TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 487

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Chapter 487

The sound of a crushing arena rang out, and Martha was thrown out, sliding.

Her black hair fluttered in the air with gray sand dust, and her neat Light Wind division uniform was torn and stained with blood in various places.

However, Martha's face was indifferent. She looked down at Kalon with a piercing gaze, like a veteran general who had experienced all the ups and downs of life.

Woo woo woo!

As Martha twisted her wrist, the energy gathered on her sword stirred up even brighter light and swirled. It was the color of the setting sun.

“That, is that astral energy?”


“It’s astral energy!”

“Untamed Woman has become a Master!”

“I've only heard of it, but I've never seen someone break the wall during battle before…”

The spectators swallowed their saliva as they watched the materialized energy pouring out of Martha's sword.

Breaking the rank wall during a fight was an exceedingly rare occurrence, leaving everyone's eyes filled with surprise.

"Having become a Master at 21, isn't she the youngest after Raon Zieghart?"

“Nah, Martha is 22. It's still crazy fast, though.”

“Is there a human mine in Zieghart? How come there are so many talents there!”

"Now that she's a Master, can she defeat Kalon?"

“That's going to be tough.”

“That's right. She's injured internally, and he just became a Master. It's impossible to win.”

People thought that even Martha became a Master, she couldn't win because Kalon was still standing.


Martha ignored what others thought and focused on her body and her opponent.

“I can still do this.”

The greatest advantage of Titan Aura is not its strength or weight, but its firmness.

She had many external injuries, but her internal injuries were not serious. If only her mental strength held out, she could fight for a long time.

Woo woo woo!

A strong wind blew away the dust that had filled the arena, revealing Kalon's figure. He nonchalantly turned his wrist as if nothing had happened.

Martha narrowed her eyes as she looked at Kalon's face.

‘Is his internal injury worsened?’

The blood vessels that had been flowing down from the corner of his mouth before using astral energy seemed to have thickened. It seemed that he had suffered more serious internal injuries from their previous clash.

‘If that's the case, I have a chance.’

Since I couldn't last long, if the other side was also injured internally, it was a fight with a good chance of winning.


Kalon smiled as he lightly raised his sword, still showing that he was in good condition.

“My mistake. I shouldn't have underestimated you.”

“You realized that now?”

“Yeah. I just realized that. So…”

He pulled his sword back and extended his left hand forward. It was the stance of using a charging sword style.

“I'll give it my all from now on!”

Before those words even reached her ears, Kalon kicked the ground.

Before she could even breathe out, a sword wrapped in astral energy was approaching her eyes.

“It's too late to back away.”

Maybe it was because of the awakening to Master level. Her physical strength was abundant. She stepped into a stance and created a new vibration throughout her body as she swung her sword up in a single breath.

Woo woo woo!

The sword was fast, but the astral energy that had to move along with it was slow. It was unavoidable for someone who had just become a Master, but there was a sense of regret.

“Prepare for the impact… Aah!”

As soon as Martha's sword clashed with Kalon's, she felt a shock that felt like her body was being crushed and about to explode.

‘Wasn't he injured internally?’

The aura contained in Kalon's sword, whether it was due to his lack of pretense or not, became incredibly sharp compared to before 

The painstakingly created astral energy seemed to burst apart in clusters.

'It feels like my organs are about to burst.''

The aftereffects of her berserk (frenzy) transformation, the aftermath of using astral energy for the first time, and the pressure from Kalon were making her feel like not only her body, but her mind, was about to collapse. She heard a voice in her mind telling her to give up.


Martha gritted her teeth as she endured the pain that felt like her bones and muscles were about to be torn apart, and turned her gaze to the arena below.

It was a behavior that should never be done when facing an opponent, but she had to see something.

She barely rolled her eyes to look at Raon. He was watching her with a calm gaze, as if he already knew the outcome.

'That expression is...'

Having spent a lot of time with Raon, Martha could interpret his gaze. Right now, he was saying, "You can do it."

"Your concentration has dropped. Where are you looking?"

