TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 537

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 537

Raon swallowed hard as he looked at the shaking ground and Glenn's eyes filled with anger.

'I made a mistake...'

He shouldn't have called her aunt here.

He is not a direct line, but collateral line. It was only natural for Glenn to be so angry when he called Aris, who is at the top of the direct line, aunt.

'That person's prank has even reached this far.'

After hearing the word aunt for the first time, Aris came every hour to make him call her aunt until his mouth was worn out.

After repeating the word aunt for a short period of time, the word stuck to his mouth.

You Idiot.

Wrath laughed as he looked at Glenn's face, which had turned red with anger.

Why did you come here, let's have a meal.

'As if that would happen.'

Raon sighed as he pushed away the floating Wrath.


"You had an aunt?"

Runaan and Martha tilted their heads in surprise at the sound of aunt.

"If it's the vice leader's aunt...

"She's someone from our family, right?"

"But who the heck is the aunt... Ah! That's it!"


The Light Wind members remembered Glenn's first daughter, Aris, and gasped.


Burren was so surprised by the word Aris that he glared at him.

"Aunt. Aunt...'

Glenn seemed to be even more annoyed by the word aunt that came out of the Light Wind members' mouth, biting his dry lips.

"I'm sorry. I made a mistake."

Raon knelt down in front of Glenn and bowed his head.

'I did something the lord hates the most.'

Glenn is a person who values keeping the rules.

Even though he had gotten a little closer to him by eating and training with him, he should not have called Aris aunt because he was not yet a direct line.

"…I know it well."

Glenn nodded with a cold gaze.

"Be more careful in the future."

He sighed deeply, as if to let him off once.


Raon bowed his head again and stood up.


"Oh, no...'

When he heard a sigh, he turned around and saw Rimmer and Roenn holding their heads and shaking their heads.

"Raon Zieghart."

Without thinking about why they were doing that sigh, he turned his head again at Glenn's call.

"Report what you did from the start of the mission until now."


Raon nodded and stepped forward.

"After the sudden attack by the Holy Sword Union and the White Blood Religion, I and the Light Wind Division destroyed the city walls to save the civilians there..."

Excluding the summoning of Wrath and the destruction of Derus' factory, he told him everything that had happened so far.


Wrath hit him on the shoulder and glared at him.

Why are you leaving out the King of Essence's accomplishments? Tell them that the King of Essence pulled out that weakling's neck (Orgos) and even healed them!

'Please just be quiet!'

Raon quickly pushed away Wrath, who again couldn't grasp the situation and butted in.

"D- defeated a dragon?”

"It's the mad dragon, Kaibar, the one that destroyed more than five cities!”

"Yhis is insane..."

"How did you kill a dragon in such a short time!"

The Light Wind members looked shocked, as if they couldn't imagine that Raon had come back after hunting a dragon.

"Ha, you're really..."

"Handsome Raon!"

Martha shook her head in disbelief, and Runaan clenched her small fist in joy.


Today, Burren's reaction was intense. He pointed his finger at him and trembled his chin.

"Raon Zieghart."

Perhaps because Aris had told him in advance, Glenn nodded calmly without showing any surprise.

"You know that the ring that Chamber gave you had two abilities, right?"

"Yes, I know."

"The first is to send someone to a place you know, and the second is to summon someone you know to your location. Why didn't you summon me there?"

Contrary to expectations, he asked a question about what happened before, not about the dragon.

"I thought that if I summoned the lord, I would survive, but the Light Wind members would die."

Raon simply recited what he had thought at the time.

"The condition of the captains, Mark Goetten, and Dorian was too severe. Even if the lord had come,  you wouldn’t have been able to heal them on the spot."

"You were lucky to be kicked out when the barrier broke. If things had gone a little wrong, you would have died.”

"At that time, I didn't consider my life important. My head was filled with the thought that I just had to save those guys."

The Light Wind members hearing Raon's words, either bit their lips, clenched their chest, or bowed deeply.

