RDM (Novel) Chapter 535

 Chapter 535

Namgung Seol's gaze was fixed on the wall where the memorial tablet hung.

Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo were secretly hiding behind that wall.

Namgung Seol called out to them once again.

"I know you're hiding in there, so come out," she said in a voice that sounded almost like a whisper, but was distinctly clear.

At that moment, Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo exchanged looks to gauge each other's thoughts.


A chilling blast rang out from beyond the wall.

Almost in unison, Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo ducked their heads.


The wall, upon which the memorial tablet hung, cracked and crumbled.

Had they ducked their heads even a second later, their necks would have been almost severed.

Behind the crumbling wall, Namgung Seol appeared, drawing her sword.

She revealed a smile as she spotted the two figures.

"Just as I thought, you were hiding there."


With a sigh, Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo emerged from their hiding spot.

"You're relentless. What's the reason for all this?"

"I should be the one to ask. What's the reason for this hide and seek?"

"You persecuted us first."

"Why did you go to the Hao Clan?"

"We had some personal matters to attend to."

"I'm curious about what this 'personal' matter is."

"I don't think there's any need to share that. Like we said, it's very personal.

At Do Yeonsan's calm response, the smile vanished from Namgung Seol's face.

Her expressionless face was truly frightening.

Even though Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo tried to maintain their composure, they felt a strong sense of danger.

Namgung Seol let out a quiet sigh.

"Hmph! I didn't want to do this, but I have no choice. Just remember one thing. It was you two who forced me to act. Therefore, whatever happens next is your fault.

"You are indeed the master of sophistry. Do you always see things from your perspective?"



A deafening sound exploded in front of Do Yeonsan.

Namgung Seol had launched an attack, which Eun-yo intercepted on his behalf.

If Eun-yo hadn't reacted in time to block her attack, Do Yeonsan would have been injured.

A glint of fury rose in Eun-yo's eyes.

Even if Namgung Seol's attack had succeeded, Do Yeonsan might not have been seriously injured, but that didn't absolve her of her guilt.

Namgung Seol's assault was nothing short of provoking Eun-yo's fury.

Eun-yo countered with the Blue Sky Devil’s Dance.

"Not bad!"

Namgung Seol was taken aback by Eun-yo's fierce counterattack, a frown creasing her brow.


Eun-yo's sword seemed to multiply into dozens, assaulting her.

Even from the rush of sword strokes that came like rough waves, one could tell how profound Eun-yo's martial arts were.

She was an adversary not to be taken lightly.

Namgung Seol dared not underestimate her and responded with thousands of sword strikes to deflect Eun-yo's onslaught.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The swords clashed dozens of times in an instant.

Namgung Seol's eyes sparkled.

"The energy in your sword isn't from the martial arts of the Central Plains. Where did you learn such heretical skills?"

The energy in Eun-yo's sword was foreign, something Namgung Seol had never experienced in the martial arts of the Central Plains.

Namgung Seol intensified her assault on Eun-yo.

Eun-yo responded wordlessly, wielding the ultimate move of the Blue Sky Devil’s Dance.

Do Yeonsan wanted to assist her, but there was no opening for him to intervene.

Both of them were fighting so fiercely that to interfere recklessly could potentially harm not only Namgung Seol, but Eun-yo as well.

Do Yeonsan gritted his teeth.

The fight between the two was fierce to the point of inhumanity.


The hall collapsed under the intensity of the two women's fight.

The problem was that warriors from the Snow Flower Swords saw their battle and rushed towards them from all directions.

While most of the warriors were blocked by the Ten Thousand Swords unit, a few managed to break through and sprinted towards the hall where Namgung Seol was.

Their loyalty to Namgung Seol, enough to be called the Snow Flower Swords, was extraordinary.

Do Yeonsan's job was to hold them back.


Do Yeonsan let out a battle cry and attacked them.



The warriors of the Snow Flower Swords responded with their martial techniques.

Boom! Boom! Crash!

Explosive sounds echoed repeatedly.

Despite the combined attack from several warriors, Do Yeonsan didn't falter.

The problem was that at that very moment, more martial artists from the Snow Flower Swords were charging in, having broken through the ranks of the Ten Thousand Swords Unit.

If they all joined forces, even the formidable Do Yeonsan would be in danger.

"Now that it has come to this, I must quickly take them down and escape."

Their presence was already discovered.

Stealth was no longer an option, so it was best to defeat them quickly and make your way out.

Do Yeonsan used all his strength to confront the rushing warriors.


Seo Woo-il gazed at the city of Duchang with a grave expression.

Everywhere he looked, martial artists from the Ten Thousand Swords Unit and the Snow Flower Swords were clashing.

"What the hell is happening?"

Seo Woo-il had stepped out to support Jang Mugak in secret.

His plan to help Jang Mugak by signing a contract with the Assassin's Guild had backfired.

His minions investigated why the guilds had canceled the contract, but the guilds had disappeared as if they had coordinated it.

There was clearly a big change happening in the world of assassins.

He had yet to discover its true nature, but he was confident he would soon.

In order to clear his head for a moment, he had stepped outside, only to witness the Ten Thousand Swords and Snow Flower Swords battling.

Both groups fought fiercely as if they were mortal enemies. Even other martial artists who were in Duchang joined in, turning the streets into a chaotic battlefield reminiscent of Asura's Hell.

Many had been killed or injured.

