RDM (Novel) Chapter 571

Chapter 571

The battle between Hwangbo Chiseung and Jeon Mu-yeol had caused a major shockwave across Kangho.

If Jeon Mu-yeol had emerged victorious, the world would not have been so shaken.

That would've been the expected result.

The problem, however, lay in the fact that the victor of this fight was none other than Hwangbo Chiseung, the one-armed martial arts master.

After a mere twenty seconds, Hwangbo Chiseung had overpowered Jeon Mu-yeol.

Jeon Mu-yeol, severely wounded, fled, and Hwangbo Chiseung was declared the winner.

If it had ended there, no issues would've arisen.

Hwangbo Chiseung would've become a hero, and people would've revered him.

After all, a one-armed martial artist had just triumphed over one of the top four martial experts.

It was the epitome of human triumph.

The problem was Yul San-yeong's reaction to Hwangbo Chiseung's victory.

Yul San-yeong insisted Hwangbo Chiseung join the Silver Lotus Hall.

He figured that an expert like Hwangbo Chiseung would be a great asset to his cause.

There was no way he couldn't.

He had personally witnessed Hwangbo Chiseung's formidable martial prowess.

If Hwangbo Chiseung could defeat Jeon Mu-yeol, even Yul San-yeong couldn't be sure of his own victory over him.

Normally, it would take polite persistence and a great deal of time. But Yul San-yeong pushed too hard.

Hwangbo Chiseung had won his fight against Jeon Mu-yeol, but he wasn't without his injuries.

Thinking that he'd be too fatigued and wounded to refuse, Yul San-yeong forced Hwangbo Chiseung to make a choice.

Contrary to Yul San-yeong's expectations, Hwangbo Chiseung flatly rejected his proposal.

Hwangbo Chiseung was a man of principle.

He wasn't someone who'd be easily swayed by such threats.

When Hwangbo Chiseung refused, Yul San-yeong attempted to suppress him with his martial arts. He was confident that he could easily subdue Hwangbo Chiseung, given his injuries.

However, Hwangbo Chiseung possessed a strength that mocked Yul San-yeong's expectations.

Two of his punches were enough to seriously injure Yul San-yeong.

In retaliation, Hwangbo Chiseung paid a significant price.

The Silver Lotus Hall martial artists who had accompanied Yul San-yeong attacked Hwangbo Chiseung when they saw his injuries.

Unable to take them all on with his injured body, and not wanting to make an enemy of the Silver Lotus Hall, he chose to flee.

"Hoo! Hoo!"

Hwangbo Chiseung, clutching a large tree, drew in ragged breaths.

His complexion was extremely pale.

This was due to the significant internal injuries he had suffered.

In his attempt to restrain his force, he had caused his internal energy to reverse flow, deepening his injuries.

"I moved too hastily."

Hwangbo Chiseung shook his head.

He had come to Poyang Lake, driven by his desire to find Pyo Wol, but he had revealed his martial prowess too early. This attracted the attention of the wrong people.

Not wanting to escalate the situation, he had tried to hold back, but that had only caused more trouble.

"Fool! Having been away from Kangho for so long, I've lost my touch."

Hwangbo Chiseung berated himself for his stupidity.

It was a mistake he would not have made in the past.

Obviously, his mind had become rusty from spending so much time away from Kangho,

concentrating only on training.

"He's this way."

"The guy ran off in this direction."

Voices came from all around.

They were the voices of the martial artists chasing him.

Not only were the martial artists from the Silver Lotus Hall pursuing him, but also those of the Golden Heavenly Hall had joined the chase.

The situation was a complete mess.

The martial artists from the Silver Lotus Hall and the Golden Heavenly Hall were chasing Hwangbo Chiseung while fighting amongst themselves.

As soon as they found traces of Hwangbo Chiseung, they would resumed their chase, repeating the pattern


With a sigh, Hwangbo Chiseung started running again.

His biggest weakness was his qigong.

