RDM (Novel) Chapter 487

 C 487

Song Cheonwoo momentarily stared at the sword in his hand.

Drip, drip!

Crimson blood flowed down the blade.

A puddle of blood had formed on the floor where the blood had pooled.

A pool of blood like this couldn't have been created from the blood of one or two people.

An innumerable number of people had to die, and their blood had to gather in one place to create such a puddle.

In fact, countless people lay dead around Song Cheonwoo.

It was not something he had done alone.

The Blood Demon Corps had done it together.

Members of the Blood Demon Corps were spread around Song Cheonwoo.

Their already red clothes were even redder with blood. They had truly become blood demons.

Quite a few Blood Demons had died in the fierce battle. Yet, many still remained.

The Blood Demons were silently staring at Song Cheonwoo, not even breathing audibly.

The sight of them was enough to intimidate the martial artists of Guryongsalmak.

Most of the dead at the hands of the Blood Demons were the leaders of Guryongsalmak and their followers.

Their resistance had been fierce.

They never acknowledged So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo.

Even though So Yeowol was born with the bloodline of Go Jang Myeong, the world's best, she was still just a woman.

A huge power like Guryongsalmak was not accustomed to accepting a woman as a ruler. They worshiped power and had a male-dominated society, wishing for a powerful man to be the ruler.

Guryongsalmak was founded by a woman, Goo Moon-hye, but after she stepped down, they refused to let women hold high positions.

Moreover, So Yeowol had been away from Guryongsalmak for a long time, so she lacked internal support. Even after raising the Blood Demon Corps, she was scorned as a mere assassin.

In the end, there wasn't much difference between the nobles and an assassin. However, even the nobles looked down on the assassins.

The biggest problem was that Udamha, the mistress of Guryongsalmak, hated So Yeowol terribly.

Since Udamha, who had the second-largest power after Go Jang Myeong, ignored So Yeowol, others could not get along well with her either.

"Do you think you'll be safe like this?"

"Lady U will not remain still."

The warriors, who were kneeling under the pressure of the Blood Demons, shouted.

They were among those who had not shown hostility toward So Yeowol. They were spared because of that, but they could not see So Yeowol, who had caused this tragedy, in a good light.

Then So Yeowol appeared.

In her arms, she carried someone's corpse.

It was the corpse of Udamha, whom the survivors had been desperately searching for.

"Madam… U?"

"How could this be!"

"Killing Lady U? How will you withstand the wrath of our leader?"

The executives were appalled at the sight of Udamha's corpse.

They couldn't take their eyes off her body.

So Yeowol laid Udamha's corpse in front of them and spoke.

"I didn't kill her."

"Don't try to deceive us."

"Pyo Wol is the one who killed Lady U. He killed both her and the purple faced divine demon. The wounds on their bodies are proof."


"You all saw it clearly. Pyo Wol's intrusion. I merely dealt with the traitors who opened the door for him to enter the New Moon Manor."

So Yeowol was confident.

An overwhelming energy radiated from her entire body, overpowering those around her.

The onlookers were overwhelmed by her.

'Was Lady So this powerful?'

'It's not just the achievement of a simple assassin.'

As skilled martial artists, they easily noticed that So Yeowol's achievements were incredibly profound.

So Yeowol scanned the warriors and continued to speak.

"I've already informed my father of what happened here."

"Are you really saying you told the leader?"

"I have no reason to lie. Both the purple faced divine demon and my mother lost their lives."


"I'll say it again, I only dealt with the traitors of Guryongsalmak. If this is wrong or I made a wrong judgment, I will gladly accept punishment from my father."


The crowd, overwhelmed by So Yeowol's energy, couldn't say a word.

They couldn't even breathe heavily.

In this way, So Yeowol completely took control of Guryongsalmak.

She fully revealed the presence she had been hiding until now.

So Yeowol continued to speak.

"Now is not the time for us to fight each other. Since all the traitors have been dealt with, we must catch Pyo Wol who caused this commotion. He is our true enemy."