Everywhere he looked there were bloodied bodies, puddles and walls covered in fresh blood.

The original inhabitants of Duchang had locked their doors in fear, trembling.

It was a nightmare for the people of Duchang.

"Why the hell are they fighting?"

The Ten Thousand Swords unit was attached to the Silver Lotus Hall, and the Snow Flower

Swords served Namgung Seol.

Given the relationship between Namgung Seol and Namgung Wol, it was correct to consider them as one group.

It made no sense that siblings who shared blood would fight to death like this.

As much as possible, he didn't want to interfere in the events around him, but he couldn't ignore what was happening in front of him. Besides, the martial artists fighting nearby didn't allow him to be a passive observer.

"Who are you? Are you affiliated with the Silver Lotus Hall?"

Seo Woo-il did not respond.

He could not identify himself as a member of the Heavenly Martial Sect.

"This bastard! He's suspicious."

Just then, the martial artist who questioned him charged at him.

The man attacked Seo Woo-il outright.

The man had no desire to uncover the truth. If he did, he wouldn't have attacked outright.

The man simply needed a reason to swing his sword.

There were plenty of men like him in Duchang.

Those who wanted to take advantage of the chaos in Kangho to freely commit murder and robbery.

Regardless of the battle between the Ten Thousand Swords Unit and the Snow Flower Swords, they wreaked havoc and roamed the region.

The man now charging at Seo Woo-il was one of them.


The man swung his sword with all his might.

"Ugh! Seriously, these damn creeps......"

Seo Woo-il sighed and stretched out a finger.

An invisible qi emanated from his fingertip, piercing through the rushing man's forehead.


The man collapsed to the ground, screaming in pain, and died instantly.

A hole the size of a coin gaped on his forehead.

It was a technique known as the Blood Shadow Finger.

Silent and formless, the Blood Shadow Finger was one of the highest martial arts techniques in the world.

It wasn't something that any ruffian could deal with, especially those who took advantage of chaos for their looting sprees.


Seo Woo-il, chuckled as he looked down at the corpse of the thug who had dared to charge at him.

Then it happened.

"That bastard killed Jong Pyeong."

"Damn it! Get him."

"Kill him!"

The comrades of the fallen thug charged at Seo Woo-il.

Seo Woo-il let out a soft sigh.

"Sigh... Just like a bunch of rabid dogs..."

It was a truly horrible night.

And so, he took a more ruthless approach than ever.

Phew, phew, phew!

The Qi shot from his forefinger continuously pierced the foreheads of those who attacked him.

Two warriors died in an instant.

Seo Woo-il believed that the last warrior would meet the same fate. But the world often held events that defied conventional understanding. And right now, such an event was happening.


The last warrior held up a thick sword to protect his face, and the qi from Seo Woo-il's finger bounced off the sword.

If Seo Woo-il had been a little more alert or prepared, he would have been able to react to the unexpected development. But he was caught off guard, already irritated.

As a result, his reaction was noticeably slower. And the last thug turned out to be much stronger and more determined than Seo Woo-il had expected.

That difference decided their fates.


The warrior's sword went through Seo Woo-il's chest.


With an expression of disbelief, Seo Woo-il collapsed onto his knees.

In the Kangho, there were occasions when a low-ranking fighter would defeat a high-ranking one. But he never imagined that he would be the victim of such a rare occurrence.


"Fucking bastard, how dare you kill my friends?"

The man who had left a deep wound in Seo Woo-il's chest grunted and approached.

His triumph over Seo Woo-il was truly a stroke of luck, but the warrior was too excited to realise it.

Seo Woo-il tried to say something, but without a moment's pause, his throat was cut open.


Accompanied by a chilling slicing sound, Seo Woo-il's head rolled on the ground.

The thug kicked Seo Woo-il's severed head.

On Seo Woo-il's face there was only a light of regret as he flew off into the distance.

The warrior was unaware.

He had no idea about the identity of the man he had killed.

He was oblivious to the storm that his death would bring to the Kangho.

Without looking back, the warrior ran off.

Not long after he disappeared, a group of martial artists appeared.

They were horrified to see Seo Woo-il's head rolling on the ground.


"Clan leader!"

While they were momentarily away, their clan leader, Seo Woo-il, had been attacked.

A follower muttered, picking up Seo Woo-il's head.

"Who could have killed our clan leader?"

"It must be those Silver Lotus Hall scum."

"Isn't the Ten Thousand Swords Unit under the control of Silver Lotus Hall?"

The martial artist seethed in anger.

Seo Woo-il wasn't someone to die in such a petty alleyway.

If that was the case, he wouldn't have been highly valued in the Heavenly Martial Sect.

It was clear that those targeting Seo Woo-il had planned his death. Nothing else could explain the current situation.

They carefully recovered Seo Woo-il's body.

The martial artist holding Seo Woo-il's head spoke.

"We must inform others of our clan leader's death and ask the Heavenly Martial Sect for reinforcements.


"Anyone involved in the clan leader's death will be hunted down without exception."


With their responses, the followers dispersed.


A long whistle resounded in the air.

Soon after, the martial artists led by Seo Woo-il appeared.

They scattered into the alleyways of Duchang, searching the streets for Seo Woo-il’s killer.

A clash with the Snow Flower Swords or Ten Thousand Swords Unit was a natural course of action. And so, the city of Duchang fell into an even greater chaos.

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