TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 406

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 406

The sky was dark and there was not even a single star visible. The ground was covered in a shallow, yellow-green swamp that rippled like a stream.

After taking a deep breath, Raon felt a different air than before. It was not the stuffy, sticky air filled with the aura of death, but a pleasant breeze that was both cool and warm.

As he calmed his mind and slowly raised his head, He saw a man's back. He was a brilliant blond-haired swordsman, wearing silver armor. He was the first head of house Zieghart.

'As expected, it was his trail.'

He felt a sense of familiarity as soon as he saw the sword marks on the pillar. As expected, they were the sword marks left by the first head.

He looked a little younger.

His short hair was different from what he had seen before. His face was still not fully visible, but he looked younger than he had seen him in the dungeon or the cave meditation. (Central Martial Palace's cave)

After confirming the Zieghart ancestor, he looked to the side. A swordsman with blue hair wearing a yellow uniform was holding a sword with both hands.

Then this must be the first head of the Arian family.

He had similar eyes to Wendy Arian, with sea-blue blond hair. Perhaps his spirit was passed down to her because she looked like him.

Finally, he raised his gaze to the sky.

An Arch Lich, wearing a robe like the night sky and holding a staff with a black orb, was looking down at the two men.

More than thirty death knights and banshees under him revealed a deep murderous intent towards the Zieghart ancestor and the Arian ancestor.

'This is it.'

This was the very battle that he had heard from Judiel, in which the first head of house Zieghart  and the Arian family killed the Arch Lich that rose from the swamp of death.

As the Arch Lich raised his staff, countless black magic circles sprouted on the ground and in the sky. The dark magic that came out of the magic circles poured down on the two warriors.

The first head of house Zieghart walked forward, leaving red footprints, and drew his sword like lightning. The flames that burned on the blade lightly burned the death knights and banshees.

The first head of the Arian family summoned a blue storm with a green sword and tore apart the magic and magic circles created by the Arch Lich. 

The Arch Lich retreated in surprise. His back touched the black temple, which was burning with the aura of death.

The pillar he had seen earlier must have been the remnants of that temple.

He thought it was strange that the three pillars that were stuck in the swamp were so large, but it seems that they were the pillars of the temple where the Arch Lich summon his undeads.

The Arch Lich used his staff and the power of the temple to quickly resummon the death knights and fire stronger black magic, but the two warriors seemed to have loosened their bodies and wiped out the undead and magic even faster than before.

As soon as the last death knight was left, the Zieghart ancestor soared by breaking the swamp and rushed to the Arch Lich.

The Arch Lich created a black barrier using the aura of death itself like a banshee, but it was torn apart like a piece of paper and could not stop the flames on the Zieghart ancestor's sword.

The Zieghart ancestor continued to move forward and cut the Arch Lich's chest, and the Arian ancestor fired a strong force with blue wind to cut the Arch Lich's neck.

A perfect victory. The two warriors achieved a delicate combination without any conversation or gestures. It felt like watching the Light Wind members, who understands each other's minds at a glance, because they had been beaten countless times.

However, the Zieghart ancestor and the Arian ancestor did not put down their swords. The two men frowned as they looked at the Arch Lich, who was floating in the air even though his neck and chest were cut.

The Arch Lich began to create a huge ball of power using the orbss of his staff and the aura of death that dwelled in the temple as a medium. Suicide. He was determined to kill the two warriors by detonating all the powers here.

The ancestor of  house Zieghart struck the sphere with his sword. It is the breath of fire extending from the center of the sword, the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Dragon's Roar . However, even the roar of the fire dragon could not penetrate the sphere of concentrated power and was scattered in vain.

The ancestor of the Arian family also fired a series of sharp forces of wind shaped like sickles, but they could not cut the growing ball of power.

The Arch Lich's severed head laughed at the two men.

The ancestors of house of Zieghart and the Arian family nodded to each other for the first time.

The ancestor of the Arian family grabbed his sword with both hands and drew in the wind that spread around him. The wind that followed the sword path became thicker and cut through the aura of death, opening a path to the black sphere.

The ancestor of house Zieghart, as if that was enough, took a middle stance and stepped on the footwork. A smooth red force burns in the white sword blade like a snowfield.

He thrust his sword forward, pressing down on his left foot with the ground. Dozens of red light waves rose from a single blade and stabbed the black sphere.


He thrust the sword forward with his left foot pressing into the ground. Dozens of crimson streaks of light shot from the blade, piercing the black sphere.

Thirty-six. The flames from the sword, conquering thirty-six directions in a single stroke, enveloped the black sphere.

With a sizzling sound, it firmly engulfed the sphere.

The black sphere tried to inflate its body in defiance, but the thirty-six flames created by the ancestor of house Zieghart were crushed by the power of the sea-colored wind behind them and crushed the black sphere.


Like a pumpkin wrapped in chains, the black sphere was crushed by the power of fire and wind, then exploded in a huge explosion in the air. The shock wave that spread to the back even destroyed the temple of death.

