RDM (Novel) Chapter 534

 Chapter 534

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The sound of footsteps echoed through the streets of Duchang.

Pairs of martial artists from the Snow Flower Swords traversed the streets in groups of three and five.

They were confident that they would easily find Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo. But their abilities were far beyond their imagination.

Twenty of the Swordsmen suffered significant injuries at the hands of Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo. Yet, they failed to capture the duo.

These events bruised the pride of Snow Flower Swords enough.

Above all, the one who took the greatest blow to his pride was Ahn Ji-San, their leader.

Despite his direct involvement, he had been injured in the combined attack of the two, a situation he found deeply humiliating.

In his long career, he had never been so humiliated.

This enraged him, and he angrily commanded the Snow Flower Swords. However, their movements unexpectedly provoked many other martial artists in Duchang.

Apart from the Snow Flower Swords, there were many other martial artists in Duchang. Alarmed by the midnight disturbance, they rushed out.

"What's going on?"

"Why are these bastards causing such a ruckus?"

"It's the Snow Flower Swords."

Several martial artists frowned.

They recognized the identity of the Snow Flower Swords.

Made up of martial artists loyal to Namgung Seol, the Snow Flower Swords had lost much goodwill in Duchang.

Their servitude to a mere woman and their haughty behavior had caused them to be despised by many.

As a result, there have been many clashes.

However, the sheer numbers of Snow Flower Swords prevented anyone from raising their voice.

"Hey! What are you looking for so late in the night?"

One of the martial artists who had come out asked the Snow Flower Swords, and the designated Snow Flower Swords’ man replied with a scowl.

"Never mind, go back inside and fuck yourself."


"Go fuck yourself."

"You asshole......."

In an instant, the martial artist flew into a rage and threw a punch at the warrior from the snow flower swords.

Already frustrated after being toyed with by Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo, the Snow Flower Sword’s Swordsman swung his sword with all his might.


His blade sliced through the martial artist's throat.

The martial artist collapsed, and a pool of red blood splashed across the street.

The sight caused the eyes of the other martial artists to bulge with shock.

"Those bastards killed a comrade."

"The damned..."

"Kill them! Those bastards!"

The enraged martial artists rushed forward and pounced on the Snow Flower Swordsmen.

"Huh, what?"

"These lowlifes..."

The martial artists of Snow Flower Swords were shaken by the unexpected rebellion. But their pride wouldn't let them back down.

Clash! Clash! Clash!

A fight broke out between the martial artists and the Snow Flower Swords.

What started in a back alley soon spread throughout Duchang.

"What the…?

A man dressed in a fiery red robe watched the scene unfold with a dumbfounded expression

He was Jang Jaryang, Master of the Ten Thousand Swords Unit.

Jang Jaryang had rushed to Duchang on Namgung Wol's orders, but to his surprise he found the Snow Flower Swords fighting with the martial artists.

He had not yet fully grasped the situation and was thoroughly confused.

Jang Jaryang issued an order to his men.

"Spread out and find out what's happening. Figure out why those idiots are fighting with the martial artists."


With their response, the Ten Thousand Swords Unit dispersed in every direction.

Left alone, Jang Jaryang muttered.

"Damn it! This is absurd."

His speech was more akin to a street thug than a peak martial artist.

Indeed, that was the case.

Currently serving as the leader of the Thousand Swords Unit of the Silver Lotus Hall, Jang Jaryang was originally a vagabond wandering the Kangho.

But being a vagabond did not mean he lacked a reputable foundation.

He had honed his swordsmanship from the prestigious Mount Hua.

However, he had found life at mount hua stifling and unbearable, so he had requested to leave on his own accord.

Usually, when expelled, one's martial arts would be sealed. But Mount Hua didn't enforce this.

Jang Jaryang's talent was exceptional, and his contributions to Mount Hua were profound.

Most importantly, his master at Mount Hua ardently protected him, enabling him to leave Mount Hua unscathed.

