RDM (Novel) Chapter 536

 Chapter 536

The News of the Uproar in Duchang had reached the Golden Heavenly Hall, located on the other side of Lake Poyang.

As a result, the Hundred Arms Pavilion, the intelligence agency within the Golden Heavenly Hall, was in turmoil.

The leader of the Hundred Arms Pavilion, King Taejin, yelled at his subordinates.

"What on earth is happening? Why Duchang?"

"We're still trying to figure it out."

"And when are you going to send the troops across the lake if you're only figuring it out now?"

Even the fastest boat would take a whole day to cross Poyang Lake. By then, the unrest in Duchang would surely have been resolved.

Time was of the essence when it came to information.

A day too late and the information would be worthless.

That's why they had to collect information as quickly as possible.

Even if it meant dealing with incidents on the other side of Poyang Lake.

Duchang was a place heavily influenced by the Silver Lotus Hall.

If there was chaos there, it was clear that there was a problem within the Silver Lotus Hall.

If they could grasp Silver Lotus Hall's weakness, there was no better opportunity.

King Taejin shouted again.

"Think, quickly. Don't we have any viable options?"

"Well, that is..."

"You useless..."

Unable to respond, King Taejin's subordinate received a harsh rebuke from him.

To escape his superior's scorn, the subordinate racked his brain.


"Why? Have you thought of something?"

"Our patrol team is currently on their way back by boat."

"Patrol team?"

"Yes! They should be entering Poyang Lake by now."

"Didn't you say the patrol suffered great losses? I heard that Lee Chu-su and the frost flame twins were left incapacitated."

"That's true, but they should still be able to collect information."


"After all, we don't have any other options, do we?"

The patrol led by Lee Chu-su and her confidant, the Frost Flame Twins, had encountered unknown masters, delaying their return.

The injuries to their spirit were even more significant than those to their bodies.

Because of this, the Golden Heavenly Hall had sent a boat to bring them back.

If they were returning as scheduled, they should be passing through the middle of Poyang Lake now.

"Even if they're incapacitated, they can still command their subordinates. They won't be fighting directly, they'll just be hiding and gathering information, they should be more than willing to do that".

"Good! Let's do that. We have no other options at the moment."

"Then I'll send a messenger hawk."


With his superior's approval, the subordinate rushed outside. A moment later, a hawk took flight into the dark night sky.


Lee Chu-su and the Frost Flame Twins were crouched on the deck of the boat.

They were all wrapped in thin blankets.

Their pale complexions and shivering bodies bore little resemblance to their once formidable selves.

They had all suffered serious physical and psychological damage.

"Damn it!"

Lee Chu-su bit her lip as she gently touched her side.

She felt an excruciating pain where her hand had touched.

It was the part that had been pierced by Sal-no.

She was lucky enough to receive treatment and survive, but the unhealed wound still caused her severe pain.

The injury wasn't just limited to her side.

Her left hand was splinted and wrapped tightly in a cloth as all her fingers were broken.

The injury from Sal-no not only took away her confidence. It was also a severe psychological blow.

While a skilled doctor managed to heal her physical wound enough to move around, her shattered spirit was not easily mended.

Lee Chu-su wasn't the only one in such a state.

Her confidant, the Frost Flame Twins, also suffered severe mental and physical trauma. This had forced them to delay their return to the Golden Heavenly Hall and waste precious time.

It took them a significant amount of time to recover enough physically and mentally to be able to move. They were then able to board the ship the Golden Heavenly Hall had sent for them.

The memories of that day still haunted them like a nightmare.

Their bodies had largely recovered, but they often had nightmares when they slept.

Lee Chu-su planned to focus solely on treatment after returning to the Golden Heavenly Hall. She would not take on any missions for the time being.

That's how serious the mental and physical trauma she had endured was.

It was so bad that she didn't want to remember it again.

'Damn it! Damn it! How did I end up like this?'

Not long ago, she had been one of the most promising martial artists in the Golden Heavenly Hall. But now, she was nothing more than a cripple.

It seemed impossible to fully recover from the psychological trauma before a certain triggering event.

The same went for the Frost Flame Twins.

The Frost Flame Twins, who were like sisters to her, also suffered great damage to their minds and bodies, resulting in a drastic reduction in their talkativeness.

It was also Lee Chu-su's responsibility as leader of the patrol to look after them.


Just then, Lee Chu-su unknowingly let out a sigh.


Suddenly, with a furious flapping of its wings, a hawk landed on where they were.

"A message hawk?"

Lee Chu-su recognized it instantly, the bird was a messenger hawk sent from the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Attached to the hawk's ankle was a tiny cylinder. Inside was a message with instructions from the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Lee Chu-su read the scroll with an anxious expression.

"Are they out of their minds?"

"What's going on?"

"What does it say?"

The Frost Flame Twins carefully asked.

Lee Chu-su responded with a look of disbelief.

"They want us to stop by Duchang to check on the situation.


"They're asking us?"

The Frost Flame Twins blinked in disbelief.

They had already explained in detail how weak they were. They even said that they needed to rest for a while. But this was the order they had received.

"Are they insane?"

"How can they give such an order knowing our condition?"

The Frost Flame Twins protested.

Their protest was reasonable. Even Lee Chu-su wondered if the issuer of this order was out of their mind.

But unlike the Frost Flame Twins, Lee Chu-su couldn't just rebel. After all, she was the leader of the Patrol Squad and had the responsibility to keep a clear line between public and private matters.

Declining the mission because of emotional distress would only diminish her standing in the Golden Heavenly Hall.

It's not like they're asking us to do it ourselves, they just want us to send some able-bodied members to check out the situation in Duchang.

