TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 180


As they approached the place where the blue lights were shining brightly, Cale's expression began to subtly change.

'Looks like not many people are sleeping.'

From his hiding spot in the bush, Cale looked down and observed people on the surrounding hills and alleys.

-Human, everyone is wearing masks!

As Raon had mentioned, many people walking through the streets and alleys wore masks. These masks had white faces with large blue tears drawn on them, giving them a strange appearance. Additionally, they all wore white clothing under the blue lights, adding an eerie feeling to the sight of Blood Cult followers dressed in white with white masks under the blue lights.

"They really look like true cult members."

Cale, hearing Choi Jung Soo murmur quietly, looked at Old Baek. Then, Old Baek opened his mouth. His voice was also low.

"The time for the Priestess to perform her prayers is over, so all the followers are returning home."

"Do they perform prayers in Heavenward?"

Since the Priestess had mentioned she would be there.

"Not exactly. Only a handful have permission to enter Heavenward. There are several pavilions dedicated to prayers scattered everywhere. There, they follow the instructions of the Venerables."

"The Venerables?"

"Those recognized by the Blood Cult."

Cale stared at Old Baek for a moment as he obediently responded and then looked away.

"Let's go in."

With those words, Cale took a mask out of his pocket and held it in his hand. The clothes he wore under the coat were already white, as required by the cult's nighttime attire.

'In the Blood Cult, it's necessary to dress like this at night.'

Cale had already obtained this information from the three Blood Cult followers who had been talking to him. His gaze turned to Hoya and Yun, who briefly stopped when they saw him.

"Let's play our roles well."

With those words, Choi Jung Soo approached the two.



While the two shrugged, Choi Jung Soo put black bags over their heads as planned. As he watched this, Cale's gaze turned to Blood Cultist No. 7.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, of course!"

No. 7 put on the mask enthusiastically. He positioned himself at the front, followed by the others, taking their positions as planned by Choi Han. Additionally, Old Baek stood beside Cale at the back.

"If we continue like this, we should be able to get close to the entrance of Heavenward without any problems."

Old Baek spoke confidently.

"No Blood Cultists will dare to approach those leading prisoners who have violated the law. They will all avoid eye contact."

Heavenward. The way to enter there was simple. Cale and his disguised group would move with the Candidates dressed as Cultists who had violated the law, the greatest sin among Blood Cultists.

Then, they would split the people into two groups: one waiting outside Heavenward and the other entering. Those who had secretly entered using Raon's invisibility magic would destroy the Magic Formation Core.

Afterward, those waiting outside would confirm the signal and immediately launch a large signal flare.

Then, allies waiting on the coast, once confirmed that the sea had calmed down, would set sail to Hainan Island.

That was the main objective of the plan.

'And those entering must also search for the Priestess.'

Cale mentally reviewed the plan once again and then nodded.

"I will go."

With a nervous response from No. 7, Cale entered a small city, too big to be a village, shining in blue even in the middle of the night.



Old Baek's words were true.

Those who saw the two candidates with their faces hidden by black hoods either moved out of their way or turned their backs.

And they tried not to look at Cale and his group.

-Human, they're not very strong, but they all seem to have learned basic martial arts!

While listening to the information provided by the invisible Raon, Cale and his group headed towards Heavenward with a brisk pace that showed no desperation. Of course, they chose a path that allowed them to avoid prying eyes. All thanks to Old Baek and No. 7's guidance.

-However, human, those blue lights seem a bit strange. They're not Magic or a Magic Formation. Something seems unusual.

Cale looked at the blue lights filtering into his white robe. Like electric poles he had seen in Korea, blue lights hung on tall poles and shone in all directions, illuminating even the darkest corners of the street.

'That's not good.'

Silently observing, Cale felt that something was amiss, but he decided it was just a strange feeling.

-Human, we're almost there!

Following Raon's words, they would soon arrive at a small square where the Heavenward building stood.

'I'll have to ask them to speed up a bit.'

Just as Cale was about to say it, feeling a bit reluctant, No. 7 stopped walking.


It was because Choi Han had grabbed him by the shoulders.


Then, Cale's expression hardened. Team Leader Choi Jung Soo, Ron, and Beacrox put their hands on the handles of their respective weapons.

-Humans, this is strange.

The atmosphere around them changed.

'The number of people with weapons has increased.'

Moreover, there were quite a few people moving in procession in the small square.

They seemed to be patrolling, or perhaps looking for something.

And some of the people leading them seemed to hold high positions.

"...How did they find out?"

Old Baek murmured without realizing it, but then he startled. Cale's cold eyes turned toward Old Baek.

"No, it wasn't me."

Then, Old Baek realized that Cale's gaze was pointing above his head toward a lamp emitting blue light at that moment. Right then, Cale's hand moved.


A groan came from Hoya's mouth. He wanted to say something or protest, but Cale pushed him against the alley wall.


Then, Cale removed his hood.

It was at that moment, under the blue light, that his appearance was revealed.


A laugh burst out of Cale's mouth. The corners of his lips twisted unusually.

The blue hair turned black under the blue light.


Hoya's eyes met Cale's.

As Hoya tried to avoid eye contact with a frightened expression, Cale whispered softly.

"You've been found out."

Blue Blood Pavilion.

It was where the Blood Demon, the most dignified person of the Blood Cult, resided.


"Yes, Mother."

