TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 538

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 538


Raon patted Wrath’s drooping head and laughed.

"He's my familiar spirit."

"Familiar spirit?"

Burren looked at Wrath’s with his eyes wide open.

"I met him by chance while hunting the mad dragon. As you can see from the bluish color, he's a sea spirit."

Me, a spirit? That's also a familiar? This crazy bastard! To call me a smelly spirit, the King of Devildom and the Monarch of Wrath, I'm so mad I could..."

Wrath’s shouted angrily, his face turning red.

"Oh? He's dancing."

You idiot! Open your eyes! This is not a dance, it's a cry of anger!

"But he's blushing a bit."

"I think he's excited to meet you."

Raon told Burren that Wrath’s was actually happy.

"He looks cute like this. He's definitely a spirit."

Burren tried to stroke Wrath’s, who was making a commotion, but his hand only brushed through the air.


Wrath’s pounded his chest like a drum. He seemed so frustrated that he might really try to suffocate himself.

"Why can only I see this spirit and not other people?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's only visible to good people? Or maybe it's because of your new eyes."

Raon smiled and avoiding Burren's question.

"Eyes! Oh, that could be it. The lord also said that these eyes are unusual."

Burren nodded as he stroked his own blue eyes.

That's right! You fool! Think about it. The King Essence gave you those eyes! Ignore this evil spirit and follow the King of Essence!

Wrath’s ran to Burren and shouted at him to come to his senses.

"What is this spirit saying right now?"

"He says, 'Let's get along.'"

Raon smiled as he led Burren to think of Wrath’s only as a spirit.

"Sure. I'll do my best too!"

Burren smiled as he tapped Wrath’s round hand.

I-I'm really suffocating from frustration! I-I can't breathe...

On the contrary, Wrath’s began to sink as he spewed blue bubbles from his mouth.

"Is he okay? He's spewing bubbles?"

Burren was shaking his hand, worried about Wrath’s, who was spewing bubbles.

"He's a sea spirit. He's saying hello by blowing bubbles."

Raon smiled as he popped the bubbles that came out of Wrath’s mouth with his fingers.


Burren accepted it as such.

Hey! Idiot! Open your eyes, look! How can you accept this as a greeting?

Wrath’s woke up just as he was about to faint. He moved his arms wildly, begging for Burren’s to understand his intentions.

"This guy really dances well! His emotions are alive!"

Burren applauded as he accepted Wrath’s movements as a dance.

"The spirit is happy."

Raon smiled warmly as he stroked Wrath’s head.

"I made a new friend."

Grrr, you will truly receive divine punishment...

Wrath’s anger reached a boiling point, and he fell backwards with his eyes rolled back.

"What is he up to this time?"

"He's playing hide-and-seek. He's still young, you know."


Burren smiled as he watched the unconscious and convulsing Wrath.

"He is, isn't he?"

Raon nodded as he looked at Wrath.

'Thanks to his cuteness, no one will think he's the Demon King.'

Objectively and subjectively, Wrath in cotton candy form was cute.

Objectively and subjectively, the cotton candy-like appearance of Wrath was adorable. With his fluffy body and round eyes, Burren genuinely considered Wrath to be a sea spirit.

"Ah, please keep this a secret that you can see him."


"Right now, only you and I can see him. If you tell others, they'll think you're crazy."

"Hmm, I understand."

Burren nodded, thinking it made sense. As they continued talking and walking, they found themselves outside the fifth training ground.

"What were you talking about that you were whispering to each other?"

Martha frowned with her arms crossed, looking displeased.

"Hurry up and come out."

Runaan also waved her hand as if to call them out.

Raon walked up to the two with a faint smile.

"Are you okay?"

"Any injuries?"

Unlike their earlier tantrums, the two checked to see if there were any real injuries.

"Vice division leader!"

"You didn't get hurt by Orgos?"

"How did you manage to kill the dragon in the first place?"

The Light Wind members rushed over, leaving no room to move.

"I'm fine. I was more worried about you guys."

Raon smiled as he met the eyes of the Light Wind members, who were filled with concern and worry.

"Thank goodness everyone is safe."

Although Wrath had healed them, he was still worried because he had not seen them wake up. However, everyone seemed healthy without any lingering effects.

"Everything's fine, but give us a heads up!"

Martha twisted her lips, hitting Raon's abdomen with her fist.

"That really hurts..."

Raon chuckled, holding onto his stomach where he had been punched.

"Consider yourself lucky I didn't use my aura."

Martha glared, saying that she had even held back.

"Ice cream."

Runaan approached and grabbed Raon's sleeve, shaking it.


