TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 141


"It feels like we are part of a show."

The Heavenly Demon responded to Cale's muttered words.

"Yes, definitely a show."

His response brought a smile to one corner of Cale's mouth.

"I don't worry about myself, but you, Heavenly Demon, are in a position of power. Do you think it's okay to be a spectacle?"

The representatives of the Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions were now present. No, excluding the Blood Cult spies, only the representatives of the Seven Pavilions and Seven Battalions remained.

Among them were people like Pavilion Master Gong, who didn't like this situation.

Furthermore, people from the Just and Evil Factions were there with stern faces.

"Young Master Kim."

The Heavenly Demon calmly said.

"Originally, I have always been a spectacle."

He sat cross-legged on a platform slightly higher than his surroundings.

"The position of Heavenly Demon symbolizes the power of the Demon Cult, but I also live as a being beyond humanity, drawing the attention of Demon Cult members."

"So this is just a show, right?"

"Yes. Furthermore, showing myself here will have a great impact on the Demon Cult and beyond, on the Just and Evil Factions. Awareness about the Blood Cult will become even sharper."

The Heavenly Demon reclined in his seat and smiled at Cale.

"That's because I am the Heavenly Demon."

The Heavenly Demon, turned into a Living Jiangshi. There was nothing else that could instill so much fear into the Murim.

Although it seemed arrogant at first glance, Cale didn't deny his words.

Having heard the explanation about the Blood Cult and the Living Jiangshi, Byuk Sun's stubborn face was now pale.

"Let's begin."

With the Heavenly Demon's words, Cale went behind her.


He asked.

"Is this method safe?"

"Didn't you hear the explanation?"

"I did."

This method was created by adding the Brain Demon, the Three Guardians, and the Heavenly Demon's knowledge.

It was a Array Formation* stronger than the one carved into the pavilion where Cale had met the Heavenly Demon the other day. (Note: Previously called: Spell Formation)

"Did he say it's twenty times stronger?"

Just like the Formation carved in the pavilion that prevented Dead Mana smoke from escaping. This Formation did the same, but it was said to be twenty times more effective.

Cale wondered how a Array Formation could be so effective.

And he doubted the truth.

'Human, this is very strong! It's like twenty times stronger! No, to be honest, I think it might be twenty-five times stronger!'

He could only trust it with Raon's claim, who was now invisibly floating beyond the Formation.

Cale's gaze momentarily shifted beyond the Formation.

Sui Khan, Choi Jung Soo, Raon, and others. His entourage was clustered with the Demon Cult Masters, waiting.

-Cale, you are in very good condition today!

-Older brother, with you here and the older sisters, I am very calm.

Cale, hearing the voices of Cheapskate and Crybaby one after another, comfortably sat in his seat and placed his hand on the Heavenly Demon's back.

"Everything is ready."

Beside him was a sacred object in the shape of a Heater. (Note: Previously called: Stove)

One hand on the Heavenly Demon's back, the other on top of the Heater.

The moment Cale was ready...

Wuuuuu---- wuuuuu----

The air began to vibrate.

The Heavenly Demon closed his eyes.

Crimson energy started emanating from his.

From now on, the Heavenly Demon couldn't speak.

-Human, are you okay?

Laon's voice resonated in Kael's head.

"I'm fine."

He casually responded as his gaze headed toward the Heavenly Demon's head.

Black smoke began to emerge.

Cale couldn't see the Heavenly Demon's face, but he could imagine what expression he would have.

'He must be frowning.'

'The Dead Mana in his body, the dark energy, is intentionally causing a situation aimed at attacking the Upper Dantian.'

The Heavenly Demon who created it was feeling pain as before.

But he didn't let out a single groan.

'Heavenly Demon-nim...'

The Brain Demon clasped his hands, unable to take his eyes off the Heavenly Demon's face contorted in pain.

Although his view beyond the Formation was blurry, it wasn't a big problem for him as he had a high level in martial arts.

The Heavenly Demon's agony was becoming clearer.

Furthermore, his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth were all closed. Black smoke began to pour out of all the openings on his face.

A smoke resembling a sinister aura filled with malevolence.

It started filling the Formation, which was as large as a small training ground.

At first, it was slow.

The black smoke slowly rose to the sky, gradually filling the Formation.

But the speed increased.

'It's black.'

The space was dyed black.

