TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 481

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Chapter 481

“The Five Divine Rulers Conference….”

Raon looked at Mekein and laughed coldly.

“Is that supposed to be a copy of the Six Kings Conference?”


Mekein shook his head calmly, even though he knew he was being mocked.

“The personalities of each of the forces that make up the Five Divine Rulers are starkly different. To be honest, I’m wondering how the five groups, including our White Whale, came together.”

He was right. The White Whale had the feel of a Black Market brought out into the open, and the Martial Spear Association from the day before reminded him of South-North Union.

It was obvious that the other three groups would also have different characteristics. It was only natural that they needed to exchange opinions, as those who had no connection to each other had come together to avoid the scrutiny of the Six Kings.

“It is essential to have a meeting to coordinate the opinions of the five different groups. It is a necessary procedure, unlike the already completed Six Kings.”

Mekein frowned, recalling that they had even stabbed each other during a meeting in the past.

“Why are you calling me to such an important meeting?”

Raon released the hands he had been clasped behind his back and turned completely to Mekein.

“Because you came to represent Zieghart.”

“I’m not the real representative.”

“Sir Rimmer is nowhere to be seen, so I have no choice but to deliver the message to you.”

“Then can I send our leader?”


Mekein's answer was slightly delayed this time.

‘Heukgeumje wants me to come. Is she plotting something again?’

Of course, he had no intention of sending Rimmer to the meeting, but just knowing what Heukgeumje was thinking was a significant gain.

“No matter who attends the conference, We want to show that the Five Divine Rulers does not have any hostility towards the Six Kings.”

Mekein bowed his head, saying that there was nothing else to their intentions.

“What about the other Six Kings? Did they not come?”

"For now, Owen and the Balkar Kingdom have not given any response."

"That's expected."

Raon nodded calmly.

‘They probably consider it as a form of disrespect.’

The Five Divine Rulers' city of Barena is just above the trading city of Cameloon, and Owen and Balkar are located on either side of it.

It was clear that those two kingdoms would have a bad feeling towards the Five Divine Rulers, as they built a city by cleverly using the neutral area.

“From the Beast Union, um…”

Mekein trailed off. When he thought of the savage face of King Ogram, it was obvious what would have happened to the envoy sent there.

“From the Magic Tower, they sent someone even faster than Zieghart.”

“From the Magic Tower?”

Raon’s eyes widened.

‘I thought they wouldn’t come.’

It was unexpected that the Magic Tower, which he thought would be no more likely to come than the Beast Union, sent someone so quickly.

“Who came?”



He had heard rumors. She is a young magician called a genius who came out of the Magic Tower every 100 years, and he heard that she rarely appears in public, her presence here was unexpected.

“Not only the Six Kings, but other neutral forces’ leaders are also invited, so I would like you to attend if you would.”

Mekein bowed his head again.

"Are the Black Market and Yonaan family also invited?"


“When is the conference?”

“Tonight. It will be held together with the first banquet.”


Raon frowned, looking up at the sky.

"Isn't it usual to inform about such things a few days earlier?"

"There was someone who opposed the disclosure of the conference, but he only changed his mind this morning. We are trying to show our sincerity, so please understand."


Wrath shook his head so fast that his pupils were invisible.

Didn't you make a promise with the King of Essence? Tell him to go away!

He gritted his teeth, saying that he must not go.

'Well, I'm sorry, but...'

Raon shook his head, holding Wrath's head.

'I think I have to go. Let's postpone the dinner appointment a little bit.'

It is not often that you have the opportunity to meet all the leaders of the Five Divine Rulers at once. It is the right thing to do to attend the meeting and find out what they are thinking.

You already reserved a restaurant and paid for it!

‘That’s fine. The Light Wind members can eat it. I’ll tell them to leave a little for you.’

It doesn’t taste good if it’s been eaten!

'It can't be helped.'

Ugh! Damn heavens! What a messed up world!

Wrath' body turned back into strawberry-flavored cotton candy.

It won’t do! Just hand over your body!

‘What are you suddenly talking about…?’

Last time I couldn't eat ice cream, and this time it's lobster and pork feet. I'll freeze everything that's interfering with the King of Essence's meal!

Saliva was dripping from Wrath' mouth as he revealed his anger.

