RDM (Novel) Chapter 485

 C 485

Go Jang Myeong was terrified at the prospect of waking Goo Moon-hye.

Instead of calling for his followers and creating a commotion, he tried to silently execute Pyo Wol.

He was afraid that she would have a seizure.

The root of his fear was unclear, but for Pyo Wol, it was an opportune moment.


The Soul Reaping Thread cleaved the darkness.

The virtually imperceptible Soul Reaping Thread, as lethal as a viper, targeted Go Jang Myeong's life-breath.

“How dare you!”

But Go Jang Myeong was not a man to fall for such trivialities.

He evaded Pyo Wol's attack by executing the Ten Steps Flash.

He reappeared a dozen paces away from where he had been.

Pyo Wol’s heightened senses detected the presence of Go Jang Myeong.

The Soul Reaping Thread altered its trajectory midway, aiming at the place where Go Jang Myeong had just reappeared.


Go Jang Myeong seemed surprised, his eyes widening momentarily. But that was brief. He quickly concentrated his energy in his fist, swatting the Soul Reaping Thread away.


With a metallic sound, the Soul Reaping Thread was sent flying far away.

Without missing a beat, Go Jang Myeong used the Ten Steps Flash to reappear at arm's length from Pyo Wol.

Again, the Ax moon kick descended toward Pyo Wol's head. But with his extraordinary senses, Pyo Wol detected his movement and executed the Jade Breaker.

Tl/n-Jade Breaker is a fist technique


Foot met fist in a violent clash.

Go Jang Myeong was propelled backward, maintaining the position he had while deploying the Ax Moon Kick, and Pyo Wol bent one knee.

Both had received considerable blows. But, disregarding their injuries, they both charged at each other.

Boom! Crash!

Thunderous explosions erupted one after the other.

Go Jang Myeong attacked Pyo Wol using the Ten Step Flash, and Pyo Wol, with his heightened senses, detected his movements and counterattacked.

“Assassin! You're quite capable.”

Go Jang Myeong admitted with noticeable admiration.

Pyo Wol's movements were impressive enough to pose a threat to him.

The condensed energy in the form of thread was brilliant, and the serpent-like movement was even more astounding.

It was said that an assassin's power was multiplied in the darkness, but Pyo Wol's movements were far beyond common knowledge.

Now, he understood why so many martial arts masters of Kangho were defeated by Pyo Wol.

“But your rampage ends here.”

He was an opponent who could not be trapped anyway.

If Pyo Wol was left alive, he would significantly disrupt the operations of the Guryongsalmak.

It would be better for the Guryongsalmak to risk a little more and sever the life of Pyo Wol here today.

Go Jang Myeong glanced at Goo Moon-hye for a moment.

Despite the commotion, she had not woken up. She seemed to be in a much deeper sleep than usual. It seemed he could afford to exert a bit more strength.

He pulled up his Ming Jade Qi.

It was an ultimate technique, originating from the Demonic Sect that once shook the world.

This martial art, perfected by  Goo Moon-hye through numerous successors, was so powerful it ranked amongst the top five in the world.

Go Jang Myeong swung his fist towards Pyo Wol.

His Ming Jade Qi, lying dormant in his fist, extended like a whip.

Pyo Wol swung the Soul Reaping Thread to meet it.

Something unbelievable happened in an instant.


The Soul Reaping Thread was broken.

It was proof that the destructive power of Ming Jade Qi far surpassed the Soul Reaping Thread.


For the first time, a bewildered moan escaped from Pyo Wol's mouth.

Go Jang Myeong rushed towards Pyo Wol with terrifying speed.


The Ming Jade Qi, stretched out like a whip, lashed towards Pyo Wol with a terrifying momentum, attacking him in the same way he attacked others.

What Pyo Wol drew was the Black Lightning Soul Reaping Thread.

"[a]He had imbued the Soul Reaping Thread with Black Lightning.

Pyo Wol fiercely swung the Black Lightning Soul Reaping Thread to block the Ming Jade Qi.

Ting, ting, ting, ting!

In the void, a fine metallic sound resonated continuously.

