RDM (Novel) Chapter 586


Chapter 586

Pyo Wol stared at the sea, his lips tightly sealed.

The ships carrying the Ghost Fleet sailors were already far from the dock.

Even though Pyo Wol's qigong was outstanding, he couldn't overcome the distance in a single leap.

He watched the small boats sail away.

Relentless high waves pounded the sea. The massive waves, enough to capsize even a large ship, were easily navigated by the small boats.

All the sailors of the Ghost Fleet were not only excellent warriors, but also skilled sailors.

Throughout the history of Kangho, no such group had ever existed.

The Ghost Fleet was indeed an unparalleled martial force.

The problem was that only a very few people knew of this group's existence.

Pyo Wol watched the tiny ships disappear into the roaring waves.

"Haah! Haah!"

"Is, is it over?"

Geom Yeong and Taemu Sang arrived at the dock late, panting heavily.

They were so out of breath that they couldn't even finish their sentences. But Pyo Wol and Soma showed no change in their expressions, even after facing the Ghost Fleet warriors.

The immense gap between their skills was evident.

Pyo Wol turned around.

"Let's go."


"Where to?"

Geom Yeong and Taemu Sang looked at him, puzzled.

"I didn't see the leader of the Ghost Fleet."

"What does that mean?"

"That man doesn't send his minions and stands idly by."

Pyo Wol had only encountered Go Il-won twice.

Even then, they were separated by hundreds of zhangs away.

It was a distance so great that it was hard to recognize each other's faces, but at least Pyo Wol could figure out what kind of person Go Il-won was.

A man who took action himself to see matters through.

The Go Il-won that Pyo Wol had assessed was of such a kind.

"We're heading back to the Sea Dragon Manor. There’s a high probability he'll attack there."


"Damn it!"

It was only then that Geom Yeong and Taemu Sang understood Pyo Wol's words.

It was not surprising that those who destroyed the Red Turban Society would target Sea Dragon Manor. If they destroyed Sea Dragon Manor, they would be able to take over Sea Gate City.

The four unleashed their qigong and headed for the Sea Dragon Manor.

As they crossed the streets of Sea Gate City and arrived at Sea Dragon Manor, they sighed with relief.

There seemed to be no external problems.

Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong hurriedly opened the door and entered Sea Dragon Manor.

"Why are you like this?"

Yul Ayeon, who was sipping tea in the garden, was startled to see Geom Yeong and Taemu Sang drenched in sweat.

"Are you okay?"

"What's wrong?"

"Ha! Thank goodness."

Geom Yeong sighed in relief at Yul Ayeon's attitude, unaware of anything.

Yul Ayeon blinked her eyes and looked at Pyo Wol.

She was demanding an explanation.

"Red Turban Association has been annihilated."

"What? Why Red Turban Association?"

"The Ghost Fleet attacked."

"My goodness!"

Yul Ayeon finally realized the full story and covered her mouth with both hands.

"Are you really saying that the Red Turban Association has been wiped out?"

"We saw it ourselves on our way back."

"I see..."

"Is Tarha here?"

"He's inside."

"I'll go meet him. Ensure that the defenses are thorough."


Yul Ayeon responded and moved quickly.

Geom Yeong and Taemu Sang followed her.

Pyo Wol and Soma headed to Tarha's dwelling.

"Have you arrived?"

Tarha greeted Pyo Wol with a serious expression.

He too had just heard the news of the destruction of the Red Turban Association. However, the situation was so urgent that he had not yet informed Yul Ayeon.

In front of Tarha were a few martial artists sent by the Mara Law Sect as support.

"It's because of the Red Turban Association, isn't it?"

"Have you been preparing for it?"

"As soon as I heard the news, I secretly increased the security forces."

"So we came here for nothing."

"Not at all! Thanks to you, I feel reassured. Thank you!"

"So, what's the plan?"

"For now, the martial artists from the Mara Law Sect will stand guard. Meanwhile, we must look for a way."

"So, there's nothing serious."

"We don't know where they are hiding, so for now, we must focus on defense."


Pyo Wol stood up from his seat.

Knowing that Tarha had a plan, there was no reason for him to stay.

Staying longer would only risk confusing the chain of command. With that in mind, Pyo Wol left

without any hesitation.


Soma greeted Pyo Wol.

"Let's go."


"Let's go to the Red Turban Association. There might be some clues left to track them."


Soma nodded.

Previously, they hadn't had time to thoroughly investigate the Red Turban Association.

Over a hundred people had been on the move.

Even if they had moved like lightning and erased their tracks, there would undoubtedly be some clues left behind.

The two left Sea Dragon Manor and headed to the Red Turban Association.

There was a lot of activity around the Red Turban Association.

They were people who had come here after hearing the news of the guild's massacre.

"The Red Turban Association has been wiped out."

"There were hundreds of people in there, and they're all dead."

"Oh dear! What are we to do now?"


The murmurs and cries of the people blended together, making the streets exceptionally noisy.

Those who died in the Red Turban Association were fathers or reliable sons.

The wailing of families who had rushed over after hearing the grim news filled the air.

Pyo Wol and Soma jumped over the wall of the Red Turban Association.

Many people were inside the Association as well.

Most of them were families of the laborers who had worked at the Red Turban Association.

They held the corpses of their children or husbands, wailing in grief.

The Association, already in chaos, was even more chaotic now.

