RDM (Novel) Chapter 582

Chapter 582

Tarha treated Pyo Wol and his companions with the utmost hospitality.

Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong, the brothers, quickly bonded with Soma.

They were amazed to learn that Soma was older than he appeared.

In the past, they might not have believed Soma's words, but their knowledge had grown tremendously since they had mastered martial arts. They knew that nothing was impossible in the martial world.

Far from shunning Soma, they liked him even more.

Thanks to the brothers' company, Soma was able to shake off some of his melancholy.

Taemu Sang and Geom Yeong took Soma out of the estate.

Tarha and Sal-no tilted their glasses in unison.

Pyo Wol stayed alone in his quarters, gazing out the window.

Outside the window, he could see the pier attached to Sea Dragon Manor.

A massive ship, seemingly from the western region, was anchored at the pier.

The number of sails and the shape of the ship were very different from those in the central plains.

Just then,

"May I come in?"

Yul Ayeon's voice came from outside the door.

"Come in."

The door opened cautiously, and Yul Ayeon entered.

With her blue eyes, Yul Ayeon looked at Pyo Wol's back and then walked over to him.

She stood beside Pyo Wol, gazing where he was looking.

Yul Ayeon spoke,

"It's the Heavenly Dragon Ship, a treasure of the Mara Law Sect."

"It looks solid and robust."

"It's unparalleled in strength. If that gigantic hull rams into any ordinary ship, it would shatter."

"Why has the treasure of the Mara Law Sect come here?"

"The Chief Justice knows that we have settled here and sent temporary support. It's both to commend us for reclaiming Mahondo and to show gratitude."

Under the Chief Justice, the Mara Law Sect has three Justices.

One of the three sold the sect's treasure, Mahondo, to the Ghost Fleet, causing great damage to the Mara Law sect.

Fortunately, thanks to Pyo Wol, Mahondo was safely retrieved, but the Mara Law Sect was put on alert.

With the Heavenly Dragon Ship, the Chief Justice showed his support for Tarha and Yul Ayeon, who had settled in the Sea Gate City.

Although the support was supposed to be temporary, it was sent until the two could firmly establish their position.

Thanks to that, the Sea Dragon Manor easily became the master of the City.

Pyo Wol asked, "So have the Mara Law Sect's martial artists also come here?"

"Yes! Currently, thirty of them are staying at the Sea Dragon Manor."

"But they're not visible."

"They don't like to make public appearances."

"Is that so?"

"Yes! They prefer to operate in secrecy. Even the manor’s attendants have hardly seen their faces."

"I see."

"But what brings Master Pyo to this place?"

Yul Ayeon turned her head to look at Pyo Wol.

Her blue eyes filled with Pyo Wol's reflection.

"The Ghost Fleet has sneaked in here."

"The Ghost Fleet? Is that true?"

"It’s only a conjecture so far."

"Why do you think they are here?"

At Yul Ayeon's question, Pyo Wol recounted the events that had transpired.

The incident at the New Moon Manor, how Go Il-won, the Ghost Fleet Leader, harbored a grudge against him, and how he killed Yong Ha-sang, instigating a clash between the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall.

"Surely there's no place to hide such a huge ship in the Yangtze River."

"To hide a tree, the forest is the best place, and to hide a massive ship..."

"A place like Sea Gate City, filled with large ships, would be ideal."


"But we haven't seen any ships that we suspect are part of the Ghost Fleet."

"They've probably disguised themselves as ordinary merchant ships."

"I understand. I'll send out the Red Turban Association to check if there are any suspicious ships."

"Thank you!"

"There is nothing to thank you for. Master Pyo Wol, you are our benefactor."

Yul Ayeon gave a slight smile.

She already had a mysterious appearance, and the light coming through the window made her look even more beautiful.

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Her blue eyes, in particular, shone mystically.

Her pupils shone like blue jade and had the power to mesmerize anyone who looked into them.

Yul Ayeon stared at Pyo Wol with her blue eyes.

Pyo Wol, undeterred by the intensity of her gaze, reached out and wrapped his arm around Yul Ayeon's waist, which was as slender as an ant's.

tightened his grip, pulling her close, and pressed his lips to her red ones.


Yul Ayeon took a deep breath and embraced Pyo Wol.


In the Sea Dragon Hall, Jang Ha-Moon was tipping his wine glass alone.

The moonlight streaming through the crack in the window only added to his loneliness.

"Damn it!"

He swished his drink in his mouth and looked out the window.

The Sea Dragon Hall was not only tranquil, but eerily silent.

This was partly because it was late at night, but also because the sect had become smaller than before.

Ever since the Sea Dragon Manor had been established, the Sea Dragon Hall had been reduced to a shadow of its former self.

In the Sea Dragon Manor, there was Tarha, a martial artist of unparalleled skill.

Jang Ha-Moon's martial arts were undoubtedly extraordinary. However, they couldn't be compared to Tarha's.

In addition, the workers of Sea Gate City, the Red Turban Association, sided with Sea Dragon Manor.

In the end, the Sea Dragon Hall was battered from all sides, and its power dwindled. Many disciples left, leaving the Sea Dragon Hall desolate.

"If it keeps going like this, there will be no Sea Dragon Hall. I need to do something."


Jang Ha-moon threw the wine glass he was holding at the wall.

Luckily, it did not break, but the drops of wine splashed all around. Yet, Jang Ha-Moon did not even blink.

At that moment,

"Mansion Lord!"

The voice of Chief Woo Gun-Chang rang out.

He had rushed in, startled by the noise from the room.

He hastily opened the door and entered.

Woo Gun-Chang looked at Jang Ha-Moon's face and the liquor cup was rolling around the room. He quickly realized what had happened.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine!"


"Will you join me for a drink?"

