TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 525

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Chapter 525

Raon did not simply release the energy of Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem, which he had driven into Kaibar's neck.

He used the Flame Dragon Art with Heavenly Drive and Heavenly Heavy Cannon with the Blade of Requiem to maximize the destructive power.

The sword strike that exploded inside Kaibar's body was the strongest dual sword technique he could perform at the moment. It was a sword strike that even the transcendental Arise would admire.


A terrifying aura from Raon's overwhelming power swept through, and a rain of crimson blood dyed the sea like a red shower.


Raon looked at Kaibar's wound through the pouring blood and twisted his lips.

‘He's still holding on like this?’

Kaibar, the mad dragon, did not die. More than half of the flesh and bones of his neck had fallen off, but it was not completely broken.

Perhaps, as he approached the ancient dragon's age, his physical strength seemed to reach another level, evident in his ability to endure the two sword strikes even though they hit within the scales. To be honest, it was absurd.

‘No, it's my fault.’

He should have aimed a bit higher.

Before Kaibar regained his senses, he should have sent out the sword strikes targeting the thick neck just above the torso.

‘Damn it…’

He wanted to tear off the neck that was half left and cut Kaibar's breath, but his body didn't move properly because he had used too much power at once.


When Raon raised his arm with difficulty, Kaibar screamed the loudest he had ever screamed and flailed his arms. He looked like a trapped beast struggling to survive.


Kaibar, as if determined not to die like this, desperately turned his head toward the sea and jumped in.

He realized that the only available path for survival was to escape into the deep sea.

"I won't let you!"

Raon clenched his teeth and thrust Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem into the fresh flesh beside Kaibar's wounds.


At that moment, Kaibar's neck entered the sea. He almost lost his grip on Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem because of the wriggling and pressure of his huge body.

‘I'm confident in my endurance more than anyone else.’

Raon operated the Absorption of the Snow Flower to prevent separation, stuck to him, making sure not to let him escape.

When he tried to attack again with a little accumulated energy, new flesh began to grow on Kaibar's neck, which had been torn off by more than half after being hit by Flame Dragon Art and Heavenly Heavy Cannon.

‘Regeneration magic? No, is it healing magic?’

He didn't know exactly what it was, but the blood stopped, the flesh sprouted, and the bones regenerated. It seemed that he was trying to escape until he healed his wounds.

Raon looked at the flow of mana working on Kaibar's wound and twisted his lips.

‘With this level of consumption....’

He activated the Ghastly Flow of Mana by injecting the coldness of Glacier into the Blade of Requiem.


The mana flow that was healing Kaibar's wound was cut in half like it was cut with scissors, and blood began to flow again.

Raon looked at the sight and put his strength into his left hand, which was holding the Blade of Requiem.

‘It works after all.’

All the magic Kaibar had used so far were 8th or 9th circles, and there were too many of them, making it difficult to read the flow.

However, the healing magic he had used a little earlier was not deep in terms of the level of the circle, only the mana was thick, so he could break the flow with the Ghastly Flow of Mana.

[Magic nullification? You won't make it to the end!]

[It's still a long way off.] (this is Raon's dialoge, from this point in the sea, he will use the same [  ] as the dragon)

He twisted the Blade of Requiem and unleashed the heat of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation on the blade of Heavenly Drive.


A scarlet flame erupted in the sea, then subsided, leaving Kaibar's wound even larger.


Kaibar roared in pain and swam faster, but Raon clung to him like a leech, using the Absorption of the Snow Flower technique to its fullest extent.


Whenever Kaibar attempted to cast healing magic, Raon used the Ghastly Flow of Mana to cut off the flow of mana.

[You, you bastard! How long are you going to keep interrupting me?!]

[Until you die.]

Raon gritted his teeth and formed the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation Revolving Sky on Heavenly Drive. The sphere of heat concentrated in the sword's blade bared its sharp teeth at Kaibar's remaining flesh and bones, which were now almost gone.


