TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 482

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 482

The atmosphere of the grand conference hall had become heavy.

The heads of the Five Divine Rulers and the warriors of the neutral forces all closed their mouths, and the moonlight that had been falling down softly seemed to bend like a brush tip, forgetting to speak.


Raon took another step forward at the center of astonishment, his profound will manifesting as a sharp aura.


“What is this….”

Low groans and rough gasps could be heard from where the heads of the neutral forces were sitting.

“…Is that Raon Zieghart?”

“They say he just turned 21, but I can’t believe it.”

“A 21-year-old boy is generating such a violent aura….”

"I thought the rumors were only about his appearance, but perhaps his strength is real."

“He is called a genius, but that’s wrong. He’s a monster.”

Those who saw Raon for the first time swallowed dry saliva, overwhelmed by his appearance that could even extinguish the moonlight and the overwhelming presence filling the space.

"I told you! He's an extraordinary person!”

Dumtkan, the head of the Tven family, laughed loudly as he patted the shoulder of a warrior sitting next to him.

“He is a real warrior who gave me enlightenment with a single sword. Don't underestimate him just because he's young."

He nodded approvingly, seemingly pleased with Raon's boldness even in front of the Five Divine Rulers.

“You’re right.”

The commander of the Holy Knights of the Holy Kingdom, Byton, smiled faintly.

“Raon-nim has a clear understanding of what true chivalry is. Even though he is much younger, he is a person to be respected.”

He also preached Raon’s greatness to those around him, like Dumtkan.

“Actually, the White Sword Dragon’s words are not wrong.”

“Yeah. The Five Divine Rulers invited the executive or subordinate of Zieghart not the White Sword Dragon.”

“This meeting is an official event, so it is appropriate to use respect for each other.”

Perhaps due to Raon's fierce momentum and the exclamations of some leaders, the heads of other neutral factions also nodded in agreement with Raon's words.


Heukgeumje trembled her fingertips as she felt the atmosphere of the conference hall turning favorably towards Raon.

‘This is not good.’

Raon revealed Zieghart's will with a legitimate reason, and the neutral factions sent admiring gazes towards him.

It was almost as bad as the worst-case scenario she had anticipated.

‘Why did it turn out like this?’

The beginning was clearly going according to the plan.

The late arrival of Demon Killing Spear, the fact that Raon and Demon Killing Spear spoke informally to each other, and the fact that Dark Swordmaster , who hated young geniuses, started a fight were all as expected.

It would have been fine if it continued like that, but the situation changed in the middle.

‘Raon has changed.’

Raon I've seen so far would have mindlessly interrupted the opponent's words without using Zigheart's name and created a ruckus.

But now, instead of blindly blocking the opponent's words, he expressed his presence with valid reasons.

With a solid justification and a majestic momentum, most of the people in the conference room began to agree with Raon's opinion.

‘What about Evil Sword Queen?’

Heukgeumje bit his lip and turned his gaze to Evil Sword Queen. She remained as motionless as before, with closed eyes.

‘Damn it.’

In fact, the person who dislikes arrogant behavior the most is not Dark Swordmaster  but Evil Sword Queen.

When Raon tried to forcefully shut down Dark Swordmaster 's words, Evil Sword Queen was supposed to step in and humiliate him and make him kneel.

However, Raon blocked Dark Swordmaster 's mouth with a justified statement, and Evil Sword Queen did not move. She also thought that Raon was right.


She turned her head to the right at the sound of a sigh.

A turbid aura was flowing out of Dark Swordmaster 's mouth. He was glaring at Raon with snake eyes, as if he was truly angry.

'If it continues like this, it will be a disaster.'

Unlike Evil Sword Queen, Dark Swordmaster  is a person who does not know the limits. Sharing a similar personality to Five Demons, coupled with age and inferiority complex about appearance, he could genuinely thrust a sword at Raon.


Dark Swordmaster  stood up. The chair he was sitting on turned to dust and crumbled.

"What did you just say?"

* * *

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"Did you have your ears blocked?"

Raon frowned at Dark Swordmaster .

"I said to speak to me respectfully from now on. If you want to be treated well, you should first learn how to treat others."

He turned his chin and repeated what he had said earlier.

"You're insane. Truly insane!”

Dark Swordmaster 's trembling hand went to his waist.

"With a little fame and power, is there nothing visible behind your family's name?"

He smiled with murderous intent as he gripped his sword hilt.

Raon bit his tongue slightly.

'My heart feels like it's going to burst.'

The aura emanating from Dark Swordmaster  was of a different level than before.

