TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 204

C204 - Young Master Silver Shield, The Return of a Legend (1~)

Knock, knock, knock.

Roan Academy.

An academy that has existed as long as the kingdom's extensive history, with the ability to bear the kingdom's name as its own title, has produced countless prominent figures over the years.

Knock, knock, knock.

In fields ranging from various academic disciplines to administration, the military, and performing arts, the academy boasted educational and professional curricula in all fields, a source of pride for its director.

Knock, knock, knock.

The director, Efric, looked at the engraved portraits of past directors before closing his eyes with determination.

Knock, knock, knock.

Finally, he opened his mouth.

"Come in."

The door opened, revealing an elderly man with white hair and a tall figure who advanced towards the director.


And then, standing, he stared fixedly at the director. In the face of that gaze, the director sighed.

"She is going to be assigned to the Military Studies Department."

The corners of the elderly man's eyes twisted, and he continued to gaze intensely at the director. Without saying a word. Finally, the director yielded to that pressure unconsciously and exclaimed.

"Then, what am I supposed to do?! Lily Henituse decided to join the Military Studies Department!"


"You can't send someone who wants to learn military studies to the Knight Department, can you?"


"Please! Stop resisting!"

The director's face tightened, and finally, the elderly man sighed before speaking.

"I heard that the dean of the Military Studies Department asked him to give a speech at this year's opening ceremony."

The director shuddered. Director Efric unconsciously looked at the elderly man and saw fiery eyes.

"And that speech must also be heard by the Knight Department."

It wasn't a request; it was a notification.

"No, we don't know if it will take place or not-"

"I heard that the Crown Prince, His Excellency, has given his approval."

"No, where did you hear that? Oh."

The director saw someone on the other side of the open door. A woman with white hair and a long robe entered with notable energy.

"The Magic Department must also listen."

This was also a notification.

"Very well."

The director's face clouded. Whether he liked it or not, the dean of the Magic Department spoke.

"Cale Henituse. The greatest hero on the continent born of the Roan Kingdom. His speech will be a valuable lesson for growing students. So the Magic Department will also attend."

"And the Knight Department as well."

The director shouted.

"No, you! We haven't even contacted each other for months, and suddenly, can we expand the scope of an urgent speech request as we please?"

"We have to do it that way."

Faced with the words thrown by the dean of the Magic Department, the director stopped for a moment.

"As the number of students decreases and the reputation diminishes, in this situation where such a big opportunity is presented to us, we should try something."


The director made a sound of annoyance again.

Indeed, there was a time when Roan Academy was thriving, but now it was not as recognized.

"But, is there any academy that has existed as long as us and has produced as many prominent figures?"

"You're talking about twenty years ago."

The words of the Knight Department's elderly man made the director's face twist.

His shoulders sagged.

The dean of the Magic Department patted the director's shoulder.

"Stop getting depressed; let's take this opportunity to cheer ourselves up a bit."

The director and the dean looked at each other.

"Well, after a long time, hasn't a hero from Roan emerged?"


"The Young Master Silver Shield. Isn't it said that he's been living a secluded life lately? There are rumors that he's recovering."


"People say that Cale Henituse is a living legend, and surely his name will ring a little louder after appearing in public for the first time after that intense battle last year, right? And such an event in our academy?"

"... It would be amazing, wouldn't it?"

"Yes. So let's make this event as big as possible."


The director nodded.

"Yes, let's request it again."


The dean of the Knight Department, who had been silent, spoke up.

"Are you going to contact by letter?"

"Yes, why not?"

"Go in person."


"You have to show that level of dedication."


Now, when I'm extremely busy? Moreover, even if I'm not sure about the speech, Cale Henituse's visit is confirmed, and I'm worried about chaos in the academy, so I'm busy focusing on security and haven't slept well. Going to the Henituse Territory in the far northeast? And with a body not as strong as the two in front of me?


The current director and the former Prime Minister of the Roan Kingdom frowned.

No matter what he did, the dean of the Knight Department spoke with an impassive face.