The Revolving sky exploded, tearing Kaibar's wound even deeper.

Now that his bones were all exposed and only a third of his flesh remained, Kaibar's neck still remained unbroken.

'How is he able to withstand this?'

He has surrounded his body with thick mana inside and out to prevent his neck from breaking.


Raon was so focused on fending off Kaibar’s struggles that he hadn't even been aware of this fact.

The King of Essence hopes his meat is as sticky as his tenacity.

Wrath was still talking nonsense at this moment.

'You really are...'

Give a little more effort! The end is in sight!

He was now cheering for the first time, contemplating eating dragon meat. Strangely, it felt like strength was surging within him.


Raon cut Kaibar's flesh with Heavenly Drive, cutting off his mana again as he tried to cast a healing magic.

He couldn't easily pierce through due to the lack of aura, but he forced it in with his superhuman strength.


Ice-based magic poured down from Kaibar's head.

It wasn't a high-grade spell, so it could be blocked by the Ghastly Flow of Mana of the Blade of Requiem, but Raon didn’t remove the Blade of Requiem to halt the healing magic.

'I have to endure it with my body.'

In a fleeting moment, Raon switched to footwork technique.

Moving his body like a willow leaf in the wind, he dodged the onslaught of magics.


Clothes tore, flesh was scraped, and blood splattered, but fortunately, there were no fatal wounds.

'My stamina is running out.’

I need to finish this quickly.

Raon gritted his teeth and created Glacier's coldness on the blade of Heavenly Drive.


There was almost nothing left of Kaibar's flesh and scales. The end was truly in sight.


Kaibar stood motionless, emitting a muffled groan, while opening his jaws engraved with the mark of Aris' sword.

[Get lost!]

The dragon's tongue spread out for the first time since entering the sea. Even though he was resisting with the Absorption of the Snow Flower and the power of his body, his arms and legs shook as if they were about to fall off.

Indeed, the dragon's tongue. It is a power that exerts a terrifying force, but the dragon was also very tired, so its power was significantly reduced compared to when it was fired at Aris.

'I have to hold on!'

If he was pushed back like this, Kaibar would return with all his physical wounds healed.

Raon couldn't allow Kaibar to retreat, as letting him go would be equivalent to turning the sacrifices of his comrades into futile deaths.


Raon rotated the Ring of Fire, intensifying the power of his soul. The achievements and emotions of the demon king that he had accumulated began to unite as a single will, pushing back the coercive force exerted on his body.

‘Never fall!’

Wrath told him that the way to resist the dragon's tongue and the spell was to put on the opposite will on himself. He did not let go of the two hands holding Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem, and chanting the will like a vow.


Kaibar's dragon's tongue continued. Kaibar was also prepared to die, so the power of the dragon's tongue became stronger.

'No matter what!’

Raon endured, biting down on the flesh inside the cheek until blood appeared.


[Are you afraid of the blue demon king?]

When Kaibar's dragon's tongue was about to continue, he brought up Wrath.

[What kind of nonsense are you talking about!]

[The blue demon king has appeared in the center of the continent, so the fact that you are killing humans here means that you are afraid of him, right!]

Raon prepared to unleash the accumulated will after blocking Kaibar's dragon's tongue by provoking him.

[I will not fall for it again!] 

[Stop Moving!]

But Kaibar was not stupid. After immobilizing Raon's body with dragon's tongue, he poured out magic. It was amazing that he could operate mana at that level, even in the middle of this.


I have to hold on.

He screamed inwardly and wrapped his will around his motionless body. He gave vitality to his stiff limbs and put all his strength into his right hand holding Heavenly Drive. 

[H-How can you move your body!]

Kaibar shook his slit eyes in disbelief.

[You trash lizard pretending to be strong in front of the weak. It ends here!]

