TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 199


A group of ships arrived at Hainan Island. At night, a person who disembarked on the coast moved, hiding their identity in the darkness. However, people who knew their identity preferred not to reveal themselves.

"...Has he arrived?"

"Yes, Evil Alliance Leader-nim."

The Three Factions. The three major forces that control the Murim World, and among them, the Evil Alliance Leader, Sima Pyeong, observed the outside more somber than usual.

He had ordered his subordinates not to go out after sunset unless absolutely necessary. This was because the person in question preferred not to draw attention from others, and naturally, Sima Pyeong had to discipline his subordinates not to disturb the mood of that person.

'Ah, I guess the Demon Cult is a bit different.'

Continuing with his trivial thoughts, Sima Pyeong muttered to himself.

"I didn't know the Emperor would come personally."


Sima Pyeong smiled slightly as he saw his subordinate shudder at his words. By uttering the word 'Emperor,' he could sense the Emperor's position in a renewed way.

Moreover, Sima Pyeong didn't attach too much importance to mentioning the Emperor.

"There's no one watching around, why be so scared?"


Finally, his subordinate's body relaxed.

"Should I have kept that a secret?"

"Oh, yes."

His subordinate nodded unconsciously. If the insightful Sima Pyeong mentioned the Emperor so casually, then the situation must be safe, or so he thought.

With an ironic smile, Sima Pyeong watched his subordinate nodding positively and then looked out the window. The moon was hidden behind the clouds, and the landscape lacked the usual light.

"It seems both the Justice Faction and the Demon Cult are quiet tonight."

However, tonight, many would not be able to sleep. Like himself, many would be sharpening their senses to gather information even in the silence. Or maybe, like himself, they sent their subordinates off the island as soon as the news spread that the Emperor would come to Hainan to inform each faction.

'To make that cruel Emperor move.'

Although he was known to be weak-hearted to the people, for those in the Murim World, the Emperor was known as cruel and ruthless. Even though the Emperor said he would come secretly, he did not hide his movements. He said it didn't matter if someone knew. Therefore, the inhabitants of the Martial World chose to remain silent.

"Anyway, Evil Alliance Leader-nim, who is this Young Master Kim?"

Perhaps because they thought there were no surveillance eyes, a subordinate asked casually. Sima Pyeong's forehead wrinkled slightly at that sight, and when his subordinate stopped upon seeing that expression, Sima Pyeong casually murmured.

"He's someone whom the Sun himself, the center of the Central Plains, would come to meet personally."

The Sun, the center of the Central Plains. Countless words referred to the Emperor. But such an entity hurried personally to meet a person.

Kim Haeil.

But who was Kim Haeil in the first place?

How could he be described?

'No words.'

The more he learned about him, the more he found no words to express it.


No. He is clearly Human.

So, can we describe him as a human being?

But what he showed was beyond human.

‘Moreover, what is his disposition?'

He is benevolent. But not simply benevolent.

So, is he malevolent?

To this question, Sima Pyeong would answer no.


But there is something that can be said.

‘He's like the ocean.'

The ocean that stopped the Great Evil.

Kim Haeil.

The only word that can express him is "ocean." He is not an entity that can fit in this world. He is something greater. That's why Sima Pyeong had doubts.

‘Is he really someone from the Imperial Family?'

Rumors that Young Master Kim Haeil is from the Imperial Family. Stories that he is affiliated with the Imperial Family. Words about being a close relative of the Emperor.

'...Doesn't seem like it.'

As he got closer to him, there were things he learned one by one. Of course, this might be something only Sima Pyeong, Jegal Miryeo, and the Heavenly Demon felt as they moved closely with Young Master Kim on the battlefield.


Kim Haeil and his group. Somehow, they don't seem like people from the Central Plains. So, could they be people from other countries outside the Central Plains?

‘...Doesn't seem like that either.'

Sima Pyeong looked inward. At the same time, he took a deep breath.

He could feel the Mana that his Master, the little Black Dragon, had taught him.

‘This is not how this World works.’

It is a power created by the laws of another world. Sima Pyeong had a brilliant mind comparable to Jegal Miryeo, and he finally came to a conclusion.

'Kim Haeil.'

He is from another world.


The fact that the Emperor came here...

"Is it because he's leaving?"

Sima Pyeong's eyes sank. There was regret in those eyes.

It's a shame such a strong person is leaving.

Furthermore, he regretted not being able to learn more from his Master.

"Let's go."

"Yes, Evil Alliance Leader-nim."

The fact that the Emperor arrived in such a hurry means Kim Haeil will leave soon.

"Let's do something first."


He closed the window.

In the darkness.

There might be others who share his thoughts, so he should move quickly.

Indifferently, he told his surprised subordinate:

"We can't let our benefactor leave empty-handed."