"Is that so."

Glenn nodded slowly and turned his gaze to Dorian.

"Dorian Sephia."

"Ah, yes!"

Dorian raised his head, trembling with his shoulders.

"Were you not afraid of Orgos?"

"I, I was scared. I couldn't even move my tongue."

"But why did you lie that you were Raon?"

"I was scared of dying, but I was more terrified of what Raon-nim would suffer from him.”

Dorian explained, sweeping the pocket on his belly with both hands.

“I thought it would be better for me to die than for that to happen, so I forced myself to speak.”

"It seems everyone shares the same thought.”

Glenn nodded, thinking that Dorian's answer was not only for Raon, but for the entire Light Wind Division.

"What do you think defines the true conditions of comradeship?”

No one answered his question.

"Can you put your companion's life before your own?"

"The ability to prioritize a comrade's life over one's own. It's not about the time spent together, it requires the accumulation of trust between individuals. You all have achieved something difficult at your young age.”

There was a smile in Glenn's voice. It was the softest voice he had ever heard from him.

"At the Festival of the Five Divine Rulers, you elevated the name of Zieghart, rescued civilians from the Five Demons’ attack, and fought for your comrades risking your own life. Therefore, I bestow golden plates and high-grade elixirs upon all members of Light Wind Division!”

Glenn looked at the Light Wind members with a gaze that emitted warmth rather than the usual indifference.

"The entire Light Wind Division?"

"We're all getting a golden plate?"

"Is that really possible?"

"This can't be happening..."

"Is this the first time that all members of an armed group of Zieghart have received golden plates at once?”

The Light Wind members was speechless at the thought of receiving a golden plate for everyone.


Even Raon was blown away by the rewards that surpassed his expectations.

'But is this okay?'

It was clear that the other executives would object, but Glenn seemed to have already made his decision, and he gave a calm look to Roenn.

The man called the Destructive King of the North seemed to be more emotional than expected.

"It's ready."

Roenn, holding a large plate in both hands, went up to the stage.

"Raon Zieghart. Come forward."

Raon looked back. Martha, Runaan, Burren, and the entire Light Wind Division looked at him, and then he walked to Glenn's throne.

"You should know you were lucky even without me saying it.”


"Luck doesn't always favor you on the battlefield. Think about how you should act if the same thing happens again.”

"I will keep that in mind.”

Glenn nodded as if trusting him, and handed Raon the golden plate and elixir that he had received from Roenn.

"We'll talk about the dragon later."

He waved his hand as if to tell him to go down.

"Thank you."


When Raon bowed his head politely to Glenn, Wrath's tantrum started again.

Why doesn't the King of Essence receive anything? He killed the enemies and healed his subordinates!

'I'll give you food, food!'

While persuading Wrath as if quietly instructing a dog with the word "food," he descended from the stage.

"Burren Zieghart. Come forward."

"Ah, yes!"

Burren, staring blankly in this direction, hastily climbed onto the stage. His gaze and reaction seemed odd today.


Wrath chuckled, looking at Burren.

'Why are you suddenly smiling?’

Something interesting is about to happen soon.

He curled his lips as he looked at Burren's back. It was a laugh that seemed to be mixed with slyness and anticipation.


Raon shook his head and looked up at the stage.

“T, thank you!”

Burren, visibly moved by the first golden plate he received, tightly pressed his lips together and bowed to Glenn.

"I'll show further improvement from now on.”

On the other hand, Martha took the golden plate and elixir with a confident gesture as if she was receiving what she was supposed to receive.

“Is there no sweet elixir?”

“...There is no such thing.”

And Runaan was not interested in the golden plate, and asked for a cold and sweet elixir.

After that, Dorian, Krein, Mark Goetten, and all the members of Light Wind received the golden plate and elixir.

It seemed like Glenn had prepared it in advance, as he gave the elixir that was suitable for each member of the Light Wind immediately, even with the golden plate.

