."

The response came not from Rimmer or Sterin, but from Erian, who stood behind the elders. He still proclaimed Raon as the contractor of the Spirit King, raising his fist.


"Yes, Great Elder."

Erian nodded his head proudly.

"I didn't ask you. Keep your mouth shut."

"I, I apologize."

Erian flinched at the Great Elder's cold voice and stepped back.


The Great Elder clicked his tongue briefly and looked back at Sterin.

"Let me ask you again. Why did you let a human enter this sacred land?"

He glared with cold eyes, wondering what he was thinking.

"Don't you know that it was humans who tried to burn the World Tree!"

"Are you trying to say that the human who attacked Seipia is the same as this child?"

Sterin spoke in a calm voice and narrowed his eyes.

"It doesn't matter! They're the same human, aren't they!"

Although the Great Elder shouted in agitation, his eyes remained cold and distant. "All I learned from the ancestors is that humans almost burned the World Tree!"

He pointed to the lower right side of the World Tree, where the traces of the fire were still visible.

"The Great Elder is right."

"Humans should not be allowed to tread on the sacred ground."

"Please send him away at once!"


The other elders also shook their heads, saying it was unacceptable.

Raon frowned as he observed the elders revealing their stubbornness.

'They didn't leave any record.'

In the memories, Zieghart’s ancestor had saved the World Tree and left without meeting anyone. It seemed like his act of saving the World Tree had not been recorded in history.

"Because of the Protector's request, we accepted dealings with humans, but never with the World Tree."

The elder blocked the way, standing tall with confidence.

From what he had heard, Sterin seemed to have made a deal with the Elders on the condition of trading with humans.


Sterin furrowed his brows, as if he hadn't expected this kind of interference.

"That's rude."

Rimmer stood next to Sterin and shook his head.

"He's my disciple. You could at least understand that much..."

"You're also a problem."

The Great Elder turned his gaze to Rimmer and frowned.

"Becoming a scoundrel by associating with humans. You've been corrupted by their influence, now mocking this place. Do you even realize where you are?"

He glared at Rimmer with even sharper eyes than when he looked at Raon.

"You old geezer! You wanna see what the real scoundrel like?"


When Rimmer was about to explode, Sterin stepped forward.

"Is that what you all think?"


The elders stood behind the Great Elder, supporting his opinion.


The Great Elder frowned at Siyan standing next to Raon.

"I wonder how far you, Lady Siyan, plan to degrade the dignity of the elves by coming to this sacred place in such a state."


Siyan trembled trembled at his sharp tone and demeanor.

"For now, please escort the human and Rimmer out of here. Also Lady Siyan cannot enter in such a state."

The more intense the Great Elder's gaze became, the more Siyan's shoulders shook.

"Are you going to do it now?"

Sterin's patience seemed to have worn thin as he raised his chin with a cool demeanor.

"Do you really think we would do that? We only think of the prosperity of the elves. Please reconsider."

The Great Elder waved his hand and stepped back.

"Please reconsider!"

However, the elves who followed the elder's opinion didn't step back and stood their ground.


"Division leader."

When Sterin looked at the elves and pursed his lips, Raon gestured to Rimmer.

"The Protector of the Elves is like a leader or a king, right?"

"Well, yes."

"Then there are many people here who ignore the king."

The elders and Sterin's gazes turned to him at the sarcastic voice.

"What did you just say?"

"Just like that."

Raon stepped forward and curled the corners of his lips.

"Two days ago, the Protector informed me that I was permitted to visit the World Tree. Since the other elves were aware, there's no way you elders didn't know. Yet, instead of addressing it directly at that time, you're here today blocking the way. Isn't this disrespectful to the Protector?"


The elders couldn't refute him and averted their gazes.

"Even when humans, whom you disregard, come as guests, they halt their factional disputes and only show the good side of their families. But you proud elves only display your own flaws in front of humans."

"That's not it. We..."

"Ah, well, it doesn't really matter."

Raon cut off the Great Elder's words.

Here it comes. The interruption!

Wrath frowned at Raon.

This is the bastard's most annoying signature move!

He clenched his lips, saying that he hates it the most when the guy cuts him off without even giving him a chance to make excuses.

"I find what you're saying more ridiculous than anything else."


The Great Elder's eyebrows furrowed deeply. His aura sharpened and spread out as if it would sweep through his entire body.

"If you don't speak properly, you may not even receive the treatment of guests."

He frowned as if he was genuinely angry.

"Great Elder!"

"Just a moment."

When Sterin was about to step forward himself, Rimmer raised his hand.

"Let's trust him for once. He must have a plan."