They had taken a considerable mental and physical toll that day. But the manpower of the patrol hadn't been seriously affected.

Since there were plenty who were still fit, they could just send a few to Duchang to check on the situation.

Lee Chu-su suggested,

"Let's select ten members and send them to Duchang."

"Squad Leader?"

"You want to follow this order?"

The Frost Flame Twins protested with raised voices. But Lee Chu-su's decision remained firm.

"We're not even leaving the ship. We'll just send them to Duchang, then immediately depart once they return. Nothing will happen."


"There's a chance we could obtain useful information. That would somewhat compensate for our failure."

On hearing this, the Frost Flame Twins conceded that Lee Chu-su's opinion was valid.

If they returned without any information, the Patrol's standing in the Golden Heavenly Hall would be diminished. On the other hand, if they were able to gather even a shred of useful information, their reputation might recover somewhat.


"Let's do it."

Eventually, the Frost Flame Twins agreed with her.

The ship carrying the Patrol Squad docked, and ten warriors ventured into the chaos of Dochang.


Namgung Seol slightly furrowed her brows.

She felt a considerable shock through her hand.

Contrary to her expectations, Eun-yo's martial arts prowess was not to be underestimated, taking her a considerable amount of time to suppress.

Eun-yo's martial arts resembled waves.

No matter how hard she pushed back, it kept coming at her, like waves crashing against the shore.

She seemed to remember hearing about such a martial art technique.

"That's right! I remember hearing about a martial arts technique at Xiaoleiyin Temple that resembles waves. That technique is unmistakably from Xiaoleiyin Temple.”

Namgung Seol had finally identified the origin of Eun-yo's techniques.

Her clarity of thought was astonishing.

She was the first to deduce that Eun-yo was from Xiaoleiyin Temple based solely on the martial arts technique she displayed.

It also spoke volumes about the breadth and depth of Namgung Seol's martial arts knowledge.

She had never imagined Eun-yo could be a disciple of the Xiaoleiyin Temple, nor did she expect her to be so formidable.

Eun-yo's accomplishments far exceeded her expectations. Yet, she posed no threat to Namgung Seol.

It wasn't that Eunyo was weak.

She was strong.

There wouldn't be many amongst her peers who could best her.

The problem was Namgung Seol.

Namgung Seol was powerful.

Not only among her peers, but she was formidable enough to compete for supremacy in the martial world.

Owing to her surname, Namgung, she had devoured all the sophisticated sword techniques of the Thousand Kingdom School.

She didn't become strong suddenly by receiving some profound technique like Eun-yo; she was a true powerhouse who had built her strength step by step from the basics.

Her true martial arts could overwhelm Eun-yo with much to spare.

"Let's end this now."

With a chilling voice, Namgung Seol brandished her sword.

Her momentum transformed.

The swordmaster who exuded the aura of an emperor by just displaying her sword stance was the only one in the entire martial world.

She was the only swordswoman in the world who could exude the aura of an emperor just by displaying the sword stance.

The Emperor Sword Form.

It was the legendary martial art that gave birth to the dynasty of the Namgung clan, surviving and prospering through thousands of generations.

Namgung Seol had cultivated this legendary sword art from her childhood.

However, Her father did not completely pass down the Emperor Sword Form to her just because she was a girl.

Moreover, he imposed a strict prohibition, citing the principle of 'no transmission to non-humans', barring her from sharing it with others.

That was one of the reasons why Namgung Seol left the clan.

She was disillusioned with her father and the clan, who suppressed her growth simply because she was a woman.

Despite being more talented and ambitious than her brothers, she was pushed aside just because of her gender.

This filled her heart with fury.

She wandered the world, amassing achievements, and even found a notable hero, Lee Geom-han, who became her lover. Yet, a deep grudge still lingered in her heart.

Namgung Seol channeled all her anger into the Emperor's Sword Style.


A stroke of power, unlike any seen before, covered Eun-Yo.

Eun-Yo, in response, unfolded the seventh form of the Blue Sky Devil’s Dance.


The two techniques collided in mid-air, causing an enormous shockwave that swept across the vicinity.

The shrine, which had barely retained its form, collapsed, and the surrounding buildings were heavily damaged.


Eun-Yo was crushed under a collapsed wall, bleeding profusely.

Her jaw and chest were stained red with fresh blood.

Her face was blanched, indicating that she had suffered severe internal injuries.

In front of her, Namgung Seol approached with her sword dangling.

Her gaze fell on Eun-Yo's chest.

A small booklet was peeking out from between her breasts.

Namgung Seol reached out her pale hand and pulled out the booklet from Eun-yo's chest.

Seeing Namgung Seol take the pamphlet, Eun-Yo was unable to resist. She was helpless, as if her whole body had been crushed.

Namgung Seol flipped through the book, reading it quickly.

"Trends of the sects near Poyang Lake? This must be from the Hao Clan’s Branch."

Namgung Seol frowned deeply.

She couldn't understand why the Hao Clan, who coldly rejected her offer, would pass such high

level information to a young girl.

In any case, she now had a pretext to subdue Eun-yo and Do Yeonsan.

With this level of evidence, even her lover Lee Geom-han and the Silver Lotus Hall wouldn't criticize her much for this incident.

Namgung Seol was about to order her men to carry the collapsed Eun-Yo. But something was strange.


The place was too quiet.

It made no sense to her that it was so quiet, considering that a battle was going on nearby between Do Yeonsan and her subordinates.

"What is this?"

Namgung Seol turned around.

The entire street seemed to be holding its breath.

And from within, a dark wave was surging forth.

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