TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 267

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C 267

Looking at the shivering Rimmer in his self-made act, Raon narrowed hid eyes.

"The artificial mana core is complete."

The rudimentary form of the artificial mana core had taken root perfectly in Rimmer's physique and was now connected to the mana circuit. 

It seemed to be looking at perfectly woven fabric with not a single error.

"It surpassed my expectations."

He was already excited about the potential power that could be unleashed when the new mana core and the cleanly restored mana circuit merged with Rimmer's accumulated martial arts.

"Ugh, what's with this dust!"

"You broke the door, causing the sand to explode!"

Gambling Monster scolded, smacking Rimmer's buttocks.

"But that human... "

Raon grimaced as he heard the unpleasant sound coming from the fallen Rimmer.

"Why does the aura look like that?"

The amount was too small.

The aura embedded in Rimmer's artificial mana core was much less than expected. 

Despite using two intermediate-level elixirs and giving more than enough time, he couldn't understand why he could only gather such a small amount of aura.

"Could it be...?"

A crazy assumption crossed his mind. 

It was something that others would never do, but for that eccentric elf, it was entirely possible.

"Squad Leader." (Rimmer) 

Raon approached Rimmer. 

Seeing him lying there with his buttocks clenched, he tightly balled hes fist.

"You hid it to sell it, didn't you?"

"Huh? What?"

Rimmer tilted his head as if he didn't understand what they were talking about.

"You sold the elixirs I left behind to make gambling money, didn't you?"

Other than that, there was no way Rimmer's aura could be so small.

"You went so far as to sell the elixirs I obtained at great risk without even consuming them! This elf is unbelievable!"

"Huh! Are you saying this guy tried to sell the elixirs?"

Gambling Monster also expressed disbelief and shook his head.

"No! That's not it!"

Rimmer vigorously waved his hands, denying the accusation.

"Right now, my mana core is like a newborn baby. It means I can absorb the energy of the elixirs as they are."

"Well, that's true, but..."

"In that state, after consuming two intermediate-level elixirs, it's impossible for you to produce only that much aura."

Raon approached Rimmer with his lips slightly pursed.

"Today, I can't stand it..."

"Caught you!"

Rimmer gulped dry saliva and let out a scream-like response.


"You know too! Elixirs are not all pure mana."

"Of course, I know."

Elixirs are not pure clusters of mana. 

Whether artificially created or naturally formed, they inevitably accumulate many impurities as they take on a physical form through the mana of nature.

"Accept only the pure mana imbued in the elixirs, while filtering out all the impurities!"

Rimmer pointed at his mana core and wrinkled his nose.

"How grateful I was, how could I have done such a thing?"

When Rimmer saw the elixirs he left behind, he almost shed tears of gratitude. 

As a master, he believed he should give them to his disciple, but he felt overwhelmed by the immense help he received.

"That's why I've improved so much."

Feeling deeply grateful to Raon and the children of Light Wind Squad, Rimmer thought and searched for ways to become stronger even faster than before.

"Raon Zieghart."

It was all because of him.

With no aura at all in the beginning, he used a unique elven cultivation technique that generated pure energy only. 

He filled his mana core with the essence of the two elixirs.

Thanks to that, the amount of aura in Rimmer's mana core was smaller than a grain of sand, but its purity was as powerful as Raon's.


Rimmer took a short breath and raised his finger.


A green energy shot up from his fingertip, and a refreshing green breeze swept through the air.

"This is..."

Raon lifted a small energy ball with his hand. 

The flickering flames met the wind and bloomed like a flower.

"It's similar."

It had a purity that could be considered the essence of its own attribute, just like the energy ball. 

Although it was small he could feel a power surpassing its size.

"If this is completed..."

With the perfected mana core and mana circuit in place, if this aura takes its place, Rimmer felt he could reach a level beyond his previous state.

"Is that an elven cultivation technique?"

"Yes. It was an elven cultivation technique to create an aura, but everyone gave up on it because it was slow. But with my current abilities, I can increase its speed. So, I tried to cultivate it."