“T, thank you!”

“Thank you!”

Yua and Yulius, who received the golden plate last, bowed their heads deeply and went down from the stage.

“Thank you for your hard work in fulfilling your role as a Zieghart swordsman. Now go back and rest.”

Glenn nodded to the Light Wind members and then propped his chin on his fist. His eyes filled with gray emptiness. It seemed like it was all over now.


Suddenly, Roenn, who had moved to the back, opened the massive doors of the audience chamber.

The Light Wind members quietly bowed and, one by one, left the audience chamber.

“Now, wait a minute?”

Rimmer blinked his eyes, pointing at himself with his finger.

"I didn't receive anything, though?”

No one cared even if he shouted that he didn't receive an award.

“No, you said you'd give it to the entire Light Wind Division! I'm in the Light Wind Division too! Besides, I'm the leader!”


The Light Wind members covered their ears and left the audience chamber, and Glenn naturally ignored him.

“Um, lord.”

Raon hesitated to leave and turned to Glenn.

"Yes, Raon! Say something!”

Rimmer shook his fist as if he wanted Raon to speak on his behalf.

"I heard from Aris-nim that you single-handedly faced the Holy Sword Union leader and White Blood Religion leader. Are you physically okay?”


Glenn did not answer, and his fist, which was propped on his chin, trembled. He covered his mouth with his shaking hand.

'Why does it look like he's in a bad mood….'

You foolish brat!

Wrath slapped Raon's head.

That old man is transcendent. It's irritating to be underestimated! Why don't you understand the obvious!


When Raon was about to apologize again, Glenn nodded.

He waved his hand as if to say, "That's enough.”


Raon bowed his head and left the audience chamber.


Rimmer shouted into the empty air as he watched the door close.

"Why are you ignoring me! Can't you see me?"

*      *       *

The audience chamber was silent after the Light Wind members left.

However, Glenn, Rimmer, and Roenn, who remained in the audience chamber, all frowned.


Glenn covered his mouth with his large, long hand, raising the corners of his mouth.

‘I don't know how long it's been since someone worried about me.’

Perhaps it was due to the title of the Destructive King of the North and his position as the head of the family.

For a long time, no one had expressed concern about his physical condition.

Since it was Raon who gave him that concern for the first time in a long time, it felt like all the worries, anger, and fatigue of the past were being washed away.

'But the aunt is a bit....'

Despite Rimmer taking away the first drink with Raon, he still desired to be the second person addressed with a family title after Sylvia. However, as soon as the stone rolled out, the opportunity for the second family title was seized by Aris, who suddenly appeared.

Even now, anger welled up to the point where his hands and feet trembled.

"Summon Aris immediately. If she doesn't come this time, tell her I'll find her myself.”

"But before that!"

Rimmer sighed and approached Glenn.

"Why did you say not to call her aunt earlier?”

"That's obviously not allowed!”

Glenn shook his head, saying that he could never accept it.

"I can't hear the grandfather's title, so how can I allow him to call her aunt? I absolutely can't stand it!”

He frowned, unable to tolerate such a thing even if dirt got into his ears.



Rimmer and Roenn sighed at the same time.

"Instead of prohibiting Raon from saying 'aunt,' why not make him address the lord as grandfather? Ugh, it's frustrating!”

Rimmer looked up at Glenn and pounded his chest vigorously.

"I considered that. However…”


"Is it not a bit embarrassing to ask him to call me grandfather with my own mouth?”

Glenn turned his gaze to the right as if he was embarrassed.

"Gra...grandfather ...."

"There's nothing embarrassing about the relationship between a grandson and a grandfather!”

Rimmer and Roenn shook their heads in disbelief.


Rimmer took a deep breath and called Glenn.

"Have you ever heard Burren call you grandfather?

"Yes, that child has been calling me grandpa since he was little.”

“It’s the same. It’s not embarrassing, it’s natural. Just close your eyes and say it! Now you can call me grandpa!”


