TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 524

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 524

[Your eyes resemble that of the Blue Demon King.]

Kaibar growled, revealing his teeth, which were larger than an adult man.

[I don't want to see those eyes anymore.]

As the words finished, magical spells, difficult to count due to the surging natural mana, blossomed like spring flowers.

Beautiful mana flow tainted with deadly intent, each spell was an instant-death magic. One wrong move, and not a trace of flesh would remain.

[Die like a bug!]

As Kaibar sneered and nodded, and a cascade of magic rained down, a meteor shower of spells filling the entire sky.

"Yeah, enough with the crazy lizard talk. Let's just fight!"

Aris bared her teeth and slashed at the incoming magic with her sword. A strange distortion occurred on the red blade, cutting through the endless flow of magic.


As the sword and magic clashed, countless explosions occurred in the air. A dark mana storm rose up, and the entire sea seemed to be about to turn upside down.


As Raon swallowed his dry saliva while watching Aris and Kaibar collide head-on, Wrath gasped.

So, it was that lizard! No wonder his face looked familiar!

He clapped his hands in realization.

‘It was indeed you. What on earth have you done!’

Raon frowned at Wrath, looking at him.

'You damn gluttonous demon!'

He knew he was a glutton, but he couldn't have imagined that his actions would create a mad dragon.

The King of Essence didn't do anything!

Wrath shook his head, saying that he didn't do anything first.

'That crazy lizard was the one who got beat up by you, right?'

The first ones to provoke the King of Essence were the lizards! Didn't you see? As soon as those lizard pests appeared, they attacked!

'Hmm, that's...'

When Wrath was fighting with the Holy Sword Union leader and the White Blood Religion leader, the golden dragon that suddenly appeared did not engage in any conversation and simply unleashed its breath.

From what he saw, it seemed likely that similar incidents had occurred before.

'What happened?'

A long time ago, the King of Essence sensed an interesting rage (anger/wrath) and descended to the human realm. It was before the King of Essence helped the glasses guy.

The person Wrath calls "glasses guy" is Lohengreen, whom they met in a dungeon before. Since Lohengreen fought a war with Merlin about 500 years ago, this means that it was a much older event.

When the King of Essence provided assistance to the enraged human, explored the human realm for a while, and was about to return to Devildom, a dirty black lizard appeared.

'It's black dragon!'

The bastard fired it’s breath without warning, so the King of Essence beat it up a little, then told it to buzz off, but it got even crazier and charged at me.

Annoyed, the King of Essence just killed it.

'You just killed it...'

Raon sighed as he looked at Wrath.

'Do you really think of dragons as lizards?'

Wrath spoke of the dragon, the strongest race in the continent, as if they were no more than pests.

The King of Essence became so annoyed that he turned to go back, only to realize that the lizard's body was being roasted by the fire it had shot. The enticing smell led him to take a bite (the dragon), and surprisingly, it was delicious. The King of Essence was just about to prepare to eat it properly, he appeared. 

Wrath pointed to Kaibar, who was still casting magic.

At that time, he was much smaller than he is now. The King of Essence blocked his breath with the Silver-White Aurora and broke his horn with a single slap.

‘Single slap…’

It sounded like nonsense, but after witnessing Wrath's “true” power not long ago, there was no choice but to believe.

It was like a fisherman who caught a weak baby fish, intentionally let it go, and told it to gain some weight and come back.


And now, you've grown up well! You've really grown! It's worth letting you go.

Wrath licked his lips as if he was drooling.


Raon tilted his head.

‘But, listening to it, it seems like you didn't do anything wrong.’

That's right!

Wrath didn't kill the black dragon that breathed fire he had just knocked down, but gave it a chance to escape.

The second time, Kaibar also ran to kill Wrath, but instead of killing him in one blow, he broke it's horn and sent it back.

Honestly, even if he were a saint instead of a demon king, it would be believable.

‘The problem is not Wrath, but that creature.’

Raon twisted his lips as he glared at Kaibar.

‘he is a stray dog, not a dragon.’

If he survived after being beaten by Wrath, he should either live in hiding or prepare for revenge. Instead he was venting his anger on an innocent human.

It was a deed that even a back alley punk wouldn't do, so he didn't even feel pity. He was just a small-minded lizard, not a dragon.


I can use this.

If Wrath's story were true, what happened would be a humiliation for Kaibar. It could serve as an opportunity to shake his mind.


Raon raised Heavenly Drive and resonated the Ring of Fire. He raised to the extreme the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier at the same time and move behind Aris.


"I'll help too!"

He responded to her protest with a confident smile and stepped on the ground and activated the Supreme Harmony steps. He rushed towards Kaibar on the billowing waves.


Twisting his ankle, Raon exploded the heat that engulfed his entire body. Connecting the strength from the ankle to the thigh and the longest muscle in the waist, he swung Heavenly Drive.

