TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 205


The Ancient Dragon, Eruhaben, returned after meeting with the World Tree.

A ring, a sword, and a crown.

Three objects were neatly placed on the table. They were discovered in the secret space of the Lord of the Sichuan Province's study when he visited the Central Plains. They were relics left by Maxiliann, Apitoyu's Dragon. Next to them was a statue of a monk with even thinner cheeks.

"You were going to give this sword to Choi Han, weren't you?" asked the Ancient Dragon, tapping the sword with his knuckles.

Eruhaben's expression was calm.

"Yes, he seems to be the most suitable for it."

Apitoyu, the sword used by the Elven Race that has served the Lord Dragon there for generations.


However, Eruhaben's expression was not so good.

"Is there a problem?" Cale asked, frowning.

"It's not compatible with him."

When Cale's face showed confusion, Eruhaben explained.

"Although I haven't completely cleared the seal on this sword yet, it seems that it's not compatible."

"A seal?"

"Yes, it seems it will only fully reveal itself when it has a designated owner."

Choi Han was not yet the owner of this sword. To become the owner, he would have to stain it with blood.

"Anyway, this sword doesn't suit the darkness. Rather, it's like a sword as bright as daylight."

Cale's eyebrows raised slightly.

"Choi Han has a dark attribute."

He finally understood why Eruhaben said it wasn't compatible.

"This sword exudes vitality and energy. I can feel a blind instinct that chases some light."

Sheritt continued the words of the Ancient Dragon.

"Elves tend to worship Dragons. For them, Dragons are like a light to follow. Is this a sword made for that purpose?”

Eruhaben nodded.

"Yes, that's right. You can consider this sword as a blade that instinctively and blindly protects its owner."

The sword for the Guardian Knight of the Lord Dragon was not suitable for Choi Han. Cale thought of Choi Han.

'Choi Han is not blind.'

That guy, instead, concealed himself in the darkness, emitting light from within. And already...

"Cale. Choi Han has already found his way. He's someone who knows how to create light on his own."

That's right. As Eruhaben said, Choi Han had become someone who could walk his own path and emanate energy through it. That bright sword didn't suit him.

"But it seems to be a good sword."

Sheritt expressed regret by murmuring.

"What if we entrust it to someone else?"

At that moment, Eruhaben and Cale locked eyes. Someone who would fit with that sword. Unconsciously, both looked outside.


With a crash, someone was thrown and crashed into the forest. Still, he was smiling. It was Clopeh Sekka.


"Eruhaben-nim, this doesn't seem right."

Although Cale spoke hurriedly, the Ancient Dragon had something to say.

"But isn't he blindly obsessed with the legend?"


That's true. Despite Cale's attempts to avoid it, Clopeh Sekka was more obsessed with the legend than anyone Cale had known so far. And he hoped that Cale would create his own legend.

"I haven't seen anyone so passionate about their beliefs and convictions as he is."


"Maybe this sword is very compatible with him."


It seems so.

"Also, he doesn't seem to have much admiration for Dragons, right?"


That was also true. Perhaps because he led the Wyvern Knights Order, Clopeh Sekka acted as if he had great admiration for Dragons, but he didn't show great respect or fear towards them.

"Indeed, Cale, he treats you more like a Dragon."


Yes. Cale had a headache. Something was going wrong with the plan.

"Cale, think about it."

However, Eruhaben thought this idea was quite good. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

"This sword was created to protect Dragons, especially the Lord Dragon. When we go to Apitoyu and use this sword, it's possible that the sword will react to the Lord Dragon we face as an enemy. At that time, if an elf on our side holds this sword?”


"Even if it's an enemy, the elves will pause for a moment when they see a Dragon. So, will this sword work as a suitable weapon?”


“Clopeh Sekah. That guy, if there's an enemy in front of him, he won't hesitate to wield the sword, even if it's a Dragon, if he believes it's interfering with the Legend.”


The more he thought about it, just as the Ancient Dragon said, Clopeh Sekka seemed capable of doing it.

