RDM (Novel) Chapter 570

Chapter 570

In times of chaos, heroes are born.

The battle between the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall gave birth to many new stars.

From the Golden Heavenly Hall emerged young martial artists known as the Four Great Warriors, and from the Silver Lotus Hall, figures known as the Silver Lotus Four Wings rose to fame

Storm Warrior, Shin Mu-yeong.

Wind Spirit Swordsman, Gi Han-seong.

Moonlit Wanderer, Eun Suryeon.

Demon Mirror Swordsman, Jeon Mu-yeol.

Black Winged Swordsman, Yul San-yeong.

White Winged General, Jang Gunsang.

Blue Winged Falcon, Eum Jeong-han.

Silver Winged Fairy, Go Yeon-hwa.

These eight individuals could be considered the best young martial artists born from the Great Kangho War.

They made their presence felt on the fierce battlefield, establishing numerous martial feats.

They emerged as a threat to those who had previously made their mark.

Most astonishingly, these were martial artists previously unknown to the world.

The rapid rise of these unnoticed young martial artists was met with cheers from the martial arts community.

Though they could not yet match the masters of the Golden Heavenly Hall or the Silver Lotus Hall, the emergence of these new figures injected fresh vitality into the martial arts world.

Then, a new martial artist appeared.

The one-armed middle-aged man who suddenly appeared at the Jade Mountain.

Being one-armed was a fatal flaw for martial artists.

It wasn't just the inconvenience of missing an arm.

The human body is very sensitive, and even a slight imbalance can disrupt the harmony.

Not only was it difficult to keep the body balanced without an arm, but the power of the martial arts was also halved. Most importantly, the smooth flow of internal energy was disrupted, making it difficult to sustain martial arts for long periods of time.

Despite such disadvantages, the middle-aged man demonstrated extraordinary martial prowess.

He exerted overwhelming strength against the martial artists of the Golden Heavenly Hall at the Jade Mountain.

Due to his punch, Jeon Mu-yang lost his life, and twenty of his followers were either killed or injured.

No other martial artist in recent times has made such a shocking debut.

People who heard the rumors nicknamed him the One-Armed Fist King.

This nickname was partly given out of awe, and partly out of mockery.

Some hailed him as a triumph of humanity, while others scorned him as a mere one-armed cripple.

The nickname, the One-Armed Fist King, encapsulated both meanings.

Thus, Hwangbo Chiseung, the One-Armed Fist King, became a martial artist of note in Kangho.

The Golden Heavenly Hall quickly and publicly targeted Hwangbo Chiseung for the loss of dozens of followers at the Jade Mountain.

The one who fiercely opposed the rise of Hwangbo Chiseung was Jeon Mu-yeol, one of the Four Great Warriors, the Demon Mirror Swordsman.

Jeon Mu-yeol was the brother of Jeon Mu-yang, who had died at the hands of Hwangbo Chiseung.

The death of his brother enraged him and ignited a burning hostility towards Hwangbo Chiseung.

However, Hwangbo Chiseung was completely oblivious to this fact.

Hwangbo Chiseung made his way to the Yellow River, south of Poyang Lake.

The Yellow River was an area that neither the Silver Lotus Hall nor the Golden Heavenly Hall could definitively control.

The Silver Lotus Hall had taken control first, but the Golden Heavenly Hall had moved in later, resulting in a fierce battle.

As Hwangbo Chiseung surveyed the area, he soon discovered a large inn and entered.

Perhaps because it was an awkward time, there were hardly any customers in the inn.

"Is anyone there?"

The innkeeper, who had been dozing off, woke up startled at Hwangbo Chiseung's voice.

"Oh, welcome."

The innkeeper hurried over.

Hwangbo Chiseung asked him,

"Do you have any rooms available?"

"Of course. How many days do you plan to stay?"

"I plan to stay for about three days. Will that be alright?"


The innkeeper beamed at him.

After paying the innkeeper in advance with silver coins, Hwangbo Chiseung sat down.

"Bring me some simple snacks and a bottle of wine."

"Just wait a moment. I'll bring it right away."

The innkeeper darted into the kitchen.

Left alone, Hwangbo Chiseung chose a seat by the window.