In the Justice Faction and the Demon Cult, each has its own rules.

"Even though we are from the Evil Faction, isn't ethics the most important?"

To repay their Master's grace.

Tonight, Sima Pyeong was determined to move busily. And this was no different elsewhere.

"Young Master Kim Haeil clearly is not from this world."


Byuk Sun let out a deep sigh, almost a groan. However, she couldn't refute the words of General Commander Jegal Miryeo. Because the power of a person to block a huge Tsunami could not be understood through the martial arts of the Central Plains.

"And it seems he will leave soon."

"We can't let our benefactor go like that."

As if agreeing with the words murmured by the Sword Saint, Jegal Miryeo nodded.

"We must give him the greatest retribution we can show."

"That's right."

Nodding naturally, the Sword Saint, in an instant, deepened his gaze.

"...But this is really serious."

"Yes, it is."

General Commander Jegal Miryeo stood up. In the temporary office of the Justice Faction in Hainan, there was a map of the Central Plains hanging on the wall.

"After Young Master Kim Haeil leaves, the Central Plains will be at peace for a while."

Elder Ho nodded.

"Yes. After overcoming a great disaster that could have destroyed the Central Plains, naturally, we should take a break for a while."

"And during that break, we must run tirelessly."

Everyone nodded with serious faces at Jegal Miryeo's words. The General Commander spoke coldly.

"We were arrogant. Too much."

The Sword Saint closed his eyes tightly.

"We became conceited. Thought we were strong."

No one opposed those words.

"Even if it's not the Heavenly Demon, we can't defeat the Demon Cult. Moreover, the Evil Faction turned out to be stronger than we thought. Furthermore, the Evil Alliance Leader became a disciple of that young Dragon-nim, a divine being."

Jegal Miryeo closed her eyes and opened them.

The future of the Justice Faction seemed bleak.

"So we must strive to the fullest and come back stronger. Otherwise, we will be devoured."

No one opposed those words. Rather, they affirmed their agreement with silence.

Finally, the Sword Saint spoke.

"So, is there a plan in motion?"


Jegal Miryeo responded immediately as if she had been waiting.

"First of all, we must correct this arrogance from its root."

Soon, through her words, the policy to strengthen the Justice Faction was conveyed. Thus, until late at night, discussions about the reform of the Justice Faction continued.

Both the Justice Faction and the Evil Faction were in motion at a fast pace.

In the place where the members of the Demon Cult gathered, a quiet silence reigned.

The Heavenly Demon was sitting on a wide stone in the garden.


He placed the empty glass on the stone table. Then, he opened his mouth with an expression of lament.

"It's really regrettable that you don't enjoy alcohol."

His empty glass was filled again.

"There are many regrettable things."

Choi Han refilled his empty glass with alcohol and, after drinking it in one gulp, spoke.

"I want to know how you handle Dead Mana."

Purification. It referred to the action of returning a Jiangshi to its original state. At that moment, the only one who could help Cale do something like that was the Heavenly Demon.

"Ha. That's a useless skill. Don't you know that you have to be poisoned with the Dead Mana you mentioned to be able to use it?"

Indeed, the Heavenly Demon had expelled most of the Dead Mana from his body. Especially, he completely eliminated the Dead Mana around his heart and lower Dantian.

"I haven't managed to completely eliminate the Dead Mana in places like the fine blood vessels, among others. That will take a long time."

Only in a human's blood were hundreds of fine blood vessels and countless capillaries. Therefore, although the Heavenly Demon had removed most of the Dead Mana, he could not completely get rid of it in places like those.

Choi Han, who listened to everything the Heavenly Demon said, nodded. Then he said indifferently.

"I said I would learn that method; I didn't say I would incorporate it into my body."

It was then that the Heavenly Demon's eyes gleamed.

"...Is there someone else who wants to learn this?"

"Yes, at least two people."

Choi Han shared this idea with Cale and received his approval. "It's a good idea," he said.

"Two people. Who will they be? At least someone as familiar with Dead Mana and skilled in handling energy as I am. Also, they have to have their own energy source other than Dead Mana."

Choi Han thought of those two people.


Saint Jack's younger sister, Hannah, a Sword Master who wields her power alongside Dead Mana. And one more person. Perhaps someone just below Choi Han in sword skill, with an even more exceptional innate talent than the former.

'Clopeh Sekka.'

It was expected that one of these two people would learn the purification method with which the Heavenly Demon helped Cale. Of course, Choi Han could also learn to handle Dead Mana.

'Not my path.'

The path Choi Han wanted to follow was different. Therefore, he could pass on the path to someone else.

"I'm not sure about Hannah, but..."

Wouldn't Clopeh Sekka learn?