"Buy us ice cream."

She gestured for him to buy everyone ice cream because he had worried everyone.

"That's not a problem."

Raon nodded in response to Runaan's innocent eyes.

As expected of the ice cream girl! Only you understand the King of Essence’s heart!

Wrath, who had regained consciousness, praised Runaan and stroked her head.

"Oh, he's dancing again..."

Burren sighed in admiration as he watched Wrath's movements.


Raon left Wrath and Burren, who were running around, and approached Dorian to check his arms and legs.

"Are your arms and legs okay? Not in pain?"

"At that time, it was almost unbearable, but now I'm fine."

Dorian laughed and raised his arms.

"In the future, don't do unnecessary things."

"I won't. It didn't suit me."

He nodded, saying he would never do it again.


"Of course! It was scary, not just painful!"

Dorian's voice trembled as if he was scared, but his eyes were shining brightly, contrary to his words.


"Vice divsion leader!"

Yua rushed over and hugged him, and Yulius made a round wrinkle on his chin to hold back tears.

"You worked hard."

He bent down and stroked the heads of the two children.

"Line up, everyone."

Raon greeted each member of the Light Wind in turn, and then stood in front of them as their vice division leader for the first time in a long time.

"As the head of house said, you all worked hard. Rest for the next two days and see you again in three days."

At the mention of seeing them again in three days, sweat trickled down the foreheads of the Light Wind members'.


"Two days off and then training?"

"He's... cruel."

"Raon Zieghart. That's right. As expected..."

The Light Wind members shook their heads as they looked at Raon's firm face.

"Training is, of course, necessary, but since I kept you waiting without any news, so I have to make it up to you. Let's have a celebration party."

Raon raised his hand, saying that they would have a celebration party instead of training.


"What's going on?"

"Did he change after dying?"

The Light Wind members cheered and shouted that they would definitely participate.

"Then the time is..."

"6 o'clock."

Runaan raised her hand and jump.

"Okay. It's 6 o'clock in the afternoon."

"No, 6 o'clock in the morning. In front of the Bead Ice Cream Shop."


Raon and the Light Wind members all opened their eyes wide.

"Hey, Sleepyhead. You can't even get up at that time."

"I can keep my ice cream promise."

Runaan shook her head, saying that she would never forget.

"The ice cream shop doesn't open at 6 o'clock. Let's make it 10 o'clock."

"How did you know that?"

Martha narrowed her eyes in surprise.

"It just happened... Naturally."

Of course, it was because of Wrath. He had shouted so many times that he wanted to eat ice cream from early in the morning that he remembered the opening hours of the shop.


Runaan nodded with her innocent eyes, saying that 10 o'clock was fine.

"Then let's see you then."

Raon smiled faintly and waved his hand. He was about to go to the annex building with Yua and Yulius when Burren approached him.

"But what does that spirit eat?"

Burren asked, looking at Wrath, who had really started dancing because of Runaan.


Wrath stopped dancing and ran to Burren.

Tell him right away that the King of Essence like mint chocolate ice cream and pineapple pizza! If you give it to me now, He'll forgive you...

"Oh, I remember the spirits live by consuming mana...."

Burren scratched the back of his head, saying that he had forgotten.

"I wanted to give him something, but it's a shame. Bye, spirit. See you next time."

He waved his hand sadly and walked away.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Wrath shouted, but of course Burren didn't look back.

Damn it! I shouldn't have fixed his eyes!

Raon scratched his chin as he looked at Wrath and Burren's backs.

'Isn't this more fun than I thought?'

*   *   *

Advance chapters: For Indonesian:

"We've been training all the time!"

Yua shook her clenched fist, saying that the entire Light Wind members had been training all day every day since they recovered from their injuries.

"That's not amazing. That's what you're supposed to do."

Yulius shook his head, saying that there was no need to brag about it.

"That's right. You did well."

Raon stroked Yua and Yulius' heads as he walked to the annex building.


Wrath was still in shock and slumped over his shoulder.


When he was walking towards the annex building with a lighter step than usual, he saw people running towards him from the annex building with a cloud of dust.


"Young master!"

Sylvia, Helen, and the maids ran up to Raon, Yua, and Yulius as if they were using ascending footwork.

"Are you hurt? Why did you take so long to come back?"

As always, Sylvia checked all over to make sure Raon, Yua, and Yulius were not injured.

"Young Master, please let us know where you're going. We were so worried, thinking you might be in danger."

"I got an upset stomach!"

"Ah, thank goodness you're safe."

Helen and the maids squeezed the arms they were holding, asking why he hadn't contacted them. A tingling tremor could be felt in their hands.