He had never been fast, but after losing one arm, he had slowed down even more.

Especially when navigating through the rough mountain paths, he dearly felt the absence of his arm.

That's when it happened.


A furious voice erupted, followed by a powerful surge of qi that rushed towards Hwangbo Chiseung.

Unfazed, Hwangbo Chiseung twisted his body and unleashed a punch.


A loud sound resonated, and Hwangbo Chiseung staggered.

A trickle of blood slid down the corner of his mouth.

It was evidence of his substantial internal injuries.

It felt as though he had been struck by a massive boulder.

Such was the strength of the internal energy infused in the attack.

Then, the figure who attacked Hwangbo Chiseung revealed himself.

"So, you're the kid they call the Poisonous Martial Monarch?"

It was an old man leaning on a cane.

His head was covered in white hair, and his skin was cracked like an old tree, making it impossible to guess his age.

Upon seeing the old man, Hwangbo Chiseung felt a powerful sense of crisis.

That was how extraordinary the old man's presence felt.

"Who are you, old man?"

"Even if I told you, you wouldn't know. I've hardly been active in Kangho."

"Are you a wandering martial artist? Then why come out into Kangho Now? What are you hoping to gain?"

"Young man, you shouldn't speak so carelessly with that loose tongue of yours."

"Then reveal your identity."

"Very well! My name is Sadomun."


"Yes. Currently, I'm serving the Golden Heavenly Hall."

"Golden Heavenly Hall, huh. So, you've come to avenge the death of Jeon Mu-yeol?"

"That's right. Furthermore, if you side with the Silver Lotus Hall, won't that disadvantage the Golden Heavenly Hall?"

"So you aim to nip the problem in the bud."

"You're smart. It's easier to talk to you."


Hwangbo Chiseung let out a sigh.

At that moment, Sadomun launched another surge of qi towards Hwangbo Chiseung.


Fortunately, Hwangbo Chiseung narrowly managed to dodge Sadomun's attack.

A large pit formed in the spot where Hwangbo Chiseung had been standing, a testament to the awe-inspiring power of Sadomun's qi attack.


Hwangbo Chiseung yelled loudly, concentrating his internal energy on his fist. An unusual aura began to ripple around it.

Heavenly King's Three Fists.

A martial art that contained all the essence of the fallen Hwangbo clan.

Though there were only three techniques, each had a force comparable to the sky and the earth. But with the fall of the clan, the essence was lost, and it declined into an average martial art.

Hwangbo Chiseung attempted to restore the Heavenly King's Three Fists during his secluded training. His efforts were not in vain, and he was able to partially restore its former power.


Hwangbo Chiseung unleashed the first move of the Heavenly King's Three Fists.


The formidable power contained within the strike aimed straight for Sadomun's life.


Sadomun scoffed, unleashing his own energy.


With a loud explosion, Sadomun's body was thrown backward.

The power of the Heavenly King's Three Fists surpassed his energy.

A look of astonishment spread across Sadomun's face.

"What the..."

His bones ached, and his muscles felt like they were being torn apart.

He had never faced a fist strike as powerful as this.

A cunning gleam crossed Sadomun's face.

As soon as he landed, he raised his hand. Martial artists appeared from all over the forest.

They were Golden Heavenly Hall's martial artists, whom he had previously ordered to standby.

Sadomun issued a command.

"All of you, attack him."

At his command, the Golden Heavenly Hall elites charged at once.

Hwangbo Chiseung stepped back and shouted.

"An ambush, how despicable!. Aren't you ashamed? And you dare to pose as a master of the Kangho?"

"Hmph! In the end, the one who survives gets everything. I don't care if you call me cowardly. I will kill you and earn great fame. Heh heh!"

Sadomun laughed, baring his yellowed teeth.

Meanwhile, the martial artists of the Golden Heavenly Hall were attacking Hwangbo Chiseung.



They attacked Hwangbo Chiseung with all their might as if they were facing a mighty enemy.

