TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 179


Cale touched his clavicle. He felt the smooth texture of the silk.


He discovered it while washing: the change in the clavicle tattoos.

'It seems it's rechargeable somehow.'

Maxiliann. The strength the Dragon gave him surely was rechargeable. Cale sighed in relief as he realized this. Now that he had a basic understanding of how his body worked, he knew that when the eight black tattoos turned completely white, something extraordinary would happen. He might vomit blood, faint, or something similar. Of course, the Vitality of the Heart belonging to the Unbreakable Shield would work hard and quickly restore Cale's body.

'...Still, not good news.'

Raon might break the Jungwon statue this time. Cale understood that now. He knew how his companions would react when he vomited blood or fainted. Therefore, he tried not to use more than 300% of the Sky Eating Water.

'I have to be careful this time.'

I don't want to make things harder by vomiting blood for no reason.

'It would be troublesome if I faint.'

I have to return to Roan as soon as possible; I can't stay in the Central Plains for too long. Cale decided to stay on the sidelines this time in the Blood Cult, only fighting when necessary.

'Yes, it will be easy.'

Find the information and people you need. Then, destroy the core of the Magic Formation.

Cale's gaze turned to one side of the ship. He met Hoya's gaze. Without saying anything, Cale approached and sat beside him.

"It's calm here, isn't it?"

He looked around. Above, the stars shone in the night sky. Below, the calm sea route stretched out.

'Yes, the sea route.'

The path Cale's ship was taking at that moment was the only calm one. Around them, the storm raged with force. The sound of the waves was loud, and the waves were quite high. However, as if there was an invisible barrier, the waves did not reach this calm sea.

"It's an impressive Magic Formation."

Raon expressed his admiration upon seeing the Magic Formation for the first time.

"Being able to control something of this magnitude so easily. I definitely want to learn this skill!"

"When we get home, I'll show you how the mechanism of that Magic Formation works."

"Thank you, Human!"

After a brief exchange with Raon, Cale opened his mouth.

"Can we safely disembark without being discovered?"

Hoya, who had been listening silently, spoke up with a start. His voice was a bit less fearful than before. This was because of the small sense of calm that had returned to his heart, as Cale hadn't used his Aura for a while.

"Yes, it's possible. Although we'll have to endure the storm a bit."

A while later, when they started to see the lights of the island. Cale's group planned to enter directly into the storm, away from the safe route. They were going to dock at a discreet location, where patrol boats and island lights wouldn't reach.

"And now is the best time."

The current time was midnight.

"It's the time when the Priestess offers her prayers, and there are no Blood Cultists trying to enter the island by boat at this time."

So, as an additional comment from Hoya, someone suddenly asked:

"But, who is she praying to?"

It was Choi Jung Soo, with a rather curious expression.

"Is she praying to the Blood Demon?"

For the Demon Worshipers, the Heavenly Demon is the Heaven.

It was a curious question about whether the Blood Cult was also like that. But the answer came from another person.

"Hehehe. They seem to believe that the prayers are those prayers."

It was Old Baek. After fainting and waking up, he obediently followed Cale. In fact, he begged to be taken. Furthermore, he had helped confirm the truth behind the information provided by Hoya and Yun, meaning Hoya and Yun had to give all the details they knew. Hoya fiercely glared at Old Baek, but he didn't even look back.

"Then, who is she praying to?"

Cale asked, and Old Baek answered.

"To God (신). It's a prayer to God."

"...But you don't have one, do you?"

It was then...

"No, we have one."

It was Yun. She stopped, hesitating under Cale's gaze, and then spoke again.

"We have it, definitely."

Hoya, for his part, smiled bitterly. Seeing her, Old Baek raised his eyebrows.

"It seems Hoya knows the truth. Yun still seems not to know."

"...What are you saying?"

Seeing Hoya's reaction, Yun looked at Old Baek anxiously. At that look, Old Baek's lips curved even more. As if mocking.

"In the Blood Cult, we have worshiped a being known as 'God' for generations. Starting with the Priestesses."

"What kind of God is that?"

Choi Jung Soo, who was listening with interest, asked the question. Old Baek shrugged his shoulders as if feeling a little uncomfortable with his arms tied behind his back. Yun, watching this, spoke.

"It's a God. We don't give it any meaning beyond being a unique and unparalleled being."

