TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 207


Cale was not like this even when he encountered the God of Balance.

"The Crown Prince mentioned it. Your head almost goes bang, bang...!"

Duke Deruth couldn't continue speaking and tightly closed his eyes. Cale also closed his eyes upon seeing that scene.

"Damn, that damn bang, bang."

It's all because of the Heavenly Demon. How is it that a guy who is usually straightforward makes expressions like "bang"?

"That guy, I'll definitely drag him to Apitoyu without fail."

Cale thought about the joy the Heavenly Demon would feel upon hearing that and glanced at Duke Deruth.


Duke Deruth sighed deeply. Seeing Cale's reaction, who stared at him, he stopped tensing his shoulders.

"Cale, honestly, I wonder if you and your companions, including Choi Han, should save the world by suffering so much."

There's no need to be recorded in history. That was Duke Deruth's opinion and also the opinion of the Henituse Family.

"Of course, this is just my wish. You and your companions also want to rest, right? But if you don't solve these problems, there will eventually be danger. You're doing this to prevent it, even if it means suffering so much."

Deruth's words were accurate. Cale wasn't acting for justice.

"Still, do it properly."

That's why Deruth spoke sincerely.

"You don't need to bear everything yourself and with your companions. Honestly, the world won't collapse immediately if you fail. There is always a solution. So, be flexible in your moves."

If others heard these words from Deruth, they might wonder how someone in the position of a noble of a country could say something so irresponsible. He might also receive criticism for saying something so pathetic to a son who wants to become a hero.

'And so?'

What importance does that criticism have? If Cale loses his life or suffers severe injuries that he can't overcome, who will take care of that?

In the end, Cale would have to deal with it.

Just leave it like that and simply watch?

Definitely, Deruth couldn't do that.

Even if the whole world, or even people from different dimensions, cursed him, he was determined to tear apart anyone who thought they could harm Cale.

'The problem is, he's not the type of person who will listen if you try to stop him.'

Why is the Henituse Family so stubborn?

"Cale, did you understand what I meant?"


Cale answered without hesitation. Because his thoughts aligned with Deruth's.

"I have no intention of bearing everything. I'm handling things flexibly, without suffering losses. And, besides, I'm taking pretty good care of my body. Look, hasn't my physical condition improved since last time?"

Cale, speaking nonchalantly, stopped for a moment.

"Oh, it seems you're good at responding."

It was thanks to Deruth's casual remark. He took a deep breath before asking again.

"When will you leave again?"

"This time, I'll take a break."

"Really? Will you go with Choi Han and Raon this time too?"

"Yes. Um, probably this time..."

Cale couldn't finish the sentence and decided.

Couldn't he tell these two who cared for him a bit more honestly? It's not like they were people who would go around talking and gossiping.

"I think this time I'll go with the Dragons."

Cale thought.

Maybe they would feel relieved if he told them this?

But he didn't know that both of them knew him better than he thought. Duchess Violan joined the conversation with a serious expression.

"It seems like you're going to a very dangerous place."


Cale shuddered.

"You're taking Dragons with you. Are the enemies by any chance Dragons?"


Then, Cale was surprised once again by the words Duke Deruth handed to him.

"How did these individuals find out?"

However, from both their perspectives, it was something natural. Cale had always been the type to prepare to face stronger opponents, even preparing forces of the same level or higher. Therefore, at the very least, the enemy could be considered formidable.



The expressions of Duchess Violan and Duke Deruth became more serious.

In the Roan Kingdom, which was becoming a power on the Continent, the Henituse Family was considered the most outstanding. Not only were they famous within Roan, but they were also a prestigious family that stood out across the Eastern and Western Continents. Although the surrounding nobility envied or was jealous of them, the real members of that family had somewhat different feelings. They didn't have peaceful days because of their exceptional firstborn.


And Cale found this situation uncomfortable. As he accepted the Henituse Family as his own family and spent time face to face with them, albeit not frequently, it became more apparent. Eventually, Kim Rok Soo, who couldn't bear this situation any longer, opened his mouth.

