TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 405

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 405

Due to the relentless deceit, on the Land of Death where not a single cloud remained, the wind blew, and lightning rained down.

Rimmer stood calmly in the midst of the storm, where undead monsters turned to dust and Manghongwi retreated in fear.

Raon swallowed his saliva.

"The sword field has changed."

The name of the sword field that Rimmer used before was "Eye of the Storm". It was a type of sword field that created a windless area to weaken the enemy's strength and strengthen one's own strength.

But the sword field that Rimmer used now was different. The name was "Song of Wind and Lightning", and in fact, a gale was blowing around Rimmer and lightning was falling randomly.

"Can a sword field change?"

No, it's supposed to change.

Rimmer said that the most important thing about a sword field is the mind state of the heart that each person possesses. The mind state changes as one grows and experiences, so it is natural that the sword field changes as well.

That's right.

Wrath nodded as he looked at Rimmer.

As the King of Essence always say, the most important thing in swordsmanship , magic, and skills is image. The sword field has changed because the image in that idiot elf has changed.

He said that Rimmer had made a rather interesting change and slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

Rimmer gestured casually as if to say, "Take a look," and approached Hell Philgrim.

Raon kept his eyes on Rimmer, raising his intuition so that the Manghongwi would not be able to use dirty tricks.


Hell Pilgrim, realizing that the situation was dangerous, lowered his posture and raised his aura of death. A smooth black power that seemed to be climbing up a shadow on his long sword was burning.

"He wasn't serious when he fought me, was he?"

The momentum that Hell Pilgrim showed now was different from before. It seemed that he had revealed all his energy in response to Rimmer's sword field creation.

"Good thinking."

Rimmer nodded as he faced Hell Pilgrim. He smiled with a relaxed gesture.

"If you don't do it right, it'll be over right away."


Hell Pilgrim thought he was insulted and slashed his sword without a moment's hesitation.


Despite the thin longsword, it produced a powerful and heavy force, surrounding the space as it descended. In an instant, Rimmer's figure disappeared.


Hell Pilgrim's green spark only cut the empty air, and Rimmer had already moved to the right.

"The footwork filled with lightning and wind as well?"

It was a speed that was hard to believe even though he was watching. It looked like he used magic like Blink instead of footwork.

Rimmer stepped forward with his left foot. The sword that was released like silk was accompanied by wind and lightning.


Hell Pilgrim, as if he had opened his intuition, turned around and raised his long sword, but he was pushed back five steps without being able to properly receive the sword strike with wind and lightning.

"It's still far away."

Rimmer smiled coldly and charged head-on. He aimed at Hell Pilgrim's neck with a sword blade with wind.


Hell Pilgrim exhaled a rough breath and stretched out his long sword with a burning black flame.


Rimmer's sword, as sharp as a spear, and Hell Pilgrim's sword, as heavy as a battle axe, collided head-on.


A deafening sound like the world was collapsing erupted when the swords collided. The shock wave that exploded after the sound swept through the space.


While Rimmer and Hell Pilgrim were pushing their swords towards each other's necks, lightning and wind poured down from the sky.


The lightning and wind, as if someone was controlling them, struck Hell Pilgrim's shoulders and waist.


Hell Pilgrim, who seemed to be surprised, let out a groan and let go of the sword that was pushing Rimmer, and stepped back with his footwork.


But the lightning and wind continued to chase Hell Pilgrim, not stopping their fierce offensive.

"Don't you know what's going on?"

Rimmer smiled and rushed to Hell Pilgrim's left side. The sword that extended with astral energy flashed like a ray of light.


Hell Pilgrim pushed Rimmer back with a sword strike that twisted diagonally upward, but in that short moment, lightning struck and pierced his thigh.


Hell Pilgrim took a big step back and wrapped himself in a massive amount of astral energy, like putting on armor. He realized that the wind and lightning in this space were not ordinary natural phenomena.

"Feeling it now?" Rimmer taunted, wagging his finger.

"This lightning and wind are no different from my sword," he continued, smiling and pointing his blade at Hell Pilgrim.

"Dance to your death within the wind and lightning."

Rimmer moved forward like a bolt of lightning and turned his right wrist.

The blade that fell, bent like the waning moonlight, aimed at Hell Pilgrim's right chest, where his core was located.


Hell Pilgrim roared like an animal as he pushed away his longsword, which seemed to carry the weight of a mountain.


Rimmer was pushed back by the overwhelmingly heavy sword strike, but the blades of wind and lightning that he controlled continued to fall.


Hell Pilgrim's armor of astral energy withstood the wind and lightning, but his body swayed as if it was not completely unaffected.


