TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 526

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Chapter 526

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the sword that naturally appeared. It was made of water droplets, and the water was flowing like the sea.

The sword was not only unusual in its shape. It was felt that not only Kaibar's mana, but also Aris' aura flow was felt in the water sword.


The water sword slowly sank and, like the other swords, plunged its blade into the mental world.


The cracks caused by the descent of the Demon King slowly filled up and regained their original appearance.

The remnants of Wrath's anger (wrath) melted away, and the throbbing headache completely disappeared.

Even though the mental world had been restored to its pre-Demon King descent, the changes were not over yet.


With a heartbeat that seemed to burst, the mental world expanded, and new swords sprouted. It was the growth of the upper energy center.

'To go beyond recovery and growth...'

Now, it seemed that he could use the sword field creation with more perfection than before.

'The sword field creation is not all.'

Raon smiled faintly as he looked at the water sword stuck in the mental world.

'Because I have learned the principle of spatial sword.'

The reason Aris' aura could be felt in the water sword was because, during the battle with Kaibar, Raon had grasped the principles of the spatial sword to some extent.

'If I train with all my might, I might be able to wield the spatial sword in my own way.'

Aris' spatial sword is different from the usual sword technique principle. Thinking that he could get that mysterious swordsmanship, his heart burned hotly.

Raon looked at the mental world, which was more vibrant than before, and closed his eyes and opened them.

As the trance was lifted, the blue sky and Wrath's wrinkled eyes came into view.

Damn it!

As soon as Wrath met his eyes, he screamed.

It would have been enough if you had just recovered! Why are you growing up too!

He frowned, as if he had noticed that the mental world had expanded.

Even the Dragon Heart helps you! Why are you so lucky! The King of Essence really can't understand it!

'It's not luck, it's skill and effort.'

Shut up! Can't you feel anything when you see the misfortune that comes to the King of Essence every day!

Wrath gritted his teeth and demanded that he shut his mouth.

‘Fine, I get it. Just back off a bit.'

When Raon pushed away Wrath, who was sticking his head in, Labawin approached.


He looked worriedly as he put his aura into his body.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

"It's not just okay."

Aris' red eyes flashed faintly.

"He's completely recovered."

She smiled coolly, as if she had also understood what had happened in the mental world.

"He might even be stronger than you now."

"That's really great!"

Labawin smiled, seemingly happy that Raon had recovered, regardless of who was stronger.

Contrary to his pirate appearance, covered in baldness and beard, he seemed like the kindest among Zieghart's swordsmen.

"Tsk, boring guy."

Aris clicked her tongue, as if she didn't like Labawin's answer.

Did you know?”

Raon turned his gaze to Aris while sitting.

“I thought you would recover for sure because there was a strong water energy surging in your upper energy center. Of course…”

Aris looked at Raon with eyes burning with excitement.

“I didn’t expect you to grow as well.”

“I was surprised too. It seems that the mana of the dragon heart played a big role.”

Raon handed the Dragon Heart to Aris.

Even though the Dragon Heart had already released a large amount of mana to help with the healing and growth, there was still an immeasurable amount of mana left that was difficult to comprehend. It was truly a powerful elixir.

“Look over there.”

Aris handed the dragon heart to Labawin and helped Raon to his feet.

She pointed to the approaching warship with her finger.


“Raon! Raon! Raon! Raon!”

The crew on the warship were still shouting at the top of their lungs.

Kuberad also held the two children in his arms, tears welling in his eyes.

"Wave your hand at least."

Aris raised her hand first and smiled brightly.

“Everyone here is a hero, but you have become the hero of heroes.”

He turned around with an embarrassed sound.


Raon didn’t look at the people, but at Kaibar's severed head and neck.

When he saw the sword marks carved by Heavenly Drive, he remembered the difficult battle and the moment he overcame it.

It was a landscape that he would never have seen if he had not fought to the death. If Kaibar hadn't stubbornly resisted and fallen, he wouldn't have witnessed this scene. It was fortunate that he never gave up until the end.

‘This is not just my victory, but everyone's victory.’

Win or lose, the King of Essence doesn't care.

As he waved his hand to the crew with a smile, Wrath stuck his face in.

Are you going to bring that lizard meat? With the saltiness soaked, we may not need additional seasoning!

Wrath swallowed his saliva, saying that he had to get it at all costs.

'Hmm, what should I do...'

If you ignore the King of Essence this time, he will really cry! He will really cry!

Raon just laughed at the threat that wasn't scary at all.

'I guess so.'

*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Derus Robert entered the underground of the Lushain Mountain, which blocks the west of Robert family.

The mountain was both elegant and charming, and he entered with familiar steps into the dark corridor without a single ray of light, heading towards the central chamber.

"Have you come?"

An old man with a sturdy physique wearing a black night robe nodded his head.