Raon stared at the trembling dragon's eyes and thrust Heavenly Drive deeper. The flames swirled on the blade submerged in water, creating a dazzling glow of heat.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

Flame Dragon Art.

The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's sword technique that had given Kaibar the biggest shock once again breathed fire in the depths of the sea.


The dragon's breath (Flame Dragon Art) bit into the dragon's neck, finally crushing the bones and flesh that had held out to the end.


However, even with Kaibar's neck and body separated, he did not die. Enormous mana moved under the thin neck, forcibly keeping his breath.

'Is it the dragon heart?'

Raon thrust Heavenly Drive into Kaibar's broken neck. Running along the sword marks that Aris had carved, he climbed up with determination.


After running along Kaibar's neck, he thrust the Frost Pond into the scales under his jaw, where the thickest mana was emanating.


The flesh was torn and a round bone wrapped in a rainbow-colored mana was revealed. It was the Dragon Heart, a concentration of the dragon's life force.

[That, that's enough!]

While Kaibar focused on regenerating his body, he screamed.

[I, I was wrong! Stop it! Please!]


Raon clenched the Dragon Heart in his hand and raised his head.

[Yes! I will never kill a human again. No, I will never appear in front of a human again!]

Kaibar begged for his life, promising not to come out of his nest again.

[That's a good idea. But…]

Raon bared his teeth like an animal and gripped the dragon heart as if he was going to shatter it.

[You should have said that before this fight started!]

Utilizing remaining strength, Raon forcefully extracted the Dragon Heart buried in Kaibar's flesh, causing a burst of blood that dyed the sea red.


Kaibar's flesh and veins exploded like a bomb, and the sea was soaked in blood as if it had turned red.


Raon looked up as he sank into the sea, holding the dragon heart in his hand.


Kaibar writhed like a worm that had been stepped on, letting out a low moan as if his breath was about to be cut off.

[I, I am....]

He couldn't even utter a dying wish, His eyes lost their light, and his life finally ceased. 


Raon closed his eyes. He had no strength in his limbs. He wouldn't faint, but he didn't think he could get out of this sea right now.

‘If I can't get out, then I'll die here…’

He felt his back touch the body of Kaibar, who had lost his life. He opened his eyelids with difficulty, and Aris with her sunset-colored hair and a sparkling octopus were approaching him.

'Heh, I'm not going to die.'

Raon relaxed for the first time since the battle began. He waved to Aris and the octopus, or rather, Labawin, who were swimming towards him.

'It's over.'

*     *      *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:


Kuberad gripped the railing of the deck, his hands trembling.

'How on earth is this turning out?'

Kaibar, after being hit by a fatal blow from Aris and Raon, even abandoned his dragon's pride and fled into the sea.

He thought it would be right to withdraw for the time being because the situation was not good, but Raon followed Kaibar by stabbing his sword into his flesh.

Two warships capsized as a tidal wave surged up as if it had been hit by a typhoon. It seemed that Raon and Kaibar were continuing their terrifying battle without stopping even in the sea.

As soon as Aris and Labawin recovered some of their strength, they went into the sea to save Raon, but he couldn't help but worry.

'If you die, I won't be able to face Vulcan. Please...'

Kuberad bit his lip as he looked at the sea that began to stir again.

'Just come back alive!'

Originally, this fight wasn't Raon's. Aris mentioned that it would help Raon's recovery, but upon closer inspection, he could have returned to Zieghart instead.

He began to feel guilty for asking this young child, who had a bright future ahead of him, to help him in this brutal battle.



Nuan and Morin had their eyes closed with their hands clasped together, as if praying for Raon to return safely. It wasn't just the two children. All the crew on the ship were also looking at the sea, praying for Aris and Raon to return safely.


When the silence was broken by the sound of the water rippling violently, Kaibar's head emerged, rising up like an explosion in the center of the sea. There were deep sword marks on his lips and eyelids, but he still looked intact.