It was the sound made when the Black Lightning Soul Reaping Thread clashed with the Ming Jade Qi.

The echo was very faint, but its ominousness exceeded the imagination.

Even a slight brush would cut through muscles and bones.

A brutal battle of offense and defense that didn't allow even a moment of complacency continued.

Interweaving the Ten Steps Flash with the Snake Steps, the two men appeared here and there in the underground space.

They had fought for over a hundred seconds in an instant.

The one being pushed back was Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol's martial arts defied conventional wisdom, but Go Jang Myeong's martial arts were, to put it simply, shockingly destructive, shattering the norms.


A stifled groan flowed from Pyo Wol's lips.

A line of blood was visible at the corner of his mouth. It was a deep internal injury from his clash with Go Jang Myeong.

Go Jang Myeong did not miss the slight slowdown in Pyo Wol's movements.

He dug into Pyo Wol's chest and launched a powerful strike.


With a thunderous noise, Pyo Wol was sent flying.

He had concentrated his internal energy on his chest area to minimize the impact, but he couldn't prevent his insides from being shaken.


Pyo Wol rolled on the ground and crashed into a bookcase.

"It's over."

Go Jang Myeong unfurled his Ten Steps Flash to completely cut off Pyo Wol's breathing.

In a flash, he tore through the space in front of Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol raised his head and looked at Go Jang Myeong.

For a moment, Go Jang Myeong felt a chilling sensation.

The coldness in Pyo Wol's eyes as he gazed up at him could not possibly belong to someone who was about to die.


An intense sense of crisis engulfed him.

Go Jang Myeong tried to quickly retreat instead of attacking Pyo Wol. However, at that moment, something subtle bound his body.

Only then did Go Jang Myeong realize that a silver thread, like a net, was spread around the bookcase.

It was the Spider's Silver Net that Pyo Wol had cast.

When he first entered the underground space and casually walked over to the bookshelf, Pyo Wol had secretly unfurled the Spider silver net.

The process was so natural that Go Jang Myeong hadn't noticed.

Go Jang Myeong had been extremely careful not to wake Goo Moon-hye. As a result, half of his attention had been diverted towards her.

That had prevented him from using his full strength. This was the weakness of Go Jang Myeong that Pyo Wol had identified.

Taking advantage of this lapse, Pyo Wol set up the Spider's Silver Web. He had crafted a trap of death.

What followed next was the creation of the Ant's Hell.

This devilish technique created by Pyo Wol slowly revealed weaknesses, luring the enemy into the delusion that if they approached just a little closer, they could win.

Go Jang Myeong was no exception.

The only difference this time was that Pyo Wol's life was genuinely in danger.

Everything Pyo Wol had endured until now was not calculated, but the actual power of Go Jang


For Pyo Wol, it was as if he had gambled his life.


At that moment, Pyo Wol snapped his fingers.


In an instant, the Spider's Silver Net closed in on Go Jang Myeong with a terrifying speed.

Go Jang Myeong hurriedly tried to use his defensive qi to counter it. However, the speed at which the Spider's Silver Net was closing in was many times faster than his activation of the defensive qi.


A chilling sound of slicing echoed throughout the underground space.

Go Jang Myeong's movement abruptly halted.

He muttered while looking at Pyo Wol,

"Is this... the will of the gods? You, little..."


In that instant, the body of Go Jang Myeong crumbled into pieces.


Only then did Pyo Wol release the breath he had been holding.

It was a gamble with his life.

Had his martial arts not been superior, it would have been Pyo Wol, not Go Jang Myeong, who had died.

His body ached as if he had been hit with an iron hammer.

It was when Pyo Wol was struggling to stand up amidst the pain.

"Go... Go Jang Myeong!"

Goo Moon-hye, who had been sleeping behind the iron bars, opened her eyes and called out Go Jang Myeong's name.

There was a flicker of fiery rage in Goo Moon-hye's eyes.


Goo Moon-hye hit the iron bars with both hands. But the iron bars, forged from eternal iron, didn't budge an inch.

"Go Jang Myeong!"


Goo Moon-hye hit the iron bars once more.