"This sword will surely have considerable value when the seal is released. So, we must find a good owner for it to be used properly."


"And honestly, Choi Han is already growing in his own way and can face Dragons to some extent. But Clopeh Sekka is weak when it comes to facing Dragons in Apitoyu."

"That's true."


Another crash was heard. Cale watched Clopeh Sekka, who was being thrown, and wondered why Choi Han was teaching Dead Mana control through beatings. It didn't seem like he learned that when he learned from the Heavenly Demon.

"First, let's think about it."

Cale paused for a moment.

"I will ask Choi Han, the owner of the sword."

"So, what about this ring?"

The Lord Dragon's ring.

"You said you saw purple eyes through this ring, right? And you also heard a voice?"


Purple eyes.

They were definitely from a Dragon, and Cale thought the owner of those eyes was the Lord Dragon of Apitoyu and the Leader of the Purple Blood Hunter Family.

Ultimately, he speculated that this would be the final enemy of the Purple Blood Family.

"Now it's just a ring."

Eruhaben turned his head sideways. He looked frustrated.

"To use this ring correctly, you have to go to Apitoyu. And I will keep it."


Eruhaben responded firmly to Cale's gaze.

"I can't give it to Raon. If, as you say, it's connected to the Dragon's Lair, I can't give him something like that."

"If I hold it-"

"You can't either. It's dangerous for you too."

Eruhaben spoke with a stern expression.

"I see."

Cale responded indifferently. Although the way Eruhaben responded so lightly seemed uncomfortable to him, his expression became even grimmer as he looked at the crown on the table.

"Hey, that statue piece could also contribute as a seed for the World Tree. The World Tree confirmed it."

"That's right."

By going to Apitoyu, he had found a clear clue to solving the World Tree problem.

"Hey, and-"

Eruhaben's expression remained uncomfortable.

"How the hell did you create that monster?"


The red crown.

"It's a bit unsettling."

"Is it?"

"Yes. It's not dangerous. How should I put it? It's just that I feel instinctive rejection."


Cale's eyes gleamed.

And Eruhaben frowned even more at seeing that appearance.

"Why do you like it so much?"

"Haha, it's not like that."

"It is. Tsk."

The Dragon clicked his tongue in displeasure.

"A Dragon Hunter and an Imoogi-"

Eruhaben felt significant rejection, similar to what Choi Han felt when faced with Clopeh, rushing at Choi Han laughing.

Cale's smile became more intense.

Red crown.

This object was a combination of the crown Cale already had, which craved Dragon's blood, and the crown of the Dragon Hunter Emperor left by Maxiliann. And this was possible thanks to the power of the Core left by the Imoogi that couldn't become a Dragon.

That last will did not contain the essence of nature.

Human warmth.

The Imoogi harbored relationships with people more than nature, and as a result, the red crown was...

'Perhaps it can be said to be the antithesis of Dragons.'

Cale thought he had obtained a useful item, but suddenly something occurred to him.

‘Raon didn't show aversion to that kind of thing, did he?’

Instead, he only looked at the red crown with curious eyes.

‘Maybe because he's still young?’

Cale didn't pay it much mind. Because the bigger issue was in front of him.

"Miss Sheritt."

Dragon Lord Sheritt. The conversation with her was still pending. However, she shook her head.

"I didn't find it."

At the words she spoke, Eruhaben and Cale restrained a sigh with effort.

"We couldn't find abilities related to time or the like."

This was one of the few things Cale knew about the Dragons in Apitoyu.

Maxiliann's ability, who left a plan, is "Future."

And, as a supposition, a Dragon with the ability "Time" under the command of the Lord Dragon of Apitoyu and another ability called "Past."

Of course, this supposition was almost a certainty.

"Records left in the Black Castle. And recent records investigated together with Mila. We checked everything, but so far, we haven't found Dragons with similar abilities."

"Well, aside from Raon, I had never heard of a Dragon with an ability like 'Present' before."

Hearing Sheritt's words, the Ancient Dragon nodded.

"I see..."

Cale crossed his arms.

