TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 120


Graceful Saints Pavilion.

In the building where General Commander Jegal Miryeo resided and shared her duties, people had gathered in the secret underground space of said pavilion.

Representatives from the Justice Faction who were preparing to depart for negotiations with the Demon Cult.

Therefore, Cale was not present.

Officially, Cale was not affiliated with the Justice Faction.

"Hahaha, this is surprising. It seems the day has come."

The person now laughing openly was a Wudang Taoist, Baek San.

He was a Taoist of a similar position as the Sect Leader, having studied under the same master as the Sect Leader.


And sitting with a calm expression but an air of dignity was one of the Elders from the Beggar's Guild, Ho Songyi.

The Beggar's Guild and Wudang.

These two factions argued that they were the most suitable to negotiate and dialogue with the Demon Cult among the Nine Great Sects.

Baek San looked at someone and spoke.

"I didn't expect to see someone from the Namgung Family here."

He smiled amicably, but there was a hidden sharp blade within.


The person who received Baek San's gaze was Namgung Mahee, currently a member of the Murim Alliance and the younger sister of the Namgung Family's Lord, Namgung Mahyuk.

She opened her mouth indifferently, as she had received a letter beforehand.

"Our Namgung Family will follow Young Master Kim's wish."

With that, she closed her mouth.

Her expression indicated she had nothing more to say.

"I understand."

Next to her was Peng Yu from the Peng Family of Hebei, who showed signs of impatience.

The Peng Family of Hebei and the Namgung Family were closely related, and although the Namgung Family had suddenly expressed support for the negotiations proposed by the Justice Faction with the Demon Cult, they did so positively.


Baek San showed signs of enthusiasm at Namgung Mahee's words, and Elder Ho simply stood firm, listening with one ear and letting it pass.

'After all, we only need to follow Young Master Kim.'

There are answers and solutions along the path that Young Master Kim follows, and there exists a path to peace.

Elder Ho had joined this negotiation group due to a secret message from the Beggar's Guild Leader asking him to gather information about Young Master Kim.

'It's beyond my abilities. I should just take care of minor matters.'

Ignoring the secret order, he simply planned to obediently follow.

"I wonder what kind of person this Young Master Kim is."

Baek San spoke like that and looked around, but no one spoke up. Finally, his eyes landed on the top seat.

"General Commander, don't you intend to answer?"

"Once we arrive at Kunlun, you will naturally know."

Her response caused Baek San to raise his eyebrows slightly.

Graceful Saints Pavilion. Jegal Miryeo's response meant that even in this secret space reserved exclusively for the General Commanders, they had to be cautious about what they said.

But Baek San didn't mind and continued to ask.

"Is there any reason we should be careful about what we say within the Murim Alliance?"


Her response was clear and concise, and Baek San crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair.

"Then let's endure a bit longer."

Unlike his seemingly restless appearance, Baek San actually hated conflicts. Moreover, he had considerable patience and valued stability.

Jegal Miryeo opened her mouth.

"Let's begin the meeting by going over the matters for this time one by one."

In various places of the Graceful Saints Pavilion building, apart from this room, people who would depart for the Demon Cult were being guided.

"In the Murim Alliance, the Justice and Evil Factions, along with some members of the Staff Office and other departments, will work together," she continued.


Peng Yu also let out a sigh. Baek San, with a stern expression, also spoke.

"We don't have enough personnel, do we?"

The purpose of the negotiation is to prevent the Demon Cult from invading the Central Plains.

However, somehow, the size of this force was comparable to an average combat force.

Baek San cautiously asked the General Commander.

"...Are you planning to fight if necessary?"

Jegal Miryeo closed her eyes for a moment.

"I don't intend to fight against the Demon Cult."

Indeed, both the Alliance Leader and she were concerned about fighting the Blood Cult, and subsequently, they had dispatched a combat force to stop the Jiangshi from escaping.

"There are a total of five Living Jiangshi, including members of the Cavalry Corps, Staff Office, and General Affairs Department."

Currently, the number of Jiangshi discovered in the Murim Alliance was five, and all of them were individuals destined to become future key talents.

