TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 178


"We can't sail tonight; the waves are turbulent."

As Sima Pyeong, the Evil Alliance Leader, stated, the current situation at sea was not conducive to sailing. Coastal ships were firmly anchored due to the high and turbulent waves.

Cale stepped out of the carriage and took refuge in a small waiting room, shaking off the rain from his shoulders. Then, he spoke.

"Evil Alliance Leader, General Commander, why do you think this is happening?"

Sima Pyeong and Jegal Miryeo quickly approached Cale as he spoke. However, Cale continued without paying attention to their reactions and continued speaking.

"I received reports that a storm started here at the port since yesterday. Especially, I was informed that all sea routes to Haenam are blocked."

"Young Master-nim."

Cale handed his long cloak to Ron and then sat on a nearby chair. Naturally, Chief Eunuch Wi headed inside the waiting room to serve tea.

"Furthermore, I've heard that in other areas, the weather is calm, and these extreme weather conditions only affect this port. Also, according to records, at some point, this port has experienced unusual weather changes with occasional storms. All sea routes to Hainan are blocked, and the sea and weather have become extremely dangerous."

Cale tapped the table with his index finger.

"What do you think is happening?"

His gaze shifted to Sima Pyeong and Jegal Miryeo.

Jegal Miryeo had a dry mouth. She had met Young Master Kim after a long time, but he was different now. While he used to have a soft feeling, he was now sharp like a freshly sharpened sword.

'And also, the atmosphere among Young Master's followers seems to have changed.'

However, they didn't seem impatient. Clearly, there was a more relaxed atmosphere among them. Yet, it was a kind of calmness akin to the serenity felt in the hand holding a sword ready to be wielded at any moment.

"I don't think this is a natural reaction either."

Sima Pyeong's response came from the side. Young Master Kim's eyes turned to Jegal Miryeo, who spoke without hesitation.

"Undoubtedly, it's a Magic Formation."

And then she added:

"Usually, I haven't witnessed a case where a magic formation affects the climate of a region and its adjacent sea. Based on my knowledge, I consider it entirely impossible."

That was what her common sense told her.

"However, according to records of ancient masters in the art of Magic Formation, they achieved changes spanning mountains, fields, and the sea."

Though she had considered those stories as mere legends or fairy tales, she began to think they might have been real at some point. Observing the traces of Young Master Kim, Jegal Miryeo came to that conclusion.

"Is the answer correct?"

Then, Jegal Miryeo asked Young Master Kim.

"I've heard that you have a candidate with great skill in Magic Formations by your side. I suppose you know the answer to this phenomenon. Are you satisfied with our answer?"

The corner of Cale's lips lifted slightly.

"Yes, General Commander. This is half Magic Formation."

"...Then what's the other half?"

At that moment...

"Let me explain!"

A Black Dragon appeared out of nowhere, sticking out its chubby belly.

"Oh, is it Magic, Master?"

Sima Pyeong blinked as he looked at Raon with bright eyes.


There was a moment of bewilderment in Jegal Miryeo's eyes.

'Does he have a Master and Apprentice relationship with a Dragon?'

Unaware, when she pursed her lips in that moment, Raon spoke.

"No, this is not Magic. It's a Magic Formation. But the Human is correct. It's half Magic Formation."

"What do you mean by that...?"

Seeing Sima Pyeong's reaction, Cale continued speaking.

"In short, this Magic Formation was built using materials from other Dragons like Raon here. When the Magic Formation was created, they enlisted the help of these Dragons to build it in the form of a kind of mechanical device that can be controlled."



Jegal Miryeo was speechless, and Sima Pyeong let out a sigh. Both seemed to be contemplating the meaning of Cale's words for a brief moment. Watching this, Cale recalled the information he had obtained from Old Baek and the candidates.

One of the candidates, Yun, had said:

"It's a Magic Formation built with the help of the Purple Blood Family."

Purple Blood Family. In other words, it meant a Magic Formation built with the help of Dragons.

'I'm not sure, but the core of the Magic Formation is at the center of the main base. It is said that this core was obtained from the Leader of the Purple Blood Family.'