Just then.

"Over here. Hwangbo Chiseung and the Golden Heavenly Hall thugs are here."

A new group appeared from the other side of the forest.

They were martial artists from the Silver Lotus Hall, who had been trailing Hwangbo Chiseung.

They immediately launched an attack when they spotted Hwangbo Chiseung and the Golden Heavenly Hall martial artists.




The sound of the weapons slicing through the air mingled dizzily with the screams of the martial artists.

The once peaceful forest had instantly transformed into a battleground.

"What is this?"

Go Yeon-hwa widened her eyes, taking in the battlefield.

She had set out to track down Hwangbo Chiseung with the Silver Lotus Hall martial artists.

She had no choice in the matter.

Despite her reluctance, Yul San-yeong was her companion. When Yul San-yeong was injured, she had no choice but to seek revenge.

Thus, she reluctantly joined the pursuit team.

There was a small feeling of guilt in her heart, but she justified it as an unavoidable circumstance.

That's why when everyone was attacking Hwangbo Chiseung and the Golden Heavenly Hall martial artists, she was the only one hesitating.




Several warriors were torn apart and thrown into the air by Hwangbo Chiseung’s punch.

Every time he swung his fist, there were casualties. Consequently, the martial artists from the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall ceased their fight and joined forces.

They combined their powers in front of a formidable enemy.

This was something Hwangbo Chiseung hadn't expected.

He hadn't anticipated that the two factions, no different from sworn enemies, would join forces.

"Penetrate from the left."

"Target his flank!"

Like a well-practiced formation, they all attacked Hwangbo Chiseung from the left.

Hwangbo Chiseung, without his left arm, could only respond slowly.

In the end, wounds started to appear all over Hwangbo Chiseung's body.

The orchestrator of all this was Sadomun.

Using the other martial artists as a shield, he launched attacks from behind. That's why Hwangbo Chiseung's wounds were increasing.


Go Yeon-hwa gritted her teeth at the sight of these martial artists, her expression hardened.

Something felt off.

Indeed, Hwangbo Chiseung and the martial artists were engaged in fierce combat. Yet, she couldn't shake off the feeling that it was strangely quiet.


Go Yeon-hwa turned around.

The Silver Lotus Hall martial artists were indeed positioned behind her. But their figures were nowhere to be seen.


Go Yeon-hwa’s pupils trembled.

A wind was blowing.

It was a damp wind she had never felt before.

A strong sense of danger closed in on Go Yeon-hwa.

'Something is happening.'

It was then that she grasped the handle of her sword.


Suddenly, a stifled scream came from her side.

Go Yeon-hwa quickly looked in the direction of the scream. However, she couldn't see the

source of the noise.



Screams echoed from all over.

The ones who screamed concealed their figures.

"No way!"

Go Yeon-hwa hurriedly raised her internal energy. Then, her senses were heightened, and she detected sounds she hadn't heard before.


A faint noise reached her ears.

It was like the sound of thousands of insects moving all at once.

Goosebumps crawled up her spine in an instant.

Something was stirring within the rustling bushes.

They were disposing of the Golden Heavenly Hall and Silver Lotus Hall warriors from the outskirts, moving towards the heart of the intense battle.

Yet, the warriors of the Golden Heavenly Hall and Silver Lotus Hall were so engrossed in attacking Hwangbo Chiseung that they were completely oblivious to the situation.

Go Yeon-hwa was about to warn them hurriedly. But then, someone addressed her.

"Hello, sister."


Surprised, Go Yeon-hwa looked towards the direction of the voice.

There stood a boy, who looked around seventeen.

The moment she saw the boy, Go Yeon-hwa felt an inexplicable sense of fear.

"Who are you?"

"Sister! I'm called Soma."


"Yes! I wish you would not pull out your sword. You seem like a nice person. So let's just watch what's going on here together."

Soma revealed his white teeth in a smile.

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