TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 346

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 346

 In the ballroom of Babirun Duke, elegant starlight-like illumination cascaded down. Derus Robert and Babirun Duke cheerfully clinked their wine glasses on the stage.

"The young lord's shoulder is recovering smoothly," Babirun Duke said, his expression carrying a soft smile as he looked at Derus Robert.

"It should return to its pre-injury state in as little as 3 months, no later than 4 months. I appreciate your consideration," Derus replied, nodding at Babirun Duke.

"Thank you, but it's only natural to do this much in an alliance. I'd be disappointed if you said otherwise," Babirun Duke replied, his eyes filled with greed despite his humble words.

"Is that so?" 

Derus smirked as he felt the faint blooming of Babirun Duke's greed.

‘You pig.’

Babirun Duke is certainly capable, but he has been greedy beyond his ability.

The reason why he has been losing to even the counts recently, and is called the rotten and decayed one among the pillars of Balkar Kingdom, is also because of that greed.


This fat pig must have a lot of biteable parts.

In order to not only treat Cardis' shoulder, but also to devour Balkar, the power and position of this pig was necessary.

That was why he didn't go to other places that specialize in healing first.

“Still, I can't just let this go. If you have any requests, please feel free to speak your mind.”

Derus raised his hand to signal that he was welcome to speak.

“It's really okay. As I said before, it is an honor for our duchy to have the Sword Sky Saint visit us.”

Babirun shook his head with a look of even more intense greed in his eyes.

“You are still humble. However, the fact that you saved my poor son is…”

Derus couldn't finish his sentence and clenched his fists.

'What's going on...'

Not long ago, two Rage Worms had died. And they weren't placed among strangers; they were entrusted to two individuals he trusted.

"Martio and Cossini are dead?" 

Cossini's mind control magic could control not only spiritual beasts but even martial arts at the master level or above. It was hard to believe that monsters in an underwater dungeon, no matter how strong, could neither escape nor died in such fear and agony.


It was full of fear and pain.

Rage Worms could sense their target's emotions. The last signals sent by Matteo and Cossini's Rage Worms were of shock, fear, and pain.

'What the hell is this?'

Rage Worms can also sense what emotions the other person is experiencing. The last signal from Martio and Cosini's Rage Worms was shock, fear, and pain.

"My Lord?"

"I'll step out for a moment to get some fresh air."

He could feel his face pale and knew that he couldn't maintain his usual composure. It was necessary to leave this place before his inner turmoil became evident.

"My Lord! If you're not feeling well, let me diagnose..."

"I said it's fine."

"Maybe it's a serious illness..."

"I've had enough," Derus replied firmly.

With a fierce, unspoken glare, Derus left the silent ballroom and walked outside. Regal had silently followed him.

Babirun Duke trembled and fell backwards in the intense murderous aura that Derus exuded. He glared at Babirun Duke before turning his back on him.

‘Damn it….’

He knew he had to hold it in, but he couldn't help it. He thought of what had happened at the 9th breeding facility a while ago, and his fingertips trembled.



"Martio is dead."


Regal was taken aback and couldn't continue speaking.

"I don't know the exact reason, but there must have been a problem in the dungeon."

However, he couldn't understand why Martio died with such a profound sense of dread, given that he didn't know what had happened in the dungeon.

"I... I will take care of it. First, the shadows..."


Derus shook his head and put on the coat he had brought with him. The aura of death emanated from his eyes.

"I will go myself."

* * *

Raon clenched and then relaxed his fists, checking his body.

"Not bad."

Although he had consumed a significant amount of aura, his swordsmanship had greatly improved thanks to the enlightenment of Exalted Swordsmanship.

If he focused on cultivation after finishing this task, not only his stats but also his Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier enlightenment would likely rise.

"I gained more than I expected."

I should buy Merlin a meal or something.

Although Derus came to stop him from getting the dungeon's treasure, he was able to take revenge on Martio and learn a new swordsmanship.

'Now all that's left is…’

After dealing with the monsters underground and taking the treasure, all that was left was to completely collapse this dungeon.

Shouldn't you recover your aura and health to their fullest before going down there? The presence below is formidable, rivaling yours.

"It does rival mine..."

Indeed, the aura of the supernatural being below was mighty. As Wrath had said, it would be wise to recover his stamina and aura before proceeding.


Raon gazed up at the ceiling with a faint smile.

"I don't have time."


“That's right. The dog owner is coming.”

By now, Derus would have learned of Martio and Cossini's deaths and would likely be on his way here from Duke Babirun Castle.

"His patience must have reached it's limit."

