RDM (Novel) Chapter 486

 C 486


The massive temple slowly crumbled down.

People ran out through the thick cloud of dust.

Pyo Wol was at the forefront.

He managed to escape the underground chamber during the brief moment of chaos caused by Goo Moon-hye's release of energy, which brought the temple down and left the White Ghost Squad in disarray.

"He's dead!"

"We can't let him get away."

The White Ghost Squad that followed behind launched an attack on Pyo Wol.

At that moment.


Goo Moon-hye soared into the air, breaking through the dust cloud.

She hovered in the air for a moment and murmured.

"I will kill them all. Everyone..."


The energy radiating from her body made the surrounding air ripple.

The leader of the White Ghosts Squad paled and shouted.

"This can't be! Elder No!"

In an instant, Goo Moon-hye plunged straight towards the White Ghost Squad.



A desperate scream erupted.

Goo Moon-hye's body was wrapped in a red barrier.

The red barrier spun fiercely, grinding the White Ghost Squad.

She was utilizing the spinning shield technique as a means of attack.


"Run away!"

Fear filled the eyes of the White Ghost Squad.

They knew Goo Moon-hye was a formidable fighter, but they had no idea she could be this terrifying.

The unsealed martial prowess of Goo Moon-hye was truly horrifying.

They couldn't even muster the courage to face her.


Even now, the White Ghost Squad’s forces were being torn apart by the red shield.

With their comrades' body parts flying in all directions, the White Ghost Squad were out of their minds.

Goo Moon-hye ran in a straight line.

Her target was none other than Pyo Wol.

She remembered witnessing her son, Go Jang Myeong, die at the hands of Pyo Wol.


Only one thought occupied her mind.

It was to kill Pyo Wol.

If she could just kill Pyo Wol, she didn't care about what happened to anyone else.

Pyo Wol faced the charging Goo Moon-hye head-on and launched the Soul Reaping Thread. However, the Soul Reaping Thread was shredded by the red shield and disappeared without a trace.

Pyo Wol unfolded snake steps to evade Goo Moon-hye's trajectory. But she immediately changed direction and charged towards Pyo Wol again.

Goo Moon-hye no longer looked human.

Her hair was disheveled and wild, and red light emanated from her eyes. However, even more terrifying was the red Shield radiating from her body.

Normally, someone would be drained of their energy after deploying the red shield technique to this extent, but there was no sign of exhaustion from her.


The ground where Pyo Wol stood exploded.

As if a wall-burst bomb had detonated, a massive crater appeared on the earth.

It was truly a dreadful power.


Goo Moon-hye chased after Pyo Wol.

In an instant, Pyo Wol changed direction and dived into the midst of the White Ghost Squad.


"What is this?"

The White Ghost Squad blinked in confusion, not understanding what was happening. However, they soon realized the situation and were horrified.

Goo Moon-hye, who had been following Pyo Wol, attacked them.


About a dozen White Ghost Squad were torn apart in an instant.

The leader of the White Ghost Squad screamed with a hoarse voice.

"He's luring Elder towards us. Everyone, be careful."

No one replied. They were all too busy trying to avoid Pyo Wol.


The wall surrounding the temple burst open.

Goo Moon-hye, who couldn't change her direction in time, had crashed into it.

The massive wall crumbled down powerlessly.

Goo Moon-hye rose again from the debris.

She brushed her hair back with her hand and searched for Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol was gasping for breath at a distance from Goo Moon-hye.

Despite being chased by Goo Moon-hye, Pyo Wol had been using the ThunderHeart Technique to recover his internal energy as much as possible.

Goo Moon-hye muttered as she looked at Pyo Wol.

"So, it's you again, stealing my precious person."

In her eyes, Pyo Wol appeared as the nemesis of her life.

The ultimate martial artist of the previous generation who had taken everything from her.

An absolute being, who has no match under the heavens when he holds a sword.

The man who made her suffer from guilt all her life had now taken her child.


Goo Moon-hye screamed furiously and charged towards Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol evaded her and flew towards another temple hall. Goo Moon-hye pursued him without any regard for her surroundings.


With a loud noise, the temple hall collapsed.


"Save us!"

The monks inside the temple hall were startled and rushed out.

They were out of their minds due to the sudden catastrophe.

Some of the lucky ones managed to escape the temple hall, but most were buried under the debris.


Another temple hall collapsed.

The temple she had built for Old Man Go had been destroyed by her.

"My goodness! What is this?"

There were people watching this unbelievable scene.

They were the Red King and the demonic madmen who had been tracking Pyo Wol.

The Red King stared at Goo Moon-hye's rampage with wide eyes.

The person he had once admired more than the New Moon Manor leader was Goo Moon-hye.

It was thanks to her that he,the Red King, who was once merely a mercenary, could become the strongest in the world.

She had passed on the supreme martial arts techniques and generously provided him with miraculous elixirs.

It was because of her that the Red King could exist as he was now.

When he heard that Goo Moon-hye was trapped in the underground of Heavenly Origin Temple due to her worsening madness, he felt as if the sky was falling.

It was torture for him to see her running amok now.

The Red King's gaze shifted to Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol was dodging Goo Moon-hye's attacks like a small mouse, moving here and there. But he was not just running away randomly.

He was skillfully luring Goo Moon-hye towards the direction of the White Ghost Squad. As a result, their casualties were increasing exponentially.

The White Ghost Squad was dying like this, but the New Moon Manor leader didn't lift a finger. The Red King knew what this meant.

There was only one reason Goo Moon-hye was running amok like this.

It was because the New Moon Manor leader, the true ruler of the Guryongsalmak, was dead.

His master, the true ruler of the Guryongsalmak, had lost his life to a mere assassin.


