TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 407


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Chapter 407

Glenn Zieghart withdrew his right hand, which he had been extending forward. Through the gap where his hand had disappeared, Rimmer was seen supporting Raon.

"It's somehow over," Sheryl said as she approached Glenn.

"To be honest, I never thought Raon would solve it, but..."

She sheathed the twin swords she had drawn and sighed, saying that Raon was becoming more and more of a monster.

"I've never seen someone with such rapid growth in power," 

Roenn said, his eyes trembling as he looked at Raon. "Climbing higher in martial world is like scaling steeper hills, but young master Raon seems to have no obstacles anywhere, as if walking on flat ground."

He smiled with envy, admitting it was the first time he felt envious of someone's talent.

"Hmm, even I was surprised that Raon solved this matter," Glenn said, suppressing his rising lips and nodding.

"It was a scale that they couldn't solve until a little while ago."

Raon still had stamina, but he was mentally exhausted, Rimmer had turned into a pile of ash due to using of sword field, and the heir of the Arian family had been of little help from the start.

Even when the three of them combined their strength, he believed they couldn't erase the concrete embodiment of despair (black sphere), but the situation had suddenly changed.

'To grow in a moment of crisis...'

Facing the brink of death, reaching the peak of concentration and entering a state of trance was rare, but it did exist.

However, Raon had grown both physically and mentally in a very short period of time, not even 10 seconds ago.

'It's unbelieveable.'

Although accelerating one's progress with trance was possible, it still required some time.

Ten seconds was an incredibly short moment. 

'But I saw it with my own eyes, so I can't deny it.'

If he had heard it from someone else, he might have dismissed it as a lie, but he had seen the miracle with his own eyes, and the person who achieved it was his precious grandson, so he couldn't help but feel exhilarated.

"I'm looking forward to seeing how far that monster will grow."

"If it's young master Raon, he might even reach Grandmaster level and challenge Roman, at the age of 22.".

"If that happens, we won't need to intervene."

"But just in case, we should keep our blades sharp."

"And we've been gathering information about the North-South Union's positions and numbers. Apart from the Hidden Council (elders), we have gathered a lot of information."

Glen looked at Sheryl, who was investigating the North-South Union for Raon, and Roenn, who promised to keep his sword sharp, with a satisfied smile.


The two people, usually stingy with praise, admired Raon's talent and genuinely cherished him, which made Glenn's smile reach all the way to his cheekbones.


"Yes, head of house."

Roenn stepped forward and bowed his head.

"Did you draw the picture properly?"

"Of course."

He held up the book he was holding in his arms.

"I've sketched young Master Raon's actions during this mission in volume 3 of the Raon Gospel. I've also added some quotes, so please read it later."

Sketches might be a bit lacking, don't you think?

"Sheryl expressed her disappointment.

"Of course, I plan to color it when I get back."


Glenn's head nodded vigorously only after the mention of coloring.

"I'll help!"

"Well, my lord, you must be tired, so I can handle it alone..."

"I want to contribute to the Raon Gospel too. No need to refuse!"


When Reonn was contemplating how to refuse, Glenn raised his hand.

"Let leader of the Heavenly Blade take part."


"You can't draw, can you?"

"Well, I can do some coloring at least..."

"That coloring is the most crucial element in the drawing."

Glenn firmly shook his head as if it were absolutely forbidden to ruin Raon's artwork


Sheryl swallowed a groan as if she had nothing to say, and shook her head.

"Then let's head back."

Glenn turned his body, patting Sheryl's slouched shoulders as he did so.

"Aren't you going to come down?"

"There's no need to go down and spoil the mood for no reason."

Glenn lowered his eyes in response to Sheryl's question.

"Today's victory belongs to those kids alone. We've clapped enough from here."

"Then, there won't be any disciplinary action for Rimmer?"

Roenn cautiously mentioned Rimmer's name.


Glenn scratched his chin as he looked at Rimmer, who was carrying Raon.

"This time, he played the role of a mentor, so I'll let it slide."

"Then I'll take out the plan to beat Rimmer."

"Let's do that... No, wait a minute. Why did that guy come late?"

It was true that Rimmer waited behind the pillar and went out to save Raon, but he should have arrived at the Arian family long before.

I was curious about why he was late.

"Um, that's..."

"He was fooling around."

When Roenn hesitated to speak, Sheryl opened her mouth instead.

"He said he was tired of closed-door training, so he went to a bar and drank all night, and then went on a gambling pilgrimage in the evening before leaving, so it's only natural that he's late."

She revealed Rimmer's actions with a cold smile.

"He didn't want to fight the undead here, and he didn't want to step on the land filled with the aura of death, so he was being lazy on the vine until he finally appeared."

She even went as far as to mention facts that Glenn knew, provoking his anger.


The warm eyes that had been looking at Raon were filled with cold anger.



"As soon as that good-for-nothing returns to house Zieghart, summon him to the training grounds."

"Ah, I understand."

Roenn sighed as he looked at Rimmer, who was smirking at the thought that the war was over.

'The training grounds...'

The fact that the lord had called him to the training grounds meant that he was going to be beaten up properly.