The ancestor of house of Zieghart slashed his sword diagonally at the falling Arch Lich. He didn't even scream and turned to ashes.

He turned his head slightly. As he met the fiery red eyes, along with a pain like his head was burning, the techniques of the swordsmanship he had seen a little earlier were depicted.

Of course, it was the swordsmanship of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

However, he didn't just acquire that one swordsmanship. He could feel that the swordsmanship techniques capable of achieving that level had advanced another step.

The ancestor of house Zieghart nodded slightly. It's not directed at him, but it's probably a gesture to the ancestor of the Arian family, but it felt like he was asking him if he could do it.

Of course.

As soon as he nodded that he could, the darkness that was a little darker than before shone in his eyes, and a buzzing sound came into his ears.



When he blinked, he saw Rimmer beckoning.

“What are you thinking about! It's urgent!”

Where did you eat, and what did you eat to come back stronger? Wrath asked Raon. 

'What the hell is this guy talking about?'

It was annoying enough that you constantly fell into a state of trance, but sometimes you disappeared with your soul intact and reappeared with a stronger aura. You damn kid had returned after growing stronger in a short period of time that wasn't even 10 seconds.

And who is the sucker giving you power again?

'Sucker, huh?'

Raon smiled faintly, pointing to the sky with his hand.

'The one above the sky seems to find me pretty, so they keep granting me power.'

You mean... even the hypocrites from the heavens are being deceived by you, that's....


It's a good thing

Wrath suddenly nodded, saying that it was okay to peel off such people.


When Rimmer approached, he turned his head,. 

"Do you have the ring that Chamber gave you?" 


"Let's use that. Now is the time for that method... No, it should be there too."

Rimmer didn't point to the ring but lifted his head instead. 

"Hey! Old woman are you there! Come out and help us!" 

He shouted with a voice full of frustration, but no one appeared. 

"What are you doing?" 

"Damn it! I thought she would come, but no choice. The ring... ."

"That's enough, I'll handle it, so please help me." 

Raon shook his head and took a deep breath, spinning the ring of fire. The sound of the ring rotating around the heart awakened his mind.

"Yes, you're going to handle it?" 

"Yes, I think I can handle it, but I'll need some help." 

He gestured to Wendy Arian, who was watching from the side. 

"Wendy, please come over here." 


Wendy was so surprised that her eyes widened like a rabbit's. 

"Come over here!" 

"Oh, okay!" 

She ran over without hesitation, despite the dangerous situation. 

"Is there a martial art in the Arian family's swordsmanship that cuts through the air with wind?"

"T, there is a technique called the Path of the Wind. But how did Raon-nim know that... ."

She tilted her head, wondering how Raon knew about it, even though it was not an offensive swordsmanship and she had never used it in front of him.

"Use that swordsmanship to open a path to that sphere. And..." 

Raon gestured towards Rimmer. 

"Squad leader, please help Wendy. I believe you can handle it." 


Rimmer wiped the sweat running down his chin with the back of his hand and sighed. 

"I'm a bit tired right now..." 

He shook his head, exhausted from the battle. 

"How much did you fight that you're already tired and panting like a dog? You need to train your stamina when you go back."

"Eh? How much stamina and aura do you think the sword field creation... ."

"I don't know, so if you can't do this, go back and prepare to climb the cliff with the kids."


When Raon repeated what Rimmer had said, his complexion turned as white as a sheet of paper.

"You wretched fellow...."

"It's all thanks to squad leader who raised me like this."

 He waved his hand and stepped forward to stand in front of the black sphere.

"Hmm... ."

Wendy trembled her lips as she looked at Raon's back.

'Can I do it?'

'Some one like me?'

Although Raon had asked for her help, she didn't have confidence in opening the path of the wind properly. It wasn't because she hadn't trained. It was just that at this crucial moment where even a slight mistake could cost everyone's lives, she wondered if she should step forward.

 'I don't think I can do it....'

Her hands were trembling, and her heart was pounding heavily. She couldn't even recall how to swing a sword, let alone control the wind. He felt completely empty-headed.

When she was about to tell Raon that she couldn't do it, he turned around.

"A thousand years ago, your ancestor and my ancestor stood in this very place and cut through the darkness. Now it's our turn."

He smiled gently, as if he knew all her nervousness.

"Wendy Arian, you are the only one who has inherited the will of the Arian family. You can do it."

Raon didn't even listen to Wendy's answer, and looked back at the front. His unshakable back was speaking of trust.

"Don't worry too much."

When Wendy's trembling began to subside, Rimmer approached her.

"If that arrogant subordinate said he could do it, it means it's absolutely possible. Don't be burdened, and just do it as usual."

He smiled reassuringly, encouraging her to relax.


When Wendy thought that the great genius known as the White Sword Dragon believed in her, her heart felt relieved, as if the thick rope that had been constricting her chest had been cut. Not all the trembling subsided, but the feeling of making a mistake was definitely reduced.