A vibration that started from the iron bars spread throughout the entire temple.

The temple shuddered as if it was about to crumble.

With the situation escalating, the White Ghost Squad outside the temple realized that a transformation had occurred within.


The door leading to the surface opened, and the White Ghost Squad poured in.

"Wha, What happened to the Chief?"

"What in the world happened?"

The sight of Go Jang Myeong's brutally mutilated body shocked the White Ghost Squad.

Their fury was amplified by the fact that they had failed to notice any signs of this incident.


"How dare you kill our Chief?"

The White Ghost Squad drew their weapons and glared at Pyo Wol.

The terrifying murderous aura emanating from them pressed heavily upon Pyo Wol.

The narrow entrance was filled with the White Ghost Squad, leaving Pyo Wol completely isolated.

The leader of the White Ghost Squad approached Pyo Wol.

"Who are you? Did you think you could kill our Chief and walk away unscathed?"

In the eyes of the squad leader, a fury ignited.

Protecting Go Jang Myeong was the reason he lived. But due to Pyo Wol, he had lost his reason to live.

"You better not expect a quick death. We will tear you apart and relish every bite."

He raised his hand.

In an instant, the White Ghost Squad rushed towards Pyo Wol like madmen.

Their anger at losing Go Jang Myeong was enormous.

Their murderous aura swept through the underground space like a storm.


"Go Jang Myeong!"

Provoked by their murderous aura, Goo Moon-hye screamed out loud and hit the eternal iron bars repeatedly.

Each time she did, the temple shuddered as if it was about to crumble, and cracks appeared in the walls.

"Damn it, the Old Woman Tae... "

The squad leader gritted his teeth at Goo Moon-hye's outburst.

Go Jang Myeong had built the temple to keep her under control, yet it seemed like she was on the verge of exploding. However, he couldn't calm her without avenging Go Jang Myeong's death.

"We're going all the way. Kill him!"



At the leader's command, the White Ghost Squad attacked Pyo Wol with even more terrifying force.


Tens of sword qi were unleashed in unison towards Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol dodged their attacks by using his snake steps. But he couldn't dodge forever in the underground space, which was tightly sealed on all sides.

The Soul Reaping Thread was activated.

He could only pull out a single strand, having used up most of his energy dealing with Go Jang Myeong.


The moment the Soul Reaping Thread flashed, two of the White Ghost Squad warriors who were leading the charge fell, their vital points pierced.

Their comrades falling should have made them falter, but instead, the White Ghost Squad

attacked more fiercely.

The loss of their master compounded with the sorrow of their fallen comrades turned them into madmen.

They charged towards Pyo Wol without fear of death.



They attacked Pyo Wol, disregarding their own lives.

Pyo Wol's body was soaked with blood under their devilish attack.

No matter how strong his martial arts skills were, it was impossible for him to deal with the enemies in this isolated space without suffering damage.

"Aah! Jang Myeong!"

Bang bang!

Incited by the madness of the White Ghost Squad, Goo Moon-hye pounded even more wildly against the iron bars.

The iron bars were greatly bent, on the verge of breaking.

Even while being attacked by the White Ghost Squad, Pyo Wol didn't miss this spectacle.

Pyo Wol swung his Soul Reaping Thread.

The White Ghost Squad watched Pyo Wol's hand, anticipating the direction of the Soul Reaping Thread. But contrary to their expectations, it flew in a completely different direction.

It flew directly towards the iron bars confining Goo Moon-hye.


The weakened iron bars, repeatedly shocked, were easily cut by the Soul Reaping Thread.


The leader of the White Ghost Squad yelled out as he finally noticed Pyo Wol's intent, but it was already too late.


Goo Moon-hye broke free from the iron bars and stared at Go Jang Myeong's corpse.

His corpse was utterly mutilated.

It was trampled by the White Ghost Squad who were preoccupied attacking Pyo Wol.

Tears of blood flowed from Goo Moon-hye's eyes as she stared at her cruelly trampled son's body.



With a scream, an explosive aura emanated from her body.

The formidable energy swept the White Ghost Squad off their feet.

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