TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 206


'Is there no way to avoid the speech?'

Cale looked at the approaching Henituse Duchy, pondering and reconsidering. In reality, when he received the proposal to speak for the first time at the academy, he had every intention of rejecting it. Regardless of whether it was a trick from the Crown Prince or not, he thought he could simply ignore it and be done with it, but it turned out otherwise!

'Young Master, Miss Lily has high expectations for your speech.'

Upon hearing the news Ron casually conveyed from the Henituse Duchy, Cale somehow couldn't reject it.

'Young Master Basen, the Duke, and the Duchess have also expressed their desire to go to the capital together. They are quite excited and happy.'

Seeing Ron smile and speak kindly, Cale knew that this damn old man was teasing him, but he couldn't ignore what he said. Because there was no way Ron would lie about news regarding the Henituse Duchy. So, according to him, the people of the Henituse Duchy were genuinely looking forward to Cale's speech.

'Of course, they are especially excited about Lily's admission.'

The main character is Lily. But Cale also became the co-star in some way.

'Oh, please.'

I don't want to make that speech! But the problem was that Cale knew his own circumstances quite well.

'A useless son.'

A bad and older brother. It was Cale, who roamed outside all day, didn't spend time with his family, and did nothing. Despite that, his family clearly sent him love and support. It was hard to ignore those who expected something from him.

'Well, even if I don't want to, I should do something like that.'

He wouldn't even become the future Lord of the Henituse Duchy, and once he got rid of the Hunters, he would become an unemployed person who played around doing nothing. Though later, he would hear things like the eldest son of that house left his territory and spends his days lying around doing nothing. Wouldn't it be better to prepare something like a speech in advance to make them feel good?

'Yes, it's not a big deal, such a speech.'

He just needs to say a few random words, right?


A sigh escaped from Cale's mouth. The children and Lock looked at him. At that moment, a kind voice was heard.

"Troubled by the speech, Young Master?"

Cale shuddered. The stern elder, Ron, also got on the carriage. Cale forgot about him for a moment. After passing through Xiaolen and the Central Plains, and returning to the capital, where they had to be. Ron had responded very well to Cale's complaints. Therefore, Cale felt comfortable.

'There is still time for an honest conversation.'

Neither Ron nor Beacrox seemed to be showing signs of wanting to talk. Cale, seemingly ignoring, was at ease.

'And there is no time either.'

Apitoyu. He was busy with that now. Cale, who had Apitoyu in his sights, was busy coming and going.

So he quickly responded upon seeing Ron's friendly smile.

"Nothing in particular."

Ron's soft smile intensified.

"However, isn't this your first speech in front of students?"

At that question, Cale remembered.

'The first...'

In the past, Kim Rok Soo had received several proposals for lectures or speeches. Especially, he received many requests to give a lecture at the Company's new employee meeting. Although Kim Rok Soo was busy and planned to reject the annoying task, he ended up accepting it.

'I did it for the budget increase.'

Faced with the proposal to increase the department's budget, Kim Rok Soo accepted the lecture. Cale remembered that moment.

'So lectures -'


'I didn't do them, did I?'

Now that he thought about it, he received many proposals for lectures. Not only from the Company but also from the Government and large Guilds. But he never gave a lecture. Cale suddenly remembered the reason.

'A problem occurred.'

Yes, every time he tried to give a lecture, some problem arose. Whether it was a major event preventing him from going to the lecture or a terrorist attack at the lecture venue, forcing him to evacuate people instead of giving the talk.

'In most cases, monsters appeared suddenly near or a little far from the lecture venue, and I had to deal with that.'

Interestingly, every time Kim Rok Soo tried to give a lecture, something like that happened. That's why lecture proposals disappeared at some point. Cale opened his mouth without understanding, looking into space without realizing.


"Young Master?"

He was startled by Ron's immediate call.

"Oh, yes. I've never given a speech in front of students."

At that moment, Raon, who had been silent, chimed in.

"Human, why is your face like that?"