He bowed his head to Rimmer with his hands folded together in prayer.

Rest in peace.

* * *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:


Wendy Arian let out a ragged breath and raised her head.

'It's bright. I can see the sky!'

The massive sphere aura of death that had swelled as if it would destroy this land, no, this world just a moment ago, disappeared, revealing the clear blue sky.

'He really did it.'

Her heart feels like it's going to burst.

Raon had promised with confidence, and as a result, he had dispelled the aura of death and malevolence that was overflowing with malice, saving the lives of everyone here.

'And on top of that…'

He even helped me grow.

Perhaps it was because Raon and her had together dispelled the malevolent aura, but she felt that his own strength and power had broken through a barrier.

Breaking down a door that hadn't opened for years, She laughed in disbelief at the situation she had advanced to.

Wendy, carried on Rimmer's back, looked at Raon and swallowed hard.

'How can someone like this exist?'

For six days, Raon had taken on the role of the Supreme Commander, leading this war.

Without taking a breath, without resting, he had fought, and he should have fallen by now, but he persevered to the end and ended this war with his own hands.

Even if he was a Grandmaster, it was an achievement that would be difficult to achieve at the age of twenty. It was unbelievable yet heartwarming.

At this moment, Raon didn't feel like the same person. It felt like a halo was shining behind him.

Rimmer approached with a smile. He looked tired as he trembled, but he held Raon tightly to make sure he didn't fall.

"You did a great job."

"I haven't done anything, Raon did it all. Even if I weren't here, he would have done it."

It was sincere. Even without her, Raon would have surely dispelled the aura of death on his own.

"That's not true."

Rimmer gently shook his head.

"This guy is really stubborn."

He nodded toward Raon, who was carried on his back.

"He only asks for help when he really needs it. If you weren't here, he definitely wouldn't have been able to erase that black sphere. You can be proud of yourself."

Rimmer blinked one eye as he spoke, then walked towards the rest of the group.


Wendy, who was holding a sword, trembled.

Upon hearing Raon's words of trust and Rimmer's sincere words, her heart swelled with warmth.

'So, you really entrusted me with the position of the head of family.'

She had thought that she was temporarily entrusted with the position of head of the family due to the absence of others, but according to Rimmer's words, it seemed that Raon trusted her enough to appoint her as the family head.

Suddenly becoming the head and not knowing how to properly run the family was overwhelming, but she was starting to feel a bit more confident.


"You rascal!"

"Raon, are you okay?"

The captains of the Light Wind squad stumbled and rushed to Raon with all their might.

"Vice-squad leader!"

"He really erased that aura of death! our vice-squad leader is amazing!"

"That guy has never been sane! Seriously, the madman is that guy!"


The Light Wind squad members followed their captains, cheering enthusiastically. Everyone's faces were filled with excitement and joy.

"Hehe, he's become a real monster."

"His personality has always been monstrous..."

Milland swept his hair back and smiled, while Morell furrowed his brow and muttered that he would still be a nuisance in the future.

"How do you see it?"

"Now, I think he's beyond our league. I just want to fight him again."

When the Third Prince asked, Borini Kitten tucked his chin in and clenched his fist.

"He's such an inconsiderate guy. Should he be showing his growth at this point?"

Trevin smirked as he looked at Raon, who was unconscious but had a small smile on his face.

"Hey! What about me? Not a single one of you is looking for me! I'm the one who saved you all!"

Rimmer scowled and yelled at the members of the Light Wind squad who were rushing towards him.


Wendy clenched her fists as she looked at Raon, Rimmer, and the Light Wind squad.

'Light Wind squad...'

At first, she thought of them as crazy people as the rumors said, but as she looked at them, she could see the path that the Arian family should take.

'Thank you.'

Wendy bowed her head to Raon, who was unconscious.

'I will repay this favor by following you for the rest of my life.'

* * *

Raon opened his eyes, frowning. He saw a slightly damp gray ceiling.


As soon as he regained consciousness, he felt a sharp pain all over his body.

He felt pain not only in his muscles and skin, but also in his energy center and mana circuits.

'It's a mess.'

Even with the recovery effect of <Sloth>, he must have really pushed himself too hard, given his condition.

You fool.

As he sighed, a blue cotton candy flew in front of his eyes.

The King of Essence told you not to treat your body so roughly!

'I couldn't help it.'

Couldn't help it, my ass.

Wrath muttered that he could have solved it without having to go through so much trouble. However, he did not explain why.

'At least I got stronger thanks to pushing myself.'


Raon smiled, and Wrath let out a groaning sigh.

'Shall I check how much you've given me?'

You, you damn…

Raon looked at Wrath, who was holding his head, and tried to retrieve the past messages when he heard the sound of something chewing from the right.


When he raised his head, Dorian was eating cookies on the table.

"Oh? Vice-squad leader!"

Dorian, instead of throwing away the snack he was eating, hugged it tightly and walked slowly.

"You've regained consciousness! Thank goodness!"

He said thankfully and patted Raon's shoulders with his snack-covered hand.


Raon brushed off the flowing crumbs from his shoulder and nodded.