Therefore, they were added to the negotiation team, which was a critical task for dealing with the Demon Cult.

"Even among the people who haven't returned to the Murim Alliance due to their missions, there may be Living Jiangshi."

So now Jegal Miryeo felt like she was walking on thin ice.

To face a single Living Jiangshi, it would take several high-level Masters from the Justice Faction.

So, how many Masters would be needed to control a negotiation team with 5 Living Jiangshi?

Because of this, the Alliance Leader wanted to join the negotiation team, but they needed a powerful figure to stay at headquarters to stop any undiscovered Living Jiangshi.

Furthermore, they persuaded those with outstanding abilities among the people currently staying in the Murim Alliance, such as the Nine Great Sects and the Five Great Families, to join the negotiation group.

These people were in front of her right now.

Wudang Taoist Baek San, Beggar's Guild Elder Ho, Namgung Mahee, Peng Yu, and quietly seated, Byuk Sun.

-General Commander, what are you worried about?

At that moment, the Sound Transmission from Elder Ho was heard.

-We have our Young Master Kim, and the Fist King, and the Sword Demon. Our Young Master Kim and his companions are strong too. So, there's no need to worry about the Jiangshi.

She slowly opened her eyes.

-What we should be careful of is that the Demon Cult side finds out our plans. That's what we should be mindful of.

Her words were right.

Jegal Miryeo spoke.

"While the Demon Cult has accepted negotiations, they have always shown an attitude of wanting to cross Mount Kunlun and invade the Central Plains. Therefore, as a precaution to protect ourselves and as a supporting force for Kunlun in case the negotiations fail, we must be prepared with at least this level of defense."

Wudang Taoist Baek San couldn't help but groan at her firm tone. Instead, Byuk Sun spoke up.

"How does Young Master Kim plan to move?"

It was an unexpected question from someone who usually didn't speak much, which gave it a sense of seriousness. And the atmosphere became even tenser with the content of her words that followed.

"Is he trying to interfere even in the internal affairs of the Imperial Family?"

Jegal Miryeo immediately spoke.

Baek San, Byuk Sun, and Peng Yu were not aware of the details.

"Young Master Kim personally received an invitation to Mount Kunlun from Un Seon to head to Mount Kunlun. The Imperial Family says they have no intention of exerting influence over the Murim."

"But isn't it thanks to him that the Golden Guard is within the Murim Alliance?"

The Golden Guard guarding the palace where Young Master Kim stayed.

As if revealing they were one of the elite of the elite, they were blocking the invasion of others with a bloody spirit.

"The Golden Guard will not join us."

"...Is that true?"

"Yes. Only Young Master Kim and his companions will join us. The Golden Guard has separate matters after joining the Murim Alliance."

"...Can we trust that?"


"...And does Young Master Kim have no intention of participating in our negotiations?"

"That's correct."

Jegal Miryeo replied without hesitation, which made Byuk Sun smile slightly.

"It's good to know, then."

Byuk Sun was the typical Murim who loathed the government. A corrupt official had nearly destroyed her family when she was young, so she hated government people.

"I was worried that someone from the nobility would interfere and ruin everything with their outlandish ideas. But it seems that won't happen."

Elder Ho inwardly chuckled at what Byuk Sun said as she smiled kindly.

'Ha! Everything will be resolved when our Young Master Kim steps in. And it's really a blessing that Young Master Kim, who has reached the Nature Realm, is with us! Eh, eh, eh!'

Unbeknownst to him, he had become Cale's spokesperson.

Jegal Miryeo's voice rang out.

"Some of you may have many questions. However, after leaving the Murim Alliance and spending some time, you will learn it through me or naturally. So please, trust me and follow me."

Starting with Elder Ho, everyone expressed their approval towards her.

So far, the General Commander had made mistakes, but she had never done anything wrong. That's why she was trustworthy.

"Anyway, there's something I wanted to say."

At that moment, Peng Yu from the Peng Clan in Hebei spoke cautiously.

"The Demon Cult is the Demon Cult, right? But have you heard the other rumors circulating lately?"

The atmosphere immediately became tense.

Taoist Baek San frowned as he spoke, "Are you talking about the Blood Cult?"