"I wanted to have an idea of the abilities to some extent before visiting Apitoyu, but it seems it won't be easy."

He opened his mouth in front of Sheritt's dark expression.

"For now, let's go to Apitoyu to confirm that part. By examining the abilities with the information we gather there, maybe we can obtain beneficial things even for Raon."


Sheritt responded with effort, but her heart felt heavy.

'Asking a 7-year-old to save the world? And facing the Lord Dragon?'

The difference between a young Dragon and an adult Dragon was enormous.
The experience accumulated over the years, aside from size and power, made the Dragon grand.

'If only I were alive...'

If she wasn't bound to the Black Castle and could stay by Raon properly. Then, her heart wouldn't feel so heavy.

At that moment, Cale's voice resonated.

"Permission has been granted to move the entire Black Castle."

Her gaze moved to Cale.

Cale's eyes met hers.

He smiled at her. It was the smile Raon had warned Sheritt to be careful of when she saw it.

When Cale smiled like that, it meant that the other party would probably have a lot of work to do.

However, Sheritt laughed.

"It looks like I'll have a lot of work to do."

"Miss Sheritt."

Cale sincerely asked the Dragon Lord and Raon's mother.

"Apitoyu is a world dominated by Dragons. And those Dragons are our enemies."

Even the World Tree and the world itself were devoured by Dragons.

For that reason...

There was no comparison with Xiaolen or the Central Plains.

"That world will definitely try to kill us."

With that pressure, we will have to deal.

"Perhaps nowhere in the world can we be at peace."

That's why Cale wanted.

"Sheritt-nim, I want a strong refuge, something the enemy cannot overcome."

Sheritt, with the protection ability, even if bound to the Black Castle, could she do it?

"Sheritt-nim, I need you to build it without fail."

She should be able to do it.

Even if the whole world were an enemy, this castle would become an unbreakable shield for allies.


The Dragon Lord's response was refreshing.

"I will turn it into a place that no one can overcome."

She had no choice but to affirm it.

With the protection ability, the more beings she protected and the more valuable they were, the more her ability would shine.

Raon, Cale, Half-Dragon, etc.

For her, who had spent thousands of years in the middle of the desert, this Black Castle was more than a refuge. It was a paradise.

This place could never be taken by the enemy.

Raon. If the child had to face something in the future. At least, when the child returned, or when he fled, shouldn't she create a fearless place for him?

In Sheritt's eyes, a small flame ignited.

"This Black Castle will never collapse."


"You can make plans based on that fact."

Sheritt would definitely protect this Black Castle.

Cale asked her.

"There will be 50 to 100 people living in this Black Castle."

"It's acceptable. We'll have to clean the inside of the castle."

Sheritt's determined response made Cale's smile even deeper.

Cale used the Ancient Power of the Indestructible Shield. So, although he was famous as the Young Master of the Silver Shield, in Cale's eyes, the one who used the shield properly was Sheritt.

What kind of defense could she create when she finished preparing and started defending at full speed?

Cale was quite excited about that.

Because she was a reliable ally.

Knock, knock, knock.

The sound of someone knocking on the door was heard.

"Young master, Lock and Gashan have arrived."

Now it was the turn of the beast people.

Cale, opening the door, smiled more intensely at Lock, a youth who seemed a bit more mature now.

And that smile made Lock stop.


Raon, coming from sparring, saw the scene and shouted.

"Human! You shouldn't cheat good Lock!"

Cale's face wrinkled.

Tap, tap, tap.

Cale got on the carriage after a long time.



"Instead of cakes, cookies are definitely the best."

A few children with an average age of ten sprawled on the carriage sofa.

And in the midst of them, Lock, who had squeezed in uncomfortably, asked Raon with an uncomfortable expression.

"Do you want a cookie?"

"Yes! Give me one! I can eat even a hundred!"

Tap, tap, tap.

Cale sighed at the sight.

Duchy of Henituse.

The mansion came into view.

It was another one of his homes.

And a few days later, Cale had to give a speech in front of many students.


He closed his eyes tightly.


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