IBRV (Novel) Chapter 87

C 87

At most, it was a family I acquired in this distant world, but I didn't want to lose anyone.

Above all, seeing Chronos Etham reminded me of my past. The same way I blamed myself for everything.

"That's right."


Chronos Etham pushed me away and stood up.

"...Won't you move?"


I was clinging to his neck better than I thought.

And Chronos Etham had more strength than I thought. When I didn't let go, he finally raised his arm and supported my rear.

"I'm sorry, High Priest."

"No, it's fine. You have a very cute niece. She must be happy."

"...It's not like that."

"Is that so? Don't forget that sin is always by your side. You're living today by trampling on others."

The High Priest chuckled meanly and said.

"...I know."

"Today's penance wasn't completed correctly, so let's do it again in a few days."


The High Priest turned his gaze towards me and smiled.

"Isn't the cardinal's niece willing to come to the temple regularly? You can't change your birth, but you can cleanse a dirty body and mind."

At that rude comment, Adam took a step forward. The High Priest looked at me with a calm smile.

"No, I'm not."

"Then, it would be better for you to stay away from the cardinal, for it will be difficult if he becomes corrupt."

"No, I don't want to."


When I responded like a child, the High Priest's eyes seemed slightly irritated.

"The Etham family should elevate their level of education."

No, they shouldn't."

"If you don't even know the basics of etiquette..."

"Isn't that the case for you too? I'm not being polite because you're not being polite."

I replied lightly.

The title of Duke would be similar to or higher than that of the High Priest, but he was clearly ignoring me.

Of course, since he doesn't know that I'm the matriarch of the family, there might be such things.

"An infamous and dirty being is trying to bewitch us. Come to your senses, Cardinal Chronos."


He was trying to somehow pull me away. But every time, I clung like a cicada to an old tree.


"No, I don't want to."

"Get away...!"

Chronos Etham grabbed me and groaned. Still, it seemed like he couldn't get rid of what I clung to desperately.

"Uncle, don't hurt yourself."


"The moment you blame yourself for something that isn't your fault, the world becomes miserable. Even breathing becomes a sin... It's not really, but it really seems like it."

That's how it was for me.

It seemed to me that being born was a great sin.

There was a time when I couldn't bear it if I didn't repeat it even though I knew it wasn't true.

However, Erno Etham, no, Daddy said he would love me no matter what. I asked him if he needed a reason.

That's what I wanted from my real parents, but I never heard it until the end.

"...You're making a lot of noise; go back immediately."

"I guarantee you that if my uncle says he's going through a tough time to the family, everyone will come and listen to what you have to say."

His eyes narrowed slightly. I knew who he was thinking of.

Right, except for one person.

"Except Daddy."

As I added that, his expression softened. He seemed to have a rough idea of how my father was being treated by his family.

"So don't hurt yourself."

I closed my eyes as I hung onto his neck.

"I hope Uncle's body gets better."

My wish came true like a miracle with a pure white halo.

The scars all over his body disappeared, and even the old scars vanished completely.

Chronos Etham's eyes opened. He looked at me with an expression of disbelief, then raised his head and looked at the High Priest.

"I'll go today and come back tomorrow because my uncle wants it."


"Ah, if you hurt yourself again, I'll treat you again."

When I said that and smiled broadly, Chronos Etham's face twisted as if he were facing a villain.



"If you ever hit my uncle again..."

I smiled.

The fact that the Etham family is making a fairly large donation to the temple because of Chronos Etham is also mentioned in the novel.

"I won't donate in the future."

"The cardinal's niece is arrogant! If you think a little girl will make the Etham family withdraw their donation, you're very mistaken!"

Yes, I will."

The Etham family was responsible for about half of the temple's donations.

Indeed, why are you donating a large amount of money to the temple, which helps nothing but the fame of the Etham family?

The reason was simple.

Miriel Etham did it for her son. For the sake of a child who would be trampled to death alone in a temple.