The Leader of the Purple Blood Family. That Dragon was the current Dragon Lord of the Apitoyu World. Of course, it was said that he was unable to properly use the Lord's power because the ring had been taken from him.

"Young Master, does that mean we have to deactivate the Magic Formation to stop the rain?"

Facing Jegal Miryeo's question, Cale looked outside the window.


The rain continued to fall heavily. However, it was so natural that no one would think this change had been intentionally caused.

"To deactivate the Magic Formation, we must eliminate the core at the center of the Blood Cult," said Cale.

Candidates Yun, Hoya, and Old Baek had also said the same.

'The only way to stop the rain is to destroy that core at the center of the Blood Cult.'

Jegal Miryeo's expression became more serious, and Sima Pyeong spoke.

"Young Master, despite that, there must still be a maritime route, right?"

Cale looked at Sima Pyeong with a satisfied smile on his face, and the latter spoke with a smile.

"I heard that the Blood Cult is planning a major event, so high-ranking officials are gathering. Since the number of people moving is quite large, they have cut off sea routes to hide their movements. This means there is a safe boat route only for them going to Hainan. Doesn't that mean the Blood Cult members have their own safe route to Hainan?"

Raon nodded.

"My Disciple is really smart!"

"Thank you, Master."

On the other hand, Jegal Miryeo still had a serious expression. She looked at Cale and asked:

"But, can we use that boat route?"

She turned to the map spread out on another table.

"I am sending troops to Hainan as quietly as possible from all the Central Plains right now. I am pretty sure that the maritime route used by the Blood Cult, no matter how secure it is, won't be able to withstand a large number of people. If so, it would have been exposed by now."

At Cale's urging, she continued.

"The basic scheme of our plan is to assault Hainan and wipe out the Blood Cult in one stroke. Until then, we have to keep our movements as hidden as possible and focus the Blood Cult's attention on Yunnan and Nanman."


Sima Pyeong crossed his arms in agreement. He paused for a moment, then looked at Young Master Kim.

"The most effective method we can choose here would be..."

Cale interrupted again and asked.

"What do you think?"

Jegal Miryeo continued what Sima Pyeong had said so far.

"It would be to infiltrate in smaller numbers and destroy the core of the Magic Formation in the Blood Cult headquarters. Then, all forces receiving that signal would enter Hainan simultaneously."


Even with the strong sound of rain, her voice did not drown out.

"According to the information I have received, there is a Blood Cult headquarters in Hainan, but most of the people in Hainan are common civilians. Infiltration discreetly and simultaneous destruction of the Blood Cult. That is the way to minimize the damage."

It was the only way to reduce the real fighting time and the least amount of damage to common civilians.

After finishing speaking, he looked at Kim Haeil.

He nodded slowly with a smile on his face.

"That's how we should do it."

Cale had also come to a similar conclusion before. He just wanted to confirm it.

"Even if I'm not present, with both of you in charge, you should be able to effectively lead a large force."

This statement made both of them pause for a moment.

"That means..."

Sima Pyeong's voice had a note of surprise. He looked at Cale, and Cale spoke casually.

"I will lead the infiltration."

Cale would be the first to infiltrate the Blood Cult.

"That, that..."

Jegal Miryeo was suddenly surprised. Then she spoke calmly.

"Young Master, infiltration has many risks and difficulties."

In other words, it was a dangerous task where you didn't know when you could die.

"Young Master, you are the person who should lead our Three Factions Alliance. You are the focal point, like a gravity point. Wouldn't it be better for you to stay here and handle overall coordination? That's the most challenging, but..."

So, instead of such a dangerous task, coordinate and lead everyone toward a common goal. Jegal Miryeo said that, and Sima Pyeong expressed his agreement with silence.

Cale tilted his head to the side at that and then let out.

"If there are many risks and difficulties, shouldn't I be the one to face them?"

To infiltrate the Blood Cult without anyone finding out. Of course, it would be difficult.

But would they trust this task to normal factions, be it the Three Factions or the Demon Worshipers?

There was no one to trust.

'How can I entrust this to people who don't even know that the Blood Cult exists?'