Rimmer smiled, saying Raon wasn't just anyone who acted impulsively.


Siyan also muttered that she had read about it in books and that they should trust him.


Sterin listened to his grandchildren and folded his arms.

"That's right. Who guarantees that the World Tree belongs to the elves? In my opinion, the World Tree might like me better than you."

"You've completely lost your mind. I've been tending to the World Tree since I could crawl. I've dedicated my life to the World Tree, even though I wasn't a High Elf. Where do you get the audacity to say such presumptuous things?"

The elder scoffed, dismissing the nonsense.

"The World Tree closed its heart to humans for centuries after they burned it down."

He turned and walked towards the World Tree.

"However, it started to open its heart again about a hundred years ago thanks to the efforts of countless elves."

As the elder laid his hand on the World Tree, the branches swayed, emitting a pure mana. The air filled with the rich mana as if the world had changed.

"Do you dare to claim that you can handle the World Tree better than I can?"

He shook his head, telling him to stop with the nonsense.

"Just get out of here..."

"Then would you like to make a bet with me?"

"A bet?"


Raon stood next to the Great Elder and looked up at the World Tree. He nodded as he looked at the tree, which humans both burned and saved.

“What if I can draw a bigger reaction from the World Tree than you, Great Elder?”


The Great Elder burst out into laughter, as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Are you insane...?"

"You've just seen the World Tree for the first time today, and yet you're boasting like this?"

“They call him the Dragon Slayer who defeated Kaibar, but he’s just a madman!”

The other elders and elves frowned, unable to believe what they were hearing.

"If I lose, I will leave with Rimmer and never return here again, as you wish."

Raon smiled faintly, saying that he would do as the elders wished.

“Hey, hey! Why am I even part of the bet!”

Rimmer, who had been shouting that they should believe him, was taken aback and lowered his head. However, Sterin, perhaps maintaining his initial trust, remained silent.

“Will you keep your word?”

“Of course.”

"Very well. If the World Tree accepts you, I will grant you whatever you wanted."

The Great Elder twisted his lips, saying that there was no way the World Tree would accept a human.

“I have two conditions. The first is to receive the the fruit of the Sanrae tree."

“So you’re showing your greed after all.”

The Great Elder snorted, as if he had expected this.

"And secondly, you and the elders must kneel before me, Siyan, and the Protector, and apologize for your rudeness."


“How dare you!”

The elders widened their eyes in surprise, as if they hadn’t expected such words to come out of his mouth.

“That’s fine.”

The Great Elder nodded, the corners of his mouth upturned.

“There’s no way that will happen anyway. You can say whatever you want.”

"Then let's add one more later."

Raon muttered that he had taken the bait and raised his finger.

“…Me, me?”

Rimmer looked at Raon and the elders, puzzled. All the other names had been mentioned, but his own was missing.

Raon walked towards the World Tree with calm steps. The right side, which had not yet fully regained its color. He touched the spot where Zieghart's ancestor had inserted the bead and stroked it with his hand.

‘It was humans who tried to kill you, but it was also humans who tried to save you.’

Using the same technique as the ancestor, Raon operated the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Ring of Fire to gently sweep away the filled-in part, as if coaxing the tree to remember that moment.

However, the World Tree did not move at all, as if that memory had not yet awakened.

"As expected."

“There’s no way the World Tree would accept a human.”

“Rimmer, you should start preparing to leave.”

The elders and elves scoffed at the unresponsive World Tree.

“Protector. It’s a shame it turned out this way.”

The elder raised his chin, drawing a crescent moon with his lips, contrary to his words.

“It seems you cared for that human, but he kicked away your consideration with his own greed. Humans are inherently such beings."


Sterin stared silently at Raon's back.


The Great Elder smiled even wider and waved his hand. The guardian elves standing behind him stepped forward.

"Send that human, Rimmer, and Lady Siyan out. The human and Rimmer should be expelled from Seipia altogether..."

As he continued his mocking words, transparent leaves fluttered down from the air.


The moment the Great Elder raised his head, the World Tree shook its branches, spreading out a magnificent aura like wings.

The clear sound of the World Tree's cry, filled with longing and gratitude, soared to the end of the sky.

"W-what is this!"

"Oh my..."

"The World Tree is making this kind of sound..."

"The resonance of the World Tree...?"

The elves' mouths were agape, gaping at the brilliant blue light emanating from the World Tree like never before.


As the elder's eyes widened as if he were about to burst out, Raon turned his back.

"What are you doing? Kneel down."

He curled the corners of his lips and gestured with his chin.

"I said kneel down."


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