Rimmer chuckled, saying he lacked patience in his younger days.

"So now, you acknowledge it?"

"Yes. I apologize."

Raon nodded his head. 

Despite his original temperament, Rimmer consumed all the elixirs and filled his mana core only with pure mana. 

It was a wise choice.

Raon nodded. 

"But where are the kids? Isn't it training time now?"

"Yes, they are training."

He smiled faintly as he looked towards Bukmang Mountain.


"Young master."

Judiel, who was standing behind him, lowered her head.

"I'll go now."

"Oh, sure. Thanks."

Raon pointed to the sandwich he still held in his hand and smiled. 

Judiel forced a fake smile and left the training grounds.

"Squad Leader." (Rimmer) 


"When the squad members don't obey orders, when should we enforce compulsory measures?"

Since Burren was kidnapped, it wasn't confirmed yet, so they needed a justification to enter the battle. Compulsory measures could serve that purpose.

"How would I know?"

Rimmer snorted, crossing his arms as if bragging.


"Four days."

An answer came from Gambling Monster.

"We can initiate it immediately during an exhibition, but in times like this, it takes four days...."

"Then we can move on the fifth day."

Since brainwashing took a week to ten days, going on the fifth day seemed feasible.

"But why?"

"Why are you suddenly asking about that?"

Both of them approached at the same time.

"I think I need to find a stupid idiot."

Raon looked around the area of the training ground and bit his lip slightly.



Raon closed his eyes and endured the hot glares from the Light Wind Squad. 

They seemed to have become like dogs, baring their teeth and growling in anger at being neglected.


In times like this, he needed to be strong-minded. 

He felt bad for making them suffer, but showing weakness now would hinder their future training.

He could apologize later; now was the time to be strong.

"Good job."

Raon nodded with a composed expression.

"Good job? Go to hel*! This b*stard!"

Martha stood up with black flames in her eyes.

"Handsome Raon . You were too harsh...."

Even Runaan, who always took hid side, grabbed her head and glared fiercely.

"It was so tough. Ugh, I still feel sick...."

"It's too much this time. I really thought my head would burst!"

"Even Burren-nim should experience this...."

Despite getting an hour of rest after an all-nighter of maintaining concentration and tension, the members couldn't hide their exhaustion. All that remained was anger.


Now is the time.

When mentally and physically exhausted, it's the best time to correct posture and technique, so he needed to make the most of it.

"Let them...."

Raon snorted, looking down at the Light Wind Squad.

"This training was intended for that from the beginning."


"You all have short and shallow concentration."

In response to Raon's icy gaze, the members of the Windstorm Division swallowed nervously.

"In the future, we will face stronger enemies. What is important when facing equally strong or stronger opponents? First, of course, strength. And then, it's concentration."

Raon's eyes sank into darkness. 

Confronted with his chilling gaze, the Light Wind members gulped nervously.

"To analyze the opponent's techniques and lead the fight in a way that favors us, you need the ability to maintain super-concentration for not a few minutes, but for several hours."


"Then, the reason you didn't interfere was..."

"That's right. I intentionally left it like that so you could raise your concentration. It was your first time, right? Encountering a situation where you have to maintain tension and concentration for so long."

All the members of the Light Wind nodded slowly.

"You are mentally fatigued and your body feels as heavy as being soaked in water. If you experience it for the first time, chances are you'll die against your enemies. I gave you the opportunity to avoid your first death here."


Marta, too, had nothing to say and lowered her head.

"This training will continue in the future. It will be tough enough to feel like you're dying, but every time you train, think that you're saving one life. If you have any complaints, raise your hand. I'll let you withdraw."


Even Marta didn't have anything to say and just shook her head.

"In the meantime, instead of leaving you, I've deliberately let you go. Was it your first time having to raise your concentration so long?"

All the members of the Windstorm Division nodded slowly.

"When your brain doesn't work well and your body feels as heavy as being soaked in water. If you experience it for the first time, chances are you'll die against your enemies. I gave you the opportunity to avoid your first death here."


Martha , too, didn't have anything to say and lowered her head.

