TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 539

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Chapter 539

“However, before that…”

Glenn’s red eyes sank deeply.

"Continue what you were doing.”

“If you mean practice, are you referring to that?”

Raon looked at the tip of his sword, which was faintly reflecting the moonlight, and asked.

“You claimed to have killed Kaibar, show me how much you've grown.”

“As I said at the audience chamber, I didn’t do it alone. Aunt. No, Lady Aris took care of all the hard work, and I just cut off the mad dragon's breath at the end.”


Glenn pursed his lips and frowned. His expression wasn’t good. It seemed to be because he had said “aunt” again.

‘He really dislikes it, huh.’

Raon vowed to never say “aunt” in front of Glenn again and raised his sword.

"Then let me loosen up a bit.”

Raon raised Heavenly Drive upward. He gripped the hilt with both hands and concentrated his mind to cut the moonlight reflected on the lake.


It was a downward slash that even a five-year-old child could do, but Raon’s sword, who had not missed a single day of basic training, was different.

It was sharp, free, and could cut anything.

From the vertical slash to the horizontal slash, diagonal slash, and thrust. Raon drew down the basic swordsmanship that he could even perform with his eyes closed, concentrating all his mind and muscles.

He also drew out the first moves of the Fang of Insanity and Blizzard Sword Art as if it were a real battle, and wiped away his sweat.

"You never abandoned basic swordsmanship.”

Glenn uncrossed his arms with a frown on his forehead.

“Yes. I’ve been doing it whenever I had time.”

"Why? You've honed your basic to the point where you can unfold them with your eyes closed.”

"Because the sword I aim for is the all-encompassing Myriad Swords, akin to the head of the house. Basic swordsmanship serves as the roots of a tree, so I believed that if the foundation were to shake, my sword itself would collapse.”

Raon expressed exactly what he had thought while training basic swordsmanship.


Glenn nodded, covering his mouth with his hand. His fingers seemed to be trembling slightly.

"I wondered how you could hone your determination to the point of defeating a Grandmaster. It was thanks to your basic swordsmanship, which remained faithful to the fundamentals.”

“T-thank you.”

Raon bowed his head with a dazed look.

‘I didn't expect him to praise me so openly.’

Glenn is not someone who compliments lightly. His praise signifies that he genuinely thinks one did well. There was satisfaction in sticking to basic swordsmanship.

“That basic is what led you to the sword field. How did it feel to use the sword field for the first time, even though it was incomplete?”

"It felt like pulling out the strength of a slightly more grown-up me in advance."

When he unfolded the incomplete sword field, Divine and Demon Harmonization, he felt the sensation of his swordsmanship and aura surpassing that of a Grandmaster.

"You're not entirely wrong. But you're not entirely right either.”

Glenn narrowed his wrinkled eyes.

"Sword field creation is about bringing forth the imaginary strength you can handle in the present into reality.”

“Imaginary strength…”

"That's why the sword field creation is infused with the life you've built up so far, melted with your sword.”


So that’s why I use two swords.

Thanks to Glenn’s advice, he could understand a little more how his sword field was formed, and how to develop it in the future.

It felt like his mental world was expanding with his one word.

“One more thing.”

Just as he was about to say thank you, Glenn continued speaking.

“As you learn Myriad Swords, you will come to a time when you focus on the swordsmanship that is familiar to you and neglect the swordsmanship that is lacking. Even if it is difficult, face your own shortcomings.”

He seemed to be happy with his answer about basic swordsmanship, so he gave him a second piece of advice.

“I will keep that in mind.”

Engraving Glenn's words in his heart, he resolved to refine the neglected swordsmanship in tomorrow's training.


Glenn lightly flicked his finger. A faint glow spread like the gently sinking moonlight, and a luxurious box popped out of the air. He grabbed the box and held it out.

“Take it.”

“This is….”

"We discussed it in the audience chamber. I'll provide a separate reward for killing Kaibar later.”

Raon nodded slightly as he received the box that Glenn handed him.

