TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 527

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Chapter 527

Raon stared at aris with wide eyes.

'Will that work?'

Even though Glenn was a transcendent being at the pinnacle of the continent, the opponent was the Dragon Lord.

Since dragons inherently look down on humans, it didn't seem like that threat would work.

‘On top of that…’

He's her father before he's my grandfather!

It didn't make sense why she would say "his grandfather" instead of "my father," who was much closer to her. She was a very strange person.

'I should prepare for a fight... wait, what?'

However, contrary to his expectations that it would have no effect, the Dragon Lord seemed to be taken aback and his jaw trembled.

"…That human is Glenn Zieghart's grandson?"

The Dragon Lord's firm voice cracked for the first time. It was like a towering tree swaying.


Raon widened his eyes as he looked at the pale Dragon Lord.

'It works?'

He never thought that the Dragon Lord, who controlled all dragons, not just an ordinary dragon, would be crushed by the name of Glenn.


The Dragon Lord swallowed his saliva and turned his gaze to this side. After examining his hair and eyes in turn, his lips curled inward.

"Indeed, It certainly looks and feels similar.”

"I wouldn't lie about something that would be easily exposed. He's a grandson who has inherited his blood properly. He cherished him more than anyone else."

Aris teased the Dragon Lord, tilting her chin as if mocking him.

"What will you do? Want to try?"

She continued to taunt, challenging the Dragon Lord.


The Dragon Lord coughed awkwardly, raising his hand.


Instead of starting a fight, he withdrew the mana waves that were spreading endlessly. The strong aura that dominated Aikar subsided in the blink of an eye.

"Why hesitate? You claim to protect the continent."

Aris seemed to want to continue the provocation, raising her lips.

"I don't know why taking Kaibar's dragon heart and corpse is in the best interest of the continent's balance, but I have to do what is my job."

"The dragon heart contains vast and pure mana. If used improperly, it could cause serious problems to the balance of the continent."

The Dragon Lord, even at this point, said that it was only for the sake of the world, and his lips were firmly set.

"What about Kaibar's corpse?"

"With the dragon's bones, claws, and horns they create formidable armor..."

"Does that pose a threat to the continent's balance?"


The Dragon Lord's lips, which were fluttering at Aris' mocking question, stopped.

However, he still seemed to think that he was doing the world a favor, and he did not let go of his eyes that revealed his arrogance.

"Fine. Then I'll help you take it."

Aris raised her arm and extended it back coolly.

"Lavawin. Take it out."


Labawin opened his spatial pocket. He took out the dragon heart that was shining with a rainbow light and handed it to Aris. He seemed to trust his master perfectly.

"Take it then."

Aris tossed the Dragon Heart lightly, then caught it and nodded slightly.

“Instead, if you take this, that old man might go find another dragon and rip its throat out. He might kill three or four of them."

She chuckled as she said she would return one Dragon Heart, and Glenn would take three.


The Dragon Lord bared his teeth at Aris.

"I know Glenn Zieghart. He would never move for such a reason...'

"He did."

Aris interrupted the Dragon Lord's words.

"You met the Destructive King of the North in the center of the continent, right? Do you know why he appeared there?"


"It's not to defeat the Demon King like you did. He came to save this guy."

This time, she shrugged her shoulders as she said something that was beyond belief.

"While that may not make sense..."

The Dragon Lord tried to refute, but then he closed his mouth.

'No, his actions were strange at the time.'

Glenn Zighart was not interested in the Demon King or other human factions.

He had suddenly entered the mysterious barrier that had appeared while fighting with the Holy Sword Union leader and the White Blood Religion leader, and searched for the traces of the missing Zieghart's swordsmen.

It was something that Glenn Zieghart of the Continental War era could never have done. It was clear that he had changed from before.

'If that's the case, there's a possibility that he'll really attack other dragons...'

If Aris' words were true, this blond-haired red-eyed human was Glenn's cherished grandson, there was uncertainty about what trouble he might cause. It was better to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.


The Dragon Lord bit his lips as he looked at the hand shaking on the staff.

'He said it was his last warning.'

Glenn had declared that if he interfered in his affairs again, he would wage war against the dragons.

He was not afraid of the other Zieghart at all, but the one monster named Glenn was a problem.

He couldn't think of a way to kill him, even though he was in his tired state after defeating the Holy Sword Union leader.


