TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 229

C229 - Symbol of Victory (1~)

After deciding to move to the capital of Har Kingdom, all preparations were quickly completed. Following Eruhaben, Choi Han stepped forward.

"I'll go too."

Eruhaben shook his head.

"No, Choi Han, stay here. What do you think, Cale?"

"Uh... well."

He pointed to Raon, who was flapping his wings beside him.

"It seems the two of us could go."

"Not allowed."

"Not allowed."

Choi Han and Eruhaben tilted their heads at the same time. Raon pouted.

"Why not? With the two of us, it's enough!"

Haha. The Dragon Mila chuckled softly as she spoke.

"No, the two of you can't go together, as when you two are together, you're troublemakers."



Cale and Raon looked around as if being treated unfairly, but no one was on their side.

"I, Raon, Cale. This is how we go."

As if he couldn't tolerate any more arguments, the Ancient Dragon made a decision. His gaze turned to the people of Har Kingdom who were in a corner.


"Yes, yes."

Bailey wiped cold sweat for no reason.
Seeing that, Raon approached and asked worriedly.

"Minister! Are you okay? Shouldn't you rest?"

"Oh, no. I'm fine. Dragon-nim, please."

Bailey honestly looked like she might lose her mind at any moment.

'How many Dragons are there?'

Raon, Eruhaben, Rasheel, Mila. So far, those were the four Dragons she had seen. If it weren't for her vast experience, she probably would have fainted immediately.



Since the assistant and Sam had already lost their minds, she had to maintain composure.

"Minister, are you really okay?"

At Cale's question, Bailey, herself, responded with a stiff expression.

"It's not the time to rest."

Who knows when the Holy Empire will notice something strange and act. Therefore, they had to act as quickly as possible so that King Dennis wouldn't be bewildered in any situation. Hoo. Bailey, who briefly exhaled, opened her mouth.

"There is only one true Mage in Har Kingdom,"

"But you said he was an Imperialist, right?"

"Yes. So unfortunately, I couldn't communicate directly with His Majesty and had to teleport immediately-"

Bailey, who hesitated for a moment, continued speaking.

"Please understand if there is a little momentary chaos."

"Yes. That's fine."

For Cale, who had planned to break into the palace anyway, a small uproar was nothing.

"Then, Minister. Where is the palace located in these coordinates?"


Bailey realized she hadn't said it yet and spoke casually.

"It's the dormitory."


"The King's dormitory."


"Isn't it the most discreet place?"

Cale stayed silent for a moment before asking.

"...Nothing strange will happen, right?"

"Yes. Nothing will happen."

Cale trusted the Minister's gentle smile, or rather, he simply decided to stop thinking about it. Because they didn't have time.

"Let me deploy the Magic."

Eruhaben stepped forward and pushed Raon back. The training room beneath the Black Castle. In addition to the people who would go to the capital, there were a few more people from the Har Kingdom side in the quite large training room. The village chief was also there.

Although Eruhaben wouldn't like to show others how Raon used magic, he still told the others.

"Hold on a bit even if it's difficult."

Bailey tightly squeezed both hands. She had already heard the explanation. To deploy the Magic, Dragon Fear must be released to control space.

She decided not to ask any more questions and just watch, as she planned to get details later when she met the King.

The air vibrated, and slowly the surrounding atmosphere became heavier. Bailey realized the Dragon was using Dragon Fear slowly and superficially so as not to affect them. However, she found it hard to breathe.


It was definitely different. It was different from the Force used by the Dragon Half-Bloods. It was a feeling of oppression and reverence that humans feel when facing the majesty of nature. It was an energy that not only conveyed fear and awe but something more, something alien to this world, as if she had discovered one of the hidden secrets of this world.

"Is this Dragon Fear?"

Even with the light use of Dragon Fear, Bailey experienced these emotions. What would real Dragon Fear be like? Suddenly, she looked at Cale's back. The energy that had knocked down the Dragon Half-Bloods before. Was that energy also like this?

Bailey felt curiosity, anticipation, and concern at the same time.

'...What does Sir Cale want?'

She hadn't found the answer yet.

"I'll know when I meet the King."

It wasn't necessary to make hasty judgments.


In the center of the training field, a silver magic circle was engraved.


The Dragon Fear disappeared, and only a silver glow filled Bailey's view. It was beautiful.

"Take a seat."

The Golden Dragon stepped onto the magic circle first. Then, Cale and Raon followed suit. Bailey also gestured for the assistants and Sam to step onto the magic circle. As Sam moved towards the end, he met the gaze of the senior knight. He nodded with determination, as if saying "do well," and Sam responded with an equally determined look.


Once again, the Dragon Fear slightly rose.


Then, Cale's group disappeared in the same spot.


A knight from Har Kingdom looked at the scene with a solemn expression.

"It's amazing."

