RDM (Novel) Chapter 572

Chapter 572



Screams burst from the outskirts of the martial artists who had surrounded Hwangbo Chiseung.

Someone was hiding in the bushes, secretly attacking them.

Only after the screams erupted did the martial artists realize that the attackers were hiding in the bushes.

"There's someone in the bushes."

"Everyone, be careful."

"Damn it!"

The martial artists of the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall cursed and stared at the bushes.


The bushes shook.

It was clear that someone was moving beneath the waist-high bushes.


"Who the hell are they?"

The martial artists swung their swords and yelled.


Instead of an answer, the sound of swords slicing through the air came.


"Everyone, be careful!"

"There are assassins. Assassins are hiding in the bushes."

After a dozen more men were killed, the martial artists realized that the assailants were hiding in the grass.

"Why are there assassins?"

"Everyone, watch your backs."

The martial artists gathered together to form a defensive formation.

But it was of no use.

The assassins hidden in the bushes broke through the warriors' defense and attacked from within.

This increased the damage to the warriors.

"What is going on?"

Sadomun looked around with a dumbfounded expression.

This unexpected interference was like sprinkling ashes on a cooked meal; they had almost captured Hwangbo Chiseung, and he hadn't anticipated that assassins would appear to hinder them.

Sadomun glared at Hwangbo Chiseung and said.

"You! What do you have to do with these assassins?"


Hwangbo Chiseung did not respond.

He could clearly see the assassins moving beneath the bushes.

While the assassins were ruthlessly attacking the martial artists, they did not touch a single hair on his head.

Even a fool could tell that the assassins were there to help him.

Hwangbo Chiseung looked around.

The air had changed.

This atmosphere might be unfamiliar to the warriors of the Golden Heavenly Hall and Silver Lotus Hall, but it was familiar to Hwangbo Chiseung.


He suddenly knelt down on one knee and shouted.

"I, Hwangbo Chiseung, pay my respects to my lord."

It was a gesture he made with Sadomun in front of him.

The neck and head of Hwangbo Chiseung were clearly visible to Sadomun's eyes.

To assume this posture in front of a master of Sadomun's caliber was suicidal.

Hwangbo Chiseung knew that fact too.

Nevertheless, he knelt on one knee without a hint of hesitation and lowered his head.

"You madman!"

Sadomun looked at Hwangbo Chiseung with disbelief.

He could not understand why Hwangbo Chiseung would show such vulnerability to him.

"Good, you bastard, don't regret it. I will take your life."

Sadomun infused his cane with qi, and it brimmed with a sword-like aura.

He struck Hwangbo Chiseung's neck with his cane.

He would be cut down like a blade of grass the moment the staff hit his neck.

Hwangbo Chiseung knew this fact too. Yet, he did not flinch.


Sadomun's cry echoed throughout the forest.

However, Hwangbo Chiseung did not die.

He was still kneeling, exposing his neck, but there wasn't a single wound on his body


Sadomun blinked his eyes.


At that moment, the arm holding the cane fell to the ground.

It was the staff that was supposed to strike down Hwangbo Chiseung. And the hand that held it was definitely Sadomun's.

Sadomun couldn't understand.

He had no idea why the arm that had been attached to his body just a moment ago was now severed from his body.

Because it was too surreal, it took a moment for him to register what had happened.


A belated, agonizing scream erupted.

Sadomun clutched the severed part of his shoulder and fell to his knees.

That's when it happened.


Someone silently descended from thin air and landed in front of Hwangbo Chiseung.

The person who descended with black fluttering cloak spread like wings, had an extraordinarily pale face.

He exuded a dangerous charm, more beautiful than a woman yet alarmingly enigmatic.

“What on earth?”

Go Yeon-hwa, watching the spectacle from afar, gasped in shock.

The moment she saw his otherworldly appearance, a name popped into her head.


“Correct! It's our elder brother.”

The boy next to her, Soma, answered with a sense of pride.

“Your elder brother, you said?”

“Yup! Our brother.”

“I see…….”

Go Yeon-hwa was at a loss for words.

In that brief moment, dozens of thoughts flashed through her mind.

The aura emanating from Soma was very strange. It was both evil and divine at the same time.

She had never heard the name Soma before, but his claim of being Pyo Wol's younger brother seemed to resonate with truth.

“Oh, my goodness!”

She covered her mouth with her hands.

Any martial artist who had spent time in Kangho couldn't be ignorant of the name Pyo Wol.

Although he hadn't been active in Kangho for a long time, his name was well known.

It was said that anyone who sought Pyo Wol’s life was as good as dead.

It was widely rumored that suicide was a less painful way to die then facing his wrath.

His nickname, 'the Reaper', was synonymous with fear and demise.

However, since last autumn, he had disappeared from sight.

Despite the efforts of the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall to find him, he remained elusive. Most believed that he had left the Poyang Lake.

They thought it was for the best.

If he had remained in Lake Poyang, plotting or carrying out assassinations, the situation could have escalated.

Go Yeon-hwa, the Silver Winged Fairy, and the Four Great Warriors entered Poyang Lake after Pyo Wol had hidden himself.

