TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 404

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 404


Rimmer didn't stop with just one slash. He balanced his body in the air and unleashed a flurry of slashes, cutting Manghongwi's body into pieces.


As soon as the black hands that were binding Raon's hands and feet were released, he stepped on the ground and caught the falling Yua and Yulius.


He let out a sigh of relief after checking the condition of the two children.

'They're safe.'

Fortunately, Yua and Yulius were only unconscious and asleep, and there were no other problems.


The heat from the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation completely erased the aura of death that Manghongwi had used to put the two children to sleep.


Rimmer landed on the ground and slung his sword over his shoulder. He looked like he was intoxicated with his own heroism, with a big smile on his face.



As he was about to speak, he shook his head with his hand outstretched.

"You don't need to thank me! Protecting you is my duty!"

Rimmer's smile deepened. His upturned nose seemed to be about to pierce through the clouds and reach the sky.

"The leader of the Light Wind squad? So that elf os Zieghart's Sword of Light?"

"That's, that's amazing! I didn't even know he existed!"

"What a wonderful swordsman. I can see why he's called the Sword of Light."

"To tear apart Manghongwi like that..."

"I heard he was seriously injured, but he's still going strong."

"Of course he is, Zieghart..."

The warriors and mages who had been crushed by Manghongwi's were amazed by Rimmer's swordsmanship and let out exclamations of admiration.

"Kheh-hyuk! What's all this fuss about?"

Rimmer cleared his throat and raised his chin. His expression was full of arrogance.


Raon let out a sigh of exasperation and approached Rimmer.

'I'm grateful for saving us, but before that...'

"Why did you just come now?

Seeing this elf bragging, he recalled the six days of hard work he had been through, and his stomach began to boil.

"I'm the protagonist, after all! I just arrived at the right moment!"

"It looks like you were taking a nap somewhere?"

"Always late."

Following Raon, Martha, Burren, and Runaan have Rimmer disppproving looks.

"Your timing was just too perfect."

"Right at the moment you become a hero."

"Did you roll down from a tree because you were too lazy to fight?

"The Light Wind members, who had suffered a lot, were the first to cast suspicious glances.


Rimmer was so surprised by this reaction that he opened his mouth wide.

"W, well, I'm the leader, and I saved you...?"

"If you're the leader, then you should fulfill your role from the beginning. You didn't finish your duties and came here late, right?"

"T, that's true, but..."

Rimmer nodded awkwardly in response to Raon's question.

"Then what were you doing all this time...huh."

It's not over yet.

'I felt it too.'

Nodding his head, he looked up at the sky. The robes of Manghongwi, which had been turned to dust by Rimmer's sword, began to gather.

It meant that the bastard was still alive.

Burren! Dorian!

Raon threw Yua and Yulius, whom he was holding, to Burren and Dorian behind him.



Despite their surprise, the two of them gently caught the two children.

"Take the kids and get out of here! Everyone except master level, leave this land!"

"Suddenly... Huh!"

"What is that...?"

The people who were about to ask why the ground began to tremble when they saw Manghongwi's robe regenerating in the air.

"It's not dead yet!"

"Everyone, get out of this land!"

Milland and Morell ordered the warriors and magicians they had brought to retreat.

"Your Majesty! Retreat with the knights!"

"You can't handle this!"

Borini Kitten and Trevin also withdrew all the knights and swordsmen they had brought.


Rimmer looked at Manghongwi, which was beginning to regain its shape, and tilted his head.

"I know he's resurrected, but I've never seen that kind of ability before."

He had never seen an Eden's demon with instant regeneration, so he clicked his tongue.

"It's probably because of that orb."

Raon pointed to the black orb glistening inside Manghongwi's robe.

"It's been using that orb to amplify the aura of death."

From the moment Manghongwi appeared, he used the mysterious orb to summon black hands and cast magic. Seeing that his body was still gathering around the black orb, this hypothesis seemed highly likely.


"Yes. We have to destroy it."

As soon as Raon finished speaking, he kicked the ground. Rimmer also jumped up as if he had made an appointment and raised his astral energy.

When he tried to cut Manghongwi with the Blade of Requiem Sword, which was covered in the energy of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Manghongwi's robe emitted a dark energy that formed a round barrier.


The barrier, which was dyed black to the point of being creepy, had a strength that could withstand the two astral energies without breaking immediately.


Of course, it didn't last long, but Manghongwi had already regenerated his body and moved back in the meantime.

Raon turned his body in the air, stepped on Rimmer's shoulder, and charged at Manghongwi.


