TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 140


Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo walked up to Cale.

Although they looked different, they somehow had a similar smile on their faces, but Cale didn't pay them any mind.


Everything has been shattered.

The training ground was completely destroyed. The stone floor was intact only where the gold covered it, while most of it was flipped and smashed to the point where its shape could not be recognized.

Without Raon's shield, Cale would have been injured, or at least covered in dust.

Cale spoke directly to the two without beating around the bush.

"Is everything resolved?"

He had nothing more to ask, just that.



And the answers were short but direct.

"Well then."

Cale stood up from his spot as if there was no trace of worry left. Although it seemed like the two had been talking while training, Cale didn't care.

Looking at their faces, it seemed like a blockage had cleared, and everything was clear.

'Is that it, then?'

Both of them were adults, and there was no need to pay them any more attention or reasons to do so.

Cale turned around and started walking, leaving the two behind. To be honest, he didn't have any thoughts in mind.

Seeing Cale like this, Chief Eunuch Wi quickly followed him.

'This is incredible.'

He ran his palm over his sleeve.

He felt a kind of chill.

'I never thought the Sword Demon's skills were at that level.'

Now he was sure that he had surpassed the Sword Saint by watching this training.

'He is stronger than the Sword Saint.'

The Sword Demon and Choi Han Daehyup.

The Dragons they created. The moment the Dragons appeared, it was clear that the two had used a power similar to Inner Energy.

He had heard of the Sword Demon's ability to summon Dragons.

But such a vivid Dragon, is it possible to create something like that with energy similar to mine?

Was this part of the realm of swordsmanship?

'Well, the Plum Blossoms from Mount Hua also release a fragrant aroma after all. It must be the same.'

Creating something that does not exist at that moment with their energy, with their aura.

Doing it through the sword.

These were the martial arts of Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo.

'In any case, the two fought moderately.'

Although the training ground was a mess, neither of them was injured. In other words, they had been fighting considerately towards each other.

'It's amazing.'

He knew they were strong, but seeing a part of their power in this way, Chief Eunuch Wi finally understood why Young Master Kim was so relentless in his pursuit of the Blood Cult.

First of all, he himself was a Nature Realm expert, and his companions were all unparalleled masters, so what could he be afraid of?

'What report should I write today... Every day, there are more things to write about.'

Chief Eunuch Wi pondered what he should write in his report to the Emperor as his mind wandered.

Of course, he couldn't send anything while here in the Demon Cult for the time being, so he would have to gather the reports and send them all together.


Chief Eunuch Wi stopped for a moment.

If he gathered the reports and sent them all together, and the Emperor or the Empress Dowager saw them...

'They will be surprised, right?'

Imagining that the two, who usually kept their emotions hidden, would be surprised, Chief Eunuch Wi strangely felt happy.

If he were in the Imperial Palace, he wouldn't be experiencing this unique journey that would be unforgettable in his life.

"Chief Eunuch Wi."

At that moment, Choi Han approached.

Looking at his calm and peaceful expression despite the raw and violent power he had been using, Chief Eunuch Wi opened his mouth, amazed but hiding his surprise.

"Yes. Choi Han Daehyup, how can I assist you?"


There was a rare hesitation.

"Feel free to speak."

"Well, it turns out we destroyed the training ground, and I was wondering how..."


Chief Eunuch Wi let out an astonished sigh at a question he had never considered. Because of that, he didn't realize that Cale had stopped his steps and turned around to look.

Chief Eunuch Wi offered a reassuring, gentle smile to Choi Han, who seemed worried.

"When we received permission to use the training ground today, I mentioned that it could be destroyed, and they said they were already aware of it."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. So you don't have to worry."

Chief Eunuch Wi could see Cale smiling in satisfaction, something he hadn't expected at all.

"Chief Eunuch Wi, let's go. It's time for dinner."

Cale told Chief Eunuch Wi to get ready to go eat, and Chief Eunuch Wi nodded and followed him.

Choi Han also felt relieved and followed them.

Although they had damaged many enemy buildings, they were still in the process of building a cooperative relationship here.