Derus nodded silently and stood next to the old man. Under his cold eyes were children who looked like they weren't even 10 years old, kneeling with their eyes blindfolded.


"Where is this, hey!"

"Mom! Dad!"

"Please send me home!"

The children seemed to know that they had been kidnapped, and they trembled their shoulders and cried for help.

"About 210, I guess?"

Derus, seemingly indifferent to the children's cries, touched his chin, counting the number.

"Yes. Exactly 213."

The old man bowed his head low and told him the exact number of children.

"It's more than usual."

"Due to the involvement of the Six Kings, Five Divine Rulers, and even the Demon King and Dragon this time, many children lost their parents. We could have found a few more, but there were many in poor condition, so we had to be selective.”

He spoke as if he were picking vegetables or fruits, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Their muscles are definitely good. They're good enough to use as assassins. There are also some that are good to raise as warriors."

Derus Robert smiled faintly as he looked at the children who were trembling with fear and their lips were chapped.

"Proceed with the brainwashing as usual, and feed the Rage Worms to those who are free of abnormalities."

"Yes, sir."

As the old man nodded, shadows emerged from the darkness and dragged the children away.

"I apologize for entrusting you with this task again."

Derus looked at the children being dragged away and patted the old man on the shoulder.

“Don't say such things. It's because I provided you with foolish ones.”

The old man bowed his head deeply, as if he was honored. His eyes flashed fiercely when he said "foolish ones."

"Then, please."

Derus turned away from the old man and ascended the stairs next to the pillar. He entered a neatly organized room resembling an office and sat on a dark-colored chair.


The shadow under the bookshelf rippled, and Kubara, who was not in her usual maid outfit but in a black dress, appeared.

"Any news about Raon Zieghart?"

Derus asked without even turning around.

"Still nothing."

Kubara raised her head as she bowed.

"There's no word from inside Zieghart either, and there's no movement."

She shook her head, saying that Raon's name itself had disappeared from the Zieghart territory.

"Is he really dead...?"

Derus stared into the empty space for a while before slowly shifting his gaze.

"How is the envoy factory doing?"

"Based on the information obtained from Siris’ failure, improvement work is underway. It's research to enhance the intelligence and firepower of envoys."

"Send twice the number of personnel and funds to that side."

"Twice, sir?"

"It may be a bit of an overinvestment, but in the end, it will be worth it."

He raised a glass of wine to his lips.

"The day when the spark of war will reignite on the continent is not far off."

Derus put down the empty glass quietly and drew a chilling smile that made one's hair stand on end.

"On that day, the envoys will be the biggest variable."

*     *      *

Raon returned to the port of Aikar, where he had set sail with eight warships.

It took four days to return because he had to bring back Kaibar's body, which was split in half.

Although it took a long time, the crew' faces were brighter than ever because they had killed the dragon and the war was over.

Raon stood on the deck and looked out at the port. He could see the residents of Aikar who had remained in the city in front of the repaired wall.

People were coming out and waving their hands, apparently because the rumor had spread that they had killed the dragon.

Although it was too far away and the waves were too strong to hear exactly what they were saying, it was clear that they were shouting in jubilation, crying, and laughing.


"It's Aikar!"

"It's over now!"

The crew on the blue wind and other warship also waved to the citizens and shouted.


Wrath also popped out of the bracelet and roared towards the port.

Dragon meat! The King of Essence finally free from jerky and Nadine bread!

Of course, the meaning was different for him than for the others.


As the slowly moving warship docked at the port, the residents of Aikar let out a deafening roar.

"Okay, bring it out!"

Aris was the first to disembark from the ship and clapped her hands, and the magicians lifted Kaibar's corpse and placed it in the port.

As the shrinking spell was released and its gigantic body revealed itself, the repaired wall collapsed again, and the entrance to the port collapsed.


"Is this the dragon Kaibar?"


"What kind of creature is as big as a city!"

The residents of Aikar were speechless as they looked at Kaibar's corpse. Everyone was shocked by its unimaginable size.

"Did you really defeat this?"


"Thank you for your hard work.”

"He did it all."

Aris pointed to Raon, stepping on Kaibar's head.

"I only opened the way, this one here cut its throat."

She started clapping first, asking for praise for Raon.


"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"As expected of the White Sword Dragon!"

"Now that he's killed a dragon, it doesn't seem right to call him the White Sword Dragon anymore."

"That's right. He also won against a Grandmaster before he came here, we need a new title for him."

The crew and residents gathered, suggesting new titles for Raon.

"Let's save that for later, and for today, let's start the celebration party!"

Aris smiled brightly and waved her hand. She put her arm around the people in front of her and shouted to get the alcohol ready soon.

Even though she looks like that, Aris is a thoughtful person. She seemed to want to celebrate the victory by holding a party intending to celebrate victory and comfort those who lost comrades.

Raon got off Blue Wind and examined Kaibar's corpse.