A unique and unparalleled being. Was there such a being among the Gods? At the moment he heard those words, Cale suddenly voiced an idea that came to mind.

"...Absolute God?"

Old Baek laughed enthusiastically.

"Exactly. You're smart. Would you like to become a God?"

Cale simply ignored that suggestion and asked again.

"But there's no Absolute God, right?"

"No, there isn't."

Upon Old Baek's response, Yun looked around with eyes filled with confusion. Her pupils reflected deep perplexity. Whether she believed it or not, Old Baek continued speaking.

"However, worship can give rise to the creation of Gods. One of the best ways to nurture someone aspiring to become a God is worship. That's why they worship a God that doesn't exist yet. This way, that God's power strengthens."

Then, looking at Yun with disdain, he added.

"The God you worship is a human. It's not a God yet. Hehehe."

Yun's eyes shook ceaselessly. She looked at Hoya, who had been silent with his head down, and clenched her lips tightly.

"Young Master Kim."

Old Baek continued speaking.

"Most of the Hunters in the Blood Cult don't even know they are Hunters. They simply think they are members of the Blood Cult. They live as Hunters without even knowing it. That's the life of a Blood Cult member."

Although he looked like a scholar, his sinister laughter made him truly ominous.

"Anyway, the Blood Demon doesn't want anyone to interfere with the prayer time of this Priestess in any way."

Since the goal of the Hunter Family Leaders was to create an Absolute God, anything that aided that purpose was of utmost importance.

"So, you can go with peace of mind."

As soon as he finished speaking, Cale saw lights in the distance.

The three members of the Blood Cult spoke in unison.

"The entire island of Hainan is covered by a Magic Formation."

"It is divided into two, a territory that belongs to the Blood Cult and a territory that does not."

It is said that half of Hainan is the headquarters of the Blood Cult.

However, residents and outsiders are unaware of it.

The Magic Formation installed on the island has created an illusion for them, making them believe that their half of the island is all of Hainan.

"This is also due to the mechanical device made from the core given to us by the Dragon."

Therefore, if they were to destroy that core, they would reveal the true appearance of Hainan and make it easier to invade the Blood Cult from the outside. Additionally, Cale's current direction was leading him straight north of Hainan, towards the central headquarters of the Blood Cult. Cale looked at the approaching light gradually and said after calculating the timing:

"Did you say there are a total of five Blood Demon Successor Candidates?"


Hoya's response led Cale to organize his thoughts again.

'Blood Demon, and five Blood Demon Successor Candidates.'

And furthermore...

'The face of the new Priestess has been hidden by a celestial cloth, and it will be revealed through this event (ceremony).'

Is Princess Orsena the new Priestess?

Or the kidnapped younger princess?

Theories and speculations swirled in Cale's head.

"It's time."

With Old Baek's words, Cale raised his hand, and Chief Eunuch Wi nodded.

In addition to Cale and his group, three more people were on this ship. Old Baek, Fist King, along with a person holding the helm.

The person in charge of this ship was a middle-aged sailor. The current ship Cale was on was a warship used by mercenaries for covert operations, meaning it was painted black, and despite its small size, it was very sturdy.

"Hold on tight, everyone."

With the captain's order, the ship changed course. Everyone, including Sui Khan, who was on the deck, entered the inside of the ship.


The rain pounded on the ship. The shakes of the waves shook the boat due to the strong waves.

Humans, I will deploy the shield!
Raon launched the shield around the ship.

Cale crossed his arms and contemplated the stormy sea, where even the lights of the island dimmed and were barely visible. Amidst this dark landscape, the ship moved quickly and discreetly towards the island, having turned off all its lights. The process was abrupt, but the experienced captain did not lose sight of the direction to his destination. Of course, Raon also provided some help in the process.


The ship shook so violently that Cale was left paralyzed.


At that moment, the Sky Eating Water whispered.

Do you want me to calm the sea?
It was a voice full of excitement. Cale realized he was stroking his clavicle unconsciously, he could only feel the texture of his clothes.


He shook his head firmly.


A disappointed tongue click was heard, but Cale ignored it.

'That's enough.'

With this, the ship should be able to reach the island without issues. It wasn't such a long distance after all. In fact, it was almost too close, posing a problem.

"I think it's done."

Finally, with the captain's words, the ship slowly came to a stop. Cale stepped out. He stood on the deck.

