IBRV (Novel) Chapter 133

C 133

I was left speechless by the words that hit like a lightning bolt. My father's face distorted grimly.

"If you're going to say nonsense..."

"Of course, I am quite generous with my beauties and babies, but..."

Arma's cold gaze fixed on my father.

"If you're getting presumptuous, I'll get angry."

A malevolent energy emanated from Arma, who smiled cheerfully. My father, who was always arrogant, felt his shoulders trembling.

While I tightly wrapped my arms around my father's neck, Arma withdrew her energy.

"It's okay, it's okay, this time I said something wrong. Don't look at me like that, let me speak until the end..."

Arma raised her arms and shrugged. It seemed as if she was looking at him with resentful eyes.

"The Cha Miso from that world needs to die."


"Originally, Cha Miso's death date determined by the star guardian was when she turned 30. However..."

I suppose that's what I avoided.

That day, I died without avoiding a car.

Even though I could have avoided it, I didn't.

I kept my mouth shut at Arma's words.

"So, you must go back and live until you're 30. And then die."


"At this moment, your soul exists somewhere between the bodies of Eirin and Cha Miso."

Arma raised a finger and explained.

"That's why it keeps going into Eirin's body and then returning to Cha Miso's body."

"So, what you mean is when Cha Miso dies, her soul will settle in Eirin's body?"

"That's right, but it's the star guardians that are causing problems here."

Arma nodded at my response and continued speaking.

"Those star guardians can steal souls in the middle. So, what we need is your father, Erno Etham."

Arma's fingers moved from me to my father this time.

I let out a brief sigh and waited for the next part of the story with a tense face.

"At this moment, you and Erno Etham are imprinted."


"The reason the imprint that should have been done correctly isn't solid is because Cha Miso is involved. If you die on the other side in the meantime, the imprint between you and Erno Etham will become stronger."

I looked at my father with wide-open eyes. Dad also looked at me, then back at Arma and nodded.

"The moment the imprint is complete, you will already become a soul belonging to my realm, so the star guardian won't be able to touch you carelessly."

Arma said, straightening her shoulders with pride. The bridge of her nose seemed to have risen significantly.

The expression on her face looked proud.

"Of course, it seems the star guardian will interfere, but as long as you have a strong will to return alive, you'll be fine."

Arma flew and touched my shoulder and said.

Feeling the kind words and firm hands of my father, I felt that it would really happen.

"If you become happier than anyone else in the world, the star guardian will eventually have no choice but to give up and let you go."


Arma nodded.

"They don't need a happy soul."

Those were really sad words.

Saying that someone has to be unhappy for a certain world is like saying that the misery of a few people doesn't matter.

I felt bad thinking that the world created by unhappy souls would be happier than any other.

"An already happy soul, whether poor or not, doesn't long for anything more, nor does it attract or risk their life for it because the soul itself is full."


That would be it.

Cha Miso has always felt lonely. Just as I felt lonely, she longed for someone and affection.

I dreamed of a happy world. It was hard to believe that I was born in this way.

"I see."

"A dreaming child is one who longs. The moment the longing disappears and the dream comes true, the 'dreaming child' awakens."

I laughed awkwardly when Arma said that she was happy and didn't need to imagine anything else to be happy.

"However, as long as you do it, you won't be able to go back to Eirin, and time will pass here."

"What does that mean?"

"...How much is that?"

My father, with a rigid face, asked.

"So, this is something everyone here has to agree on."

It's not something I can do alone.

As she added, I clenched and unclenched my fists.

Doesn't this mean that eventually I'll have to move away from my father?


"If you don't like it, you don't have to do it, Eirin."

Dad said as he held me in his arms.

"Of course, there is a way to protect you even if you don't. But this baby has to stay here."

Arma said, pointing at young Cha Miso. If you say that, there are limits to what I can say.

"I... will do it."

"You can spend about seven years in this world's time when you return here. Is that still okay?"

"But you said that if I do that, I can be free."

"That's right."

"Then neither I nor that girl will be alone."

I knew better than anyone how much loneliness devours people.

So, I couldn't make a decision solely for my own selfishness. I closed my eyes slowly and opened them.

"I will do it."


Dad called me. My father, who was holding me in his arms, seemed somewhat anxious, so I hugged him tightly.

"Dad, it's okay."

"I won't be able to bear it if something goes wrong."

"I won't hurt myself, right?"

"I don't know if the star guardian might contact you in the meantime..."

Our cute child will resolve that.

Arma pointed at Lucilion. Lucilion came closer to me and kissed the back of my hand.

"I'll use Arma's power to place a protective shield on my mistress's soul."

"The star guardian probably won't be able to easily find her."

"Plus, this beauty will help Eirin grow safely in this world."

So, that's why you said everyone needs to agree. It's something I can't do alone.

"And the imprint can't die in the meantime."

Arma's gaze settled on my father.

Shortly after, Arma explained that this was the only way to sever the ties completely.

"You will become Eirin, and this child will be taken in by me and reborn in my world."

I nodded as I listened to Arma's voice saying that this is how she can escape the star's reincarnation.

"It's okay."

"Very well. All you have to do is die safely on the appointed day."

"Do you mind if I do something in the meantime?"

"I don't mind."

Arma extended her hand and embraced young Cha Miso. Before I knew it, my father had been pushed far away.

Judging by his wrinkled face, it was clear that Arma had forcibly expelled him.

"Can you give me some time?"


"Unless it's necessary, right now. I also want to say goodbye... I have to tell my friend that I won't see him for a while."

Also, I couldn't keep them waiting indefinitely like last time. At least it was necessary to convey it directly.

"It's okay for about a week. Anyway, it wasn't something I would do immediately."

"A week later..."

"A week later is the day when the power of the sun is strongest. It will take place on that day at noon."

I nodded calmly. Arma yawned a lot and waved her hand in the air, and soon, a door of pure white light was created.

"Go ahead, rest a little for today."

I looked at young Cha Miso.

When I was about to ask her if she was okay, the girl simply smiled silently and clicked her lips.

"All your questions will be answered that day."

It was like a silent lullaby.

I looked at her dazedly, then obediently fell into my father's arms.

"Come on, Eirin."

Dad turned with me in his arms, as if he didn't want to stay in this space for one more second.

Dad entered through the door of light.

"I guess we won't be together for long, Dad."

"...Waiting is nothing. I wouldn't mind if you decided..."

Dad slowly placed his forehead against mine and lightly rubbed it.

"If you don't want to, tell me clearly."

"If I say I don't want to..."

"I'll find another way."


I hated seeing my dad sacrifice himself even more. It was probably something he would have to do at some point.

My heart began to beat faster as I realized everything I was about to uncover.

I couldn't tell if it was fear or anticipation.

What is certain is that it's time to end this eternal loneliness.

"Okay, then I'll be by your side and protect you. Until the day of your return."

I closed my eyes slowly as I listened to my dad.

"We have to part again."

However, this will be our final parting.



I could hear the sound of gears trembling as if they were breaking. It was already signaling the end.

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