Kalon licked his lips briefly and swung down the now more solid astral energy. Fatigue set into his arms. The sword seemed to push forward, threatening to pierce her shoulders.

'I need to stay calm. I can win.'

Martha looked at Kalon's bloodshot eyes and bit her lip.

'Now that I think about it...'

His condition didn't look so good now that she looked at him.

Blood was flowing down from his lips, thicker than before, and his complexion was pale.

'That's right. He's only human after all.'

Martha knew that Kalon had suffered a deep internal injury when she unleashed her berserk transformation while he wasn't using astral energy, and that he had received a greater shock due to the clash of astral energy. He couldn't be in normal condition.

'He's also in a hurry!'

Kalon was pretending to be fine, but it was clear that he had suffered a severe internal injury. He was trying to end it quickly before the wound spread further.

'Raon knew that.'

That's why he had such a calm expression.

'Then I can't back down here.'

She drew out all of the aura she had gained as a reward for her enlightenment to Master level.

Her mana circuit and energy center ached as if they were about to burst, but she clenched her teeth and gripped her sword with both hands.


In the midst of the pain that felt like her head was about to split open, she used berserk transformation one last time.

With her heart pounding as if it was about to explode, power that she had never imagined before was released onto the blade.


Kalon's eyes widened. He didn't seem to think that a counterattack would come in this state.


Between the two swords, young astral energy exploded, radiating a powerful light from the center of the arena.

'I never thought I would trust that guy this much...'

Martha slowly closed her eyes to the shock that felt like it was hitting her head. A satisfied smile was on her lips as she lowered her head.

* * *

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Raon flew up into the air and caught Martha, who was being flung back by the impact.

Her body was light, unlike her appearance on the battlefield. It was amazing that she had fought Kalon head-on with such a body.

She used up all of her energy.


The beef girl is getting stronger.

Wrath smiled, saying that only a fool or a pervert would use up all of their energy.

'She's an idiot, isn't she?'

Raon gently tapped the upturned corners of Martha's mouth and nodded.

'I didn't think she would rush in like this just because I gave her a hint.’

When Martha looked at him, he showed her that she could win, and she believed in that signal and faced Kalon with all her might. It was an extraordinary action that ordinary individuals could never take.

'I didn't think she would trust me this much.'

Even though she was the most distrustful of the three captains, Martha showed this much trust, which was both surprising and heartwarming.


As Raon raised his hand, the yellow dust that enveloped the arena disappeared, and Kalon's figure appeared.

He was kneeling on the training ground, shaking his shoulders. He had dropped his sword, but he couldn't move a single finger.

"Zieghart didn't lose."

Kalon had suffered a severe internal injury when he was first hit by Martha's berserk state.

Martha, relying on her instinctual senses, had relentlessly exploited his wounds until the very end, leading to the current situation.


The referee blinked his eyes in surprise when he saw Kalon unable to move.

The referee looked perplexed, seeing Kalon unable to move. His expression was as if he hadn't predicted such an outcome. He nodded decisively and raised his hand.

"Martha, Kalon, both unable to continue the duel. It's a draw!"

Originally, it would have been Kalon's victory, but this duel tournament is a format where the winner must remain. Kalon, who could not move, was no different from a defeat.

"Wow! The Untamed Woman drew against Kalon!"

"This way?"

"Is Zieghart really a place where only monsters live?"

"How can a newly awakened Master...?"

The spectators who had predicted Kalon's victory were stunned and blinked their eyes.

Raon smiled as he used the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to heal Martha's body.

'Of course it's you first.'

Although the three captains of the Light Wind division are similar in strength, Martha, the eldest, is always one step ahead.

As expected, she was the first to break through the Master wall.

'Well done.'

Knowing what kind of hardships Martha had gone through, he patted her head and then entrusted her to the waiting healer.

He returned to his seat and looked at the Light Wind division members. Burren had a face that showed both joy and frustration, and Runaan looked at Martha with rare sparkling eyes.

Raon smiled as he saw the gazes of the two.

‘If you understand frustration, you can become stronger.’