From his spot, he had an unobstructed view of the vast Poyang Lake.

Under normal circumstances, the lake should have been dotted with many boats. But there wasn't even a single fishing vessel in sight.

Although the weather was still cold, it was inconceivable that there wasn't a single boat out fishing.

It was a result of the intensifying conflict between the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall.

Boats innocently launched would inevitably get caught in the crossfire, leading to certain death.

And countless fishermen had already perished that way.

Seeing their boats consistently sunk or their peers killed, the fishermen had simply given up their operations.

Without human activity, Poyang Lake was no longer beautiful.

Some even referred to it as the Lake of Death.

It was an apt name, considering how many lives had been lost here.

Hwangbo Chiseung had heard the rumors along his journey and was aware of the situation.

"I never expected that the great Poyang Lake would be this desolate."

While he hadn't expected a bustling scene of boats, he hadn't anticipated such a stark absence either.

The war between the two factions was draining the life of the entire martial world.


Hwangbo Chiseung let out an unwitting sigh.

"Your food is here."

The innkeeper placed the food and wine on Hwangbo Chiseung's table.

"Thank you!"

Hwangbo Chiseung thanked the innkeeper and picked up the wine bottle.

Glug, glug!

He poured the wine into his cup and put the bottle down, then lifted the cup to his mouth and drank it.

Then he picked up the bottle again and refilled his cup.

Since he had only one arm, the sequence of actions was rather cumbersome, but Hwangbo

Chiseung never complained

He was grateful to have even one functional arm.

As Hwangbo Chiseung was finishing his third cup of wine,

"Are you the One-Armed Fist King, Hwangbo Chiseung?"

Someone opened the inn's door and walked towards him.

Hwangbo Chiseung looked at the approaching figure as he put down his wine cup.

They were a man and a woman, both in their late twenties.

The man, dressed in black martial attire, was strikingly handsome. The woman, in a silver martial uniform, was captivating.

Hwangbo Chiseung asked,

"I am Hwangbo Chiseung. Who might you be?"

"I am Yul San-yeong, and this is Go Yeon-Hwa."

"Hmm! The Black Winged Swordsman and the Silver Winged Fairy?"

"They are nothing but empty titles. We pale in comparison to you, great Hwangbo Chiseung."

"Well then, why have two of the Silver Lotus Hall Four Wings come to see me?"

They were the renowned Silver Lotus Four Wings.

Hwangbo Chiseung had heard many rumors about them since he arrived at Poyang Lake.

So, he couldn't help but be a little curious.


Hwangbo Chiseung was silently impressed.

Their internal energy was exceptional.

Yul San-yeong's energy was highly refined, which was a sign of his excellent control over the internal energy.

Goh Yeon-hwa's achievements were no less than Yul San-yeong's.

It was truly remarkable for a woman to have attained such a level of mastery.

With careful discretion, Yul San-yeong said,

"May I take a seat?"

"If you're here to persuade me to join the Silver Lotus Hall, you may as well leave now."

"Hmm! Just as I heard."

Yul San-yeong's brow furrowed slightly.

As soon as he heard about Hwangbo Chiseung from Geum Dae-myeong, he rushed over to recruit him.

On the other hand, Goh Yeon-hwa was there purely out of curiosity.

She was intrigued about the identity of the martial artist who had earned the nickname 'The Poisonous Martial Monarch’ from a single battle.

TL/N- This is another nickname

If Geum Dae-myeong's words were true, Hwangbo Chiseung undoubtedly possessed extraordinary martial prowess. If such a skilled fighter were to join the Silver Lotus Hall, they would be considerably strengthened.

Once again, Yul San-yeong asked,

"Won't you reconsider? The only force that can counter that treacherous Golden Heavenly Hall is our Silver Lotus Hall."

"I know nothing of such matters. Nor do I care."

"How can a martial artist be indifferent to the affairs of the world?"

"Everyone has their own circumstances. My top priority is finding my lord."

At that moment, a cold voice interrupted their conversation.

"I wonder who your lord is. Will he mourn your death, I wonder?"


The owner of the voice opened the door to the inn and entered.