Even the expressionless Judiel seemed to be frowning as if angry.


Raon sighed softly as he looked at Sylvia and the maids shaking their shoulders.

'I guess the head of house didn't tell them.'

It seemed that he didn't tell them at all because he was worried that Sylvia and the maids would worry more if they knew he was going to kill a dragon.

"I'm sorry. I was busy."

Raon bowed his head as he gently patted Sylvia and the maids on the back.

"I'll communicate better in the future."

"Young master you always says that!"

Helen frowned with a slight snot coming out of her nose.

"I heard that sons don't listen, but he's exceptionally stubborn among them!”

Sylvia also shook her head with tears welling up in her eyes.

"I'm really sorry. But I'm back safely, so..."

"Sir Raon!"

As he smiled while wiping away the tears of Sylvia and the maids, Encia flew in like a falcon from behind.


If he had dodged, Encia would have been swept away to the ground, so he had no choice but to catch her as she was. The impact was quite strong that it made his legs wobble, as if a tiger had rushed at him.

"Uh, lady Encia..."

"Sir Raon! I missed you!"

Encia hugged Raon, expressing her emotions openly.

"I, I'm really grateful. And I'm sorry."

She shook her head, saying she was sorry for leaving him in front of Orgos that day.

"There is no need to apologize for that at all."

Raon shook his head at Encia, who seemed to be holding back tears.

"On the contrary, I'm sorry for being too late."

"No. I was so worried after that day... Hmm? Sir Raon, did you go to the beach or something?"

Encia, who was apologizing, suddenly started talking about something else.

"How did you know...?"

"Your skin is a little tanned, but how can you be even more handsome? Is this possible?"

Her reason seemed to have subsided, and her instincts seemed to have come out, and she started talking about how handsome he was again.

"You’re still a great beauty, even though I haven't seen you in a long time."

Encia's pupils began to dilate hazily.


Wrath clung to Sylvia's head and started sobbing.

Various things happened. It was really tough! Please bring some delicious food!

He still complained about the rubbery taste in his mouth and grabbed Sylvia's hair ornament.

"As time goes by, you become more handsome. Can this even happen?"

Encia's face showed increasing confusion, her mouth widening as if her jaw was about to touch the ground.

"I'm glad that lady Encia is here."

"I'm grateful that lady Encia is here," Raon said, ignoring Encia's handsome comment and smiling at her.

"Yes? Yes?"

Encia covered her mouth and nose with both hands and fluttered her eyelashes.

"Is this a confession? I'm always ready to accept it! No, no, I can't monopolize a work of art! Aaaaaaah! What should I do?"


Raon blinked in bewilderment.

'What is she talking about right now...'

He said that because he had requested her to stay with Sylvia while he was away and also to create the artificial energy center with the Dragon Heart. However, she seemed to have a significant misunderstanding.

"Encia is fine, but it seems a bit too early, so I'm against it for now..."

Sylvia touched her chin and lowered her head, soothingly.

"Madam, kids are fast these days."

Helen grabbed Sylvia's sleeve, telling her not to do that.

"Haa... "

Raon sighed as he looked at the people surrounding him.

'It's chaotic.'

Everyone was talking non-stop, making it difficult to have a conversation.

But that noisyness wasn't bad.

Food! Food! Baaam!

Raon smiled at Wrath, who was shouting for food.

"Let's eat first."

*   *   *

Dishes emitting steam and fragrance covered a table large enough for two grown men to lie down.

Pork barbecue with a smoky flavor, beef ribs seasoned with salt and pepper, fresh salmon, chicken and cutlets that were so crispy that they looked like they were overflowing with crispiness, and Wrath's favorite pineapple pizza.

As if the large table was about to collapse, endless amounts of food poured out.


As the beef stew that Raon liked was placed in the center of the table, Sylvia clapped her large hands.

"It's been a long time since we've all gathered to eat. There's still a lot of food left, so eat slowly."

Sylvia smiled at Raon, Yua, and Yulius, who were sitting right next to her.


"Thank you."

Yua raised her hand, and Yulius nodded calmly.


Wrath drooled as he looked at the dishes that were emitting a variety of aromas.

What should I eat first? I've been eating only Nadine bread and jerky for so long, I don't remember the taste of food!

He clutched his head and shook his lips.

'Slow down.'

Slow down is bullshit! The food will get cold! In fact, there was no need to choose!

Wrath pointed to the pineapple pizza on the left with his chubby hand.

The vanguard is pineapple pizza!

'Okay, okay.'

Raon nodded and put a piece of pizza on his plate and put it in his mouth.