Glenn cleared his throat briefly and stroked the armrest of the throne with his fingers.

"I prefer to be called that a bit more naturally than that…”

"But you'll grow old waiting for that! No, I’m going to die first because I’m frustrated! 


Rimmer lay on the floor, screaming in frustration.


Roenn, as if giving up, let out his usual laughter and closed his eyes.


Glenn looked at Rimmer, who was struggling on the floor, and Roenn, who was following up with a laugh, and tasted his lips bitterly.

“I’ll try….”

*      *       *

Raon looked back at the Light Wind Division with a smile of admiration.

‘They’ve all grown.’

Burren, Martha, and Runaan became Master, Dorian and the vice-captains reached the wall of Master, and the members all became peak Expert.

It wasn’t because of the experience of death. It was the growth they had achieved by training hard even after recovering from their injuries.


He looked at the back of Mark Goetten, who was walking right in front of him. He broke through the wall that was hopelessly thick, and proudly reached the intermediate Master level.

As he saw Mark Goetten’s confident gait, he naturally laughed as he remembered the first time he saw him.


As Raon was enjoying the growth of the Light Wind members, Burren approached him.

Burren touched his temple with a somewhat uncomfortable expression.

"What's wrong with you? Your condition seems a bit off today.”

He had a serious frown on his forehead, as if he had forgotten that he had received the golden plate.

“Th, that thing, what the hell is it.”

Burren pointed at Raon's empty back.

“What are you talking about?”

Raon looked at his back and tilted his head.

“The blue thing floating on your back…”

Now that he looked closely, it wasn’t his back. Burren was pointing his finger directly at the space where Wrath was floating.

Wrath's blue eyes, which he had inserted, were shining brightly.

"...Can you really see this?”

Raon trembled his lips as he looked at Burren’s two eyes of different colors.

“Of course!”

Burren clenched his fist at Wrath.

“From the audience chamber, it was dancing and making a fuss all by itself, but no one else could see it! I thought I was going crazy!”


Now he understand why Burren’s expression was weird today.

It was natural for his face to be like that if a cotton candy suddenly ran around here and there causing a commotion.

“What is that thing? Is it a monster?”

Hehehe! I am the…

“Ah, this is just cotton candy.”

Raon swallowed Wrath, who was about to introduce himself.

This crazy guy!


Burren’s eyes trembled.

“Why It’s sticking out of your cheek right now?”


Wrath grabbed his bulging belly and laughed.

You asked the King of Essence why he was laughing, right? It was because of this!

He raised his chin, pointing to Burren’s blue eyes.

The King of Essence embedded the pure essence of wrath in his eyes! Having received the blessing, it's only natural that the King of Essence should be visible to him!

‘So it wasn’t a coincidence.’

There are no coincidences with the King of Essence! Everything is thoroughly calculated!

Wrath snapped his fingers at Burren, telling him to feel the greatness of the Monarch of Wrath.

I am the Monarch of Wrath and the King of Devildom! I saved you and healed you! Let everyone know of the King of Essence’s existence!

He spread his plump arms, pretending to be dignified.


But Burren just stared at Wrath blankly without saying anything.

“You dance well.”

Instead, he applauded, seeming to find Wrath's movements cute.

What, what is it! Why aren’t you responding to the King of Essence's words! Immediately announce the King of Essence's existence and offer food!

Wrath screamed with his mouth open as wide as possible, but Burren still blinked in amazement.

What happened…


Raon frowned, as if finding Wrath pathetic.

‘So, you created the eyes for Burren?’

Of course, can't you see!

‘What exactly do the eyes do?’

They see, obviously!

‘Then, even if Burren can see you, he can't hear you. You didn't put anything in his ears.’

Huh? Uh... Uh! Uhhhh!


Wrath screamed as he looked at Burren’s ears.

I didn't touch his ears!

‘Your calculations are very thorough, Monarch of Wrath.’


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