"Mansion Lord!"

"Join me. I have no one else to drink with."

"All right."

With no choice, Woo Gun-Chang sat down in front of Jang Ha-Moon.

Jang Ha-Moon filled his cup to the brim.

"You've been through a lot."

"It's nothing."

"How's the situation lately?"

"We've completely lost the Upper Dock. I'm sorry."

Woo Gun-Chang bowed his head.

There were three docs at the sea gate city, Upper, Middle and Lower docs

The Upper Port was the largest, where most of the ships docked. Because of its deep water, almost all large ships docked at the Upper Port.

For this reason, the stakes are also the highest.

Even if you combined the lower and middle ports, they couldn't even match half the profits of the upper port.

That's why the Sea Dragon Hall paid the most attention to the Upper Harbor. When they heard that they had been completely robbed of it, they felt a surge of anger inside.

"Was it taken over by the Sea Dragon Manor?"

"The Red Turban Association didn't cooperate, so we couldn't hold on."

"This is miserable."

Jang Ha-Moon put down his glass.

Woo Gun-chang couldn't bear to drink either.

The two sat in silence, looking at each other.

"You seem to be in a predicament."

Suddenly, someone's voice was heard.

"Who's there?"

"What kind of guy......."

Jang Ha-Moon and Woo Gun-chang were startled and jumped to their feet.

Their faces were full of caution.

This was the Sea Dragon Hall.

Hearing a stranger speak inside meant that the security had been breached.

In Sea Gate City, there was only one martial artist who was able to break through the Sea Dragon Hall's defenses and enter.

That was Tarha, the master of Sea Dragon Manor.


They thought it was Tarha and drew their weapons. But contrary to their expectations, the man who appeared before them was not Tarha.

He was a huge man, dressed in a coat made of animal hides.

Jang Ha-moon and Woo Gun-chang broke out in a cold sweat when they saw him.

The man exuded an unearthly aura.

It was as if they were facing a gigantic whale, an immense pressure bearing down on them.

They had never seen anyone with such momentum before.

"Who, who are you?"

"I asked you, are you in trouble?"

"Well, that's......."

"You'd better answer me honestly, for my behavior will depend on your answer."


Jang Ha-Moon swallowed his saliva.

In his heart, he wanted to draw his sword and attack right now, but he couldn't move a single finger.

He felt as if he were trapped under a massive boulder, even breathing was difficult.

He had never felt like this before.

The same was true for the Chief Steward, Woo Gun-chang.

Cold sweat formed on his forehead.

'We are no match for him. Why is such a master here?'

Woo Gun-chang quickly looked at Jang Ha-Moon.

At the same time, Jang Ha-Moon was also looking back at him.

Jang Ha-moon's eyes were asking how they should react, but there was no way that Woo Gun-chang would have a clever solution.

To them, the man before them was a disaster waiting to happen.

The moment they defied his words, they felt that everything in the Sea Dragon Hall would be swept away.

They had a very strong premonition about that.

At that moment, Jang Ha-Moon seemed to gather his thoughts and opened his mouth.

“Yes, we are indeed in trouble.”

“The cause?”

“Because of Sea Dragon Manor.”

“So, if Sea Dragon Manor is removed, will you escape this predicament?”

“That... yes.”

Jang Ha-moon answered truthfully.

There was nothing more to hide.

"You're saying that if Sea Dragon Manor is eliminated, you can definitely take control of Sea Gate City?"


“Then, I will eliminate the Sea Dragon Manor for you.”


Jang Ha-moon looked up in surprise.

Anyone who knew even a little bit about Sea Dragon Manor wouldn't be able to say such words. Tarha's martial prowess was so formidable that not a single martial artist in the region, not even in Sea Gate City, could stand up to him.

And yet, this man calmly said that he would eliminate the master of Sea Dragon Manor. To the uninformed, it might sound like the ranting of a madman. However, the aura emanating from this man had unconsciously persuaded them.

"Who are you to say you will eliminate Sea Dragon Manor?"

“I am a ghost wandering the sea.”

“The sea? A ghost?”

Suddenly, the two words combined in Jang Ha-moon’s mind.

“Then, Ghost Fleet?”

“Yes. I am the leader of the Ghost Fleet.”


Jang Ha-moon unknowingly sank to the floor.

It was the same with Woo Gun-chang.

They had only recently learned of the Ghost Fleet.

There had been a recent incident where a ship traveling between Sea Gate City and a foreign land was destroyed by an unidentified fleet near the coast.

Only one survivor.

He was a sailor working on the deck.

When the ship was attacked by the ghost fleet, the sailor lost his footing and fell into the sea.

His colleagues didn't notice him falling into the sea and so couldn't save him.

That saved his life.

He watched his ship being destroyed in a flash.

The rapidly approaching ships surrounded the one he was on like sharks. Numerous martial artists jumped from the encircling ships, forming a siege net in an instant.

They mercilessly killed the crew on board and threw their bodies into the sea.

The sailor watched the scene with his mouth agape.

The sea turned red in an instant, and sharks attracted by the smell of blood came to tear at the corpses.

It was nothing short of a miracle that the sailor survived.

Meanwhile, the fleet that had plundered the sailor's ship had disappeared in a flash. There was a flag with the character for "ghost" on the largest ship of the fleet.

The sailor was rescued by a passing ship while clinging to a floating piece of wood.

The Sea Dragon Hall learned of the existence of the Ghost Fleet through the sailor's testimony.

There had been rumors of a fleet plundering ships before, but this incident had revealed their true nature for the first time.

“My goodness! The leader of the Ghost Fleet.”

The owner of the Ghost Fleet, Go Il-won, continued to speak.

"Instead, there is something that the Sea Dragon Hall needs to do for me."

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