The moment Yul San-yeong and Goh Yeon-hwa saw him, their expressions hardened.

A swordsman in his early thirties, dressed in blood-red clothing, entered.

The long scar that ran across his face and his sharp gaze made those who saw him shrink back instinctively.

"Jeon... Mu-yeol?"

"The Demon Mirror Swordsman has come in person."

Yul San-yeong and Goh Yeon-hwa recognized his identity and became alert.

The newcomer was Jeon Mu-yeol, one of the Four Great Warriors of the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Jeon Mu-yeol walked straight to the table where Hwangbo Chiseung was sitting.

Unlike Yul San-yeong and Goh Yeon-hwa, he exuded a strong killing intent.

He glared at Hwangbo Chiseung as if he were looking at an arch-enemy.

Jeon Mu-yeol said,

"Answer me. Will your lord mourn your death?"

"No! He's not the kind to shed tears over someone else's death."

"Yet you'd pledge your loyalty to him?"

"I owe him a debt of gratitude."

"And that debt is worth your life?"

"Indeed. I would willingly forfeit my life to repay that debt."

"What a shame."

"What do you mean?"

"That you'll die before you can repay that debt."



Hwangbo Chiseung looked at Jeon Mu-yeol, his eyes narrowed.

Jeon Mu-yeol's gaze was undoubtedly filled with a killing intent. It was a gaze only possible with deep resentment.

"Do you hold a grudge against me?"

"You seem unaware."

"What do you mean?"

"The man you killed at the Jade Mountain, Jeon Mu-yang, was my younger brother."

"Jeon Mu-yang?"

"Do you not remember the man you killed with your own hands at Jade Mountain?"

A terrifying killing intent emanated from Jeon Mu-yeol's entire being.

Jeon Mu-yang, who had been killed by Hwangbo Chiseung with a single move at the Jade Mountain, was his brother. As soon as he heard that Hwangbo Chiseung, the murderer of his brother, had appeared here, he rushed over without a second thought.

The man before him was the enemy who had taken his brother's life.

Jeon Mu-yeol cared little for his identity or martial arts prowess.

Yul San-yeong and Go Yeon-hwa looked at the two with troubled expressions.

Normally, the moment they met Jeon Mu-yeol, they should have fought with all their might. After all, they were martial artists who represented the powers of the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall.

In fact, every time they met, they fought with all their might. However, they had never managed to determine a victor.

However, Jeon Mu-yeol did not even spare them a glance.

His attention was solely focused on Hwangbo Chiseung.

His resentment for the loss of his brother was so great that he didn't even look at them.

Hwangbo Chiseung sighed deeply and responded,

"Whew! I don't know who your brother was, but those who attacked me first were the martial artists from Golden Heavenly Hall. I was just defending myself."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"You don't have to believe it. My words are the truth."

Hwangbo Chiseung didn't waver in the slightest.

Even in the face of a master like Jeon Mu-yeol, his unwavering figure was reminiscent of a giant boulder.

Despite missing an arm, no vulnerabilities were apparent. However, none of this could be seen in the furious eyes of Jeon Mu-yeol.


Jeon Mu-yeol drew his sword.

Seeing this, Goh Yeon-hwa whispered to Yul San-yeong,

"What should we do?"

"Let's watch for now."

"Huh? But..."

If he gets into trouble, we'll save him, and he won't be able to refuse our recruitment offer."

"Do we really have to do this?"

"I understand your concern, but we need to be rational now. We need as many skilled martial artists as possible. This is a golden opportunity to recruit him."

"But he said he's already serving someone..."

"We'll find out soon enough how loyal he is."

Yul San-yeong chuckled and watched Hwangbo Chiseung.

That's when Jeon Mu-yeol raised his voice,

"Declare who your lord is. I will send your head to this so-called master of yours. And then I will cut off your lord's head as well."

At that moment, Hwangbo Chiseung stood tall.

He raised his only fist and pointed it at Jeon Mu-yeol.

"Pyo Wol, the Reaper! That is the lord to whom I, Hwangbo Chiseung, have pledged my loyalty. I can endure personal insults, but I cannot tolerate any disrespect toward him. Come at me, you arrogant martial artist!"

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