The Heavenly Demon's figure could barely be seen anymore.

Although it was broad daylight, inside the Formation, it felt as if it were nighttime.

No, it wasn't nighttime.

Even during twilight, something faint was visible to the eyes.

But within that place, nothing could be seen.

It was simply darkness.

"Are you sure this is okay?"

Pavilion Master Gong asked with a worried expression, but the Brain Demon didn't have time to look at her.

"Everything will be fine."

That's all he could say.

Pavilion Master Gong didn't express her displeasure about it. She bit her lips as she tightly held onto her staff.

'I didn't properly notice it last time because I was distracted, but this black smoke is really unsettling.'

It was a smoke that one instinctively wanted to avoid.

And it was overwhelming in quantity.

'The Heavenly Demon has carried this with him all this time... Incredible!'

She couldn't believe it.

But she had to believe it.

The Heavenly Demon had lived with such a large amount of that dark energy that it was now continuously filling the Formation with an immense amount of that black smoke.

Struggling to maintain his own sanity.

At the same time, she also had the intention to take down the Blood Cult that had meddled with the Demon Cult.

'...Young Master Kim...!'

At this moment, she could only call out one name.

She hoped that Young Master Kim could heal the Heavenly Demon.

She wished for it.

Did that wish reach him?


The Brain Demon's mouth opened.

Is that a good sign?

Pavilion Master Gong's gaze shifted toward him, and her face hardened.

What was on the Brain Demon's face was urgency.

"This is..."

He couldn't hide the trembling look in his pupils as he stared at the Formation.

"Brain Demon, what's going on?"

"The Formation, the Formation is shaking."

"What are you saying?"

Ignoring Pavilion Master Gong's call, the Brain Demon rushed closer to the Formation.

The Left and Right Guardians were already moving to his side.

"Is the Formation shaking right now?"

The Right Guardian asked.

Instead of answering, the Brain Demon looked at one of the eight pillars that were at the center of the Formation.

Crack, crack.

The pillar was cracking.

'This can't be happening.'

The Brain Demon's face turned pale.

He had created a Array Formation that could withstand 20 to 25 times more of the Heavenly Demon's dark energy, based on the amount of energy the Heavenly Demon normally had.

But now it was crumbling!

At that moment...


A resounding noise echoed.

It was a sound coming from the faint barrier of the Formation.

The Brain Demon looked up.

What was striking the barrier was a gigantic black smoke.

It was absolute darkness.

Hitting the barrier.

Kwaaang, Kwang! Clunk!



To break down that barrier.

'This is unexpected!'

He didn't expect the Heavenly Demon to harbor so much dark energy within his.

Nor did he imagine that this dark energy would be so strong and wild.

If this Formation were to break, what would happen?

If that immense darkness overflowed outside.

He remembered a warning from Young Master Kim.

"Be cautious of this dark energy. Although it seems to be a type of energy altered by the Blood Cult, once an ordinary person comes into contact with this dark energy, it becomes a deadly poison. Although I'm not sure how much martial arts experts can endure, they'll probably be in danger too."

The Brain Demon's mouth involuntarily opened.

"Left Guardian, remove the people!"

Inside the Formation. They didn't know what was happening.

Kwaaang! Kwang!

But the constant rumbling indicated the intensity of what was happening within.

"Right Guardian, we must repair this Formation together."

First, he had to do what he needed to do.

His job was to make sure that the Heavenly Demon and Young Master Kim wouldn't think of anything else but the Purification.

"If we make a mistake, this Formation could collapse."

At that moment...

The Brain Demon heard a young voice right beside him.

"It won't happen, Brain Demon."

When he saw the black smoke, he felt a more terrifying sensation than when he saw it before, and then he could see two pupils appearing in the air. (Note: It's Raon, in case you're wondering)

The pupils of a being that was not human.

"Even if the Formation breaks, I will block it."

The voice was young.

But an unfamiliar energy made the Brain Demon feel breathless.

"What Humans cannot do, I can."

Before the Brain Demon could say anything, he was blinded by a vivid black light.


One of the pillars was completely split in half.

Just as the dark energy was about to pour out of the crack...

The Brain Demon could see a black barrier forming and sealing the breach.

But it wasn't smoke.

It was like the warmth of the night, like the nighttime air, like the coolness of the night, like the sharpness of the air.


The Brain Demon let out an involuntary sigh of relief.