"Pyo Wol!"

"That's right. If it weren't for Pyo Wol, this wouldn't have happened today. We must track him down and kill him now. If we let him go today, there will be endless consequences."

So Yeowol didn't miss the wavering in people's hearts.

"I've already sent the Red King to Heavenly Origin Temple to kill Pyo Wol. However, we can't be too relieved just yet. As you all know, Pyo Wol's assassination skills are beyond imagination. If we're not careful, we might even lose our leader to him."

"The leader…."


The warriors' eyes wavered.

The possibility that their leader might be in danger was enough to paralyze their rationality.

Their doubts about So Yeowol disappeared, and they only thought of going to the Heavenly Origin Temple to save their leader. So Yeowol, imbued with her inner strength, shouted.

"We are going to Heavenly Origin Temple to save our leader now."

"Let's go!"

Song Cheonwoo shouted after her.

His voice served as a catalyst.

"Let's go to the Heavenly Origin Temple."

"Let's go rescue the Great Lord."

The warriors of Guryongsalmak shouted together.

So Yeowol led them from the front.

The warriors of Guryongsalmak followed her as if they were bewitched.

Shin Gong-ha watched So Yeowol's back as she led the warriors of Guryongsalmak and thought to himself.

'What a great instigator.'

Shin Gong-ha was an extraordinary martial artist who ranked within the top ten in Guryongsalmak. However, he was gentle in nature and disliked bothersome things, so he usually did not get involved in Guryongsalmak's affairs.

Above all, he thought of So Yeowol affectionately.

He had vividly seen the hardships she had to endure since her childhood.

When he learned that So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo were raised as assassins in Blood Shadow Assassins by Udamha, it hurt his heart as if it were his own business. That's why he chose not to interfere in this matter and remained a bystander.

He believed that everything would return to its rightful place when Lord Go Jang-myeong, the owner of Guryongsalmak, came back.

No matter how great So Yeowol was, she was like a firefly in front of a full moon, Go Jang-myeong.

In fact, there was no need to even go as far as Go Jang-myeong.

Everything would be resolved as long as Go Il-won, Go Jang-myeong's son and So Yeowol's half-brother, stepped up.

Go Il-won, the leader of the Ghost Fleet, loved the sea so much that he rarely stayed in the New Moon Manor. Nevertheless, many people believed that he would be the next great ruler.

If the problem became severe, those two would step up.

That's why Shin Gong-ha could calmly watch So Yeowol's actions. And there were quite a few who thought like Shin Gong-ha.

They all followed So Yeowol to Heavenly Origin Temple.

So Yeowol muttered at the front.

"Now, die gloriously for me, Pyo Wol!"



With a loud crash, the great hall collapsed.

Red King soared into the air, breaking through the debris.

His entire body was drenched in sweat and blood. He had been injured by Goo Moon-hye's fearsome attack.


He gritted his teeth and looked down at his feet.

At that moment, he saw Goo Moon-hye flying through the dust and debris.

Her charging figure, emitting a red glow, reminded him of a hellish Rakshasa.

"Pull yourself together, Noh Tae-tae!"

The Red King had unleashed his Lion's Roar, but it had no effect on Goo Moon-hye's mental state.

Having no choice, the Red King once again unleashed a wave of attacks on her.


A powerful energy strike hit Goo Moon-hye. However, once again, the protective energy surrounding her body neutralized all the impact.

Red King despaired.

At Goo Moon-hye's horrifying martial arts prowess.

And at the fact that he had no choice but to attack her.

Despair turned to anger, and his anger was directed at Pyo Wol.


Pyo Wol was fighting against the Demonic Madmen, wielding his Soul Reaping Thread.

The Demonic Madmen were losing their lives to the extremely fine, invisible clusters of energy.

He not only killed Lord Go Jang-myeong but also put himself and Goo Moon-hye in danger. His cruel and meticulous mind sent chills down his spine.

'I must kill him. There is no future for Guryongsalmak if I let him live.'