As a token of his gratitude, Jang Jaryang donated a substantial amount of money to Mount Hua each year, which allowed him to continue his activities despite his expulsion.

Due to a long period of living as a vagabond, his nature had grown rough and ruthless.

Then, a man appeared before Jang Jaryang.

The man with a dark complexion was Ahn Ji-san, the leader of Snow Flower Swords.

 Jang Jaryang recognized Ahn Ji-san instantly.

"Oh, the skirt-chaser?"

"Who are you calling a skirt-chaser?"

Ahn Ji-San retorted, flaring up.

"If you're not chasing skirts, then what should we call you?"

"Jang Jaryang!"

Ahn Ji-san yelled in anger. Just as Jang Jaryang knew him, Ahn Ji-san also knew Jang Jaryang.

They had met a long time ago.

Their relationship was not amicable even then.

Their ambitions were too divergent.

Back then, Ahn Ji-san was a follower of Namgung Seol, while Jang Jaryang was always seeking stronger opponents to become stronger himself.

Naturally, Jang Jaryang challenged Ahn Ji-san to a duel, but Ahn Ji-san refused, saying it would inconvenience Namgung Seol.

Their showdown never came to pass, and a long-standing grudge lingered.

Jang Jaryang taunted.

"Have your skills improved at all? I suppose being a woman's bodyguard doesn't leave much time for training.

"Watch your tongue, Jang Jaryang!"

"Just answer one thing. What business do the skirt-chasers have here, coming in like a pack of dogs?"

"A pack of dogs?"

"Well, if you don’t like that, let’s say wolves."

"Jang Jaryang!"

"I know my name. Answer the question. Why are you stirring up Duchang?"

"Get lost. Don't meddle in unnecessary matters."

"Ha! It'd be better to answer when asked nicely."

Jang Jaryang's gaze turned icy.

Ahn Ji-san’s expression hardened in response.

"Are you threatening me?"

"Yes! That's a threat."

"You're ready to make enemies of the Snow Flower Swords and Lady Namgung Seol?"

"Goodness, you talk too much. Skirt chasers are all talk. It's only your mouth that works".

"Damn it!"

Ahn Ji-san’s temper exploded due to Jang Jaryang's provocations.


His sheathed sword, hanging by his waist, was thrust forward like a lightning bolt.

"Heh, you should have come at me like that from the start."

Jang Jaryang chuckled and unsheathed his sword.


Sparks flew as their swords clashed in the air.

Ahn Ji-san's specialty was swift swordsmanship, coincidentally, so was Jang Jaryang’s.

Both of them pursued the ultimate speed in their swordplay.

Clang Clang Clang!

Their swords clashed over a dozen times in an instant.

Typically, duels between swift swordsmen were decisive and quick...

The problem was, their martial prowess was evenly matched.

Therefore, the duel did not conclude easily.

The fight between Jang Jaryang and Ahn Ji-san served as a catalyst.

The dispersed Ten Thousand Swords unit began to engage in serious combat with the Snow Flower Swords.


Namgung Seol’s face contorted as she received the late report.

She had no idea that the operation she had started to capture Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo would escalate so far.

The Snow Flower Swords were not only fighting with the Ten Thousand Swords Unit, but also with other martial artists who had come into the city.

Despite being composed of remarkable warriors, the Snow Flower Swords was significantly outnumbered.

They couldn't fend off ten hands with just one.

Snow Flower Swords was no exception.

Their martial prowess was undoubtedly remarkable.

This was because Namgung Seol had chosen the best of the best from among her followers. But even they had obvious limitations.

“To mobilize the Ten Thousand Swords Unit. Has it come to this?”

She bit her lip, thinking of Namgung Wol.

The only person who could have sent the Ten Thousand Swords unit to the city was her younger brother, Namgung Wol. It was as if he had revealed his hidden fangs to her.