He swung Heavenly Drive, which was covered in astral energy, at the orb Manghongwi was holding, but it didn't even cut, let alone leave a scratch.

"Go away!"

A black light poured out of Manghongwi's hand. The moment he saw the light, he felt like his heart was sinking.


Raon quickly raised the weight of his body and landed on the ground, then stepped on the ground and retreated.


The ground he had stepped on broke apart, forming a creepy hole that couldn't see the bottom.

"You can't even cut that? My shoulder is a waste!"

"It's harder than I thought."

Raon shook his head as he looked at Rimmer, who clicked his tongue in a pitiful way.

'Not bad though.'

Since she had shown that the orb couldn't be cut with the Blade of Requiem, Manghongwi would become complacent. If he seized the opportunity and used 'that power,' he could easily shatter it.

"You filthy things!"

Manghongwi trembled so violently that his mask almost fell off. It seemed like it was revealing some sort of face

"I'll wipe you out, not leaving a single piece behind."

"Like you just did?"

Rimmer smiled lightly, pointing to Manghongwi.

"Shut up!"

Manghongwi held out the black orb forward, and a giant wave erupted on the Land of Death, and the undead monsters that had been barely killed rose up with even more fierce morale.


Each one was wearing a force that was stronger than a high-ranking Death Knight, so it seemed that even the strong ones, including Milland and Borini Kitten, would not be able to easily handle them.

"We just need to deal with that guy, not those things."

Rimmer smiled, as if it wasn't a difficult task.

"That's right."

Raon nodded and stepped on the ground moved three steps ahead.


Rimmer followed right next to him, creating wind and lightning energy. Seeing that he was operating lightning energy naturally, it seemed that he had trained properly.


As they approached Manghongwi, the ground he was standing on began to collapse and crack, as if an earthquake had occurred.


A dragon's head with blue flames wrapped around it popped out of the Land of Death, which was twisting.

Then, a gigantic wing and body as big as a mountain popped out. Finally, the sharp tail, which looked like a spear, struck the undulating ground.


The only dragon with its skin stripped off and made of bones wrapped in cold air is the Bone Dragon, which is said to be the strongest among undead monsters.


Manghongwi, riding on the back of the Bone Dragon, which was roaring, held out the orb forward.

"The opportunity is gone. There's no way you lot can reach me now."

He left those words behind and rose into the air with the Bone Dragon.


"I know."

Raon kicked the ground with so much force that his thigh muscles were about to burst.


He cut down the black hands that were rising up from below, and stretched out the Heavenly Drive upwards.

'Which sword technique should I use now...'

The Bone Dragon had already begun to take off. If he used other sword techniques, Manghongwi could block them, so the most important thing now was to pull him down.

Raon Zieghart Style Swordplay.

Second Form, Reversed Heavenly Heavy Cannon.

The body of the Bone Dragon, which was rising up, began to be pulled down as a massive force of attraction was generated from the sphere of astral energy that sprouted from the tip of the Heavenly Drive sword.

'As expected, it works.'

Reversed Heavenly Heavy Cannon is a sword technique that generates gravity, so it can pull enemies in.

The gravity, which had become stronger after reaching the master advanced level, stopped the Bone Dragon's flight.

"What's that?"

"Isn't our vice-squad leader quite something?"

When Manghongwi panicked and trembled, Rimmer climbed onto the Bone Dragon's head and smiled with a chilling expression.

"His personality may be rotten, but his skills are the real deal!"

Rimmer clenched his teeth and swung his sword, which was imbued with wind and lightning.


Manghongwi quickly created a barrier of black spheres, but Manghongwi's balance was thrown off by the tremendous power contained in Rimmer's sword strike.

'Now is the time!'

Raon took advantage of the opportunity as the Bone Dragon's body tilted and exploded the energy of Reversed Heavenly Heavy Cannon that he had concentrated on the tip of his sword.


The flash that extended from the tip of the Heavenly Drive's blade broke through the black barrier created by Manghongwi and tore off the Bone Dragon's left shoulder and wing.


The Bone Dragon, which was crushed from above by Rimmer and from below by Raon, crashed to the ground with its body upside down.


The ground was filled with a huge dust storm because the body was so huge.

When Raon ran to finish it off, a blue light rose from the dust.

'No way…'

It was an immense chill, the breath of the Bone Dragon. Undead beings did not feel pain, and even though its body had been destroyed, it seemed to retaliate immediately.


The Bone Dragon's breath of cold was so intense that it could not be compared to the cold of the drake he had met before.

Even with Seven-Stars water resistance, it was a level that could not be withstood with bare hands.