It felt like he genuinely brought life to his organs, as if his internals were boiling. If he let his guard down a little or stopped the operation of the aura, it seemed like he would turn into a handful of blood.

'But I can't stop here.'

He came all the way out to cause a commotion. Now is the real beginning.

"In terms of fame and power, you're not one bit better than me! What gives you the nerve to act this way, you good-for-nothing bastard hiding behind the name of your family!"

Ah, those who use their own name when referring to themselves are all insane.

Raon glanced at Wrath, who was floating in the distance, and let out a cold laugh.

"Are you here to have a reunion?"


"You invited me. You invited a subordinate of Zieghart, so I even canceled my appointments, but all I get in return is that kind of nonsense. It's ridiculous."

"You're not even the real representative of Zieghart!"

Dark Swordmaster  laughed with a triumphant smile, saying that there was Rimmer.

"You're right for the first time. Yes, the representative of Zieghart is my division leader, Rimmer."

"So you're admitting that you're making a mess..."

"But the head of house himself gave me this emblem."

Raon cut off Dark Swordmaster 's words and took a step closer to the heads of the Five Divine Rulers.

"With the approval of the head of house Zieghart, I am now the representative of Zieghart. I am not hiding behind the name of my family, but I am carrying that name with me to this place."

The will contained in Raon's voice rose like a storm, and the black dragon coat unfolded on its own. The flame engraved on Zieghart emblem flashed with even more magnificent light.


Dark Swordmaster  could not refute and bit his lip.

'It's working well.'

It was worth hearing information about that guy.

As soon as he was invited to the conference, Denning Rose revealed information about the heads of the Five Divine Rulers.

Evil Sword Queen values courtesy but is flexible, while Dark Swordmaster  has an inferiority complex about his appearance and age and does not know any bounds.

Since the two people have different personalities, it was not enough to just act like a madman like he did with Heukgeumje, but to first suppress them by asserting perfect justification.

"It's a fallacy!"

Dark Swordmaster  muttered the words that fools often use.

It means that the other side's justification has been eaten. From now on, it seemed like he could go back to being a madman who was openly causing a ruckus.

"The fallacy is your face."

"This little brat!"

"Why old man."

When he answered little brat with old man, everyone in the conference room opened their mouths wide.


Dark Swordmaster  couldn't help it and put his hand on the hilt of his sword. When he was about to draw his sword and run, Evil Sword Queen opened her eyes.

"That's enough."

Evil Sword Queen turned to Dark Swordmaster  and raised her eyelids. Her black eyes like black pearls shone brightly.

"The words of White Sword Dragon are correct. We invited Zieghart, and we are the ones who should treat them. From now on, it is right to speak politely to everyone here.”

She seemed to be trying to keep her word by uncrossing her arms and leaning her sword against the table.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Evil Sword Queen.

'I didn't expect this.'

He thought that Evil Sword Queen would stay still until the end and Heukgeumje would move, but unexpectedly, she took the initiative to restrain Dark Swordmaster .

“Stop it? Did you not see me being insulted by that trash!”

"I saw you digging your own grave."

Evil Sword Queen's gaze flowed like a crescent moon.

"You were the one who first insulted, not White Sword Dragon."

"What did I do?"

“Did you forget that you started by saying that he was ill-mannered?”

"Ha, but that guy spoke informally to Demon Killing Spear, who is equal to us!"

"Demon Killing Spear who heard the informal talk did not say anything."

As soon as those words were over, everyone's eyes turned to Demon Killing Spear.

"Me? I don't care! I spoke freely with that guy and had a good laugh."

Demon Killing Spear waved his hand towards Raon.

"This ignorant fellow! Do you find it amusing to hear informal speech from a 20-year-old?"

“I'm a meritocrat who believes that talented people can do whatever they want. Plus, he's full of fun. I've seen old people call young people brats a lot, but I've never seen anyone respond with 'old man.' I'd like to be his friend right away.”

He burst into laughter, repeating the words "old man" while leaning back in his chair.

"I share the same opinion."

A large man in a black robe stood up from the center of the rectangular table.

He was wearing a black robe, but his build was so big that his shoulders were stretched so tight that they seemed like they were about to tear.

“If you have invited us, then please treat us with the respect we deserve. Not just Zieghart, but everyone here.”

Raon carefully scanned the robed giant.

'Is he a warrior? But why is he wearing a robe... Huh?'

When he thought it was strange that a warrior was wearing a robe, he saw a symbol of a five-colored tower engraved on his chest. It was the symbol of the Magic Tower, one of the Six Kings.

‘A magician? So that person is Yuria?’