As Rimmer stepped back and gestured, the lightning and wind began to press Hell Pilgrim more harshly. His astral energy that protected his body rippled as if it would be erased.


Unable to endure, Hell Pilgrim screamed and charged. His sword held more than just weight; it held destructive power, capable of breaking everything.

"Is this the end?"

Rimmer did not think of simply receiving it like before, and stepped on the footwork that was filled with wind. His body fluttered like a piece of paper in the breeze, deflecting Hell Pilgrim's sword strike.

"Now it's my turn"

He did not stop at evading, and thrust his sword, filled with the power of lightning, at Hell Pilgrim's right arm.


Hell Pilgrim quickly retracted his longsword to block, but his movement was momentarily stopped by the lightning that fell from above his head.

Rimmer did not miss the opportunity and cut Hell Pilgrim's arm through the armor of astral energy.


The aura of death that composed Hell Pilgrim began to flow out from his severed forearm.


A groan of pain escaped Hell Pilgrim's mouth.

"Ignore the trivial lightning and break that barrier first!"

Manghongwi could not bear it and moved the orb. Countless spheres of aura of death condensed into existence.


Raon turned his body and raised the  Blade of Requiem in reverse. A yellow flower bud blooms on the red blade that rises from the bottom.


The fragments of heat that bloomed with resentment scattered and spread, colliding with the aura of death that Manghongwi raised.


The flames imbued with ghastly energy and the power of death collided, causing countless explosions.


Rimmer blinked one eye as if approving of Raon's actions.


Beads of sweat were streaming down his forehead and the back of his hand. He appeared calm, but it seemed like time was running out to maintain the sword field.

"Keep interfering until the end!" 

Manghongwi gritted his teeth as he looked at them, his teeth grinding together.

However, it seemed that his instructions were carried out properly, as Hell Pilgrim did not make any unnecessary movements and simply stood there, gathering his energy.


A huge energy bloomed above the longsword he raised above his head. His astral energy seemed to be burning endlessly, as if he was going to cut through this sword field in one strike.

"A battle of a single sword strike…"

Rimmer nodded, looking at the astral energy that had become unbearably large.

"I'll accept it."

He smiled and extended his sword to the side. The lightning and wind that formed the sword field gathered on his blade.

Raon narrowed his eyes.

'It's the same as before.'

The sword that condensed lightning and wind was the same as Rimmer's previous sword field, Eye of the Storm. It was a way of fighting by drawing in the elemental forces from the surroundings to the sword.


Hell Pilgrim not only channeled his aura of death he possessed, but also drew out the aura of death of this land and wrapped it around his sword.


The black flames that burned from his sword soared up to the dark sky.


While Rimmer's energy imbued in his sword was formidable, it seemed inadequate against Hell Filgrim's overwhelming black flames.

"Squad leader..."

"It's okay, just watch."

Raon tried to help, but Rimmer shook his head with his usual smile.

"Finish him off!"

With Manghongwi's cry, strength entered Hell Pilgrim's hands.

The sword strikes imbued with the perfect heavy sword and a destruction sword poured out, crushing the space as if it were going to explode.


When the sword field itself was about to collapse, Rimmer took a step forward.

"Both the wind and the lightning are part of my sword."

It was not a simple statement. His resolute voice, filled with determination, resonated throughout the world with a melodic rhythm.

"There is nothing my sword cannot cut."

The space formed by the sword field shook, and a beam of light of a different level rose above Rimmer's sword.


Feeling the threat of death, Hell Pilgrim intensified the flames of his astral energy sword. Rimmer's hand surged forward like a hurricane.


The bright green lightning and wind cut through the blackened blade and even cut through Hell Pilgrim's flesh.


Hell Pilgrim kneeled down with his sword in half, and his armor, which looked like it was stained with blood, began to disappear into dust.


As the brilliant light from Rimmer's sword faded, the sword field dissipated.

Raon grabbed his left chest, where there had been two daggers for dual-wielding.

"So, this is the 'Song of Wind and Lightning'?"

I see why it was called "Song of Wind and Lightning." The power that amplified the sword strike at the end was a song that contained Rimmer's will.

It was a special sword field that used the characteristics of elves, who know the power of rhythm, in addition to the power of wind and swordsmanship.

'I might understand a bit now.'

Watching Rimmer's new sword field, he felt a sense of how to use attributes and swordsmanship.

In a world filled with many swords, the faint flames and a single sword stood out.

"Squad leader."

As he approached Rimmer, his body shook. It seemed that he had poured out all of his power with the sword field.