Congratulating a colleague's success is not the only thing, having frustration towards oneself can undoubtedly propel one further.

Raon sat down and looked up at the stage where the heads of the Five Divine Rulers were sitting.

Dark Swordmaster frowned as if he was annoyed by this situation, and Demon Killing Spear covered his head with his cuffed hands and then waved.

Evil Sword Queen's eyes shone like a cat that had found a toy. It seemed that Martha was to her liking.

Finally, he looked at Heukgeumje. Her complexion was not changed at all from usual.

As expected, it seemed that this was not enough to shock Heukgeumje's mental strength.

'Then next is...'

Raon waved to Runaan, who was fidgeting behind him.


He pointed to the arena that was still empty.

"It's your turn."


Runaan nodded as if she had been waiting for it, and went up to the arena.

She closed her eyes calmly, as if she wanted to feel the warmth left by Martha, and then opened them.

Even before the referee asked Runaan about her identity, a man dressed in black came up from the other side.

He was a warrior with a neat impression, with short blond hair combed back and his beard trimmed.

'Peak Master level...'

The aura he exuded was far beyond that of a criminal. The feeling was so strong that it was incomparable to Kalon just before.

"Black Death Union's Rikri."

He introduced himself and tapped the long sword hanging from his waist.

'Black Death Union....'

Raon frowned as he heard Rikri's introduction.

'Is the Five Divine Rulers coming out already?'

The Black Death Union was a force led by the Dark Swordmaster, as the name suggests.

Their way was to acknowledge only those who won by fighting, no matter what weapon they used or what dirty tricks they used.

"Rikri? If it's Rikri, it's Jisalgeom!" (Supreme Death Sword) (Ji = Supreme/Ultimate, Sal = Killing/Death, Geom = Sword)

"That's right! Dark Swordmaster's disciple!"

“He's said to be a master of the longsword. I heard that most warriors can't even get close to him before it's over.”

"It seems the outcome is already decided."

"Supreme Death Sword is already coming out...."

The spectators also seemed to know about Rikri, and they licked their lips, saying that he appeared too early.

'That's right.'

This is going to be tough.

Rikri's rank was a peak Master level. Even if Runaan reached Master level like Martha, it was impossible to win the duel.


Raon was about to stop Runaan but paused. Her gaze, not as fierce as usual, radiated a pure light like morning dew on a leaf. Even so, she seemed determined to fight to the end, much like Martha.

'Fine. Go for it.'

Even if you lose, you'll get something.

It's not always meaningless to have a duel even if the skill gap is significantly different.

Since Heukgeumje named this duel as a friendly match, they will not immediately decide the winner. Since there is no danger of death, he decided to watch it for now.

"Are you both ready?"

After quickly preparing the arena, the referee approached Runaan and Rikri. The two nodded without answering.

"Then, let's start the duel between Zieghart's Runaan and Black Death Union's Rikri!"

He stepped back, withdrawing his hand even faster than before, as if he was used to this.

"I don't intend to drag this out."

A cool light shines in Rikri's right hand. The blade that comes out like a flash is filled with a violent aura.


Runaan, as if predicting Rikri's movements, stretched out the Snow Flower sword with her body bent like wet leaves. The white blade turned silver and the thick aura of frost gathered.


The aura shield gathered with frost broke into dozens of pieces, blocking the sharp blade.


The shards of coldness that cracked poured towards Rikri following Runaan's gestures. It was a sword style that was a fusion of defense and counterattack.

However, Rikri, as a peak Master level, used a barrier of astral energy to break all the ice shards in place without taking a step back.

"It's not bad for a peak expert level. But....”

Rikri's sword, swaying like underwater coral, suddenly extended like lightning, a piercing thrust infused with powerful astral energy.


Runaan retreated and tried to create a new shield of frost with a blade wrapped around it, but Rikri's sword was faster.


The thin, sharp blade cut through the half-made frost barrier that Runaan raised, and ripped her side open in a long gash.


Rikri didn't stop there; he moved towards Runaan, ruthlessly slashing through her abdomen.