"We will also request a lecture from Choi Han."

"Oh, we would like to request a lecture from the Necromancer Mary. It would be excellent education to learn about the difference between magic and the power of Necromancers, right?"

"Also, we want to invite the Dark Elf Warriors. Are there funds available for the admission of Dark Elves?"

"We heard that there is also a famous Shaman near the Young Master Silver Shield. It would also be good for him to give a lecture. Set a schedule."

Knights and Mages.

As the lively conversation between the two couples continued, the director's face wrinkled more and more.

"Get out!"

He shouted.

"It's noisy, so get out!"

The two left without saying a word, or rather, without leaving any trace of regret. The director of the academy, left alone, rubbed his face.

"Where did this rumor spread from?"

The news that reached those two would soon spread throughout the academy. And eventually, everyone would want to hear the speech of the Young Master Silver Shield. Not only that, they would be eager to hear the stories of Cale Henituse's companions. They were the ones rewriting the history of Roan.

Although Roan had long been considered an insignificant country, in a few years, it had become the center of the east-west continent. No one ignored it. Rather, they were on guard. It was the attitude toward the strong.

"Our academy should be like that too."

The director made a decision. He stood by the window and looked outside.

Cale Henituse.

He would place him on the podium without fail. For the Roan Academy, for the students who would lead the future of Roan! His gaze burned with determination. But that gaze soon faded, and he spoke with a murmur.

"Hmm, the students of the Military Studies Department and the Knight Department probably want Cale Henituse. If we're going to attract them all..."

His lip curved upwards.

"Yes, we should also attract the Business, Administration, and Political Science Department."

Although Efrid, a former minister who had not achieved great success, was saying that, he thought differently than most when he looked at Cale Henituse. He, who had access to deeper information than most, said:

"Cale Henituse. He is not only excellent in war."

He excelled in trade, administration, and politics. He excelled in every aspect.

"The Roan Kingdom will surely become an Empire. To achieve that in Roan..."

Unconsciously, he muttered.

"Cale Henituse-"

He, who was skilled in everything...

"Is simply the best candidate."


And at that moment, the news of Cale Henituse's visit to the entire Roan Academy spread, and the excitement began to build. As the opening ceremony was approaching, many students were already at the academy.

"What? Is the Young Master Silver Shieldcoming?"

"Is the Commander coming?"

A bit too much.

"My shield! Where is the silver shield I prepared?"

"Hey, hey, send a message to those who haven't come home yet. They have to come for the opening ceremony."

"I'll contact mom and dad too. I'll tell them that everyone in our family must come."


"Exciting. I don't think I can sleep tonight."

"Shield! Shield!"

The academy was bustling.

Or rather, it was going crazy.


"What is this?"

Cale unconsciously touched the back of his head. Interestingly, he felt a chill running down his spine.

'What else has His Majesty the Crown Prince done?'

But it made no sense.

Cale felt an uneasy feeling for no reason and frowned.


However, that wrinkle disappeared.

<The maximum capacity has also been set at 50 people.>

In the face of the message left by the God of Death, Cale smiled satisfied.

"Black Castle, 50 people in total regardless of race. No restrictions for other non-material objects or things."

He looked up at the sky as he spoke.

"Can we consider this as the minimum requirement to reach Apitoyu?"


<Yes, the God of Balance accepted without saying a word.>

Suddenly, he remembered the God of Balance saying that if he disrupted the balance, he and his companions would bear the weight of that deviation.

Suddenly, he felt bad.

Ring... ring...

<Why... why...? I prepared everything you asked for...>

Cale asked the God of Death, who was watching.

"Can my companions and I handle this?"

<Oh, is it because of the balance?>

<No problem.>
<This situation is a unique crisis where the world itself does not respond. It doesn't matter that the balance has already crumbled. The deviation caused by the power you use to correct this will be handled by the Gods and other related worlds.>

<If the God of Balance acts to impose the imbalance only on you, other Gods will not stand idly by.>


Cale finally relaxed his expression.