"Damn it!"

Manghongwi, who didn't expect Hell Pilgrim to be defeated so easily, his blue eyes swayed like waves hit by a wave.

"I'll kill you myself!"

However, Manghongwi seemed to have realized that Rimmer had exhausted his strength. He manipulated the black orb and created a massive storm of aura of death.

'Squad leader can't move right now!'

Raon stood in front of Rimmer, stepping on the ground and unleashed the Supreme Harmony steps.

"Go away!"

"You came to kill me. You shouldn't take your eyes off me."

He invoked the Endless Flaming Sea with the Blade of Requiem. The Endless Flaming Sea that rose from the bottom collided with the storm of aura of death that poured down from above.


When the flames and aura of death collided, Raon rushed to Manghongwi, cutting through the fierce storm.

"This bastard... ."

Manghongwi, who didn't expect him to come through the storm, backed away in surprise.

Manghongwi was startled as he tried to retreat. However, the Supreme Harmony steps, which had crushed the ground, allowed Raon to approach him faster than he anticipated.


Silver coldness settles in Raon's hands. The frost wrapped around the blade he pulled out headed for Manghongwi's heart.


Like a magician, Manghongwi used his energy to create a formidable shield in that brief moment instead of relying on his physical body.


Both the first and second blades of Frostwind Swordsmanship failed to break through the black curtain created by Manghongwi and were bounced off.

Raon fell to the ground, unable to support his body in the air.

"You've gotten weaker."

Manghongwi's voice was filled with laughter.

"I'll kill you, that elf, and all the scum you brought with you."

He holds out the black orb. A sphere filled with aura of death appeared on top of the orb, creating a strong spark.


Even though it was not completed, an enormous energy began to gather, so much that his heart sank.

However, Raon's eyes did not waver. His eyes, which glared at Manghongwi as he twirled his body, flashed with red lightning.

'He's fallen for it.'

It was intentional not to break through Manghongwi's protective barrier earlier. The strategy was to make him let his guard down by revealing that his power had weakened once again.

Raon reached into his chest and gripped Heavenly Killing Blade tightly.

'Now is the time.'

He channeled the coldness of Glacier and the Divinity that Bloomed from the Darkness into Heavenly Killing Blade.

Mukyeolbi. (Flawless Blade)

Binghyangtalhon. (Ice Fagrance soul)

Heavenly Killing Blade, charged with an overwhelming divine energy, turned into a silvery flash and charged towards Manghongwi.

"A pointless act!"

Having blocked Raon's sword strikes twice, Manghongwi ignored Raon and activated his shield again,



The Heavenly Killing Blade, clad in the power of the Ice Fragrance Soul and divine power, cut through the barrier in an instant, piercing both the black orb and Manghongwi's heart.


When Raon fell to the ground on his back, he saw the black orb shatter and Manghongwi fall to the ground, coughing up blood.


Manghongwi, unlike when he was struck by Rimmer's sword, clutched his chest in agonizing pain. Through the hole in his hand, crimson blood and dark energy burst forth.

Red blood and black miasma simultaneously erupted from his hand, piercing it.


But as the orb shattered, the released aura of death gathered into Manghongwi's energy sphere, swelling even more.

“You fool…”

Manghongwi trembled his shoulders and raised his head. He let out a cruel laugh as he looked at the growing black sphere.

"Now, no one can control this. A millennium of accumulated energy will explode in an instant, and not just you, but all those humans too, will die."

He pointed towards the people in the distance, looking in this direction.

"The orb may be a loss, but if it kills all of you, it's not a bad trade-off. I'll just…"

"Shut up."

Raon silenced him by driving the remaining Heavenly Killing Blade into Manghongwi's head.

"This damned guy..."

Manghongwi groaned as if frustrated, then fell backward. He turned into dust, leaving no trace, as if he had truly become undead.


Raon approached the increasingly expanding black sphere while catching his  breath.


Rimmer let out a sigh as he looked at the sphere.

"Seems like it's done for?"

He shrugged, acknowledging that he had no power to stop it now.

Raon bit his lip, struggling with his thoughts. Despite his regained strength and focus from the short rest, he still didn't know how to erase that massive energy sphere."How can I…"

While pondering this, he glanced around and noticed something. Unlike before, the swamp had disappeared, and he could see the lower parts of the three pillars that had been hidden.


Raon furrowed his brow as he looked at the lower part of one of the pillars.


The marks carved into the pillars were familiar to him. As he concentrated his mind on the scars, the ring of fire and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura rose up on their own as if they were alive.

Before his eyes, the world changed along with the soaring golden flames.


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