Cale ignored those words. His expression now looked quite uncomfortable, nervous, and reluctant.

'It can't be...'

Ah, it can't be.

'Yes, in the Roan Kingdom, those things don't happen anymore.'

Terrorism. After the fall of the Mogoru Empire, who could cause trouble for the Roan Kingdom? A kingdom that would surely become an Empire. And moreover, at the academy where the future talents of the Roan Kingdom would gather? In a place where the Young Master of the Silver Shield was present?

'It shouldn't be possible.'

And besides, monsters no longer exist in this world. Cale felt relieved.

'Yes, there's no reason for something like that to happen here.'

Cale erased unnecessary thoughts from his mind. At the same time, he thought.

'Is he passing these problems onto me while hiding behind?'

The Crown Prince Alberu Crossman. He truly is a despicable person.

'Is there no way to pass this on to the Crown Prince?'

Should he entrust the speech to that guy? While Cale pondered for an instant, his expression turned slightly grim.


His sigh grew deeper. Observing him, Lock, who was present, lightly bit his lip and then hurriedly let it go.

'Lock. The next world I'm going to is called Apitoyu.'


"Yes. A world dominated by Dragons."

Cale didn't mention that Lock might be the key to saving that world.

'That place is quite dangerous. That's why I plan to go with the strongest people.'

Lock remembered Cale, who made a seemingly indifferent suggestion.

'You want to go too?'

At that question, Lock reflexively responded without realizing.

‘Yes, I want to go!’

He could see how Cale's expression turned somber upon hearing his words.

‘Are you thinking before answering?’

Lock immediately replied.

‘I've always wanted to go with you since before!’

Upon those words, Cale simply nodded without saying anything. Hong, who was watching the scene, suddenly ran towards Cale.

‘I want to go too! I'll go too! I can absorb all the power of the Nine Kings in no time!’

On discreetly approached and, hugging Hong, stared fixedly at Cale. In the face of that gaze, Cale sighed and nodded.

'Let's think positively.'

With those words, Cale asked Lock to take care of the children and engaged in a close conversation with the Tiger Tribe Shaman, Gashan.

Lock, not hearing the conversation, left the room with the children who were around 10 years old.

At that moment, he encountered the Ancient Dragon Eruhaben.


Eruhaben tried to say something but closed his mouth immediately. Seeing Lock's expression, the Ancient Dragon smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

‘You've grown in height and build.’


‘But why are you shrinking like that? Straighten your shoulders.’

After saying that, he vanished with Lord Sheritt.

"Human, do you want an apple pie?"

"I want something sweet!"

"There's also sweets!"

Lock, freed from his memories, could see Raon and Hong having fun. A faint smile formed on his lips. However, he couldn't laugh with his whole heart. Persistent thoughts continued to prick him like thorns.

'Do you want to go too?'

When Cale asked him like that, Lock reflexively responded. Because...

‘I've always felt guilty.’

Even though Raon, Hong, and On were younger than him, they seemed to be suffering. It seemed like he was the only one living comfortably. Moreover, hearing the stories of his comrades, like Choi Han and the others, who had fought alongside Cale, he felt envious. He had always wanted to be with them. He had been waiting for that moment. However...

'Does my existence have any meaning in the battle?'

In the dangerous place called Apitoyu.

It was a really dangerous place. The more he heard Cale's explanations, the more he felt it.

‘To fight in such a dangerous place, I should be someone capable of holding my own.’

But was it appropriate for someone like him to infiltrate that valuable place?

Lock became tired and annoyed with himself for having such thoughts. He wanted to be more secure and confident. Despite that, these thoughts tormented him. Of course, it was different from before. Lock wasn't afraid to step forward for his family and comrades. He was willing to throw away everything he had worked for. However...

'Does my existence have any meaning in the battle?'

Even if I throw myself into a fight, does it have any meaning?

Wouldn't I be of no help and actually cause harm due to my shortcomings?