"How long have I been lying here?"

"It's been three days today."

He pointed to the window, which was starting to turn dark as the sun began to set.

"Three days, huh..."

Considering how much he pushed himself, three days is a relatively quick recovery. He could see why he still felt pain.

"Well, anything special happen... hmm?"

As he tried to get up, he tripped over something. When he turned his head, he saw Runaan lying on the bed next to him, asleep.

"Why is she here?"

"Even though she wasn't on duty, she's been sleeping here since you came back. I can't even pull her off."

He muttered in wonder that she was sleeping well even though her back would be hurting.

"Is that so."

Raon smiled faintly and tapped Runaan's head.

'I'll have to buy her some ice cream when we go back.'

Before you eat ice cream, keep your promise to the King of Essence! First, blueberry pie...

Wrath started listing the menu he wanted to eat as if he had just remembered it.

"And there is something special."


He turned his head sharply as he looked at Wrath dancing while calling out the names of the food.

"What do you mean by that?"

The only special thing that happens in the Arian family is a fight with the undead. His heart began to race with foreboding.

"Oh, it's nothing that the vice-squad leader should worry about."

Dorian shook his head, as if he had guessed his thoughts, and said that it was not a bad thing.


"When we were fighting, you know the executives of the family ran away, right?"

"I remember."

Raon clenched his fists so hard that his hands turned white.

'Those damn bastards.'

Wigen Arian and the executives did not come out to fight for the family's crisis, but took the family members hostage and fled. leaving the family in ruins. Raon was determined to find those traitors, even if he had to search the ends of the earth.

"They've been caught."


"A guest came yesterday, and somehow they brought those guys with them."

Dorian said that the guest was special and great, but Raon's ears didn't hear those words.

'I don't have time to check the messages.'

I have to deal with those damn guys first.

Wendy couldn't harbor ill feelings towards the executives and her family because they were part of her family. He had to take care of this matter himself.

He held Heavenly Drive that was placed next to the bed. He got up while enduring the excruciating pain he felt all over his body.

"Vice-squad leader?"

"Let's go."

A fiery flame burned in Raon's eyes.

"Guide me to where those damn bastards are."

* * *


Wigen Arian, who had previously served as the head of the Arian family, knelt before Wendy Arian.

"Do you truly believe you can run this family?"

He had been the first to flee when the family was in crisis, and now he stood tall and looked at Wendy with arrogance.

"Our family has thrived because of the strength of me and the executives. We focused on wealth and power more than force, and everyone lived stably. You, on the other hand..."

Wigen rolled his eyes with desire.

"You and the new executives wield swords freely. Even now, you might not know how to run this family."


Wendy couldn't respond and bit her lip.

Wigen, seeing Wendy's expression, tasted the words he had just spoken.

'Looks like she's buying it.'

He had worried that he might be captured and brought here because of that monster, but fortunately, Wendy seemed to believe his prepared speech.

'That monster was in an unconscious state, so it was truly fortunate.'

"We admit our wrongdoing and will gracefully step down from our family and leadership roles. Instead, we can support you from behind the scenes, becoming the wings that can help the family move forward."

Wigen pressed and then released gently, creating an atmosphere where Wendy had no choice but to worry.

"Don't you have anything to say about abandoning and fleeing the family?"

Wendy asked in a strained voice.

"It was unavoidable. Instead, I will dedicate everything to the family from now on."

"Leader of Imperial Sword, please accept this old man. Having missed the chance to save the family, I want to offer my life now."

"If you give him a chance, I will do my best to raise Arian," the treasurer said.

"I will accept the punishment. However, that is after we have saved this ruined family…"

Taking advantage of the atmosphere created by Wigen, the executives bowed their heads.

No one spoke about why they had fled or what punishment they would receive.


"Wendy, forgive this wretched father just once." 

Wendy's expression turned icy, but Wigen approached her as if he didn't notice.

"I will do my best to help you and the family..."


Just as Wigen was about to grab Wendy's trembling hand, the door to the audience chamber burst open with a loud, ominous sound.


Amidst the yellow smoke, Raon entered, wearing bandages and a patient's gown.



"Are you okay?"

Wendy and the new executives were surprised and rushed to Raon.

"I'm fine."

He nodded heavily and approached the treasurer, who was kneeling at the far end.

"You were the treasurer, right?"

Raon stood in front of the treasurer and raised his chin.

"Do you have nothing to say about fleeing the family?"

His voice still cracked from his severe injuries.

"It... It was unavoidable!"

"What was unavoidable? Did someone catch and drag you away?"

"Uh, well, that...," the treasurer stammered, unable to answer and trembling lips.

"If you give me a chance, I'll sacrifice my life for the family. Just trust me once..."

"Your chance to sacrifice your life is over."

As Raon finished speaking, his right hand held the Heavenly Drive sword, and a red line appeared on the treasurer's neck.

"Huh? Uh..."

The treasurer clutched his own neck, and the line thickened as blood gushed out.

"Grr...," he uttered, unable even to scream, before collapsing.

Raon's crimson eyes gleamed as he wiped the blood from Heavenly Drive.



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