It didn't feel real because they hadn't had the chance to witness Pyo Wol's terrifying prowess firsthand.

Some even bragged about defeating Pyo Wol.

She remembered laughing at those boastful claims. She herself, consumed by heroism, had made similar proclamations.

But now, seeing Pyo Wol in person, she realized how empty her words had been.

Chills ran down her spine, refusing to subside.

Before her mind could process it, her body seemed to sense Pyo Wol's terrifying aura.

The chills soon turned into spasms.

She was trembling like a frightened rabbit.

It felt as if invisible needles were piercing her whole body.

She had never felt like this before, which made it all the more frightening.

'So this is what the Reaper looks like.'

The moment she saw his otherworldly, surreal appearance, she realized something.

She could never be his match.


A martial artist from the Golden Heavenly Hall lunged at Pyo Wol from behind. But he couldn't achieve his goal.


A woman from nowhere slammed her palm down on his back.

He was unable to scream and fell to his death.

She was dressed in red like fresh blood

At first glance, she seemed ordinary, but the more one looked at her, the more hypnotic her peculiar charm became.


This time, a martial artist from the Silver Lotus Hall charged at Pyo Wol. However, before he could even take two steps, he was struck down by an assassin who had suddenly appeared.

Two assassins, Hong Ye-seol and Thunder Eye, served as an impenetrable barrier, perfectly protecting Pyo Wol from any approaching enemies.

Pyo Wol, trusting his back to them, locked eyes with Hwangbo Chiseung.

"It's been a while."

"Your servant, Hwangbo Chiseung, greets you, my lord."


"Thank you."

It was only after Pyo Wol's permission that Hwangbo Chiseung rose to his feet.

"You came to find me?"

"Yes, my lord!"

"You could have lived freely, yet you sought me out."

"I've already promised myself to serve you as my lord."

"You're staking your life on some old-fashioned values."

Pyo Wol chuckled, but it wasn't a look of distaste.

"It's an honor to see you again."

"What Honor?. Anyway, did you stir up all this ruckus to get my attention?"

"As expected, you knew."

Hwangbo Chiseung smiled.

There was no way to find Pyo Wol once he decided to hide.

So Hwangbo Chisueng deliberately escalated the chaos, hoping that rumors about him would reach Pyo Wol's ears.

Luckily, the situation spiraled out of control when Sadomun got involved, and Pyo Wol appeared.

He had achieved his goal.

Though he had taken some considerable injuries as a consequence, a few days of cultivation would heal him quickly.

Just then,

"You bastard!"

Sadomun, who had lost an arm to Pyo Wol, gathered himself and charged again.

With his remaining hand, he performed the martial art technique called the Iron Tyrant Palm, a powerful move said to reduce a house-sized rock to dust when mastered.

At that moment, Hwangbo Chisueng stood in front of Pyo Wol.

“We're equals now.”

He swung his fist towards Sadomun.


The collision of palm and fist caused a deafening explosion.

Subsequently, Sadomun was forced to retreat a few steps.

His palm was squashed to the point it was unrecognizable, much like it had been hammered relentlessly.

Hwangbo Chiseung's Heavenly King’s Three Fist had surpassed the power of Sadomun's Iron Tyrant Palm.


Only after a delay did Sadomun let out a scream of agony.

He tucked his crumpled hand into his armpit and howled relentlessly.

His followers, who would usually rush to his aid, were nowhere to be found.

Black Shadow Assassins had taken care of both the warriors of the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall.


Only then did Sadomun come to grips with reality and retreat tremulously.

His face revealed pure fear.

Having lost one arm and the remaining one ruined, there was no fighting spirit left in him.

"Pl-please spare my life!"

Sadomun begged for his life.

Hwangbo Chiseung looked at Sadomun with a pitiful expression.

When the odds were in his favor, he acted with boundless arrogance. But when the tables turned, he was quick to bend his knee in humility.

If it were Hwangbo Chiseung, he'd rather die than show such a deplorable sight.

Hwangbo Chiseung glanced at Pyo Wol.

He was asking for Pyo Wol's decision. But Pyo Wol said nothing.

He simply looked at Hwangbo Chiseung indifferently.

He had entrusted all decisions to Hwangbo Chiseung.


Dozens of assassins gathered around Pyo Wol.

Hong Ye-Seol, Thunder Eye and the Black Shadow Assassins.

Despite the dozens of people, not a single sound could be heard.

No sound of breath, not even the rustling of clothes.

It was as if the space around Pyo Wol was isolated from the world.

It was a strange and terrifying scene.

Hwangbo Chisueng felt every hair on his body stand on end.

A normal person would have run away without looking back. But Hwangbo Chisueng was different.

He had already made the decision to serve Pyo Wol as his lord.

'My Lord!'

Having decided to follow Pyo Wol, he could not allow himself to hesitate.



His fist smashed into Sadomun's torso.

In an instant, Sadomun's upper body disappeared.

It had flown away without a trace as if it had evaporated.

It was a sight so incredible that even those who witnessed it couldn't believe it.

"My goodness!"

Go Yeon-hwa covered her mouth with both hands in shock.

Next to her, Soma was laughing.

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