"So, that's good."

Knock, knock.

He then tapped the table while organizing his thoughts.

'50 people...'

The Black Castle.

Moving that massive Black Castle was already a monumental task. Moreover, the number 50 was also considerable.

'But I don't feel so good about it.'

It means that this is a world whose solution can be carried out with this number of people.


The fight with those Purple Blood guys would be different from before. He could understand it with just a little thought.


<...You don't need to treat me like a God, but can you at least call me with a bit more respect?>



"How about a hundred people?"


The message stopped for a moment.

<Isn't that a bit excessive?>

"Try it. Give it a shot and come back to me."

With those words, Cale turned off the Mirror's screen.


Ring, ring!

Urgent messages kept coming, but he ignored them. Cale didn't care whether the God of Death was suffering or not. Instead, he slowly organized his thoughts.

'For now, Choi Han and I, and Raon have to go.'

Choi Jung Soo and the Team Leader also had to go. They had to find the missing Choi Jung Gun.


Then he remembered those who had returned with him from the Central Plains.

One of the Blood Demon Successor Candidates. And the former and current Priestesses, the youngest princess of Duke Orsena.

The three of them returned together.

"I heard that Priest Durst is taking care of them."

He had to talk to them at least once.

Cale stood up from his seat.

And looked out the window.

Currently, he was living in the Black Castle located in the Forest of Darkness.


Unconsciously, a sigh escaped from Cale.

He couldn't help it.

"Ha, ha, ha! Kids, do you think something like this will hurt me? Those cotton fists only tickle me!"

"Raon! Let's make him faint!"

"Okay, Dodori!"

Pink Dragon Dodori and Black Dragon Raon were fighting against Rasheel, the Grey Dragon.

Bang! Bang!

Destroying a whole side of the forest.

Of course, Dodori and Rasheel were in human form.

"...For now... yes... let's take him with us."

World-dominating Dragons.

As Cale, who had to deal with those Dragons, looked at Rasheel smiling while fighting the kids, and at Raon and Dodori, who were really ready to knock out Rasheel, with blurry eyes.

"Yes. A crazy Dragon can't be beaten, no matter what kind of Dragon it is."

Especially Rasheel. That crazy guy would be very useful.

Cale's gaze turned to the other side.


A strange hesitation settled on his face.

Clopeh Sekka.

He was being beaten by Choi Han.

Yes, that was a beating.

Surely, Choi Han was giving Clopeh lessons before Sword Master Hannah arrived.


But Clopeh was laughing while being beaten.

"We'll take him with us for sure."

That guy wouldn't be afraid even of Dragon Fear. Rather, it seemed like he would run towards it laughing sincerely.


Cale turned his gaze away again.

This time, he looked at the sky.

A huge Bone Dragon flying over the sky of the Forest of Darkness.

It was the Hybrid Dragon.

And next to it, there were new flying monsters created by Mary.

Knock, knock, knock.

The sound of someone knocking on the door made Cale turn his head.

"Can we have a talk?"

The former Lord Dragon. Raon's mother. But only her spiritual form remained, bound to this castle. An entity with the ability to protect as a skill.

Sheritt smiled upon seeing Cale.

"I've been waiting."

And Cale had been waiting for her.

"And you too, Eruhaben-nim."

The Ancient Golden Dragon.

Eruhaben, who had met the World Tree. And Sheritt, the effective owner of this castle even though Raon was the owner.

With the presence of these two, preparations could begin to face Apitoyu. Cale pointed to the two Dragons as he looked out the window one last time.

There, in the distance-

'They're coming.'

This time, those who would surely be part of the 50 members were arriving.

The successor of the Wolf King, Lock.

And the leader of the Tigers, the Tiger Shaman Chief, Gashan.

Along with them were Tasha, the Dark Elf, and Pendrick, the Elf.
In a world ruled by Dragons, defeating them only with Dragons was not the only answer.

Cale was more prepared than ever.

There was no reason not to defeat the Dragons.


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