"Aren't those just rumors?"

"I wouldn't put it that way..."

Peng Yu's gaze settled on Namgung Mahee.

Rumors about the Blood Cult were spreading throughout the Murim world.

The group that hadn't been seen for hundreds of years had resurfaced.

It was said that Namgung Taewi had died at the hands of the Blood Cult's Sword Demon.


Namgung Mahee remained silent.

But a fierce aura emanated from her.

"Ahem, ahem."

Peng Yu quickly closed his mouth and averted his gaze.

For a moment, the atmosphere grew heavy.

Then, Namgung Mahee finally spoke after a long while.

"We will eradicate (滅) the Blood Cult (血)."

At that moment, several, including Peng Yu, realized that the rumors were true.

The Blood Cult had returned.

And a member of the Blood Cult, the Sword Demon, had killed a member of the Namgung Family.

Soon, the Namgung Family would act to eradicate the Blood Cult.

'We must report this.'

Peng Yu decided that he must report this information to his own sect.

Not as an empty rumor, but as a truth.

And seeing this, Jegal Miryeo smiled discreetly and then erased that smile.

Elder Ho's Sound Transmission echoed.

-Everything is progressing as planned by our Young Master Kim.

Instead of nodding, she spoke.

"After dealing with the Demon Cult, we will continue discussing the Blood Cult. Although we haven't been able to identify its true nature, we are preparing a research team for it."

Jegal Miryeo was talking about something different from the truth.

The plan to deal with the Blood Cult was already set, but they needed to rely on Young Master Kim to uncover its true nature. And soon, Young Master Kim would provide the information.

As tension gripped the atmosphere, the meeting came to an end.

It was not of their own will.

It was by someone else's decision.

"Commander General!"

Jegal Eunso hurriedly arrived at Jegal Miryeo with a surprised expression.

"What's going on?"

In response to her question, Jegal Eunso said with a bewildered expression.

"Right now, Sima Pyeong, the Evil Alliance Leader, has sent someone here."

"Huh? The Evil Faction?"

Those present, including Jegal Miryeo, were taken aback by this news.

"Why the hell would they suddenly send someone to our territory?" murmured Byuk Sun with a stern look.

Peng Yu also frowned with a gloomy expression.

Jegal Eunso was undaunted by this and quickly reported to Jegal Miryeo.

However, though she spoke calmly, her expression showed strange disbelief and bewilderment.

To be precise, she didn't understand at all.

"According to what they said, the Murim Alliance kidnapped their second son and they want him back."

Both Jegal Eunso and the Murim Alliance experts, including Jegal Miryeo, showed question marks on their faces, except for one.


Elder Ho, who was there, unwittingly groaned and then closed his mouth when he felt Jegal Miryeo's gaze.

"Anciano Ho...?"

Upon hearing Jegal Miryeo's voice calling him, Elder Ho tightly closed his eyes.


"What's going on?"

Chief Eunuch Wi showed a confused expression upon suddenly seeing Jegal Miryeo.

She looked at Cale over Chief Eunuch Wi's shoulder and opened her mouth to speak.

"...Young Master. Did you happen to kidnap Sima Jung?"

Responding to her urgent voice, Cale, who was eating pastries, replied immediately.

"Yes, and?"


"Is there a problem?"


Seeing Jegal Miryeo still surprised, Cale spoke casually without thinking due to the overly casual question and her surprise.

"Got him captive. So what?"

Unknowingly, Jegal Miryeo responded without thinking due to the overly casual question and her surprise.

"His evil father says to release him."

"Oh, I see."

Cale nodded.

"Okay. Tell him to come to Wuhan whenever he wants to see his son."

Munch, munch.

While Cale chewed on the pastry, he thought about Sima Jung.

The last time he saw him, Sima Jung was fighting with Toonka with a manic and excited look.

"I finally met my lifelong best friend! Hahaha!"

"Same here! Hahaha! Let's fight more!"



There was no one crazier than them.

Cale genuinely expressed his thoughts, "We'll be heading to the Demon Cult soon, so tell him to come quickly and bring his son so as not to bother us."

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