Even after being submerged in the sea for four days, his body was still firm. It seemed that there was still natural mana left in the bones and flesh.

The King of Essence told you! The meat is succulent! It's probably been marinated just right, so you should eat it now!

Wrath was drooling as he urged Raon to cook the meat quickly.

‘All right, I'll give it a try.’

Just when Raon was about to approach Aris to say that he wanted to try dragon meat.


A golden-haired old man, draped in an elegant coat, emerged above the port with a shimmering yellow light.

He was floating in the air without any spells, and an incredibly huge flow of mana could be felt.


It was impossible to gauge how much mana he possessed. It surpassed even transcendent levels.

That guy, it's him.

Wrath glared at the old man and frowned.

'That guy?'

The sparkling dragon who shot a breath at the King of Essence. He's transformed into a human now.


It seemed Wrath was referring to the golden dragon who suddenly fired a breath at him when he was fighting with the White Blood Religion leader and the Holy Sword Union leader.

'Why now...'

He wasn't out of fighting shape, but if a battle were to unfold at this moment, everyone except himself, Aris, and Lavawin would likely meet their end. His heart ached as if it were burning.

"It has come to this."

The golden dragon descended silently to the ground above the torn neck of Kaibar. He extended his tongue, gazing at the mutilated corpse.

"Did it really have to be like this?"

The dragon's dry gaze turned to Aris. The air felt heavy, as if a weight had been placed on his shoulders. The atmosphere of the port, which had been excited about the party, darkened.


Aris turned her chin to the side, sending the people she was hugging behind her. She seemed to know that the old man was a dragon.

"What should have been done?"

"It could have been settled reasonably."

The dragon sighed deeply and planted his staff on the ground.

"You should have said that to this lunatic first."

Aris kicked Kaibar's corpse with her toes.

"If you had stopped him before he massacred humans, this wouldn't have happened in the first place."

Her smirk twisted as if fueled by anger, her face reddening.

"Dragons are independent beings. Even as the Lord, they have no obligation to follow my orders unless it is a situation like the Demon King's descent or the collapse of the balance."

"That just shows your incompetence."

Aris snorted at the dragon's staff.


Raon swallowed his dry saliva as he looked at the old man.

'That old man is the Dragon Lord?'

He thought he was strong, but he didn't know he was the Dragon Lord. The sense of crisis that had been growing slowly began to emit a stronger stench.

"Dragons use their power for the survival (existence) of the world. They don't act on simple emotions. Kaibar was a wise one approaching the wisdom of ancient dragons. If he killed humans, there must have been a significant reason.”

The Lord narrowed his eyes, saying that dragons only think about the cause.


Aris laughed out loud, throwing her head back.

"Cause? What cause could a crazy lizard with only madness have? The continent's neutral? The continent's guardian? The continent's protector? It's all nonsense. You guys are just big kids with uncontrollable power."

Her eyes sank coldly.

"It might be a difficult concept for a human living in the moment."

"Are you just blabbering nonsense every time you open your mouth?"

"I won't seek revenge for our already dead kin. As I said before, we are an independent race. However..."

The Dragon Lord exhaled quietly, lifting his staff.

"I will take Kaibar's dragon heart and body."

He reached out, demanding Khaibar's dragon heart.

What is that little lizard saying! The meat that has been marinated in salt is mine!

Wrath shook his head in disbelief.

Summon the King of Essence! He'll break his neck right away!

He struggled frantically.


Raon lowered his posture, ready to move at any moment, placing his hand on Heavenly Drive.

"This is getting annoying."

Aris sneered and bared her white teeth.

"Kaibar's corpse is our spoils. I have no intention of giving up anything."

"If that's the case, then so be it."

The Dragon Lord raised his hand. The explosive mana waves spread, distorting the sky and the sea.

"This is not revenge for my kin, but a measure to prevent the crisis of the continent. Don't hold resentment."

Unlike Kaibar, the Dragon Lord, perfectly atop the dragon hierarchy, enveloped Aikar in his mana waves.

The tremendous aura of the gold dragon, who controls lightning and weather, made Raon's arms and legs unable to move.

'That mean lizard...'

The Dragon Lord spoke of preventing a crisis, not seeking revenge for his kin, but it was evident that he harbored a desire for revenge. He seemed more like a snake than a dragon.

“This is what happens when you hit a child, and an adult comes out.”

Aris kicked Kaibar's corpse again and laughing.

"That's not it...'

"Then, we'll call an adult too."

"What do you mean?"

The Dragon Lord's eyes narrowed.

"Do you know who that guy's grandfather is?"

Aris pointed to Raon with her finger.


"The Destructive King of the North, Glenn Zighart."

As the Dragon Lord narrowed his eyes at Raon, Aris continued.

"If you wish to witness the annihilation of your entire race by his grandfather, keep going!”


Aris spread her arms as if to say, "Do as you wish," and the Dragon Lord's fingertip trembled.


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