"Who the hell do you think...?"

"Me? I'm the daughter of a wonderful father."

When I said that with a smile, the High Priest's expression hardened.

Satisfied with the expression on his face, I took Adam and Iona back home.

Of course, from that day on, my terrible visits to the temple began.

* * *

"Hello, High Priest!

Ironically, when I greeted him cheerfully and entered, the High Priest openly frowned.

"Oh? Are you frowning now? Aren't you happy to see me?"

"...Haha, me? Impossible. Welcome, Lady Etham."

"Yes, did you prepare s'mores cookies and hot Parach chocolate?"

Ugh, did I hear the sound of teeth grinding?

When I opened my eyes and looked up, the High Priest sat across from me with a severe smile, as if he had never done that.

"Of course."

He's a snake.

Well, that's why the money-loving guy took on the role of High Priest.

He must be very exhausted now. Because the Etham family really notified him that they were going to cut their support.

To be precise, my dad, who had heard everything I said, said he would.

Even in <Adopted>, the High Priest didn't turn out to be a very good figure.

A human who originally loved money somehow gained mighty divine power and rose to the position of High Priest.

The High Priest provided the temple to nobles as a place to dump illegitimate children or inconvenient kids.

To raise them as priests. And in return, receive donations.

After Chronos Etham's death, what he considered to be Chronos Etham became known.

To him, Etham was a great source of money.

The High Priest realized why Duke Miriel sponsored astronomical sums to the temple.

Duke Miriel was concerned about Chronos Etham, who left home early.

In other words, he always grumbled with his mouth and worried behind his back.

Using that mind of concern for his children, the current High Priest pushed Chronos Etham even further into the temple's pit.

He stirred his guilt, emotionally abused him, and manipulated him so that he would never leave the temple.

Indeed, when Chronos Etham found death at the hands of Lucillion, he said:

[How great Chrono Etham is, and he kills him like that! That was our biggest money line! He should have stayed with that somehow...!]

The High Priest was then killed by Lucillion. It didn't take long for sparks of rebellion to ignite throughout the empire.

"Does it suit your taste...?"

"Hmm, no. It's not tasty. It's too sweet."

I said, sharply tossing aside the cookies he had prepared. A precious cookie fell to the floor.


The High Priest clenched his fists.

"Cardinal Chronos is too faithful to leave the temple by himself. As High Priest, how can I dare to ask him to leave the temple, giving up that absolute loyalty to God?"

The High Priest said with a tearful voice. I just laughed as I saw him clasping his hands and speaking with a voice that was unmistakably pretentious.

"Yes, the High Priest is right. Certainly. So, I think my uncle can stay here."

After all, sooner or later, Lucillion will take the place of the High Priest, and everything will be fine.


A flush appeared on his face.

"I would like to ask for something else instead."

"Something else...?"

"Can you release all the Suins here? Oh, the Suin families, and the few elves too."

I added, recalling the contents of <Adopted>.

He extorted their work without pay, adding various reasons, such as the need for purification of the dirty Suins and family members who had been in contact with them.

The Suins were forced to belong to the temple, and their families were taken as hostages in the temple so there would be no separation.

In the end, the High Priest was able to get free labor.

"What...? What do you mean...?"

"Yes, just do that. By the way, there will be a contract signed, so please know that."

Chronos Etham can be pacified gradually, but the situation of the Suins was urgent.

Going to the southern continent would be the happiest for them.

I told my father about it yesterday.

[... So I want to free the Suins and send them to the Southern Continent, but is that possible? Money or... some support...?]

"Daughter, do you want to do that?"


"Then you can do it."


"The family is yours. You have the authority. If you thought it was okay, you can do it."

Dad told me to do as I pleased.

If that's the case, I wanted to see a future where Chronos Etham didn't die, and the Suins weren't unhappy.

"If you don't want to..."

I slowly lowered my gaze.

"Dad said I could cut 80% of the temple's funding..."

It was a lie.

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