"I'll start."

Wendy bit her lip and swung her sword with all her might, as if she was about to take a step forward. The gale that bloomed from the silver blade created a path of blue sea leading to the black sphere.


However, due to Wendy's insufficient power, the path did not fully form and appeared twisted, as if it would crumble. Just as the green wind was about to be pushed aside by the aura of death, a strong gale blew in to support it.


It was Rimmer. He gritted his teeth and slashed his sword wrapped in green wind to cut through the flow. The thin green wind on the sword blade soared like a dragon and penetrated the path of the wind created by Wendy.


The two types of wind twisted and opened a gentle path of wind leading to the black sphere.

"Squad leader has been lying down for a long time, so you can relax your spine a bit."

Raon closed his eyes as he approached the black sphere. What he was imagining was the sword of the first head of Zieghart, which occupied thirty-six directions simultaneously.

'I can't follow it exactly.'

The head I saw today is stronger than me now.

'No, regardless of whether it is strong or weak, it is impossible to perform an absolute martial art that I saw for the first time today perfectly without any practice, even with the ring of fire.'

'That's why....'

You should help too.

He smiled as he adjusted the Blade of Requiem in his left hand.


Raon stood in front of the black sphere, listening to the pleasant cry of the Blade of Requiem.

"Arrogant subordinate! We're going for real now!"


With the combined efforts of Rimmer and Wendy, the aura of death was completely pushed back, and the path of emerald wind toward the black sphere was opened.


Raon drew out all the energy of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation remaining in his energy center with a step that shook the earth. He endured the excruciating pain that felt like his mana circuits were about to burn out, and took the stance of the first Zieghart's head that he had seen in a daze.

Perfectly balanced, with neither excess nor deficiency. Raon released both the Blade of Requiem and Heavenly Drive placed in front of him simultaneously. Like streaks of light, they carried the breath of flames.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Hundred Flames.

Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth. (적섬삼십육결)

The smooth flames that wet the blade spread out each eighteen and wrapped around the black sphere.


Like a comet running through the night sky, the thirty-six beams of flame surrounded the black sphere, creating an enormous pressure.


However, the energy contained in the black sphere was so large that it did not melt easily.

'Not yet.'

He can't give up like this. He poured all his remaining energy into the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and the Ring of Fire, operating them until his heart and energy center ached.


Blood flowed from his nose and mouth, and his bones and skin felt a tingling sensation as if they were about to be crushed, but he bit his lip and took a step forward.


The wind created by Wendy Arian and Rimmer also became stronger. It was a warm wind that pushed him on the back.

Fire is fueled by wind.

The red flames and the blue wind mingled like gears meshing, and the lines of flames that were lit by Thirty-six strikes of heaven and earth thickened.


A huge flame pressed down on the black sphere and began to burn the aura of death contained within it.



Raon squeezed out every last ounce of his muscles and energy, melting the black sphere as much as possible, and then threw it high into the sky.


The fiery sphere, now so small that its dark aura was barely visible, exploded with tremendous force.


Raon lowered his sword only after seeing the dark red energy pouring down like cherry blossoms.

'It's over....'

Thanks to pouring all his strength, he was able to handle the sphere cleanly. The three pillars that gave him enlightenment crumbled into dust due to the aftermath of the enormous power.

'Thank you.'

He bowed his head, thinking of the ancestors of Zieghart and Arian.


When he got up with a sigh, Rimmer ran up to him.

"What kind of swordsmanship is that again! I've never seen it before?"

He shook his shoulders, asking if he had created another swordsmanship.

"Thank you, squad leader."

Raon lowered his gaze as he saw the sweat trickling down Rimmer's forehead. Despite his complaints, it was clear that Rimmer had done his utmost to help.

"Well, as squad leader, this much is expected. But now, I really don't have any strength left. Carry me, and let's go to the Arian family.

"Oh, by the way, why were you so late...."

He was about to ask Rimmer why he had arrived so late when his vision became blurry. Seeing the blue screen, it seemed like a message was coming in, but he couldn't focus.

"Why? Kid...."

Raon was about to reprimand Rimmer for being late, but he lost consciousness and fell backward.


Rimmer ran and caught Raon, who was about to fall, by smashing the ground.

'He's exhausted.'

Raon was in a state of unconsciousness after using all his strength and energy without leaving a drop.

"You did great."

Rimmer gently patted Raon's back. He smiled as he looked at his disciple, who was now too big to hold.

"Thanks to you, everyone is safe."

He meant it. If it weren't for Raon just now, everyone here would have been in danger.

He perfectly blocked the aura of death as he had promised. He was a reliable disciple no matter how you looked at him.

"Thanks to you, I was finally able to wield my sword to my heart's content. It was fun. It felt like I was back in the past."

Rimmer bowed his head slightly to Raon with a warm look in his eyes.

"Thank you."

My young king.


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