A calm stretch of coastline after the storm. However, in a place away from the light of the island, all he could see in his field of vision were rugged coastal cliffs.

Just then, Old Baek came out, his back to Ron, and his chin pointing to one side.

"There's a cave there."

A small cave appeared between the rugged cliffs.

"We can climb up there. No one will see us."

He smiled.

"That's where we throw useless things that failed in our early experiments. No one comes by there."

For some reason, Cale wanted to slap the smiling old man on the back of the head.


...Beacrox gave him a hit. Seeing Ron's gaze, Beacrox casually nodded and lifted the Old Baek Ron had on his back.

Then, one after another, the two candidates came out with their hands tied behind their backs, and next to Choi Han was Blood Cultist No. 7 with a pale but calm-looking face.

Despite being bound hand and foot, No. 7 did not protest in any way. He only occasionally looked at Choi Han's hands, making no attempt to resist.

"Let's go."

With Cale's words, the group disembarked from the ship. The Fist King and the captain stayed behind. They decided to wait for Cale's group to return.

"Chief Eunuch Wi, do you remember what you have to do?"

"Yes, Young Master."

Then, Chief Eunuch Wi split from the path. There were matters he had to attend to on Haenam Island.


Cale, with his feet on the ground, headed without hesitation towards the cave.

-I will light the fire!

The voice of the invisible Raon was heard.


Cale tried to say not to light the fire, but he fell silent upon seeing the firelight that had already ignited.


Raon said nothing either.

Everyone silently looked towards the cave.

There were countless skeletons inside the cave.

They were lives sacrificed during the Blood Cult's early experiments in creating Jiangshis.

It was a scene reminiscent of the ancient alchemy laboratory under the Mogoru Empire.

Cale raised his head.

The cave's ceiling was completely pierced, and all the bodies must have fallen from above.

The only thing Cale could say at this moment was:

"Let's go up."

Raon's flight magic lifted everyone. Cale slowly looked outside the cave's roof. In the distance, bright lights could be seen. In the center of those lights were buildings of a beautiful and dazzling blue color that seemed as vivid as daylight but were not drawn on Cale's map of Hainan Island.

It was as if an underwater city had surfaced.


Raon whispered softly in his mind and revealed his front paws, which were previously invisible, to point in a direction.

"I sense something there. It has the energy of a Dragon."

A beautiful blue building that rose over ten stories. Raon pointed there. Cale's gaze turned to Old Baek.

"That's right, there's a core there. That place is also where the new Priestess is. That place is called Heavenward."


Head towards the blue sky.

Cale murmured.

"This is convenient."

The Magic Formation Core given by the Dragon was there, as well as the Priestess.

"Let's go."

Cale headed towards the small city of the Blood Cult, shining with blue light.

At that moment, Hoya and Yun's gazes met. Their eye contact soon faded, but their blue hair seemed to shine a bit more than before.

And Choi Han was watching.

He remembered what Cale had told him.

'No matter how terrified they are, when they return to their territory and home, they will forget that fear and terror.'

Cale had told Cho-i Han.

'So stay alert. Those guys will stab you in the back.'

Choi Han looked into empty air and nodded slightly.

-Human, human, Choi Han has sent a signal.

The corner of Cale's lips twitched upward.

He remembered the items in his subdimensional bag.

<Sun Cloak (Rank: Mythical)>

This was an item Cale had received as a reward from Xiaolen.

This is an item used by the first person in Xiaolen to become a God; this item had been used by that person. Cale had avoided using it until now because he knew it could get him into awkward situations. However, he was willing to use it if he had no other choice, as it had an Ancient Power that he could use without vomiting blood or experiencing noticeable side effects.

"Are you talking to me? Haha."

The Dominating Aura.

No matter how much he used it, he had never vomited blood or experienced side effects. That had been what he learned from his previous experiences. Although it had been strengthened this time, Cale was pretty sure his body wouldn't collapse from using this power.

Cale remembered one of the effects of the Sun Cloak.

<Majesty Enhancement>
Cale thought as he looked at the cloak.

'What if I use this along with the Dominating Aura?'

Wouldn't it be imposing?


The Dominating Aura's voice echoed with astonishment. Cale ignored it, but he knew the time had come to use the cloak.


He also ignored the voice of the Sky Eating Water.

I can't faint, right?

Cale just wanted to get home as quickly as possible.



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