“Ka, Kaibar....”


“Th-The dragon's back!”

"So, what about the others...?"


The crew of the warship looked at Kaibar's face, which had become even more ferocious after the battle, and seemed to be terrified.


Kuberad also let out a heavy breath with a pale face.

'So Raon and Aris...'

Are they dead?

If Kaibar has resurfaced, it likely means that Raon, along with Aris and Labawin, who went to rescue him, have perished.

The pain in his heart was more intense than the despair of dying from now on, for the children who had disappeared in vain.

‘I'm sorry…’

Kuberad bowed his head with Morin and Nuan in his arms. He turned his back, He turned his back, hoping that the two children would not suffer even if he died.

However, as time passed, Kaibar remained silent, not launching any attacks.

When he turned his trembling head, Kaibar's neck began to rise. There were savage sword marks on his neck, like lines drawn with a rough brush, and a wound that looked like it had been blown up in the middle. It was the location of the dragon's heart.

"Wa, wait!"

As Kuberad stood up, Kaibar's face and neck, on the other hand, lost their strength and tilted.


Kaibar's neck was ripped off and floated up on the sea, and after a vibration that shook the ship, Kaibar's body, which seemed to cover the horizon, also rose.

Raon, Aris, and Labawin were sitting down on Kaibar's body, which had lost his head.

"Th-The fact that the neck has completely torn off means…”

"It means, it's dead."

"I-It’s dead! Kaibar the dragon is dead!"

The crew sat down, embracing each other and shedding tears.


"It's over now!"

People erupted in victorious cheers for killing the dragon and mournful cries to console the deceased.

Listening to the roars of the humans creating waves in the sea, Kuberad bowed his head towards Raon.

"Thank you. Really, thank you..."

*     *      *


Raon spat out salty water from his throat and exhaled rough breaths.

'Fortunately, it ended well.'

Kaibar was as strong as his reputation, and also a persistent bastard. He was a guy who even abandoned his pride as the strongest race and ran away, If his stamina and mental strenght had faltered even slightly, he wouldn't have won. Now, finally, he felt relieved

"Good job."

Aris smiled coolly and patted his shoulder.

"I wanted to finish it myself, but it ended in your hands."

She nodded with a look that wasn't regretful but rather admiring.


Labawin bent his waist at a right angle.

"This Labawin! I was truly moved! If I had no master, I would have followed Raon-nim for the rest of my life!"

He kneeled down and punched his left chest, where his heart was located.

"It's all thanks to Lady Aris spicing things up for me."

Raon smiled weakly and shook his hand.

"No need to be humble. That was your doing."

Aris chuckled, pointing at the dismembered corpse of the mighty dragon Kaibar.

Raon silently smiled as he looked into the lifeless eyes of Kaibar.


As he was taking a breath to quickly recover his strength, he heard the laughter of Wrath.

Since it's submerged in seawater, you don't need to make the liver separately!

Wrath chuckled, suggesting it would be easy to cook Kaibar now.

'Really tired... huh?'

It was when he was shaking his head and pushing Wrath away.


A huge amount of mana poured in from Kaibar's dragon heart, which he was still holding in his hand.

The pure and vast mana quickly spread to the mana circuits throughout his body, filling the lower energy center and middle energy center with energy, and flowing into the upper energy center.


Closing his eyelids, Raon focused on the mental world.

The cold water of Wrath, which had frozen the mental world, was erased, and the dark hole that seemed to have no end was filled with blue water. The cracked ground filled up, and the swords that were stuck in the ground flashed with new light.

As the constant chill that stimulated his mind completely disappeared, it felt as if all the chains binding his body were suddenly released.


The divine sword and the demonic sword, which had disappeared after Wrath was descended, revealed themselves.

'I see them again.'

As he smiled while looking at the brilliant and eerie blade, a blue sword made of water appeared from the hole that was being blocked.

'That sword is...'


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