Raon let out a sigh as he looked at the Dragon Lord lost in thought.

'Does that work?'

Aris' words were not a lie, but they were not the truth either. Glenn had come there to save both the Light Wind and the Heavenly Blade, not just him.

It was a lie that could be seen if one thought about it for a moment, but from the expression on the Dragon Lord's face, it seemed that Aris' words had worked properly.

What are all these words for!

Wrath stuck out her face and frowned.

The King of Essence will pull out that shiny lizard's throat for you. Just hand over your body!


He was a little tempted, but there was no guarantee that the Demon King’s descent would happen again, and it was clear that the wounds he had just recovered would get bigger. So he pushed Wrath away

"For the balance of the continent, take it. It's right here."

Aris approached the Dragon Lord and handed him Kaibar's dragon heart.

It was a clear provocation, but the Dragon Lord remained unresponsive, his sharp eyes showing no sign of emotion.


The Dragon Lord looked at Raon once and exhaled in a low voice.

"I'll back down this time. But you should be cautious. His name won't ensure your safety forever."

"Why? You're not going to protect the continent?"

Aris, seemingly anticipating such a response, turned away with a smile.

"Scared of his grandfather, huh?"

"…I am not afraid. I simply avoiding unnecessary conflict in order to maintain the balance of the continent."

He's tapping the ground with his staff, uttering a pathetic excuse that was unworthy of being called a Dragon Lord.


The Dragon Lord disappeared, turning into a golden light just like when he first appeared.


Raon stared at the spot where the Dragon Lord vanished, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Did... he just run away? The Dragon Lord?"


Aris giggled and nodded. She tossed the dragon heart back to Labawin and brushed her hair back.

"You can see it from Kaibar, but that's what dragons are really like. The epitome of hypocrisy."

"That's right. They're stuck-up, self-righteous fish who think their actions are always right and that they're doing it for the good of this continent."

Kuberad also frowned as if he didn't like dragons.

Humans seem to understand lizards characteristic well.

Wrath nodded as he looked at Aris and Kuberad.

Dragons, from birth, effortlessly become strong, leading to a different mindset compared to other creatures.

He twisted his lips, saying that dragons are completely unnecessary beings in this world.

"I still can't believe he was that pathetic..."

Raon let out a sigh. He couldn't forget the sight of the Dragon Lord, who had initiated the fight, making excuses and fleeing. It was refreshing yet absurd.

"Lizards are basically pathetic."

Aris scratched her nose, saying that he should get used to it in the future.

"But Lady Aris."


"Why did you refer to Glenn as my grandfather? It would have been more convincing if you had called him your father instead.”

"It's a warning to that guy."

She slightly pouted her lips, as if to ask why he was asking such an obvious question.

"A warning?"

"A warning that your grandfather will come out if he touches you."

"But that's just bluffing."

"It's not bluffing."

Aris shook her head, saying that it was definitely not bluffing.



Wrath yelled, interrupting Raon's attempt to argue.

It's over now. Get ready quickly!


Let's eat dragon meat!

Wrath thrust his fist forward, saying that he would really kill him if he just let it go this time.


He let out a sigh that seemed to suck the ground in and approached Aris.

"Uhm, excuse me, Lady Aris?"


"I have something to say..."

"Say it. I can listen to most things."

"Aris nodded.

"I'll do whatever you want."

"I also feel the same! Even if you ask me to teach you my swordsmanship, I'll gladly do it!"

Kuberad and Labawin smiled, willing to fulfill any request.

"Can we roast and eat the dragon then?"


The three, including Aris, turned their heads with even more bewildered expressions than when the Dragon Lord first appeared.


Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

House Zieghart, the lord's manor.

The swordsmen guarding the manor looked at the ceiling where dust was falling and tilted their heads.

“Is it an earthquake?”

"Well, earthquakes are almost unheard of in the north."

"Then what is it? Why has the entire building been shaking since morning?"

“Isn’t the lord going to be angry about this?”

The swordsmen swallowed their saliva, worried about the phenomenon that the entire manor was shaking.

Roenn passed the swordsmen with a hardened expression and headed for the audience chamber. He opened the shaking iron door and raised his eyes.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle!

Glenn, seated on the golden throne, was shaking his left leg. Not only the audience chamber but the entire manor seemed to be shaking as if experiencing an earthquake.

"...Did you figure it out?"