The savory and warm cheese and chewy dough filled his mouth satisfyingly, and the sweetness of the well-baked pineapple and the saltiness of the pork wrapped around his tongue.

It was the first time in a long time that he had eaten pizza at home, so it was better than any other food.


Wrath nodded his head with tears in his eyes.

This is food. I really missed it!

He didn't even wipe away the tears that were flowing down and gestured towards the pork barbecue.

Raon chuckled and chewed and swallowed one by one the food that Wrath asked him to eat.

"Wow, even eating is handsome...”

Encia was taking countless photos of Raon as if she didn't want to miss that moment.

"Young master. What happened this time?"

Helen asked as she wiped the ketchup-covered Yua's mouth.

"Do you know what happened in Barena?"


"We don't know."

"Tell me from the beginning."

Sylvia put down her fork, asking to be informed about everything that happened.


After all, he had to tell everyone about it, especially because of the dragon heart.

Raon told everyone what had happened so far, and then took out the dragon heart from his spatial pocket.

The dragon heart, enveloped in a radiant rainbow-colored mana, cast a brilliance that dimmed the lights in the dining room.

"D, did you catch a dragon?"

"This is the dragon heart...

"And it's the mad dragon Kaibar!"

Sylvia and the maids couldn't close their mouths when they heard that he had killed the light dragon Kaibar.


Encia's gaze turned to something other than Raon for the first time today.

"It's, it's real. The mana of nature is infinitely condensed."

Even the genius of the Yonaan family trembled at the sight of the dragon heart for the first time.

"Can you make an artificial energy center for my mother with this?"

"Of course! Please entrust it to me!"

Encia clung to Raon in reverse.

"I've come up with an even better inspiration than before! I can create a much superior artifial energy center than sir Rimmer’s!”

She nodded vigorously, affirming that she would create the best possible masterpiece. At this moment, she finally appeared like a true artisan.

"Then I'll ask you...


Sylvia raised her hand.

"I can't accept it."


"How can I take something you worked so hard to get!"

She shook her head, saying that it was absurd for someone who had done nothing to take the dragon heart.

"I thought you would say that."

Raon smiled. He had anticipated Sylvia's refusal based on her personality.

"But this dragon heart isn't something I'm giving alone."


"Lady Aris, no, my aunt said that she wishes to restore mother's energy center. She expressed that as an older sister, she should provide her sister with the best material. If you decline, it might disappoint my aunt, you know?"

He persuaded Sylvia by calling Aris "aunt" and because of that Sylvia's eyes widened.

"My sister..." 

"Yes, my aunt emphasized that she would surely confirm it. You have to accept it. If you haven't done anything so far, you can do something in the future."

Raon continued, holding Sylvia's trembling hand.

"You mentioned that in a family, we take care of each other without thinking about the cost. I have received much more from mother. Please don't feel burdened and accept it."


Sylvia couldn't answer that, and she bowed her head. Her shoulders and arms shook roughly.

"As expected, the madam can't beat the young master."

"It's been like that since he was young."

"Just accept it."

Helen and the maids smiled mockingly at Sylvia, who seemed to be holding back tears.

"It's decided!"

Encia stood up.

"Then I'll start working today!"

She took the dragon heart and went into her room, saying she didn't know how long it would take.

"Thank you."


When Raon thanked Encia, Wrath jumped up like a rabbit.

Stop talking with your mouth full! It's all getting cold!

*   *   *

Raon stayed in the dining room until the end, consuming all the dishes Wrath wanted to eat. After that, he went to his room.


His stomach felt like it was going to burst. He had overeaten to lighten the mood for the cotton candy guy. It had been a long time since he felt sick from eating.


Wrath lay on the bed and laughed in satisfaction.

Now my stomach is starting to feel better. It was a satisfying meal.

'Ugh, I ate too much.'

It seemed like he might explode if he continued like this. He grabbed Heavenly Drive and left his room.

Where are you going at this hour?

'To digest a bit.'

But why are you carrying the sword?

'To aid in digestion through training.'

You're really insane...

Wrath muttered that he was bored and hid his body in the bracelet.

Raon smiled and headed to the open space behind the annex building.

'Indeed, it's comfortable here.'

He was more familiar with this place than the training ground because he had been practicing here since he was a child.

Raon looked at the lake with its curved moonlight shining and drew out Heavenly Drive. He was about to start with the basic swordsmanship as usual when a faint wind blew.


He turned around at the heavy presence he felt on his back.

Glenn, who looked like he had been there from the beginning, raised his dry eyes.

"Let's continue the conversation we couldn't have during the day."


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