Mekein said that Yuria had arrived, and it seemed that the giant was Yuria who was said to be a genius of the Magic Tower. 

Yuria's name made Raon think she was a woman, but he was surprised to find out she was a man. He was even more surprised to see that he was a giant who could rival the warriors of the Beast Union. He was starting to fear the power of stereotypes. (The previous chapter's translation also refers to Yuria as "she" and "lady," so it's time to edit the lady part, lmao.)

'This is the most surprising thing that's happened today.'

Raon nodded his head slightly to Yuria as a thank you.

However, Yuria stared at him with a burning look in his eyes, as if he wanted to fight him.

Raon turned his attention back to Dark Swordmaster .

"Anything else to say?"


Dark Swordmaster  bit his lips and slowly lowered his hand from the sword.


"Are you still out of your mind?"


He turned his head away so he wouldn't have to look at Raon, and tried to sit down in his seat. But he stopped in his tracks.


He was in an awkward position, not knowing whether to sit down or not. He had broken his chair when he stood up, so he didn't have a place to sit.

Raon shook his head as he looked at Dark Swordmaster , whose face was red with embarrassment, and Wrath, who was staring at him with wide eyes in admiration.

Those who call themselves masters are really stupid.

It seemed that those who had reached the top through force were all stupid. It was starting to look like a common trait.

Raon stopped as he was about to return to his seat and looked at Heukgeumje.

'She's frustrated.'

While Heukgeumje appeared calm, her slightly trembling lips betrayed her anticipation. It was evident that she was flustered by the unexpected turn of events.



Heukgeumje nodded quietly.

"Why are...?"


Dark Swordmaster  raised his hand as Raon was about to ask her a question.

"Why are you being polite to Heukgeumje, but you're not being polite to me?"

Raon didn't answer, but looked down at Dark Swordmaster  with pity.

"You're truly foolish."

Demon Killing Spear sighed, shaking his head.

"Heukgeumje has been polite to him from the beginning, so she gets polite treatment in return. And you and him have been impolite to each other, so you get impolite treatment in return. Don't you understand that?"

He tapped his temple with his finger, suggesting Dark Swordmaster  should think a bit.

"If you had started with politeness, Dark Swordmaster -nim would have heard polite language from me. Do you want to start it now?"

"No need!"

Dark Swordmaster  shook his head, biting his lip.

Raon, glancing at Demon Killing Spear, who had alleviated the awkwardness, turned back to Heukgeumje.

"There are only four of you here, the heads of the Five Divine Rulers. Where is the other one?"

"The Pirate King has declined to participate."

"Isn't this a meeting of the Five Divine Rulers?"

"Yes, but he refused, stating that pirates should be on the sea."

"Calling for a meeting without gathering all the members first and then inviting us here; it seems your method of handling matters is quite primitive."

Raon clicked his tongue at Heukgeumje.

"I Apologies."

"Apologies are best not made for things you shouldn't have done in the first place."


As if apologizing, Heukgeumje lowered her eyes. The veins in her temples subtly protruded.

'She's angry.'

After encountering her so often, her emotions were now clearly visible. She seemed quite heated at the moment.

"It's most entertaining to provoke that woman."

With a deeper impact than others, hitting her felt satisfying.


Demon Killing Spear slammed his fist on the table and burst out laughing.

"You're really crazy! don't you want to join the Martial Spear Association? I'll give you the vice head position right now!"

"You're the one who's crazy."

Raon frowned at Demon Killing Spear and sat back in his seat.

'It's a little disappointing.'

He wanted to see the Pirate King the most, the first among the Five Divine Rulers whom he had learned about, but the Pirate King did not make an appearance, much to his disappointment.

However, one thing was for sure. The Five Divine Rulers was not a perfect alliance, but a ragtag organization that could stab each other in the back at any time.

Raon tapped the table lightly to get everyone's attention, then nodded.

"Seems like we've covered everything. Let's start the conference."

He issued commands as if he were the chairman leading the meeting.



The heads of the Five Divine Rulers and the warriors of the neutral forces all stared at Raon with their mouths agape, but no one spoke.

Wha, what on earth happened for you to take control? I don't understand!

Wrath climbed onto the table and blinked his eyes.

How did you end up in charge! I can't comprehend this!

He clutched his head, unable to understand the situation.

"It fells refreshing."

Denning Rose nodded more than expected, expressing satisfaction. She seemed to find value in providing information for free, displaying a deep smile.


Turning to the right at the sound of a camera, Encia lowered the camera and exuded an ecstatic tone.

"Good. Job. Smile."


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