Let's go.

Raon did not avoid the breath of cold. He rotated the Ring of Fire and Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation to the extreme and ran towards the blizzard.


He cut through the frost with his razor-sharp Frostwind Swordsmanship and inserted Heavenly Drive into the Bone Dragon's snout and operated the Flame Dragon Art.


The breath of heat from the red blade penetrated into the Bone Dragon's interior.


The cold surrounding the Bone Dragon began to crumble as the cold was pushed away by the flames of Flame Dragon Art.


The cold breath was the essence of the Bone Dragon's vitality. As it melted away due to the heat, it was natural that it couldn't withstand it.


The Bone Dragon trembled as if it were sighing before collapsing.

"This side is finished."

Raon raised his head after confirming that the light had disappeared from the Bone Dragon's eyes.


Rimmer followed the retreating Manghongwi, firing a series of astral energies imbued with wind.

"This damn bastard!"

Manghongwi extended the orb forward. The aura of death he possessed was amplified in an instant, and countless black spears rained down.


The energy contained in the spears was each at the level of astral energy of a master advanced level.


Rimmer screamed in a sweet voice and spun his body to avoid the barrage of spears.


However, Manghongwi continued to generate an endless number of spears. If this continued, not only Rimmer but also those behind him would die.

Raon gritted his teeth and charged at the Manghongwi.


He used Heavenly Drive to draw a line through the White Void , and Blade of Requiem to strike down the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Endless Flaming Sea .

The white and red waves, elegantly appearing like a dancer's movements, erased the spears without a trace.


Rimmer did not miss the opportunity and, becoming the wind, went forward and slashed Manghongwi with his sword.


But his attack never reached the Manghongwi. Suddenly, a red door burst from the ground, blocking his path. He looked puzzled as he stared at the crimson door.

"This is...?"

Rimmer frowned as he looked at the door.

"Do you believe that the pinnacle of undead summoned by the Arch Lich is limited to just Death Knights or Undead Dragons?"

With the Manghongwi's sneer, the chains hanging on the door fell off. The door opened with the screams of thousands of people at the same time.

In the dark space filled with shadows, a knight clad in a red suit of armor with unusually massive shoulder guards emerged. Although they couldn't see the insides due to the helmet shaped like a dragon's head, it was clear that the knight was not alive. This one, too, appeared to be undead, similar to a Death Knight.

The energy emanating from the red armored knight surpassed even that of the advanced Death Knight. The fierce determination burning in his bloodshot pupils did not seem to be malice towards the living but rather a desire for battle.

"What is this now?"

Rimmer seemed to feel uneasy, licked his lips, and stepped back.


When Raon frowned as he looked at the unknown monster, Wrath let out a small sigh.

'You know this guy?'

Of course. Because it's a guy who's also in the Devildom.


That's a guy called Hell Pilgrim who evolves when the soul of a corrupted Death Knight transcends and reaches the Devildom.

Wrath said that it was a name that meant a pilgrim of the Devildom and that he should be careful.


As Manghongwi raised his hand, Hell Pilgrim drew a longsword from his waist. A creepy sound accompanied the sword being drawn, sending shivers down everyone's spine.

"Go. Kill them all!"

At his cry, Hell Pilgrim took a step forward.


'If I block it carelessly, I'll die.'

Raon used his full power to raise the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura and invoked the strongest attack he could muster from Fangs of Insanity sword technique, Cloudy Fang Strike.


The red and black flames competed, and the astral energy that soared up tore the ground and caused countless sparks in the air.


Hell Pilgrim, however, seemed to be enjoying himself as he laughed bizarrely when his attack was blocked. He then struck with his sword once more.


The sword that was coming down from the right side was fast and unpredictable, making it difficult to read the flow.

Only after rotating the Ring of fire to the extreme and raising his senses could he see the flow of the sword line that Hell Pilgrim drew.


He unleashed White Void with Heavenly Drive to deflect the Hell Pilgrim's sword strike, and extended his left foot forward and struck down with the Blade of Requiem.


Heavenly Drive dispersed the energy behind the spear and, with his left foot extended, Raon pierced it into Hell Philgrim's throat.


Hell Pilgrim did not panic at all, and used his shoulder guard to deflect the Blade of Requiem, then slammed his elbow down.

'His reaction is fast.'

Raon was not surprised by the close-range combat, so he knocked the elbow away with the back of his hand and kicked Hell Pilgrim in the abdomen with his knee.


Hell Pilgrim's breastplate crumpled like scrap metal due to the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura still in use, yet he only emitted a faint groan, seemingly unaffected by the minor pain, and stepped back.