‘So that’s why he came.’

Now he could understand why Glenn had come to the annex building. Glenn wanted to give him advice and this box as a reward for killing the dragon.

"It's an Ectoplasm Elixir. It harmonizes the fire and ice elements, made specifically to complement the one I gave you earlier, the Cleansing Elixir. Consume them together.”

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed his head to Glenn, holding the box with a reddish glow.


“What is it?”

"In truth, there was an incident when I defeated Kaibar.”

He informed Glenn about the Dragon Lord's appearance and the threat he had posed.

“Dragons are a species that is like the natural enemy of humans. With a light swing of their tails, cities are destroyed and hundreds of people die. Especially those like Kaibar who hate humans are like a disaster.”

Glenn twisted his lips, as if he already knew about Kaibar’s evil deeds.

"What you did was right and justified. Pay no attention to what the Dragon Lord said. If you encounter him again, call me immediately.”

He expressed disdain for those arrogant beings who considered only themselves as just.

“I understand.”

He felt relieved when Glenn said that. Even if a bunch of ancient dragons rushed at me, he wouldn’t be afraid.



The two men looked at each other in silence for a while.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched Glenn, who was moving his lips.

'What's going on with him?’

He had given him guidance and even an elixir, but Glenn, unlike usual, did not leave immediately and remained in place.

'Is he having a conversation with someone?’

Thinking that he might be sending an aura message to another person, Glenn suddenly gestured.

“Show me your advanced swordsmanship as well. It seems there's a bit lacking, so I’ll take a look at your martial arts.”

“Yes? Oh, yes!”

Raon showed his own swordsmanship, the swordsmanship of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, and Sky Piercing Sword, as it was a good opportunity.

“The swordsmanship of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation sword is definitely powerful, but it doesn’t fit your current style. Adjust it a little more to suit your senses. Your own swordsmanship is…”

Glenn watched Raon perform various swordsmanship techniques and provided him with cold and difficult-to-understand advice.

It was hard to understand right away, but he was always so straightforward, so he was just grateful.

Even though the sword training was over, Glenn didn’t leave. He rubbed his fingers and looked up at the night sky.

Raon saw the annex building behind Glenn and clenched his fist.

‘I don’t know why you’re just standing there, but now is my chance to speak up.’

Raon decided to tell Glenn about his decision he made after seeing Sylvia at the dining room today.

“Head of house.”

“There ar….”

Raon called Glenn, then paused and raised his hand.

“Please speak first.”

“No, you speak first.”

Glenn waved his hand, saying it was okay.

“Um, my mother’s energy center and mana circuit will be restored soon.”

Raon nodded and spoke the words he had been organizing in his head.

“Using the dragon heart?”

Glenn looked around Encia’s room, which smelled strongly of mana, as if he already knew the method.

"Yes. I will use the dragon heart given by Lady Aris to restore my mother's energy center and bring back her former strength.”

As Raon kneeled in front of Glenn, he continued.

“The reason you told me not to call Lady Aris aunt is because I am still a collateral line, right?”


"I'm aware that even with the seven golden plates I currently possess, it's not enough to become a direct line.”

If you add up the official and unofficial golden plates, there are 7.

It is not a small number, but it is still far from enough to break through the obstruction of the direct lines and restore Sylvia’s status.

‘So, I have to take a gamble…’

Raon looked at Glenn with determined eyes, while Glenn's eyes reflected a sense of emptiness.

“With the golden plates I have gathered so far and by winning the duel with Roman next year, please restore Sylvia Zieghart’s status to the direct line.”


Glenn did not answer. He covered his mouth with his long, large hand again and trembled his shoulders slightly. His gaze, which seemed to be lost in thought, fell sharply.

"Roman is strong, despite both being Grandmasters, he operates at a different level of skill and experience compared to the disciple of the Holy Sword Union leader you defeated.”

“I know.”

Raon nodded. He still could not forget the oppressive aura of Roman. He knew better than anyone that he was strong.