[It's a meaningless act.]

Kaibar, as if he had predicted that much, placed a mana shield on his blue scales.

'This mana structure....'

He's ignoring me.

Raon gritted his teeth and stretched out Heavenly Drive to the end. He did not generate astral energy, but filled the blade with heat.


Kaibar's mana shield did not break. However, the strength that exceeded 500 points hit Kaibar's body with the shield still intact.


A thunderous noise, as if hundreds of drums were tearing apart, echoed as Kaibar’s neck twisted like a broken sickle.


Kaibar screamed with his neck trembling. His endless magic was cut off.

Raon nodded his head.

'As expected.'

Kaibar used a web Shield that breaks when the shield collides with astral energy and negates the impact.

Since he was facing the transcendent Aris, it was only natural for him to ignore Raon, the Master.

So he used the bastard's psychology. Taking advantage of the characteristic of the web shield that does not break or deflect  sword energy, he put the heat of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation into Heavenly Drive, and with all his strength, he struck the web shield with only physical force.

Thanks to this, the shield operated by Kaibar remained unbroken, and he was able to hit the bastard's body with Heavenly Drive that had received the power. The effect of the Destroyer was also triggered, producing a force greater than the possessed strength.

'I need to strike now.'

Raon did not miss the opportunity when Kaibar was not in his right mind, and climbed up his neck and swung Heavenly Drive again.


Kaibar, even in a state of shock, erected a new web shield.

However, it seemed that he only erected the shield a little thicker, thinking that the previous incident was a coincidence.

'It's a natural choice.'

After all, one would think there couldn't be a human who could tear apart an ogre with bare hands.


Raon unleashed the Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth while creating a Spiral Force on the blade of Heavenly Drive.

This time, the web shield did not break, and the impact was transmitted directly to Kaibar.


Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth is a swift sword technique that stabs in thirty-six directions in one sword, but instead of slowing down the speed, it strengthened the power by using the Spiral Force.

The tremendous impact caused Kaibar's neck to twist as if it would break.


Kaibar screamed, stepping backward in pain.


At that very moment, Aris, who had erased all magic, moved. The space slash cut down from the spot, slicing Kaibar's neck.


Yet, Kaibar, being a high-level dragon, even in agony, realized the danger of Aris' attack and raised his head.


At Kaibar's cry, Aris' sword strike, which was about to tear his neck, melted like wet paper.

‘This is the place.’

Raon drew the Frost Pond while stepping on Kaibar's neck. The racing silver blade and the icicle that followed it moved towards Kaibar's neck.

[Do you think I will allow it three times!]

Kaibar, in pain, shouted, creating a new mana shield. A magical shield with a structure completely different from the Web Shield, concentrating thick mana to prevent Raon from approaching.

'Changing the spell in this situation, impressive. However...'

I expected it.

Raon raised the corners of his mouth, summoning the polarized astral energy with Glacier.


Empowered by the imbued will, the icy blade, impervious to Kaibar’s mana shield, pierced through, stabbing into his neck.


Red blood, contrasting with the blue scales, poured out of Kaibar's neck.


Kaibar bowed his head, screaming in pain. It seemed he couldn't gather himself properly, overwhelmed by the pain experienced after such a long time.

"Lady Aris! We have to hit him more now!"

"I know."

Aris, as if there was no need to say anything, jumped into the air and struck out with a sword strike. The space blade that transcended humans descended like lightning.


Even in this situation, Kaibar knew that Aris was the more dangerous person to him. He concentrated his dragon tongue and broke all the spatial swords that Aris unfolded.

"For a dragon, you're quite foolish."

He unleashed again the Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth with the intention of slicing his neck

A red-hot heat line protruded from the blade of Heavenly Drive and rushed towards Kaibar's neck.

Kaibar couldn't use his dragon's tongue to attack Raon because he was keeping Aris in check. He could only use a shield, barrier, or defensive magic.

As expected, a translucent membrane appeared where the Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth was about to hit. The thickness was thin, but the density of mana was on a different level than before. It seemed that he was trying to reduce the damage even if it meant consuming mana and concentration.

The Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth, the sharpest swordsmanship that Raon could use at the moment, failed to break Kaibar's shield and died down. It was indeed a dragon-like mana operation.


He was prepared as well.

He drew the Blade of Requiem, with his left hand, which was wrapped in a blue whirlwinds. He unleashed Blue Rain, a technique that could destroy even the strongest barriers.

The flow of mana that formed the shield was distorted by the echo of Blue Rain, revealing a small gap.

Raon thrust the sword that was wrapped in heat into the gap and slashed downwards.

A diagonal sword mark appeared on Kaibar's neck, spraying a ferocious amount of blood.


The dragon's eyes narrowed. As Kaibar was about to fire an offensive spell, Aris's spatial sword pierced through Kaibar's spell and stabbed him in the face.