Upon seeing Roenn, Glenn swallowed his saliva and leaned forward.


Roenn nodded with a faint smile.

"There are some casualties, but Miss Aris, Labawin, and young master Raon have returned safely. As for Kaibar..."

"Forget about that thing! Is Raon okay?"

Glenn, seemingly disinterested in Kaibar, shouted Raon's name.

"Yes. On the contrary, he recovered from the wounds of the upper energy center. It is said that he played a significant role in defeating Kaibar.”

Roenn brought the report from Aikar to Glenn.

"A significant role?"

"The young master Raon has pulled out Kaibar's dragon heart."

"He pulled out the Dragon Heart? That is quite something."

Glenn let out a refreshing laughter. His leg, which had been vibrating all day, finally stopped trembling.


Roenn, finding Glenn amusing, smiled with a gentle expression.


Perhaps feeling a bit awkward, Glenn cleared his throat and offered a feeble excuse.

"Don't look at me like that. I asked just to be prepared in case there were any troublesome issues at sea."

"There were almost some troublesome issues indeed.”

"What do you mean?"

He forgot that he was making excuses and stood up from the throne.

"The Dragon Lord suddenly appeared and threatened them," Roenn said.

"Threatened? What kind of threat? What did that lizard say!"

"He started arguing that they should hand over Kaibar's dragon heart and body, and He claimed he would attack if they didn't comply." Roenn said.

"That damn bastard..."

Glenn clenched his fist. As his anger spread as a will, not only the lord's manor, but the entire Zieghart began to shake violently.

"Fortunately, Miss Aris sent him away without any problems," Roenn raised his hand as if to reassure.

"I don't like it," 

Glenn, with a chilling gaze, clenched his jaw.

"Should I use this opportunity to kill them all?”

His voice sank coldly, as if he was serious.

"It's not impossible, but our side will also suffer heavy losses. If the Five Demons get involved, the problem will be even bigger," Roenn said, taking Glenn's words seriously and offering a brief analysis.

"Since the Dragon Lord retreated first, maybe it's better to leave it for now."

he said with a smile, thinking that the Dragon Lord had bowed his head.

"Tsk," Glen clicked his tongue briefly and leaned back on the throne.

"So when is Raon returning?"

"Miss Aris didn't say anything. She said if you want to see him, come directly," Roenn said apologetically.


Glenn unconsciously rolled his foot. The vibration of his long leg started again.

"Order him to return immediately! Tell him to come back right away!"

That day, the swordsmen in Zieghart suffered from chills all day long because of the unknown vibration.

* * *

A festival was held in Aikar.

Many people had died, and there was extensive material damage, and even though the recovery was not yet complete, the people who were enjoying the festival had bright faces.

Like mourners who come to a funeral and laugh and talk forcefully, everyone was spending a happy time to comfort the dead and bless the living.

However, there was also one place that was isolated from the festival and as quiet as a library.

In the workshop inside the warship that Kuberad was temporarily using.

Raon, staring at the frying pan on the forge with pursed lips, sighed softly. He looked at the dragon meat on the pan and sighed again.

'Why won't it cook!'

The dragon meat was not cooking at all, even though it was being roasted over the heat of a blast furnace. The heat of the blast furnace was so intense that the pan was on the verge of melting.

'This is more like ore (mineral) than meat!'

The dragon meat had such a high resistance to attributes, and the meat was filled with mana, so it seemed to be able to withstand even the heat of the blast furnace.

Focus! It's better than losing all the juices!

Wrath hit Raon on the back of the head, telling him to focus on cooking.

'There are no juices to run out! It hasn't cooked at all!’

Is there a magician who can use Hellfire nearby?

'Do you think it's common for someone to be able to use a 9th-circle spell?'

Well, humans are incompetent after all.

Wrath clicked his tongue as if he didn't like it.

Then use your fire. It will take time, but it will cook.

He pointed to the blast furnace's fire, telling Raon to add the fire of his Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

'Using martial arts to eat meat is a bit...'

You're as stupid as ever. What is the purpose of martial arts?

'To get stronger.'

Then how do you get stronger?


You have to eat! In the end, eating this meat is no different from you practicing martial arts!

'You're talking nonsense.'

Raon shook his head with a disdainful look.

It's nonsense because it's true! Send some fire quickly!

Wrath pounded his emaciated stomach, saying that he was starving to death.