Choi Han thought of Clopeh Sekka, who carried Dead Mana like a time bomb in his body, and his expression inexplicably turned somber. Then, he noticed the Heavenly Demon's perplexed expression and quickly regained his composure. He then took a book from his chest and handed it directly to the Heavenly Demon.

"What is this?"

"It's a treasure map."

Cale told Choi Han to meet the Heavenly Demon and gave him a single instruction.


Looking at the Heavenly Demon with a puzzled expression, Choi Han calmly spoke to him.

"This is the location of the Absolute War God's Tomb."

The information Cale stole from Jungwon was conveyed to the Heavenly Demon through Choi Han.


The Heavenly Demon was speechless.

"The Young Master told me to give you this. And to learn from you."


"He said there might come a day when he calls for you."


A strange look appeared in the Heavenly Demon's eyes. He asked with a voice tinged with a strange warmth.

"Is he inviting me to join his fight?"

"Yes, do you have a problem with that?"


A bright smile formed on the expressionless face of the Heavenly Demon. At first glance, he seemed like a child.

"It's fine, I like it. I like it a lot."

However, he placed the book on the table.

"But don't I have to learn it?"


This time, Choi Han expressed his doubt. With a smiling face, the Heavenly Demon responded.

"I want to follow my own path. Like you."

Choi Han's expression turned strange. The Heavenly Demon smiled even brighter. His expressionless eyes were full of vitality.

"Somehow, I saw a path I should take."

Choi Han sighed in amazement at the words thrown at him.

"You're quite amazing."

"Haha. And you're telling me that?"

Choi Han tilted his head. He had lived much longer than the Heavenly Demon. Therefore, it was surprising that he achieved this at the Heavenly Demon's age. Undoubtedly, he would become an even stronger presence.

'Cale said that. In the Central Plains, the strongest Human is the Heavenly Demon.'

Therefore, there might come a day when he needed his help. It seemed that idea was correct.

"Choi Han."


"The next time we meet, I want to have a duel with you."

A smile formed on Choi Han's lips.


There was a gleam of interest in his eyes, just like the Heavenly Demon.

"When you create your own path, point your sword at me."

However, he gave a purpose to the Heavenly Demon. And the Heavenly Demon shone even more at those words. Like a strong master considering a novice and assigning them a fate.

"Sure, I like it. I like it a lot."

The Heavenly Demon nodded in acceptance and pointed at the book.

"But still, let's make sure this book finds its proper owner. It seems it would be good to have someone stronger."

"Indeed. Do as you please."

Cale also told Choi Han to hand the book to the Heavenly Demon and let him take care of it. He didn't order the Heavenly Demon to learn the Martial Arts of the Absolute War God's Tomb. He only trusted the Heavenly Demon's vision as someone reliable from the Central Plains.

"I look forward to the day we meet again."


Choi Han clinked his glass against the glass offered by the Heavenly Demon and thought as he drank.


Soon, he thought about the people he would meet and began to feel homesick. That's why Choi Han couldn't completely empty his glass.


A bright light enveloped Cale.

"Human, did you already tell the Crown Prince when you'll be back?"

"Yes, I did it before."

Cale surrendered to the bright light. When he opened his eyes, he would be in the Temple of the Death God in the capital of the Roan Kingdom.

'Now, I'll rest for a bit and prepare to go to Apitoyu.'

Cale organized his thoughts as he thought about some things he would ask Alberu, who would be waiting for him. He explained everything in detail to Alberu, who had been waiting for him, from his departure to his return. He decided to do so with the person he communicated best with to avoid misunderstandings.


Cale opened his eyes.

Temple of the Death God. The scene in the room he always left when he went out caught his attention.


And he was surprised.


Alberu was standing silently, holding a communication device in both hands. And he was doing so quite courteously. Cale was so astonished that he didn't even notice that posture.

"Uh... um...."

Only clumsy words came out. He couldn't help it.


Raon exclaimed brightly.

"Did everyone come to greet us?"

Raon's excited voice, shouting. While listening to his energetic voice, Cale saw who was welcoming him.


First, Eruhaben, the Golden Dragon, stood with an emotionless expression on his face. Then there was Rasheel, a gray-haired dragon with the feature of being unchanging. Next was Dodori, with his fluffy pink hair. Beside him, Dodori's mother, Mila, stood with a very serious expression.

And on the screen that Alberu was holding politely on the communication device, the image of the Mixed Blood Dragon appeared, also...


Sheritt, the ancient Dragon Lord and Raon's mother, smiled at Cale, Raon, and the group. Cale felt it.


Raon, who was the hope of that place, the Dragons, upon hearing that information from Alberu, gathered.

Cale, who had understood the situation, unconsciously looked at Alberu with suspicion.


The Crown Prince acted as if he didn't notice that gaze.

Cale felt betrayal towards the Crown Prince for the first time.


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