Even if there had been clues left to track the Ghost Fleet, it was clear that they would have been all erased.

Pyo Wol heaved a natural sigh.


"Finding clues now seems impossible."

Soma also shook his head, disheartened.

He understood the grief of the bereaved. But he also regretted that all clues to the Ghost Fleet's whereabouts had disappeared.

Finding something to chase Ghost Fleet in this chaos was impossible.

Pyo Wol said, "Let's go."

"Just like that?"

"I don't think there's any point in staying."


Soma nodded helplessly.

The two walked out as quietly as they had come in.Pyo-wol looked at the sky and muttered.

"We've been hit hard."

It was an unexpected blow.

He hadn't expected them to move so quickly.

The loss of the Red Turban Association was substantial.

It was as if they had lost almost all of their eyes and ears in Sea Gate City. Go Il-won knew this fact as well, so he had quickly attacked and dealt with the Red Turban Association first.

It was a frighteningly quick decision and decisive action.

Whether it was Go Il-won's natural disposition or the influence of an exceptional strategist, it was equally dangerous.


Squeak! Squeak!

The sound of the oars pierced through the waves.

With each stroke of the oars, the boat carrying Jo Pyeongrak broke through the waves at a terrifying speed.

The other following boats were no different.

As they broke through the rough waves and ventured into the open sea, they saw several large ships.

It was the Ghost Fleet.

As the smaller boats arrived, a ladder made of rope was lowered from the largest ship.

Jo Pyeongrak was the first to climb aboard, followed by his men.

On the deck of the lead ship stood a warrior of extraordinary presence-Go Il-won, leader of the Ghost Fleet.

Jo Pyeongrak and his subordinates knelt before Go Il-won.

"My lord, we have completed our mission and returned."

"We have returned."

Their voices resonated powerfully.

Go Il-won scanned them with his deeply sunken eyes.

"Some are missing."

"I apologize. An unexpected person appeared, and we were caught off guard."

"An unexpected person?"

"Pyo Wol. He was already in Sea Gate City ."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Just as we were about to escape the Sea Gate City dock, he ambushed us and we lost some of our men."

"It was unavoidable. You all worked hard. Go inside and rest."

"No, I will check the ship."

Jo Pyeongrak was the captain of the lead ship.

Even though he'd only been gone for a day, he had to personally ensure that nothing had been damaged or tampered with in his absence.

Go Il-won did not stop Jo Pyeongrak.

Any sailor would have the same habit as Jo Pyeongrak. Especially a captain, not just an ordinary sailor, had to possess a greater sense of responsibility.

Moreover, Jo Pyeongrak had boundless pride in being the captain of the lead ship.

Being a member of the lead ship in any fleet would instill a very special emotion.

Jo Pyeongrak and the sailors were no different.

As they each returned to their places, Go Il-won and a few of his close aides remained on the deck.

Go Il-won looked in the direction of Sea Gate City .

"Pyo Wol!"

His lifelong foe was across those waters.

The distance was so short that it would only be about an hour's journey if they set sail now.

"Remarkable. To have sensed our presence here and followed us."

He couldn't help but admire him, even though they were enemies.

The Yangtze might be vast, but compared to the sea, it was no more than a small stream.

A single lead ship entering would immediately catch the eye. Naturally, there were hardly any places to hide the flagship.

That's why Go Il-won had planned to hide the Ghost Fleet in Sea Gate City, where the river and the sea meet. But Pyo Wol had discovered Go Il-won's intention and followed him here.

He was truly the possessor of a terrifying mental ability.

If he simply had a strong mental ability, it wouldn't have been a problem. He could just be eliminated.

The problem was that Pyo Wol possessed terrifying martial arts as well.

He was of the most troublesome category to deal with.

A smile played at the corners of Go Il-won's lips.

"Yes, it should be like this. If the one who killed my father, my mother, were a worthless person, I would have been even more disappointed."

With Pyo Wol alone, the headquarters of Guryongsalmak, the New Moon Manor, was destroyed.

Though there had been betrayals from So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo, Pyo Wol was the main cause.

"If I kill Pyo Wol, next will be Yeowol, then you."

A killing intent flashed in Go Il-won's eyes.

He had known about So Yeowol's betrayal for some time. After being sold to assassins by his own mother and miraculously returned, she had changed completely.

Go Il-won had left her alone, knowing this.

He felt indebted to his half-sister.

The fact that he didn't stop his mother from selling So Yeowol made him feel guilty.

Even though he knew that So Yeowol had a grudge against New Moon Manor, he didn't take any special measures against her.

Of course, since he spent most of his time at sea, it was unavoidable.

Unfortunately, the problem had occurred while he was at sea.

Pyo Wol had ambushed the New Moon Manor, and with So Yeowol's collusion, the once-impenetrable fortress had crumbled in an instant.

Had it not been for So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo, the New Moon Manor would never have been devastated like this.

After the fall of New Moon Manor, So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo had led the remaining forces and hidden in a secluded place.

"They must be subjugating the remaining forces of Guryongsalmak by now. But as long as I live, they will never truly submit to you."

His ambitious half-sister had underestimated him.

She didn't know the extent of his power, how much influence he held.

Starting with a single ship, Go Il-won had grown the Ghost Fleet to this extent. He was incomparable to So Yeowol, who had merely stolen what belonged to others.

"I shall bring you despair, Pyo Wol! Yeowol!"

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