“Still, you want to do it?”

"I am different from who I was that day.”

“Do you have the confidence to improve?”


Raon confidently and firmly expressed his belief.

"Is that so? With seven golden plates, it's not easy to make Sylvia a direct line. However…”

Glenn's red eyes met Raon's eyes, so similar to his own, as he spoke.

"If you manage to defeat Roman at the age of 22, that is a condition I can fully accept.”

He nodded approvingly.

"I accept your condition on behalf of the head of house.”

“Thank you!”

Raon bowed deeply to Glenn.

“No need for thanks. It’s not even done yet.”

Glenn waved his hand, saying to say thank you after everything is done.

“Then what was the head of house going to say….”

Raon stood up, prompting Glenn to continue his interrupted words.


Glenn didn’t say anything for a long time, then turned his head.

“It’s nothing.”

"Yes? You clearly said you were going to…”

“If you don’t have anything to do, go train.”


"Then, I'll take my leave.”

Glenn disappeared with a frown, as if he was suddenly offended.

Glenn disappeared as if his mood suddenly soured, leaving Raon puzzled.

'Why is the ground so sunken here?’

*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Glenn left the lake of the annex building and headed toward Bukmangsan Mountain.

“Oh my….”

Rimmer, who was leaning on the tiger rock, sighed deeply.

"Why did you come back without finishing your speech?”

He shook his head as if he didn’t understand Glenn.


Roenn lowered the book he was holding and laughed lightly.


Glenn lowered the hand that was covering his mouth in front of the two of them. The corners of his mouth, which had risen high up to the sky, were trembling.

"Isn't he amazing.” Glenn said.

“Yes? What do you mean by….”

Rimmer blinked his eyes blankly as he looked at Glenn.

"It's impressive that he's devoted to basic swordsmanship and achieved the sword field at such a young age. However, what's truly admirable is that he promptly handed the dragon heart to his mother. To use the Dragon Heart, something surpassing an elixir and almost considered a spiritual entity, without hesitation to restore Sylvia's energy center! Where did such a kind and exceptional child come from?”

Glenn clenched his fists because he couldn't bear how amazing his grandson was. His strong will spread like spider webs, shaking the entire Mount Bukmangsan.

“Then hug that grandson of yours!”

Rimer touched his forehead, telling Glenn to stop making a fuss and reveal his feelings in front of Raon.

“Hehehehe, my lord. Calm down.”

Roenn shook his head at Glenn to prevent the Bukmangsan Mountain from collapsing in the middle of the night.

"How can I calm down! I've never seen such a child in my lifetime. Not just because he's my grandson, but anyone would praise such a child!”

Glenn blurted out the words he had been holding back in front of Raon.

"I know that Raon is an amazing guy, I know it better than anyone! But now, the important thing is to let him call you grandfather.”

“He already told me about that.”


Rimmer tilted his head as if he didn’t understand what he was saying.

"He said he plans to defeat Roman next year and come to call me grandfather himself.”

“Oh, when did he say that?”

“Once he restores Sylvia to the direct line with the golden plates he has collected so far and the achievement of defeating Roman. If Sylvia becomes a direct line, Raon will naturally become one, and that means he will naturally call me grandfather! That's what the boy meant! Why can't you understand his deeper intentions?”

He shouted, questioning why he couldn't grasp the big picture.


Rimmer held his stomach that was churning. As they say, dreams are better than reality, and it seemed that Glenn’s eyes and ears were firmly covered with bean paste about Raon, so it didn’t seem like anything he said would work.

‘This is when Sheryl should be here.’

Rimer sighed deeply. It was unfortunate that she wasn't here due to a mission, as that cold-hearted woman would have provided him with a proper answer.

“It won’t be long now.”

Glenn rubbed his hands carefully, saying that he could be called grandfather next year.


“Yes, my lord.”

“Have you added today’s contents to the Raon Gospel?”

“Of course.”

Roenn opened the book he was carrying on his waist and smiled.