"Choi Han Daehyup, could we have a duel next time?"

"Of course."

With his mind at ease, Choi Han chatted with the Fist King and finally left the training ground.

A little while later, two people appeared on the training ground.


Exclaimed Elder Ho Songyi of the Beggar's Band as he observed the state of the training ground.


Byuk Sun* let out a sigh and opened his mouth with a serious expression. (Note: Hoho, I knew Byuk Sun was one of the Five Saints of the Justice Faction, but I didn't know that the same name, 'Byuk Sun,' means: Splitter Saint, I realized it when Geom Sun, which means 'Sword Saint,' was mentioned, haha. But for now, I'll keep calling his Byuk Sun.)

"There are two different flows."

The training ground's floor was not simply randomly broken into pieces.

There were numerous signs that two different powers had clashed and entwined with each other.

"Overwhelming, yet subtle and skillful power. It must be the Sword Demon."

The Sword Demon's sword skills were famous.

Those who usually used delicate swordplay had weak destructive power. However, the Sword Demon had overwhelming destructive power strong enough to overpower the Sword Saint, a Heavy Swordmaster using the Imperial Sword Technique.

And he had used it only in moderation, with delicate control.

"But this violent and rough power, is it the sword skill of that Choi Daehyup guy?"

Compared to the ground here, which was broken into relatively orderly patterns, this place was smashed into absolute chaos and confusion, but the trace of violence remained in the place where it had passed.

That place had been where Choi Han's sword had passed.

Byuk Sun thought about Choi Han.

At first glance, Choi Han seemed like a loyal follower of Young Master Kim, calm and gentle.

"...You really shouldn't judge someone by their outward appearance."

Choi Han. His sword skill was worthy of the title of Demon.

Sword Demon and Choi Han. They said they had the same bloodline.

"...There are two Dragons."

Even though they had soared into the sky and disappeared, he had definitely seen two dragons.

Dragons in black and white, similar in shape but completely different.

"In any case, I don't know what's going on."

"Elder, shouldn't we find out in two days?"

"Well, I suppose so."

Earlier, before the duel, Chief Eunuch Wi had stopped by the Justice Faction's side. He had asked Elder Ho and Byuk Sun to reserve time for him in two days, to show them something.

This had been agreed upon with the Demon Cult and probably involved the Heavenly Demon.

'But it's confidential, and I want you two to be the only ones to know. I can't guarantee what will happen if this is known in advance.'

With a stern warning.

In fact, even without the previous warning, there was nothing Byuk Sun could do now that all the doors of the Demon Cult were closed.


Byuk Sun sighed.

He then told Elder Ho.

"We should return to our lodging."

He added indifferently:

"After all, it looks like we'll have some new observers."

Byuk Sun's gaze turned toward the opposite side of where he was standing.

It was hidden by the trees, but he could sense the aura of the Evil Faction kids.

They probably came here out of curiosity.

Byuk Sun left with Elder Ho, nothing more to see.

The conclusion was simple.

'I can't win against the Sword Demon or Choi Daehyup.'

Perhaps, compared to Young Master Kim's group, he was even weaker than the weakest member.

'Something is going on.'

He realized that the supposed negotiations they came for were not the main issue.

Elder Ho, by his side, appeared indifferent, and his straightforwardness in remaining calm despite being trapped in the Demon Cult told Byuk Sun a lot.

Although he didn't belong to any faction, he lived in his own way and with stubbornness. That's why he had the sense to notice the flow.

That was necessary to survive in the Murim World.


A stone fragment flew out of the training ground and shattered under Sima Gong's foot.

It was already fractured because the ground had cracks, so it broke easily.

"Big Sister."

"Yes, it seems you're right."

Sima Dan closed the lid of her liquor bottle. This act held great significance for her.

"I have to stay sober until the day after tomorrow."

The day after tomorrow, at Young Master Kim's invitation.

Sima Gong, Sima Dan, Sima Jung, even Ha Mun. Without knowing where they would be summoned by Young Master Kim, they had decided to go where he called them.