I’ll eat it well and return it immediately! Hand over your body right now!

'Eat it well?'

Ah, no, I'll use it well!

'Wipe your mouth before telling lies…’

* * *

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After putting on a black formal suit over his black dragon coat, Raon left his room.

Encia and Denning Rose were standing in the lobby, but the two of them were in stark contrast.

Denning Rose wore a darker dress than yesterday, as if she had come to a funeral, and Encia wore a bright-colored shirt and pants that seemed to be between a work suit and a dress, as if she didn't care about the meeting.

"Are you two ready?"


"...It's ruined."

Unlike Denning Rose, who answered calmly, Encia slumped her shoulders.

"What happened?"

"The photos."

Encia raised her camera and bit her lip.

"All the photos in my spatial pocket disappeared while I was sleeping!"

"Since you have many of them, if only some of them missing…”

“No way! Because only the A-grade ones disappeared!”


"It means the best-taken photos."

Denning Rose explained about A-grade. When he looked at her, she turned red with embarrassment.

"It's clear that someone who knows sir Raon very well took only the well-taken ones out of the A-grade!"

As Encia was grinding her teeth, the door to the lodging opened and Rimmer came in.

“Oh? Where are you all going in your fancy clothes?”

Rimmer scratched his head with a bottle of liquor in his hand.

"As the representative of Zieghart, I have been invited to the Five Divine Rulers Conference. Will the leader go as well?”

Although he had no intention of letting him come along, Raon asked Rimmer if he had any thoughts of going.

"Ugh, why should I bother going there?"

As expected, Rimmer responded with the anticipated answer, shaking his bottle.

"You know I trust our vice leader, right? You handle it yourself!"

He smiled brightly and patted his shoulder.


"That's our division leader…”

"He's just a good-for-nothing."

"This is crazy, really."

The Light Wind swordsmen sighed as they looked at Rimmer, who seemed drunk.

"Just let him be..."

Martha shook her clenched fist, as if wanting to rush out and beat him.

However, contrary to their thoughts, there was no smell of alcohol from Rimmer.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the swaying Rimmer.

"Is something wrong?"

"You seem upset.”

Rimmer was different today. He couldn't explain the exact reason, but it felt like his emotions were boiling like lava.

"Why would I be upset? I'm in a good mood."

Rimmer denied it completely, raising suspicions even more.

Your words are correct.

Wrath nodded as he looked at Rimmer.

That pointy-eared guy is angry.


I didn't like him since I first saw him because of that.

'What do you mean?'

That pointy-eared guy has deep anger at the bottom of his soul, but he doesn't show it. 

He frowned, saying he was a fool who was not honest with his emotions.

‘Then did I sense his strangeness because of his anger?'

'Why is he suddenly getting angry?

It's obvious. Because he lost all the money!

Wrath tapped his head, wondering why he didn't know such a simple thing.

'It doesn't seem like that.'

Rimmer doesn't really get angry no matter how much money he loses. Sometimes it seemed like he intentionally tried to lose money.

"Ah, I'm getting angry."

Rimmer approached and grabbed his collar.

"They say you've taken all the money from the casino, so the they are madly collecting the money from the suckers! I lost everything too!"

He narrated how desperate he had been in the casino, and then headed to his room.

'It's not because of gambling.'

Raon frowned as he looked at Rimmer's staggering back.

'I'll have to find out later.'

* * *

Raon, Encia, and Denning Rose headed to the Five Divine Rulers Conference hall in the center of Barena, accompanied by Mekein.

Today, the real festival begins, so the way to the conference hall was filled with people. There were no gaps to step on, overlapping with the warriors, merchants, travelers, and spectators.

If it weren't for the path cleared by White Whale, it would have been quite a struggle for them to bring Denning Rose and Encia.

“This is the conference hall of Barena.”

Mekein, who had been leading the way, bowed his head calmly and pointed to the building that soared into the sky.

Perhaps to elevate the recognition of the Five Divine Rulers, the conference hall was as grand and imposing as Owen's castle, resembling more a palace or temple than a meeting place.

“Please come in.”

“Thank you.”

Raon nodded to Mekein and opened the door of the conference hall.

The giant iron door opened silently, and at the same time, elegant moonlight poured down from the glass-finished ceiling.