The collapse of the 9th breeding facility and the death of Martio, whom he had trusted, would have surely driven Derus to lose his composure. Raon needed to leave this place as quickly as possible to avoid encountering him.


Raon concentrated his aura with the Exalted Sword and struck the ground. The compressed energy exploded.

The already weakened ground crumbled further under the intensified power of the Mid-Heaven Strike.


A chilling aura emanated from just below, causing Raon's hair to stand on end.

Raon lowered his gaze to confirm the appearance of the monster that sent the killing intent.

‘That is…?’

A jellyfish?

A snow-white jellyfish floated through the air. Its body was about 4 meters in size, and its tentacles seemed to stretch over 40 meters.

It's quite beautiful. Wrath remarked.

Of course, it won't be easy to catch.

"Yeah, it's a Ghost Jellyfish."

Transparent yet smooth body and tentacles that floated in the air like a ghostly specter, it was known as the Ghost Jellyfish, a sea monster.

However, its size was more than three times larger than the average Ghost Jellyfish.

Raon furrowed her brows.

"Caught an annoying one."

Ghost Jellyfish had two distinct characteristics. First, it possessed the astonishing ability to accelerate rapidly, whether in the sea or on land. If it caught your eye, you had to assume its tentacles were already right in front of your nose, faster than most unmanned creatures.

The truly frightening part was its second characteristic; the Ghost Jellyfish had a venom that could rival any poison or toxic creature. Even an ordinary Ghost Jellyfish's venom could dissolve metal, so it was certain that this monstrous one's venom was even more potent.


The Ghost Jellyfish stirred up a whirlwind of motion, extending its tentacles. It was an attack aimed at the moment Raon couldn't move in mid-air.


Raon swung his Heavenly Drive towards the approaching tentacles.


When the sword and tentacles clashed, a deafening sound, like two metal pieces colliding, resounded.


Despite the surging energy within his sword, the tentacles weren't easily cut. They seemed to have become even tougher, like a mythical creature.


The Ghost Jellyfish slowly sank while its tentacles spread out. Dozens, no, hundreds of tentacles rose and then descended in an instant. It felt like watching the sunlight filtering through the clouds.


The energy contained in each tentacle was incredibly strong, and their movements were as sharp as a master wielding a sword. It felt like fighting against experts in the arts of the Transformative Sword and the Mystic Sword.

"The problem is..."

Although the Ghost Jellyfish's swords contained fakes, these were all real.


Raon stepped on the ground with Supreme Harmony and leaped to the left. The Ghost Jellyfish's tentacles changed direction instantly, following him.

"Not bad at all."

The Ghost Jellyfish was constantly on guard, keeping its body agile, and attacking only with its tentacles.


The area where the Ghost Jellyfish's tentacle struck the ground melted to white. Seawater welled up from the resulting hole.

"That's the terrifying part."

The potency of the venom was far beyond normal. As expected, the venom of this monstrous Ghost Jellyfish could even erase strong energy.

"It's going to be quite challenging."

Cossini would easily control this Ghost Jellyfish with mind control magic, but Raon would have to physically capture it, so it was going to be quite exhausting.


The Ghost Jellyfish seemed to realize it couldn't catch him by attacking only one side, so it spread its tentacles to pressurize the space around him. Its speed, reaction, and even its thinking were remarkably fast.


That was what Raon was counting on.

With a thick smile on his face, he charged forward. He had been waiting for the moment when the tentacles split to strike at the Ghost Jellyfish's body.


He drew in as much frost energy as possible onto Heavenly Drive and released an Icy Strike.

At the moment when the sword and the icy blade extended almost simultaneously, white venom sprayed from the Ghost Jellyfish's crown.


The blade made of cold energy melted away as it clashed with the venom. As expected, this Ghost Jellyfish's venom possessed power comparable to strong energy.


Raon clicked his tongue and stepped back.

"I've never seen anything like this before."

Not only the tentacles but also the crown emitted venom. It seemed like a new ability it had acquired as it grew into a monster.


The Ghost Jellyfish, as if sensing the threat, compressed its body, reducing its size before moving its entire set of tentacles.


It felt like hundreds of swordsmen were charging at once, sending a shiver down Raon's spine.

"It's on guard."

Unlike before, it didn't use all of its tentacles for attack but kept some around its body for defense. It was a creature that knew how to use its head.


Raon scraped his Heavenly Drive from below and ignited the Fire Blossom. The crimson petals floated through the air, clashing with the venom-laden tentacles.


Toxicity and heat clashed, causing numerous explosions in the air. Dungeon walls cracked, and gray dust filled the air.