"Uh, yeah, about the Dragons. Don't worry too much, because we'll move the Black Castle and prepare at least 50 people for combat..."

"Wait a moment."

Duchess Violan stopped her words.

"Cale, you mentioned the Black Castle before, right?"

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"Will you move the entire Black Castle?"


The moment Cale answered Violan's words, a strange look appeared in Duke Deruth's eyes. He looked at Violan.


The duchess nodded slightly.

'What's going on?'

When Cale wondered, Deruth's posture changed. He leaned towards Cale and spoke with a serious expression.

"Cale, what is the condition of that castle?"

"Eh? Um, it's been a while, but it's fine, isn't it?"

It was a fortress with an ancient and elegant appearance. But the duke shook his head.

"Not the appearance. The defense."

Cale stopped for a moment.

'It can't be...'

Deruth's eyes contained expectation as they turned towards Cale.

"Cale, after the war with the Indomitable Alliance in Henituse territory, we discussed how to increase the defense of the walls and main buildings in the territory."

Duke Deruth was not solely absorbed in making money. He was sincere in spending it. He spent money while researching. Cale also knew this, as they had talked about it before.

"You mentioned a Dragon was protecting the Black Castle, right?"


"Cale, strong force is important, but it's not infinite. If you can replace at least part of that power with money, there's nothing better than that."

"That's true."

Cale sincerely agreed with Duchess Violan's words.


"It's fine."

And Duchess Violan handled the artwork and craftsmanship in the Henituse Territory. She was also involved in architecture.

"I want to renovate the Black Castle. What do you think?"

Cale thought after receiving this suggestion. Although Sheritt, the former Dragon Lord, protected the castle, her strength had to be reserved for emergencies. Therefore, if the Black Castle itself became a fortress, and if it had significant defense...

When a certain light remained in Cale's eyes. Duchess Violan murmured a word quietly.

"The best defense is offense."

Cale responded without hesitation.

"Alright. I'll convey it to Sheritt-nim through Raon later. We can start the renovation after that."

The father, mother, and son smiled.

The parents were happy to be able to do something for their son, and the son was excited to have another weapon in his hands. However, the son did not know.

No, the son didn't have high expectations.

'After attending the academy, I'll leave after a while.'

Sure, he would stay in Roan longer than during his time in the Central Plains. But still, once everything was ready, he would have to leave.

Before the enemies identified them.

That's why Cale judged that there was no objective time to undertake a great work. So he didn't expect significant changes to the Black Castle.

And the son still didn't fully understand his parents.

"See you at dinner."

Thud. The door closed, and after the son left, the Duchess spoke to her husband.

"That's the only way to save time."

"I guess so."

Violan looked at her husband.

"I'll open the vault."

"Let's do it. Anyway, all that's in there is money."

The parents wanted to do something for their son, something they couldn't provide him. And that desire was immense.


Lord Sheritt shared that desire too.

After dinner, when Cale was having a simulated conversation about his career choice with his two younger brothers...

Through Raon, Violan and Deruth, who met with Sheritt, smiled brightly.

The Duke spoke.

"Then, we will install the latest version of magical cannons."

The Duchess followed.

"Instead of a shield, we have also created a sea of fire around the castle to block enemy access. And to cover the sky, we have made a magical shield and magical arrows that will shoot down enemies from the sky."

Sheritt spoke seriously.

-I think it's better not to do things halfway. Will it be done in time?


Duchess Violan drew a small smile on her stern face.

"We didn't speak in vain."

At that moment, Sheritt smiled straight ahead.

-Now I know who Cale takes after. He takes after you.

Thus, while Cale was absent, his parents' additional preparations began. Cale still didn't know to what extent the use of money by the Henituse Family, a family that used to be famous for its martial prowess but continued to prosper while he was away, had expanded.

A set of state-of-the-art magical devices never seen before in the history of the Roan Kingdom, or rather, in the history of the Eastern-Western Continent.

In the future, the Black Castle, which would be called the beginning and model of mechanical magic, began to reveal its appearance.