Fear and hesitation that were different from before seized him. Of course, he knows. Being comrades means complementing each other's shortcomings and fighting together. But he didn't want to cause any harm.

‘I want to be a cool adult.’

It's really not easy. Lock sighed unknowingly. Still, he made an effort to smile.

"Lock, do you want sweets?"

"They're delicious!"

Because he saw Raon and Hong looking at him.

Lock took care of the two children and matched their tone. His smile seemed quite bright on his face.

And while Lock did that, On silently watched his figure. Then, suddenly, she stopped her gaze with a strange feeling.

She could see Cale staring at Lock.

On smiled slightly.

Lock seemed to have concerns in some part of his heart. Just the fact that Cale already knew made On feel much more comfortable.


Cale thought that the way On looked at him and smiled suddenly reminded him of Ron.

'What a creepy thought!'

He quickly dismissed that thought, disgusted with himself.
And he quickly got off the carriage.

"Young Master~~~~!"

Someone was running towards him with a soft voice after a long time.

'Who is it?'

For a moment, Cale forgot and then quickly remembered.

It was Hans, the butler.

A man he used to spend time with.

"There's a family dinner prepared today. Hahaha!"

Cale nodded casually and entered the Henituse Duchy mansion.



Of course, he said a word to Lock.

"Let's talk a bit after dinner, okay?"

"What, why?"

Cale briefly replied.

"Career consultation."


Cale looked at On.

For the first time, On shuddered. Anyway, Cale said what he had to say.

"After Lock, it will be your turn. You will also have a career consultation today."

Before going to Apitoyu. It seems I need to have a serious conversation with these kids.

"Big brother!"

"Oh, brother!"

Two siblings approached unable to hide their joy.

Basen and Lily.

As soon as Cale saw them, he spoke.

"Here are gifts."

Giving each of them a set of brushes and bowls, and a long sword, Cale spoke with a serious face.



"You're the first. And Lily. You're the second."

To the two who were confused, Cale gave a straightforward answer.

"Career consultation."

"Big brother?"


Basen, Lily, Lock, On.

It's time to talk about the future of these four.

A little more seriously than before.

It was at that moment that Cale decided to pay more attention to domestic affairs after a long time...



Duchess Violan approached Cale with a smile. She still spoke with a tidy appearance, not a single hair out of place.

"Career advice. It's a really good expression. You should also have career advice with us."


What am I hearing right now?

Cale doubted his ears. However, Duchess Violan approached and whispered quietly so that Lily and Basen couldn't hear.

"The Crown Prince told us. He said your head almost exploded in the place you went, right?"

That damn Crown Prince!

"Cale. Since your father heard that, he hasn't been able to sleep."


Cale's expression, cursing the Crown Prince, stiffened.

He looked into Duchess Violan's eyes. Only now could he see her expression.

Concern, apprehension, and eyes filled with sorrow barely hidden by severity.

"Career advice. No."

But the Duchess was determined.

"Cale. You need life advice today."

Not career advice, but life advice.
Cale felt a strange sensation and rubbed his neck with his hand. Somehow, he had the feeling that tonight's dinner would be quite difficult.


And then, Ron's laughter next to him was noticed.

"Good luck."

With the addition of those words, Cale couldn't say anything. Now he understood why the Crown Prince acted this way and why Ron reacted like that.

But Cale timidly told the Duchess.

"I'm really fine."

Of course, Duchess Violan didn't accept those words as true at all. Cale's expression sank. But Cale had to face a tough time even before dinner.

"...Cale, I, I mean..."

Duke Deruth couldn't continue speaking.

He was the Leader of the Henituse Duchy Family and the head of the entire Henituse Territory. His eyes were swollen.
It was clearly a tearful face.

He was biting his lips and desperately trying to appear undisturbed.

"Cale, I know your loyalty, but. But. As your father, I-"

Cale couldn't say anything and instead lowered his head, neatly placing his hands on his knees, and had to listen to Deruth's words.

It was more terrifying than facing the Dragons of Apitoyu at this moment.


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