The scales on Kaibar's face were torn off, and a long scar appeared on his nose bridge.


Kaibar seemed to be in pain as his body recoiled.

Raon and Aris looked at each other. No words were needed. As the two of them drew upon their full strength to end the battle, Kaibar opened his jaws wide.


The dragon's tongue contained the strongest will that Kaibar had ever used, sent Raon flying like he had been hooked by a fishhook. Aris was also pushed back more than ten steps.


Kaibar took advantage of the opening and used a teleportation spell to retreat even further.


The dragon lifted his upper body, which had been submerged in the sea. With a strange phenomenon that seemed to split the sea, blue wings that could even cover the continent spread out along the horizon.

[I will kill you! I will kill you all!]

Kaibar spewed out a murderous dragon breath and opened his mouth.

A chilling cold emanated from his seemingly endless throat, causing the atmosphere to vibrate, and the air to distort.

'That is...'

Raon frowned as he saw the light flashing in Kaibar's mouth.

'Is it a breath attack?'

It looked like a breath attack, but the scale of the mana was different from when he fired it from underwater.

A violent wave spread, as if the entire sea was about to be frozen by Kaibar's breath.


Aris thrust her spatial sword strike, but the pressure of the mana emanating from Kaibar's surroundings caused the strike to bounce off without being able to penetrate properly.

"This is going to be tough."

Aris put the red blade back in its sheath.


“Dragons can only use three breaths a day. That guy is concentrating his mana to the point where he's willing to be unable to use breath for a while. Even a regular spatial sword can't cut through that.”

"If we can't block it, not just you and me, but everyone behind us will be wiped out."


"I will use my sword field."

Aris extended her left foot forward, placed her right shoulder at the center of her body, and placed her hand on the hilt of her sword. This was the preparation for the sword field that he had seen before.

"I'll make sure to erase Kaibar's breath. After that, it's up to you.”

Her sword field creation is a one-shot. pouring all her energy into a single strike, making it difficult to move momentarily after using it.

"I trust you. Raon Zieghart."


Raon swallowed his saliva and moved back to Aris's back. There was no choice or time. The method Aris said was the only way to win.


A freezing breath erupted from Kaibar's mouth, accompanied by a shimmering radiance.

The entire sea froze, and the sky twisted into a blinding white. A massive mana wave, as if bursting a heart, emitted a breath of chilling cold that could freeze even the soul.

[Die! You worms!]

The dragon even added dragon's tongue to his breath to increase its power. The coldness that freezes the sea in one breath was approaching right in front of them.

It was a touch of hell that no living being could stop.

"Raon. If we survive this battle, call me aunty from now on."

Aris smiled brightly and drew her sword.

"Sword field creation."

Her sword drew a graceful line, as if she had become a graceful sword goddess that had soaked up the moonlight.


Unlike her elegant figure, what bloomed from Aris' sword was a chilling killing intent.

The resolute determination to cut down everything that exists before her eyes blazed towards the sky.


The breath that was rushing in as if to erase the world was torn apart as if it were being torn apart by two hands.

The frozen sky and sea tore apart like a distorted horizon, and red blood sprayed out as if a river had collapsed from Kaibar's chest.

It was a majestic sight, as if a celestial being who had ascended to the heavens had unleashed divine punishment.


Kaibar's breath, which even had dragon's tongue added to it, was erased, and his defenseless body was exposed.

An unbelievable strike, a transcendent display of power that went beyond imagination.


Aris kneels down with her sword. It was clear that she had poured out all her strength.


Pressing against the torn space, Raon leaped forward like lightning

Even though he was operating the Supreme Harmony Steps at full power, his body felt slow.

He felt impatient because he had to get close to Kaibar before he came to his senses.

'Faster. Even faster!'

With the will. No, with a desperate heart, he moved his body and aura. It might have been just his imagination, but his body seemed to be moving faster.


He finally reached Kaibar's front, but in that short moment, the light returned to his eyes. Strong willpower. He wasn't an ancient dragon for nothing.


The dragon, with its tired throat, unleashed the dragon's tongue and activated a 9th circle spell.

'If I get hit by that, I'm done for.'

Even if he could force his way through the spell, there was no way to withstand the dragon's tongue. He had to release the weapon he had been saving here.


Raon created Silver-White Aurora on top of Heavenly Drive. The cold of Wrath, which even freezes space, froze the spell that was falling towards his head.

[Th, that ability is!]

"I am the Blue Demon King!"

He muttered while thrusting Heavenly Drive and the Blade of Requiem into the neck of the astonished Kaibar.

[Krrrgh! Wha, what nonsense are you talking about!]

"That's right. It's a lie."

Raon laughed at Kaibar, whose hands trembled with fear, as the heat and cold concentrated on the two swords exploded in an instant.



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