At that moment, Cale spoke with Lock, who entered hesitantly into the room.


Cale pointed to the seat in front of him, and Lock quickly sat down. Then, he faced Cale. Somehow, Cale made a comment about Lock's appearance, who was now looking him directly in the eyes.

"You've grown quite a bit."


"No, nothing."

He leaned back in his chair and looked at Lock.

'You've grown well.'

Compared to his past, Lock had grown noticeably brighter. He had overcome the death of his family and his people, and had grown to this point. It wasn't necessary to explain how impressive that was. The problem was that he himself wasn't aware of that greatness.


Cale knew what words this boy wanted to hear.



"I need you to be in the fight this time."


The moment Lock's eyes widened, Cale spoke.

"Did you want to hear those words?"


Lock's heart trembled at the words thrown without much thought. For a moment, suspicion arose that Cale wasn't taking him seriously. But the moment he looked into Cale's eyes, his heart calmed. Unchanged, Lock bit his lips and slowly opened his mouth.

"Yes. I wanted to hear them."

Feeling truly pathetic saying those words, he expressed it. And Cale smiled.

'You've grown.'

The old Lock wouldn't have been able to say such words and would have staggered. Of course, he felt embarrassed about saying these words now.

"Why are you embarrassed?"


Lock could see Cale's serious expression.

"Wanting to be recognized for your own worth is instinctive."

People want to be acknowledged.

"And Lock, we've already acknowledged you."

Lock's eyes widened.

"Did Choi Han express concern about being with you? Or did you receive a message from Rosalin? Or did Gashan make any separate statements to you?"

Lock slowly turned his head at Cale's words. Now that he thought about it, Choi Han hadn't said anything in particular.


The voice calling him made Lock look at Cale.

"I can guarantee it. At your age, there are no warriors who can beat you."

With a confidently asserted statement, Lock couldn't say anything. He simply looked at Cale.

"Of course, outside your age, there might be guys like Choi Han, so I can't guarantee that. Anyway, you're strong. Especially, Gashan has recognized you."

Gashan. The name made Lock pause for a moment. During Cale and Choi Han's absence, in Harris Village, Lock had grown associating with the Tiger Tribe, learning about their growth as beastmen.

Seeing Lock's reaction to Gashan's name, Cale remembered the conversations he had with him.

'Although he's young, Lock has a tribe to lead, so even at his age, he'll do what he's supposed to.'

On the other hand, Gashan had told Cale.

'Cale-nim, Lock is not that young. Soon he'll be an adult, won't he?'

'Although this situation is dangerous, it will be a good experience.'

"Wouldn't it be better for a child to face anything and grow up while there are at least adults around to protect him?"

'Especially with tigers and wolves, it's different. If Lock is going to be the leader of the wolves, he must know how to lead.'

Cale hadn't seen Lock fight after his growth. However, sometimes, the eyes of someone you trust can be more accurate. Therefore, he could say:



"I think you need your own approval more than ours."

Lock couldn't say anything in response. His face, tinged with various emotions, clearly expressed his disbelief in Cale's words. Cale wondered what to do with him at that moment.

Then, it happened.



Raon abruptly entered, holding the visual communication device.

'What's going on?'

Suddenly, he felt uneasy. Just as Cale was thinking that, Raon shouted.

"Human, the Crown Prince urgently contacted me! I couldn't respond because I was on another matter, so he left me a message."

The young Dragon revealed the content of the message.

"Warning letter sent to the academy!"

Huh? What does this sudden message mean?

Cale wondered if he was hearing it wrong.

"The letter warns that if you don't cancel your speech, they will destroy the academy!"

Damn it.

Cale sighed. Nothing was easy.

"He also said that not even your shield can stop them!"


Cale closed his eyes tightly. Suddenly, thinking about the speech and the shield, he remembered the first time he used the shield. He remembered the day he used his Indestructible Shield for the first time in front of the people of the Roan Kingdom.

'Let's forget about it.'

Cale quickly erased memories of the past from his mind, feeling inexplicably cold.


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