In that place, the Heavenly Demon herself would also be present.

"You should stop playing dice for a while too."

Sima Gong raised his sleeve to show he didn't have any dice.

"I already stopped for a while."

"I see."

Sima Dan looked over the training ground and sent a Sound Transmission.

-As you might have guessed, it must be something related to the Living Jiangshi, right?
-I believe so. It must be the same reason why the Demon Cult's doors are closed.

-I wonder if the same thing could be happening on our side.

Sima Gong's extraordinary mind was picking up quite a few things.

-It's not a matter of whether it can happen, I'm sure it will happen.

-Then, can we expect what will happen the day after tomorrow to be what will happen in the Evil Alliance in the future?

-Yes, Big Sister, it seems we must see it that way.

After temporarily setting aside alcohol and dice, the siblings left the training ground and had a conversation.


"What about Big Brother?"

"He's having a duel with Du Kang Daehyup."

"Really, those two always have a lot of energy."

Suddenly, Sima Gong turned to his sister Sima Dan with a thought.

"Sister, I'm sure the Demon Cult knows everything about this duel, right?"

"Of course."

That was the correct answer.

A duel filled with tension and silence.

The Heavenly Demon sat in the highest chair and silently observed those below.

Then, his gaze shifted to the side.

The sun was setting, and night was slowly falling.

"It's been a while since I saw something interesting."

He raised the corner of his lips.

"That's what makes it fun, right, Right Guardian?"


The Right Guardian bowed his head instead of answering.

As if not expecting an answer, the Heavenly Demon spoke with an enigmatic smile.

"The White Dragon doesn't please me because he hides many things, but the Black Dragon is similar to me."

The words made the eyes of those on the stage hold their breath, especially Pavilion Master Gong, who discreetly raised her head.

At that moment, the Heavenly Demon's gaze met hers.

"Pavilion Master Gong, once I finish all my treatments, wouldn't it be nice to play with the Black Dragon and have some fun?"

"That's a good idea, Heavenly Demon-nim."

"Yes. Then, to have the most fun, we must first complete all the work."

The Heavenly Demon spoke with a smile on his lips.

"Let's finish all the matters for tomorrow."



The Heavenly Demon was dressed in light black.

Cale crossed his arms and asked indifferently.

"So you plan to release the Dead Mana inside your body?"

"Yes. I will draw out that dark energy, the Dead Mana. By facing that energy trying to invade my Upper Dantian, I have learned how it moves and what its path is."

Nodding, Cale asked the next question:

"Then, I will purify all the Dead Mana released outside?"


"After that, there won't be much Dead Mana left in your body, so I will follow the path you indicate and use my power to purify that Dead Mana, right?"

"Yes. Isn't it simple?"

The corners of Cale's mouth lifted.

"I don't know if it's simple."

He said casually.

"It's just that there are too many spectators."

"It can't be helped."

Outside the area where they were, quite a few people were watching them.

Since the conversation couldn't be heard from outside, Cale asked:

"Now that you're about to become a Living Jiangshi, don't you mind if rumors spread?"

The Heavenly Demon smiled.

"I'll be remembered as the great Heavenly Demon who defeated even a Living Jiangshi."

Then he added:

"There's nothing like this in the Demon Cult that could be an excuse to eliminate the Blood Cult."

When he said that, the smile on his face looked quite amused.

Cale asked without emotion:

"Don't you mind if this experiment fails?"

"I don't know about the first stage, but if we fail the second stage..."

The Heavenly Demon responded casually.

"I will probably die."

Then he smiled.

"This would also be a wonderful excuse to eliminate the Blood Cult."

Cale's expression crinkled.


The Heavenly Demon finally laughed out loud.

"I heard that phrase many times when I was young."

Cale, not bothering to respond, waved his hand dismissively.

"Let's start."


The experiment to purify while protecting the Dantian and Inner Energy began at the hands of Cale and the Heavenly Demon.

Meanwhile, outside the pavilion, government officials and Demon Cult Masters who had been invited were focused on the faint scene inside the pavilion.



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