Runaan didn't utter a groan until the end, but her body couldn't withstand the impact, and she was thrown out of the arena ground.

"Ru, Runaan is out!"

The referee, perhaps unaware of Rikri's sincerity, announced Runaan's defeat with a trembling voice.

Raon turned his gaze away from Rikri, who seemed slightly annoyed, and approached Runaan.

“...I'm sorry.”

Runaan lowered her head, ashamed that she had been defeated so easily. It was heartbreaking to see her so shaken, but it was also touching that she apologized first.

“You did your best.”

It was an amazing feat to withstand three attacks from a peak Master level using his astral energy.

“Just rest.”

Raon stopped the bleeding on Runaan’s wound with the The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and called for a healer.


He left Runaan in the care of the healer and returned to where the Light Wind division was gathered.

“Burren, I will leave it to you, but..?”

"Yeah. As soon as I go up, I'll finish it without doing anything."

Burren also seemed to have grasped the situation, his eyes narrowing. He seemed angry that he could not avenge Runaan.

“That’s too bad.”

Rikri raised his chin at Raon.

“I wanted to see for myself how I’d fare against the White Sword Dragon, but I guess that’s not possible.”

He scraped his long sword across the floor of the arena in a provocative manner.

He was a trash who didn’t even have the shame to use his full strength against someone far below his level.

‘Just perfect.’

Wondering when to intervene, that fool created an opportunity himself. Now was the best moment to step onto the arena ground.

“Well, I’ll give you that opportunity.”

Raon smiled coldly as he stepped onto the arena.

“I am Raon Zieghart, the vice division leader of the Light Wind division.”

He introduced himself and stood in front of Rikri.


Rikri widened his eyes, clearly not expecting this turn of events.

Until now, Heukgeumje, who had been watching from the stage, stood up

“As I said at the beginning, the representatives of each group do not have the right to participate…”

“You seem to be mistaken.”

Raon curled his lips and tapped his black dragon coat. The right side of his chest, where the house Zieghart crest should have been, was empty.

“I am not the representative of house Zieghart.”

“What the….”

“I told you when your secretary (Mekein) came, and in the conference room, didn't I? The original representative of Zieghart is not me, but the leader of the Light Wind division.”

With that, he pointed to the right. In the spectators, Rimmer, who was yawning as if he was bored, had the Zieghart's crest stuck in his chest.

"I don't know what you're talking about now, after arguing that I'm not the representative of Zieghart in the conference room."

"That, that is....”

Heukgeumje bit her lip when she saw the pattern on Rimmer's chest.

"But even if it was temporary, you sat in the representative's seat and participated in the conference, so..."

"What's so important about that representative? Are you so afraid of a 21-year-old brat?"


Provoked by the question of whether she's scared, Heukgeumje remained silent. Her eyebrows trembled slightly.

"In fact, that's true. Zieghart's representative is the division leader of the Light Wind."

"Yes, and not even close to being forty, preventing a 21-year-old from participating seems strange."

"Are they scared?"

"It's understandable to be scared. He's a peak Master level at the age of 21. If the White Sword Dragon wins here, it's a disgrace to the Five Divine Rulers."

The spectators also realized why the condition that representatives could not participate had been created, and they sneered.

"Well, it seems that the people from the Five Divine Rulers are dissatisfied, even if others are not. So, let's do this.”

Raon met Heukgeumje's gaze. Seeing her wavering eyes, he drew a deep smile.

"You, you, you, and you."

He pointed to the three warriors sitting in the VIP seats as well as Rikri, who was in the arena ground.

They were young and strong warriors who were to participate in the duel, like Rikri, as members of the Five Divine Rulers.


"What's going on now...?”

The warriors who were called out frowned, not understanding why they had been called.

"As an apology for my sudden participation, I will accept your combined attack."

Raon walked to the center of the arena ground with a gait that resembled Glenn's. Black scales sprouted from his black dragon coat, which fluttered along with his fierce momentum.

A majestic aura spread out, as if he were standing alone in a black storm.

"All four of you, come up.”


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