The Blood Demon Successor Candidate, Myung, knelt before the Blood Demon, head bowed. She couldn't look into the eyes of the Blood Demon without permission.

"Hoya and Yun, have they returned?"

"Yes. I have detected their auras."

"I heard they were expelled from Yunnan, but did they come here on their own or as hostages?"

Myung lowered her head even deeper. It wasn't the time for her to answer. The response would come when the Blood Demon decided.

"The answer is already clear. Hoya and Yun did not choose to escape. Myung-ah, what about the Priestess?"

"As soon as I sensed the auras of Yun and Hoya, I moved her to another location."

"Eun and Baek. Did those two children go to meet Hoya and Yun?"

"Yes, Mother. They will handle it soon."

"Good. I have to attend an important event, and I don't want any noise."


Myung felt someone standing.

Here, only the Blood Demon could move without permission, so she assumed it was the Blood Demon.


Sounds of fabric moving were heard. Myung, head bowed, could see strands of white hair in her field of vision. Under the blue light, the white hair looked blue. But she closed her eyes. She must not look disrespectfully at her mother.

"It seems I must intervene."

Myung's body stopped.

"Something doesn't feel right. It seems this is not just a typical Murim trick."

The voice was soft, but Myung was trembling all over. It was natural. The cold aura she radiated, an aura so icy it cut through the breath, made her body shake.

"The latest news from Hoya was that he was expelled from Yunnan to lure the Murim to Hainan, right?"

"Yes, Mother."

"That's a lie."


The air moved. It wasn't wind. Rather, it was like sea mist floating over the ocean. Invisible energies began to move. This was because the Blood Demon took a step forward.

"Our paradise has been discovered."

The Blood Demon passed by Myung.

"They surely went to Heavenward. The only way Murim can enter this paradise is by calming the sea. Thanks to Hoya and Yun, who showed them the way, they now know they can solve that by destroying the core. Myung."

"Yes, Mother."

"You must kill Hoya and Yoon."

Myung's body trembled intensely.

"Yes, Mother."

She thought to herself.

'How foolish.'

Hoya and Yun weren't fools. They were rather cunning. They had returned here because they wanted to survive. They should have tried to provide information about the enemy to the Blood Cult, except for the explanation of the blue light reacting to their hair. That would be the only way to gain some favor. But Myung had a single answer for their choice.

'They should have committed suicide.'

That was the best answer they could have given. Just as Myung's expression began to harden, the voice of the Blood Demon was present.

"Myung, you decide whether to kill them painfully or not."

"...Yes, Mother."

"Myung-ah, lift your head."

Myung relaxed her expression and lifted her head. Then, she smiled.

"Myung-ah, your smile is truly beautiful."

"Thank you, Mother."

The Blood Demon stroked Myung's short hair before retreating from the room, walking at a neither fast nor slow pace. Myung followed her. She had a feeling that this night would be long.

'Do you really want to live like this?'

She stopped walking. Not too long ago, in a world whose name had been erased. She remembered the time she had visited that world. A world where she had stopped to fulfill her mother's orders.


She remembered the man she had met there.

'Do you really trust the dragons?'

That young man who smiled ironically, sometimes appearing like a child and other times like a young man.

'Don't you dislike where you are now?'

Myung recalled that person who had shaken her already unstable heart.

'Who are you to tell me these things?' Myung expressed her frustration and displeasure towards him.

'Me?' He responded with a playful smile. 'Who am I?' You haven't even bothered to say who you are, and yet you dare to speak to me like this. Also, it seems you're not from around here. Don't you know that if I catch you, you could die?"

He continued:

'Are you curious to know who I am?'

Hmm. After pretending to think about it for a moment, he finally described himself.

'I am a Dragon Slayer.'

She remembered his carefree smile.

'I am a Dragon Slayer, and furthermore, the first Dragon Slayer.'

Myung quickly cleared her thoughts. He was someone she had briefly encountered, like the wind, and would never see again.


She took a deep breath as she continued walking. The blue light shone in her eyes. She couldn't escape from this place, not since she was born. She could only follow that light.


Then it happened. A gigantic roar echoed. In her eyes, she saw something in the shape of a Black Dragon rising into the sky and bringing down the roofs of nearby buildings.

'What's happening?'

What had happened so quickly? She quickly headed toward the place where she heard the roar.


When he realized they had been discovered, the action Cale could take was simple.

"Choi Han."

Choi Han tightened Hoya's neck, with Choi Jung Soo beside him. No. 7 was also there.


Ron removed the bag Yun used to cover his face. Despite his fear, Yun's smiling face was exposed to Cale.


However, Yun soon groaned. Ron had his neck gripped from behind. Beside him were Beacrox and Team Leader Sui Khan.

"Excuse us."

Soon, the two groups, centered around Choi Han and Ron, moved in opposite directions.

One to the west, the other to the east.

At the same time, Cale let out a chuckle.

He saw Choi Han wielding his sword.


The Black Dragon-shaped aura brought down a building.

"Human, as always, Choi Han does very well!"

I mean.

He always does very well.

And right now, he's doing a good job drawing attention.


And then he destroyed again.




And again.

"...Human, is it okay to continue like this?"

...I don't know.

Cale simply ignored the sight of Choi Han running wild. His gaze turned toward Heavenward.

"Shall we go?"

Raon responded to Cale's question.


Cale, Raon, and Old Baek were the only ones left.


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