It was the first time he had seen teleportation magic in action, but he barely showed his astonishment. The castle's butler came to his side.

"I'll take you to your rooms."


He was polite with the butler and left the underground training room with the rest of the people. Meanwhile, Dragon Rasheel opened his mouth.

"So, what should we do now?"

Dragon Mila responded after him.

"Follow me."

Those who followed Mila arrived at the meeting room in the middle of the Black Castle. The door opened with a click. Three women who had received Cale's message were discussing the map on the central table.

Dragon Lord Sheritt, who entered, asked Mila.

"Have they already left?"

"Yes, they've already left."

Meanwhile, Rasheel couldn't contain his curiosity and blurted out.

"Hey, Human Magician. What are we supposed to do?"

The person who caught Rasheel's gaze was Rosalyn. Choi Han also looked at Rosalyn. On the other hand, Rosalyn gestured to the village chief following her with an uncomfortable posture.

"Village Chief, come over here."

"Hey, what are we supposed to do?"

Upon Rasheel's question, Rosalyn casually responded.

"There's nothing for now."

Then, she pointed at the map to the village chief.


The village chief swallowed nervously. It was a map showing part of the Erghe Mountains and the village, as well as the extensive fields outside the village.

'Where did they get this?'

Did Minister Bailey give this to them?

Without expressing his doubts, the village chief, Rosalyn spoke enthusiastically.

"We plan to fortify this area from now on."

Cale asked Rosalyn.

'Miss Rosalyn, we are falling behind in terms of military strength. Do you understand, right?'

'Don't worry.'

She didn't need to hear more.

"I and the 10 mages who followed me plan to install large magic circles in various locations on this map with your help."

Among the hundred people, there were also Rosalyn's subordinates, talented individuals who had been withdrawn from the construction of the Magic Tower. And they, along with Cale and Rosalyn, were excellent Battle Mages who had been working hand in hand since the war with the Indomitable Alliance.

The village chief's eyes widened.

"C-Can you use magic?"


Rosalyn shook her head.


Rosalyn smiled at the amazed village chief. Even when Choi Han replied that he couldn't use magic, the gleam in Rosalyn's eyes was clear.

‘Choi Han. Can you use Aura? Can you tell me about it?'

'...Area. You have to create it with Aura.'

'Like Sir Cale?'


'How did you create it? Can you tell me?'

There was nothing Choi Han couldn't tell his friend Rosalyn.

'In my case, Aura flowed naturally when I had certainty in my path.'


Rosalyn's briefly exclaimed expression wasn't good. Choi Han vaguely knew the reason. Of all the people he had seen, Rosalyn was the one who doubted the least and had the most certainty in pursuing her own path. Perhaps, she should have created this aura before Choi Han.

But Rosalyn soon dispelled the somber expression on her face and filled it with light.

‘Choi Han, in that case…'


"Maybe I could create something like Dragon Fear? No, can I create something of my own, different from Dragon Fear?"

At that moment, Choi Han thought it was typical of Rosalyn. She couldn't hide her excitement. No, it wasn't just an interest; it was a desire.

'M-Maybe I could take magic one step further.'

At that moment, he heard Rosalyn's voice speaking amicably to the village chief.

"Village Chief, even if magic can't be used in the current situation, we can prepare and acquire magical knowledge at any time. It will be a great help."

After all, by installing magic circles in various locations, you only need to activate them.

The situation to activate them is sufficiently possible thanks to the presence of Dragons, Cale, and Choi Han.

"And our large magic circles, well. I assure you that..."

Rosalyn spoke unabashedly, despite the presence of Dragons beside her.

"The Dragons will also be amazed."

During the construction of the Magic Tower, Rosalyn never stopped researching.

'Let's install these magic circles.'

'Is it okay? This is for war.'

'Miss Rosalyn, we might have to wage war across the continent.'

Cale had told Rosalyn.

'Most of this continent has experienced a shift in power dynamics since the beginning of the Catastrophe era.'

Cale didn't relax when he learned that the Dragon Half-Blood Knights Division wasn't as strong as believed. His expression became more serious after his conversation with Bailey.

'Especially Har Kingdom seems to be influenced by the opposing faction serving the Empire rather than the king. Maybe other kingdoms are even more extreme.'

Many people would share power and influence with Holy Empire.

'Besides, the Dragon Half-Blood Knights Division is weaker than I thought.'

'Does Sir Cale think they're a facade?'


After magic and auras became powers for only a few among a few, Apitoyu could be seen as weakened.

'May I ask why?'

'I am concerned about the Blood Demon.'

But Cale didn't believe him.

'The Blood Demon has committed numerous atrocities, killing tens of thousands and perpetrating various wrongdoings to face Apitoyu and the Purple Blood Dragons.'

The standard by which Cale brought a hundred strong people was due to the information obtained in the Central Plains and the Blood Cult.