She did not expect Namgung Wol to oppose her so openly. His reaction was far more intense than she had anticipated.

"He doesn't just want to hand over the Silver Lotus Hall.

She knew it wouldn't be easy, but seeing such strong resistance, she realized the path ahead would be tough.

“But that doesn't matter. Eventually, the Silver Lotus Hall will be handed over to us.”

She was certain of it.

Her confidence in her lover Lee Geom-han, her understanding of the current situation, and her vision for the future.

On the other hand, Namgung Wol had none of these."

All he had was a grudge against the Golden Heavenly Hall and Jang Mugak, which led him to establish and lead the Silver Lotus Hall. It was indeed a remarkable achievement, but its limitations were clear.

For the Silver Lotus Hall to soar higher, a more potent leader was needed.

“The only one who can end this chaotic era is Lee Geom-han.”

Namgung Seol harbored no doubts about her beliefs. Thus, no matter what adversity she faced, she had no intention of retracting her decision.

"First, we must find those lovers."

All of this happened because of them.

She needed to find them, to understand the reality of the discomfort they caused her.

"They couldn't have escaped Duchang yet."

Although the attention of the Snow Flower Swords was divided by the Ten Thousand Swords Unit and other martial artists, the encirclement had not yet collapsed. Therefore, the possibility of the young lovers escaping was not high.

Namgung Seol pondered deeply.

If she were in their shoes, where would she hide?

"Crowded places like the guesthouse should be avoided. One should also stay away from family homes. Ideally, a place that shields you from public scrutiny but allows freedom, a place where you can disguise your identity without arousing suspicion".

Namgung Seol closed her eyes and visualized whether there was a place that fulfilled these conditions.

After racking her brain for a long time, she remembered such a place.

Right under her nose.

Namgung Seol's gaze swept past the large guesthouse to the small shrine visible in the distance.

The shrine, a place of worship, was sacred, causing even the most reckless individuals to tread carefully.

That's why the men of the Snow Flower Swords had left the shrine untouched when they raided the entire city.

In addition, the inn in front of the shrine was rented entirely by Namgung Seol and the Snow Flower Swords.

Since it was so close to their dwelling, they hadn’t even considered searching it.

Namgung Seol had not suspected the shrine either, until she carefully contemplated it.

She walked towards the shrine.

Busy defending against the Ten Thousand Swords unit, the Snow Flower Swords couldn't follow her. However, her steps didn't falter.

Even though she led the Snow Flower Swords, she didn't heavily rely on them.

She was strong even without the Snow Flower Swords.

In her youth, she mastered the sword arts of the Thousand Kingdom School. As she aged, she journeyed around the world perfecting her martial arts.

Before she was a woman, she was a martial artist, and moreover, a swordmaster in her own right.

Namgung Seol trusted not in the Snow Flower Swords, but in herself.


A martial artist from the Ten Thousand Swords Unit obstructed her path.

Knowing he was facing Namgung Seol, he had no choice but to be cautious. So he decided to warn her first.

Despite his warning, Namgung Seol did not halt her stride.

"I told you to halt."

It was the moment the martial artist issued his warning once again.


Suddenly there was a chilling sound of piercing air.

At the same time, a line of blood was drawn across the martial artist's throat.


The martial artist touched his own throat.


Suddenly, blood flowed from the cut, staining his hand.

The warrior looked at his blood-soaked hand with a look of disbelief.



The martial artist's body fell backwards.

Namgung Seol swung her sword with great force, shaking off the blood, and muttered,

"All this unnecessary chatter. It's giving me a headache...."

The thing she detested most was unnecessary chatter.

Namgung Seol didn't spare a glance at the dead Ten Thousand Swords martial artist and continued on her way to the shrine.

Upon reaching the shrine, she swung her sword.


With a chilling slicing sound, the door of the shrine was cut and fell.

Namgung Seol whispered,

"Come out! I know you're hiding in here."

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