The corridor where the elegant moonlight was scattered seemed like the Malten stairs that can approach God.

‘It's splendid enough to be considered sacred.’

Generally, the weaker the animal, the more it hides itself in the midst of splendor. It felt that the Five Divine Rulers did not have the true prestige, unlike the power it possessed.

Raon took a deep breath and stepped on the red carpet. With a calm step with power, he moved towards the center of the conference hall where a rectangular table was set up.

Even though they arrived on time, there were not many empty seats. From the atmosphere, it seemed that the others had arrived a long time ago.

He turned his gaze to the other side. Only Dumtkan of the Tven family who he had a spar yesterday and Byton, the commander of the Holy Knights, were seen. Not only them, but also a number of leaders and heads of neutral forces that could be heard were taking seats. It was really true that they had invited many people.

Heukgeumje who was sitting at the top sent a wink. There was a man and a woman sitting next to her, but the aura that naturally bloomed from the two made his fingertips tremble.

‘Are they the remaining heads of the Five Divine Rulers?’

The woman with blond hair on the left was sitting with her arms crossed and holding a sword, and her eyes were so sharp that it was hard to look at her properly. That woman seemed to be Bridget, who had the nickname the Evil Sword Queen. 

On the right side Heukgeumje, there was an old man with white hair, and his eyes were narrow, as if he was always smiling. In contrast to Bridget, he exudes a warm atmosphere, but this man who makes the chest more uncomfortable was definitely the Dark Sword Master, Derek.

Because three of the heads of the Five Divine Rulers were together, this huge conference hall looked like a corner of a room.

“Please sit down.”

Raon finished exploring and gave the seat to Denning Rose and Encia first. When he was about to sit down last, the door of the conference hall opened again.

“Of course you came!”

As he scratched his head, Demon Killing Spear who came in waved his hand.

“How are you going to entertain me today?”

He smiled and asked to create something fun again.

“I didn’t come here to entertain you.”

Raon shook his head as he looked at the Demon Killing Spear heading towards the top seat.



“D, did the White Sword Dragon just talk to the Demon Killing Spear in a casual tone?”

“Is he crazy?”

“What the hell is he thinking….”

The heads of the neutral forces who were sitting at the table stared with wide eyes.

“That's true, but I'm still entertained just by looking at you.”

In fact, Demon Killing Spear, who heard the casual tone, did not even get angry, drawing a deeper smile.

“Ra, Raon-nim.”

Heukgeumje called Raon and bit her lip. It was a look that asked to be restrained here, but it was clear even from looking at it that it was just an act.


As Raon was looking at Heukgeumje and about to sit down in the remaining seat, a low laugh came from the head seat. It was a voice similar to Roenn's, but it was filled with malice.

“The representative of Zieghart is so ill-mannered because he gained fame at a young age.”

It was Dark Sword Master. His narrow eyes narrowed and drew snake-like pupils.


Raon looked down at Dark Sword Master with his back straight.

"Your gaze is fierce. Did I say anything wrong, my lord?"

Sharp words and fierce energy crashed down. The pressure was so great that it was hard to even open his mouth. The stem of Dark Sword Master's will was enveloping his body.

"From now on, speak politely to anyone."

Raon closed his eyes when Dark Sword Master was babbling nonsense.

'Will, huh.'

Just like when he blocked the attack of Demon Killing Spear, he drew out both his aura and his will at the same time

Enhanced by the newfound enlightenment, a formidable mental image unfolded, and a powerful energy surged like a blade.


He broke the rope of will created by Dark Sword Master and walked towards the head seat.

"Who did you invite?"


Perhaps not expecting his own will to break, Dark Sword Master trembled his lips.

"Did you invite the White Sword Dragon Raon Zieghart?"

Raon looked down at Dark Sword Master and the other leaders of Five Divine Rulers with dry eyes.

“The one who was invited was not White Sword Dragon Raon Zieghart, but a subordinate of Zieghart. I came here to represent Zieghart.”

A scarlet flame burned along with his strong will. The scales of the black dragon coat sprouted, and a dark wave surged.

The pattern of the holy sword worn on the left chest sprinkled auspicious light, receiving the heat of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura.

"It is you who are ill-mannered.”

A scarlet flash flashed in Raon's eyes, which crushed the conference hall alone.

"From now on, speak politely."


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