"Where are you going?"

Raon swiftly activated Supreme Harmony steps, sliding forward as if on ice. He dashed past the Hell Pilgrim, and with a flourish, he unleashed the Frostwind Swordsmanship.


When two blades rained down, Hell Pilgrim parried the Heavenly Drive and burned the blade of ice with the flames of hell.

With his fast reaction and appropriate response, it felt like he was fighting a knight or swordsman who had been properly trained, not an undead.


This time, it was Hell Pilgrim's counterattack. He bent his right knee and lowered his stance, raising his sword up.

'High stance.'

Originally, the high stance was the most offensive stance in swordsmanship. It would be better to turn it to defense now.


Defense didn't suit him with the Ring of Fire. He trusted his own skills and moved forward.


Hell Pilgrim's sword descended. It was slow but carried a massive weight that pressed down on his whole body, making it feel much faster than it actually was.

The subtle nuances of the perfect heavy sword were contained in his sword.

'That sword...'

Raon bit his lip.

'I'll break it.'

He had been trained so hard that he wouldn't be inferior to any swordsman if it was a longsword.

He stepped on a low stance with his left foot and gathered the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura into the maximum concentration of fire.

He pushed out the Heavenly Drive sword with the rotational force he had raised from his ankle to his waist, shoulder, and wrist. A scarlet sphere protrudes from the tip of the sword and spins violently.


The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s rotation. The orb of heat condensed to the extreme collided head-on with Hell Pilgrim's sword strike.


A tremendous storm of heat rose, and cracks like spider webs were drawn on the Land of Death, and it shook as if the earth was twisted.


When he took a deep breath, a chilling light flickered in the black smoke. It's him. He immediately got into a defensive stance.

Through the smoke, a black-burning longsword came flying at him, aiming for his heart.


He parried it with the Blade of Requiem, which was filled with the Frostwind sword technique, and struck down with the Heavenly Drive sword, which was covered in the murderous aura of a mad beast of Fangs of Insanity.


Raon twisted his mouth as he pushed back Hell Pilgrim's sword with Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem in close range.

'It takes some effort.'

Whether human or Death Knight, their physical abilities were beyond normal.

'And also...'

As he looked into the Hell Pilgrim's sunken eyes, it seemed like he was still hiding his true strength.

"I'll bring out that power."

He was trying to push Hell Pilgrim away with Heavenly Drive, which was covered in heat and Blade of Requiem, which was covered in coldness, when suddenly his arms and legs went numb.

He felt dizzy with a headache, and the world seemed to be spinning. He felt something flowing out of his nose, and when he looked down slightly, it looked like he was bleeding from his nose.

'This much impact wasn't supposed to happen'

It was true that he had been injured internally, but he definitely shouldn't have been bleeding from his nose and losing strength in his arms and legs.

You're stupid.

As he swallowed his dry saliva in confusion, Wrath's voice rang out.

The King of Essence warned you. The King of Essence can restore your strength and aura, but the King of Essence can't restore your mental strength.


Furthermore, you used the Silver Frost Aurora twice. No matter how much the King helped you, it was an act that gnawed at your soul. The repercussions are just catching up to you now.

Wrath rarely praised him, saying that he had held out for a long time for a human.

'But I have to endure it now... Ugh!'

He tried to push back Hell Pilgrim, but he seemed to have realized that something was wrong on his side and started pushing in with even greater force.


When Hell Pilgrim's sword pushed back Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem and began to burn his shoulder, the clear wind that blew from behind calmed the heat down.


Rimmer's sword, which had appeared out of nowhere, easily deflected Hell Pilgrim's sword.


Hell Pilgrim gritted his teeth and backed away.


As Raon exhaled a rough breath, Rimmer approached.

"I didn't raise a disciple this weak."

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Raon.

"How long have you been fighting that you're already tired and panting like a dog?"

'It's been six days. You idiot!'

Raon bared his teeth and glared at Rimmer. He wanted to argue that he had been fighting for six days without sleep, but he couldn't speak.

"Well, it's okay to play the role of a mentor for a while."

Rimmer smiled and approached Hell Pilgrim.

"Did you ask about the sword field creation?"

"Squad leader...?"

"Then see it with your own eyes and realize. What has changed."

His sword pierced the dark sky, and his left hand pointed to the ground.

"Sword field creation."

Rimmer's low voice crushed the darkness.

"Song of Wind and Lightning."

A thunderbolt energy struck down along with the lofty mantra, piercing through the Land of Death.


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