A stronger opponent than the Blood Cult.

It was a warning to the Purple Blood Family that the Blood Demon had feared. Although Cale did not tell this to Rosalyn, he also had another concern.

'And the God of Balance said nothing even when I brought this large number of people with me.'

That meant that was the level of preparation needed to maintain balance.

'Especially, the God of Balance will think it's a violation of balance if our side has more power.'

That meant Apitoyu's power was stronger than that of these hundred people.

Cale did not mention this to Rosalyn; he just subtly hinted at it.

'The more we prepare, the more lives we can save, right?'

Rosalyn recalled the battle against the Indomitable Alliance created by Cale's preparation and spoke to the people in the conference room.

"I hope you follow these measures, as they are necessary to prepare for additional Eradication Teams."

And as she prepared, Rosalyn had one more wish.

'...And also break through the bottleneck if there is an opportunity.'

She knew her magic had hit a bottleneck.

Perhaps this world, which couldn't use magic well, was giving her a chance for growth.

After all, opportunity always followed danger.

'And I have never missed this kind of opportunity.'

Although her words might sound arrogant, Rosalyn, herself, had never missed opportunities like these. Because somehow, she always managed to endure.

This time, she also intended to do the same.

The Dragon Mila, who was silent, finally spoke.

"If Rosaline is in charge of preparing a countermeasure against the Eradication Team, who will be in charge of the Inquisitors?"

Mila's gaze moved to the side.

A woman who was still looking at the map raised her head. Her mouth opened.

"I should take care of it."

Tasha, the Dark Elf.

She smiled faintly.

"Along with Pendrick, we plan to handle the Inquisitors."

The Inquisitors, presumed to be Elves.

Dealing with them was to be done by the Dark Elf Tasha and the Elven Healer Pendrick, leading other elves and dark elves.

At that moment, Rasheel spoke up.

"A Dragon might even come. I'll handle that."

Rasheel added.

"And for you to be able to use your power, don't you need Dragon Fear? I will create Dragon Fear, so use your power within that area."

Mila smiled sweetly at him and spoke in a subtle tone.

"You are very active."


Rasheel did not respond to Mila's words, ignoring her laughter. Then, something seemed to bother him, and he added.

"I'm doing this because I want to defeat those damn Dragons with twisted minds, not because I want to help Cale Henituse in any way!"

Hehehe. Mila and Sheritt chuckled softly, and Rasheel, with a wrinkled face, was about to add something more. But he couldn't. Someone tapped his arm. When he turned his gaze, he saw a white-haired man.

"What's up?"

Despite the hostile tone, the white-haired man, Clopeh Sekka, smiled.

"Can I join too?"


Clopeh asked Tasha.

"I also want to participate in the Inquisitor matter."

"Well, we don't mind."

Tasha responded, and then, upon receiving Clopeh's gaze, Rasheel hesitated before answering.

"Well, what does it matter?"

And then he thought.

'That guy's eyes look weird.'

That guy seems to have a slightly twisted head, doesn't he?

But Rasheel didn't bother to speak more. When dealing with crazy people, it's better to be even crazier. Especially someone who stands timidly, seems calm but has strange flashes in the eyes. That guy is the most suitable to deal with those who are completely out of it.

While everyone found their roles, the Ex-Lord Sheritt discreetly withdrew and sighed.


"What's wrong?"

Mila approached her at that moment and asked.

"Are you worried about the kids?"

But Sheritt, in response to Mila's continued words, couldn't answer and just smiled bitterly.


"No, but you're surely worried that Raon went to the capital. And also-"

Mila couldn't finish the sentence.

When she said "kids," she didn't just mean Raon.

She was referring to another child, or an enemy, who could also be considered a child.

The Dragon Half-Blood.

Mila couldn't call him by his name, as he had become a Bone Dragon.

So she left the sentence hanging and asked vaguely.

"... Who is he with?"

The Ex-Lord Sheritt closed her eyes and then opened them. Her gaze went to the back of the Black Castle.

"Maybe he's with Beacrox, Witira, and Sui Khan."

And she added.

"... They're probably interrogating the First Division Knight Commander."

Dragon Half-Bloods of Apitoyu. It was another Dragon Half-Blood who was in charge of dealing with them.

"He volunteered to take care of that."

And that was something the Dragon Half-Blood wanted. Mila fell silent for a moment. Sheritt shared the silence with her. But the presence of the two Dragons nearby was quite noisy.

Holy Empire and the Purple Blood Dragons. They were making preparations to deal with them one by one.



Cale opened his eyes, dazzled by a bright light.


There was King Dennis, a child with an expressionless face who didn't understand the situation. And then he blurted out.

"You are..."


Cale didn't have time to react before King Dennis continued.

"You are the Young Master who disappeared, aren't you?"

At that moment, Cale's mouth opened.


The two stared at each other in surprise.




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