Raon activated Supreme Harmony steps, moving forward like an islander. Utilizing the momentum, he swung his sword downward.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Baekhwa.

Fire Dragon's breath.

Through the Heavenly Drive, the breath of the Flame Dragon extended without restraint.


The Ghost Jellyfish, emitting a strange sound, turned its body to the left. Silver energy sprayed from its crown. The venom had become even more deadly than before.


The scorching heat of Dragon's breath collided with the Ghost Jellyfish's venom, resulting in a devastating shockwave.


Raon quickly retreated to avoid the spreading venom.

It's quite formidable for a monster.

Wrath smirked as he observed the Ghost Jellyfish.

Monsters often had simple movements, but this one seemed to predict his actions, probably due to its transcendent status. It wasn't an easy opponent.


The Ghost Jellyfish, seemingly anticipating its movement direction, swung its tentacles.

This time, it attacked from all four directions: from above, left, right, and below.

"It's blocking any escape routes."

A tough one.

Raon narrowed his eyes and lifted his Heavenly Drive Sword in a semicircle.


"It's certainly strong, but I've figured it out."

Raon smiled as he looked at the Ghost Jellyfish's second set of tentacles extending.

"I'm a bit busy, so I can't play with you any longer."

Normally, he would have observed the Ghost Jellyfish's attacks and studied it for his martial arts, but he couldn't afford to waste time, not knowing when Derus, who had crossed through the dimensional gate, would arrive.


With Supreme Harmony steps, Raon raised the flame of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation with determination. The rotating blades of fire ignited and slashed through the Ghost Jellyfish's tentacles.


The tentacles of the Ghost Jellyfish, which had been as tough as steel until now, were cut into countless pieces.


The Ghost Jellyfish screamed as it wildly swung its severed tentacles. It might seem like it was going berserk, but it wasn't.

It was dispersing the venom within its tentacles.

"That won't help either."

Raon wrapped the Myo-ri of the fangs of insanity sword technique around the blade of his Heavenly Drive. The burning claws of a fiery beast burned away the venom and tore through the tentacles mercilessly.


With every dance of the furious flames, dozens of the Ghost Jellyfish's tentacles were torn apart.


Despite losing more than half of its tentacles, the Ghost Jellyfish didn't retreat. It continued its erratic and relentless attacks, seemingly determined to kill by any means.

"That means..."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the puddle where the Ghost Jellyfish's body floated.

"It signifies that the treasure of this dungeon is beneath it."

Monsters turned into Transcendents by relics or elixirs never left their spot. Seeing that it continued to attack without retreating, it was evident that there was an elixir where it was.

Raon pushed forward using the Supreme Harmony steps.


The Ghost Jellyfish gathered the remaining tentacles and struck down. Hundreds of tentacles turned into a massive club and rained down.

"It seems you've realized that individual attacks won't work."

A good observation, albeit a bit late.

Raon smirked and swung the Heavenly Drive like a bolt of lightning.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Jeokseom.

The radiant brilliance of the Fire Dragon's Fury cleaved through the massive tentacle in one fell swoop.


The Ghost Jellyfish screamed as it moved. It attacked relentlessly, covered in venom from the air and the venom it spat from its crown.

"It's dangerous."

The venom was so potent that even with resistance, it made Raon's head spin. It was dizzying.


Raon deftly drew the fangs of insanity. The black shadow on the blade shimmered into a brilliant light.

"Raon Zieghart Style Swordsmanship. Fifth form: White void"

As the white blade flowed forth, dozens of the Ghost Jellyfish's tentacles were melted away like spring snow.


The Ghost Jellyfish, as a final act, spat out a lump of venom from its crown, but it was no match for the White Void, and it vanished like dust.


He had used it firsthand, but the ability to erase all the opponent's energy was undeniably impressive. With this ability, Raon felt confident he wouldn't lose to anyone weaker than himself.

Damn it

Wrath shouted in frustration.

You have to hold on a little longer! After absorbing the energy of this place for so long, is this how it ends?

He seemed displeased with the defeated Ghost Jellyfish, hitting its tentacles with his palm as if expressing his frustration.

"It's time to collect the spoilst."

Raon, with both hands filled with the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, searched the body of the Ghost Jellyfish.

"I found it."

A silver bead flashed from the left side of its body. It was the core of the Ghost Jellyfish, filled with venom.

"But I can't just eat it like this."

The venom was too potent, making it difficult to consume as it was.

"For now, let's put it aside."

He moved the Ghost Jellyfish's carcass to the side, revealing the untouched puddle beneath.

Raon looked at the center of the emerald-colored seawater that had risen.

"This is…"


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