The Red King's shoulders trembled.

Unbearable anger and sorrow flooded him.

The same was true for the Demonic Madmen.

The scene unfolding before their eyes was not something they wanted to see. No one would want to see such a terrible and horrifying sight.

The assassin who created this nightmarish scene appeared.

Suddenly, the assassin Pyo Wol's gaze turned towards the Red King and the Demonic


Despite being far away, Pyo Wol's eyes pierced the Red King's heart.

A sinister speculation rose in his mind.

"Could it be?"

At that moment, Pyo Wol changed direction and ran towards where he was. Goo Moon-hye was following behind.


The White Ghost Squad were sliced right down the middle.

Unable to even scream, the White Ghost Squad’s warriors died.


The Red King shuddered at Pyo Wol's cruel intentions.

Even if it were the strategy of using the barbarian to control the barbarian, Pyo Wol, who was using Goo Moon-hye to massacre the warriors of Guryongsalmak, did not seem human at all.

Pyo Wol's goal was to make Goo Moon-hye clash with the Red King and his followers.

"Everyone, scatter!"

The Red King hurriedly issued the order.

The demonic madmen, aware of the situation, dispersed in all directions.

Despite her madness, Goo Moon-hye was still their revered leader.

Their instincts refused to inflict harm on her body.

That's why they quickly moved away when the Red King's command was given. However, Pyo Wol did not let them move away peacefully.


He changed direction, kicking the ground.

Pyo Wol headed towards the area where many demonic madmen were gathered.


New Moon Manor's warriors were torn apart by Noh Tae tae's energy barrier.

T/N- Noh Tae tae here may be referring to their elder, Goo Moon-hye

"Stop, you bastard!"

The Red King rushed in to prevent the deaths of his subordinates.

He knew Pyo Wol was luring him, but he had no choice.

Pyo Wol had eliminated all his options.


Pyo Wol sent the Soul Reaping thread to the Red King.

Red King swung his sword, cutting off the Soul Reaping Thread in an instant. Then, he swung his sword to behead Pyo Wol.

He  naturally assumed Pyo Wol would avoid his sword. However, instead of dodging, Pyo Wol charged at an even more terrifying speed towards the incoming sword and reached out his hand.

'Barehand Sword Catch'? Crazy!

The Red King was shocked by Pyo Wol's intention.

Barehand Sword Catch is a technique to catch an incoming blade with bare hands. It is a dangerous technique that can only be successful if the practitioner's martial arts level is much higher than the opponent's.

If he tried this against an opponent with a higher level of martial arts, he would likely lose his wrist. Yet, he was using such a dangerous technique against the Red King.

How much did he underestimate him to use such a technique?


The Red King's sword produced a surge of energy.

Pyo Wol's wrist and throat were at risk of being instantly severed. However, even before the surge of energy was fully formed, Pyo Wol's hand grabbed Red King's sword.

He successfully performed the ‘Barehand Sword Catch’’?


Even if the sword qi wasn't fully formed, the energy imbued in the sword would be enough to blow away the opponent's wrist. But Pyo Wol's hand was unscathed.

At that moment, the Red King noticed a tiny gap between Pyo Wol and his sword, filled with silver threads.

The threads were the Soul Reaping Thread.

Pyo Wol had pulled out several Soul Reaping Threads, neutralizing the energy emitted by the Red King's sword.

This meant Pyo Wol's internal strength had recovered. However, the Red King could not think any further.

In that instant, Pyo Wol pulled the sword towards Goo Moon-hye.

He used the technique Transplanting Flowers and Grafting Trees to attack Goo Moon-hye.


The Red King tried to change the trajectory of his sword, but it was in vain.

His sword collided directly with Goo Moon-hye's energy barrier.


Red King's sword and Goo Moon-hye's energy barrier clashed, causing a tremendous shockwave.

The shockwave enveloped the area, and Pyo Wol was swept away and flung.

After hitting the ground several times like a rag doll, he slammed into a wall.

Although he was already covered in blood, Pyo Wol's eyes remained fierce.

It was a life-threatening gamble.

Goo Moon-hye, who was invaded by madness, could not make a proper judgment. Pyo Wol deliberately lured Goo Moon-hye to the Red King. Then, he redirected Red King's attack to provoke her.

With her reason paralyzed by madness, Goo Moon-hye could not distinguish between Red King and Pyo Wol. Thinking that the Red King, who attacked her, was Pyo Wol, she unleashed all her fury.



A rain of hand energy descended with her hand gesture.


The Red King's face twisted.

To survive Goo Moon-hye's attack, he had no choice but to give his all. However, doing so would mean he had to fight Goo Moon-hye to the death.

He wasn't given time to think.

For now, he had to survive.

The Red King swung his sword like a madman.

His blade was already charged with his sword energy.


Explosions erupted in the air as the hand energy clashed with the sword energy.


"Damn it!"

The Demonic Madmen tried to join the fight between the two, but Red King stopped them.

"I'll be fine."


"While I'm holding off Noh Tae Tae, do whatever it takes to kill him. We can't let him escape."

Red King swung his sword with all his might, yelling.

If Pyo Wol escaped from this place, the consequences would be endless.

They had to kill Pyo Wol here, no matter what.

The Demonic Madmen knew this as well, so they swallowed their anger and turned away.

There were others targeting Pyo Wol besides the Demonic Madmen.

It was the White Ghost Squad, which had already suffered significant damage.

The White Ghost Squad and the Demonic Madmen surrounded Pyo Wol.


Pyo Wol sighed and fiddled with his fingers.

Although he had suffered considerable injuries, his internal strength had recovered quite a bit.

It was worth trying at this level.

At that moment, the leader of the White Ghost Squad shouted.


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