Raon frowned and added the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to the flames of the blast furnace.


The flames of the blast furnace grew significantly, but the heat did not come out to the same extent as the size.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the flames.

'Just because fire touches fire doesn't mean the power becomes stronger.'

He carefully observed the movement of the flames while operating the Ring of Fire.

The flames of the blast furnace and the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation were similar but had different flows.

'Then, if I match the flows here...'

As the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation moved to match the flames of the blast furnace, the size of the flames decreased and the heat increased by more than double.


The frying pan glowed red as if it would melt, and the surface of the dragon meat began to turn brown very slowly. Finally, the meat began to cook.

'So, this is it. Even with the same attribute, instead of addition, there's a way to multiply...'

Don't seek enlightenment while cooking! You have a knife stuck in your brain right now!

Wrath shouted when Raon was learning a little more about the attribute of fire.

'Okay, okay.'

Raon exhaled a stale breath and focused on the flames. As he was carefully cooking the meat so that the juices would not run out, he heard the sound of a door being kicked open behind him.


Aris, holding a bottle in each hand, leaned against the wall. Although she usually wore a casual and carefree outfit like swimwear, today, it seemed even more carefree, possibly due to being drunk.

"Are you really going to eat that?"

She burst into laughter as if she couldn't believe it when she saw the dragon meat.

"Yes. There's something important I need to eat it for..."

"I've heard many people say I'm peculiar, but not to your extent."

Aris said with a faint smile as she approached. Her hair swayed, emitting a cool and refreshing scent of sea flowers.

"I don't think so..."

Raon shook his head. He thought that even if he was strange, he was not as strange as Aris.

"Is it starting to cook now?"

"Yes. It didn't work with the flames of the blast furnace alone, so I added my flames."

"I'll help."

Aris giggled and approached him, placing her finger on the blast furnace. A colorless wave spread from her finger, and the heat inside became even stronger.


The meat sizzled, releasing an enticing aroma as it cooked faster.

Now is the time! Pour the butter!

Wrath gestured quickly to pour the butter onto the pan.

Raon nodded and placed chunks of butter on the pan.

The butter melted instantly, turning into a golden liquid. It seemed ready to stick to the pan entirely if left a little longer.

Pour the meat into the butter liquid!

'Why am I doing this?'

With her mind blank, Raon poured dragon meat into the melted butter, Aris, who had put down her bottle of alcohol, approached him.


"I have a gift for you."

"A gift?"

Raon stopped and tilted his head.

"Do you remember the promise we made before setting out to hunt Kaibar?”


He recalled his initial request for the Sea Serpent Heart from Aris.

'Now I can finally make my mother's artificial energy center.'

Although Drake Heart was obtained early on, the inability to acquire the Sea Serpent Heart had been frustrating. Finally, the completion was within reach.

He naturally smiled when he thought of how happy Silvia would be.

"It seems you really love Sylvia."

Aris smiled and curled her lips.

"At times like this, you're just like me at my age."


He couldn't say yes or no, so he closed his mouth.


Aris drew a brighter smile and opened her spatial pocket. As Raon eagerly watched her hand, a bone glowing with an intense light suddenly popped out. It wasn't the Sea Serpent Heart; it was Kaibar's Dragon Heart.


She extended the Dragon Heart as if urging Raon to take it.

"Why... this?"

"As you mentioned the need to create an artificial energy center for your mother or my sister, you should use the best material.”

Raon did not take the dragon heart and licked his lips.

If it were for himself, he would want to refuse because he thinks it's too much, but since it was a material that would contribute to Sylvia's artificial energy center, it was not easy to say no.

"Of course, I'm not giving it to you for free."

When he reached out awkwardly, Aris pulled the dragon heart back. Her eyebrows narrowed.

"There's a condition."

"If it's a condition, what..."

It couldn't be an ordinary condition if she was offering the Dragon Heart instead of the Sea Serpent Heart. It was undoubtedly dangerous or challenging.

‘Maybe she wants me to join her pirate crew, or to help her with some work for a few years...?'

As he was anxiously waiting for Aris to say something, her red lips slowly parted

"My condition is simple."

Aris unfolded her previously furrowed brow, smiling broadly.

"Call me Aunt! You promised to call me Aunt if you came back alive!"


Hurry up, call her Aunt, and flip the meat! It's all burning!


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