At that moment, Goo Moon-hye's attack struck him.

The Red King was sent flying and crashed into the wall.

The wall collapsed in a cloud of dust.

Goo Moon-hye narrowed her eyes, searching for the Red King's whereabouts.

At that moment, the Red King broke through the dust and charged towards Pyo Wol.

Goo Moon-hye chased after the Red King.

Red King's intention was simple.

He intended to return the favor, just as Pyo Wol had done to him.

At that moment, Pyo Wol noticed Red King's intention and moved towards where the Demonic Madmen and the White Ghost Squad were gathered.

By leading Goo Moon-hye in the direction of Pyo Wol, he would inflict great damage on his followers as well.

Red King made a bitter expression.

'This devilish bastard wants to suck me dry to the bone.'

He had made a terrible mistake.

Pyo Wol was more persistent than a leech and more brutal than any other enemy.

Red King had never encountered such a person in any other battlefield.

He gave up on leading Goo Moon-hye towards Pyo Wol.

Instead, he shouted loudly.

"While I am holding off Noh Tae-tae, the Demonic Madmen and the White Ghost Squad should do their best to eliminate the Reaper. Kill him, no matter what sacrifices you must make."

The Demonic Madmen and the White Ghost Squad did not respond.

They knew as well.

As long as Pyo Wol exists, there is no future for Guryongsalmak.

'I will definitely kill him.'


'Even if I have to sacrifice my life, I will kill him.'


They were just as desperate as the Red King.


Though it was unknown what cultivation technique he had mastered, Pyo Wol was gradually regaining his strength during the battle.


If Pyo Wol fully recovered his internal energy, there was no telling what he could do.


They had to find a way to cut off his lifeline before he completely recovered.






They rushed towards Pyo Wol like a pack of wild dogs chasing their prey.


Puff puff puff!


Warriors were pierced by the Soul Reaping Thread and fell forward. However, the warriors behind them didn't hesitate and continued to attack Pyo Wol, stepping on the corpses of their comrades.


Swords and blades tore through the air.


Pyo Wol's clothes were ripped, and his muscles were deeply cut.


Blood splattered, and excruciating pain enveloped him, but Pyo Wol didn't let out a single scream.


It was a fight where stopping meant death.


There was no time to rest due to pain or fatigue.


As long as he could breathe, he had to keep moving.


Fortunately, Goo Moon-hye was too preoccupied with fighting the Red King to pay attention to this side of the battle.


Goo Moon-hye's madness had reached its peak.


Although the Red King was a great warrior, he was no match for Goo Moon-hye.


Red King's entire body was dyed red with blood, just like Pyo Wol.


It had been a losing battle for the Red King from the start.


The Red King couldn't use his full power like Goo Moon-hye, which made him even more vulnerable.


It was uncertain how much longer Red King could hold on. However, they had to take advantage of the situation while he was still holding up.


It was then.


"Damn it!"


Realizing that Pyo Wol's attention was divided, the White Ghost Squad leader charged in.


Having lost their lord, Go Jang-myeong, the only thing he could see was Pyo Wol.


Pyo Wol noticed his approach belatedly and swung his Soul Reaping Thread.


Instead of dodging the Soul Reaping Thread, the White Ghost Squad leader lifted his left arm to shield his face.




His left arm flew through the air, severed.


In an instant, he had lost an arm, but the White Ghost Squad leader didn't even blink.


Sacrificing one arm allowed him to get close to Pyo Wol.




The White Ghost Squad leader unleashed a powerful slash.


Pyo Wol failed to dodge the attack in time and was hit.




With a thunderous noise, Pyo Wol's body flew through the air like a severed kite string.


His mind became hazy from the unbearable pain, but Pyo Wol didn't lose consciousness.


Instead, he flipped his body in mid-air and increased his speed.


A little further away, Goo Moon-hye and Red King were entangled in battle.


The White Ghost Squad leader, who belatedly realized Pyo Wol's intention, shouted.


"No, don't!"

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