Then, he turned his head to the immense energy behind him.


The sky began to rumble.

Gray clouds appeared on a bright day.

"It seems that the Human is finally moving. Brain Demon, the Heavenly Demon will be fine. Instead, worry about our Human."

The young voice was deafening.

The Brain Demon stared at the sky, stunned.

The Formation was a large circle and was blocked up to the ceiling.

Above that ceiling, the sky was roaring.

Crack, crackle.

A reddish-golden stream could be seen through the roaring clouds.

He couldn't ask what that was.

He could only pose this question.

"Is that the power of Young Master Kim?"

The young voice responded.

"Yes! This is the power of our Human!"

Hearing that answer, the Brain Demon lowered his hands and stared blankly at the sky.

Kwaaang, Clunk, Kwaaang!

The black smoke kept trying to break the Formation, or rather, it was bursting out even more forcefully.

He couldn't see it.

'It's nature.'

He could feel the overwhelming power of nature.

No, it was fire.

Fire descended from the sky to the earth.


When a sigh escaped his lips.

Everyone in that place, including himself, raised their heads to the sky.

Even those who didn't know what was happening here, upon hearing the wailing of the sky, raised their heads and saw the lightning striking nearby or far away.

A lightning or reddish-golden fire fell from the sky to the earth.


The Brain Demon's vision was tinged with red, bathed in a golden glow.

Tears welled up without him realizing it.

But he couldn't close his eyes.


The Array Formation broke.

The moment the reddish-golden lightning touched the Formation's ceiling, the Formation crumbled as easily as if it were nothing.

A reddish-golden light rushed in like a tsunami. Like an unbridled, unstoppable waterfall, it descended, so he could see it.


Oh, Heavenly Demon.

Unbeknownst to himself, the Brain Demon knelt on one knee.

He could see two figures enveloped in the reddish-golden light.

Young Master Kim and the Heavenly Demon.

The two figures were in the same posture as before.

Even though they were in the profound darkness, they remained unchanged.

The moment the reddish-golden light enveloped them.

That reddish-golden light expanded like an explosion.

The darkness vanished.

The dark energy, as if it were screaming or fleeing, tried to escape.

Kwaaang, Clunk, Clunk!

Even though it kept striking the Formation again and again, and even though the ceiling broke and the Formation collapsed.

The reddish-golden light first devoured the darkness completely.

Wherever the reddish-golden light passed, the darkness could no longer penetrate.

He stood mute before the overwhelming sight, incomparable to the reddish-golden light he had seen in the backyard the other day.


But the sky didn't stop roaring.

The Brain Demon hugged his own trembling arm with his hand and looked inside the Formation.

The Formation was barely standing with the roof punctured.

Inside the Formation, the two figures remained the same as at the beginning.

Although he knew the Heavenly Demon couldn't respond to his question, Cale couldn't help but ask.

"Hey, how much Dead Mana have you accumulated in your body?"

He knew it because he could feel it through his hand on his back.

A powerful energy flowed through his hand.

It was a terrifying and malicious energy, clearly a mix of Dead Mana with something else.

-Cale, I can feel all kinds of negative emotions.

As the Cheapskate said, the Heavenly Demon contained a lot of malice and resentment planted by the Blood Cult.

This was unexpected.

There was too much Dead Mana in the Heavenly Demon's body.

"You've used about a third so far, haven't you?"

Despite that, Cale seemed calm.

He said, gripping the Heater with his other hand.

"Pour out the rest all at once. Before the Formation completely breaks."

-Cale, it's still manageable! You're not getting tired.

The Cheapskate must have been pretty sure. Since Cale still felt comfortable with himself, he responded confidently.

"I'm going to get rid of it all."

He still had a lot of power left. It's worth a try.

The corner of Cale's lips curled up.


The sky, having finished preparing another lightning bolt, roared even louder.

At the same time, Cale felt a vibration originating from the Heavenly Demon.


The vibration flowed through his hand.

It was the beginning, he realized.

Unconsciously, Cale opened his mouth.

"Incredible, it really is a lot!"

The Dead Mana charged with all the negative emotions and wickedness spilled from the Heavenly Demon.

In that moment, he felt as if the entire world were sinking into darkness.

But surprisingly, Cale wasn't bewildered. He was just surprised.

After all, the fire that would kill the darkness was awaiting his command.



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