Cale's expression turned gloomy. Jegal Miryeo and Sima Pyeong remained still as they saw Cale's cold eyes.

To hell with it, he thought.

'And it won't be too difficult for me.'

I can just use the Candidates and Old Baek and let them do their job, right? Number 7 will also get involved in this matter. He said he would do anything as long as he can escape the clutches of the Pinnacle Demon.

'Some people are good at fighting.'

People like Choi Han or Choi Jung Soo.

'And if things get tough, we always have a corner to escape to.'

We can set coordinates and simply escape with Raon's Teleportation Magic. But what if we let others take care of that?

'It would be complicated.'

In that case, I will do it myself.

"Also, once I'm done with the Blood Cult's matters, I will leave this world. I have no intentions of coming back. So, as for leading the Three Factions Alliance, I trust that the leaders of each group can handle that."

Cale spoke honestly. Of course, if he mentioned that someone was leaving this world, Jegal Miryeo wouldn't understand it as actually heading to another world or dimension, but anyway, Cale didn't want to get involved in the complicated task of balancing opposing forces.

'I've done what I could.'

How much has he suffered so far? Now they should be able to handle their affairs properly on their own, right? Cale's expression grew increasingly gloomy. And Jegal Miryeo felt her back sweating.

'What did he say?'

What did Young Master Kim just say?

'That he will leave this world? That he won't appear again?'

Is he leaving the Murim and disappearing into hiding?

'Oh, that's what's happening.'

Indeed, until now, Young Master Kim has had this power, but he hasn't appeared in the world.


Jegal Miryeo felt like all her energy was fading away.

'What the hell was he thinking until now?'

She had told the Murim Alliance Leader that he should go to Hainan and restrain Young Master Kim, who could unify this Murim. However, the person in question had practically dealt alone with the difficult task of bringing together the three factions so far, rejecting leadership and willing to take on the most dangerous and difficult tasks himself.


She realized for the first time how limited her capability was. Moreover, she realized how deep and vast Young Master Kim's mind was.

'He's not stupid.'

This intelligent person must know that he can unify and dominate the Murim if he wishes, even with overwhelming support from allied forces. Despite that, he rejects it and only seeks the well-being of the Murim and, ultimately, peace in the Central Plains.

At that moment, Young Master Kim's voice was heard. Jegal Miryeo looked at him as if enchanted. He said:

"If I send a signal, can I trust that you will send reinforcements to Hainan immediately?"

This shouldn't be the case. Jegal Miryeo really wanted to follow Young Master Kim. She wanted to serve such a great person and hand over the world to him. However, Young Master Kim didn't want that. So, the only thing she could do was one thing.

"Yes. You can trust me."

Without thinking about anything else, only the eradication of the Blood Cult. That's all she had to focus on. Jegal Miryeo finally saw clearly after a long time. With his shining eyes and Sima Pyeong's serious gaze, Cale nodded.

"I've also spoken with the Demon Worshipers. You should talk to Brain Demon-nim."

The Demon Worshipers would arrive a bit later.

And with this, Cale concluded his conversation with the leaders of the different factions.


Then, he returned to his assigned accommodation and met with his group.

"Our mission is clear now."

Cale nodded at Team Leader Sui Khan's words. In reality, he had some additional reasons to take on the infiltration.

"Yes, destroy the core of the Magic Formation."

At the same time.

"Information about the two Princesses of Duke Orsena and, by extension, about the Blue Blood Family. And any information that might have reached the Blue Blood Family Leader..."

Cale's gaze shifted to Choi Jung Soo and Choi Han. Now that they knew about the cooperation of the Blue Blood Family with the Purple Blood Family, dominated by the Dragons.

"Find information about Choi Jung Gun, Apitoyu, and the Purple Blood Family is essential."

Cale spoke as the rain fell heavily.

"Let's move immediately."

There was no need to waste more time. Moreover, Cale wanted to return to Roan soon, as there were also matters to attend to there.


In the turbulent sea, a ship rose.

And then, the eight water droplets engraved on Cale's clavicle.

Four of them returned to their original black color, while the other four remained white.



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