“I have recorded everything, including the philosophy of basic swordsmanship, the use of the dragon heart for Sylvia, and the declaration that he would defeat Roma himself and restore Sylvia to the direct line.”

He showed the book while chanting Raon’s words back. On the white paper, there was a scene of Raon making a declaration with a confident look.

"The illustrations have improved.

"Hehehe, I've been practicing for this day in my spare time.”

Roenn smiled, saying that he took daily drawing lessons to draw Raon.

“You’re all crazy….”

Rimmer shook his head as he looked at Glenn and Roenn smiling at each other.

“You should wake up too.”

Glenn frowned as he looked at Rimmer.

“It is a far-fetched task for Raon to defeat Roman in his current state. Take good care of this child so that he can grow.”

"That's something I should naturally do. I just wish you, my lord, would also assist.”

“What do you want me to assist with?”

"I cannot leave the Yonghyeon Swordmaster alone. Please...”

A wind filled with killing intent fluttered over Rimmer’s green eyes.

"Assist me in my training as well.”

*     *      *


Rokan Sullion pursed his lips.

He should be happier than ever now that his beloved youngest daughter has returned safely, but his mood was gradually sinking.

The reason why his mood was sinking was very simple.

“Raon teleported us all to Owen Kingdom and stayed in the forest alone. He used some kind of barrier….”

After his lovely youngest daughter returned home, it felt like she had been talking about Raon's stories for four hours straight

‘He’s amazing, I know. It’s also natural to be grateful.’

Thanks to Raon, Runaan lived, got stronger, and even became brighter. Naturally, he felt grateful to him.

But as a father, it was unsettling to constantly hear only Raon's name from Runaan's mouth.

“Aftee thay, Raon went to the sea and then…”

“Cough, okay, let's stop talking about that boy and focus on our daughter's story, shall we?”

Rokan gently gestured for Runaan to talk about his own story.

"When Dad went to Owen, you were busy, and we didn't see each other much. What were you doing there?”

"You just be quiet. So? What happened next?”

On the contrary, Clara, Rokan's wife and Runaan’s mother, waved her hand, encouraging Runaan to continue telling stories about Raon. It seemed cute to her that Runaan , who wasn't very talkative, was expressing enthusiasm while talking about Raon.

“Okay. After that…”

Runaan explained everything that happened today, then put the golden plates and elixir on the table.

“So, thanks to Raon, we all got golden plates.”

She stroked the golden plate, saying that it was not her accomplishment, but that it was thanks to Raon.

“No! That’s not because of the boy Raon, but because you did well…”


When Rokan called Raon a boy, Runaan rolled her eyes.

“Cough, well, he, uh, handsome Raon…”

Runaan’s frowning eyes relaxed when he said handsome.

“That kid. No, handsome Raon saved you, but you saved him too!”

Rokan shook his head, saying that friends give and take each other, so don’t be too grateful.

“Your dad’s right. You need to be proud of yourself for risking your life for your comrades.”

Clara stroked Runaan’s head and smiled.

“Oh, I don’t know!”

Rokan was about to slam his head on the table and drink a glass of wine when the dining room door opened softly, and Syria Sullion walked in with a cold smile.

“Oh my? Syria!”

"Syria? What brings you here at this hour?”

Clara and Rokan smiled brightly at Syria, who had suddenly returned.


On the other hand, Runaan dropped the ice cream she was holding when she saw Syria smiling. Her hands trembled as if in a convulsions.

"Haha, I heard that Runaan had returned, so I stopped by for a moment.”

Syria smiled as he took off his coat with snow on his shoulders.

“Were you having dinner?”

“No, not yet.”

“Let’s get some food ready!”

“Are you hungry? Just wait a little bit.”

Rokan instructed to heat up the food in the kitchen, and Clara, while brushing off the snow on Syria's eyes, smiled.

“Yes. I’m quite hungry.”

Syria licked his lips as he looked at Runaan, whose fingertips were shaking.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time.”


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