"This training will continue in the future. It will be tough enough to feel like you're dying, but every time you train, think that you're saving one life. If you have any complaints, raise your hand. I'll let you withdraw."

Naturally, no one raised their hand to object.

"Then put on the Black Ring (Hyeokhwan). Training resumes now."


"We have no choice...."

"Argh, I envy Burren...."

The members of the Light Wind cursed and complained but obediently put on the Black Rings.

Everyone shared the same desire to become stronger.

"As always, let's start with some warm-up exercises. Everyone, sprint at full power!"



"Damn it!"

The members of the Light Wind screamed and started running around the training ground.

Despite not having slept and being burdened with the Black Rings, they were faster than yesterday.


Rimmer chuckled as he watched the Light Wind members.

"You couldn't sleep, ran around, and now you're training. Poor you. I'm glad I'm not there."

"What are you saying?"

Raon raised an eyebrow at the whining Rimmer.

"Oh, it's amusing. I'll just watch for a while...."

"No. Aren't you going to run as well?"

"Huh? Me, too?"

Rimmer pointed to himself with his finger, looking astonished.

"I clearly said everyone in the Light Wind Squad should run at full power."

"Well, I'm the Leader...."

"I've told you before, I currently hold the authority over the Light Wind Squad's training and orders. Your rehabilitation training is also included."

"But I'm pretty good at running...."

"If you want to argue about that, you can go talk to the head of House."

Raon playfully retorted with the same words Rimmer used during their past training days.

"Let me say it again. Run!"

"You little devil!"

Rimmer shouted in annoyance and began running around the training ground.


"Oh dear, he got angry!"

"I knew he would!"

The Light Wind members laughed heartily as they watched Rimmer run.


After finishing the basic stamina training, Raon gathered everyone in the center of the training ground.

"Now that your bodies are warmed up, it's time for sparring. But this isn't just about fighting; it's about pushing your concentration to the maximum until you're on the brink of death. So brace yourselves."


"Stay alive until you die, huh...."

"Before dying at the hands of the enemy, I'll die at the hands of vice-squad leader!"

The Light Wind members nodded with exhausted faces. 

However, none of them showed reluctance.

"What about the opponent?"

Martha narrowed her eyes, asking an important question.

"Of course...."

Raon smiled coldly, raising the training sword to his shoulder.

"It's me."


Martha, Runaan, and the Light Wind Squad all stepped back in shock.

"I told you. We should focus not on the weak but the strong. I'm just the right opponent for that."

Raon raised his chin, placing the training sword on his shoulder.

"Not just strong; you're way too strong!"

"That's right. I'm going to get thrashed for sure!"

"And you're not even wearing the Black Ring!"

"I think I'm losing my mind...."

"This demon-like...."

The Light Wind Squad grumbled in anger, looking at Raon's arrogant expression.

"Sigh, you really don't understand."

Rinmer wiped the sweat from his forehead and let out a deep breath.

"Facing someone like Raon in martial arts is an opportunity among opportunities. You should make the most of it. If you let your guard down, you'll be knocked down with a single blow."

He advised them to seize the opportunity.

"As expected of squad leader. You gave us some really good advice."

Raon smiled at Rimmer, appreciating his words.

"Right? I've always been good at..."

"That's why the sparring starts with the squad leader."


Rimmer's mouth widened to an unprecedented size.

"Usually, in situations like this, a superior should set an example for others."

Raon swung the training sword, pointing it at Rimmer.

"It will be a perfect example."

"Draw your sword."

Ignoring Rimmer's waving hand, Raon raised Aura. It meant that he would attack whether he blocked it or not.


Rimmer frowned and drew his training sword.

"Alright! Even if I'm weak..."

But he stopped when he saw the fierce aura emanating from Raon's sword.


"It has to be done properly."

"Wait, I'm sick...."

"Now you're not, right?"

"This crazy bastard! I saw you just now!"

"Class exists, you know. Let's begin."

Raon grinned and raised his sword.

"This guy is truly insane! Clearly out of his mind!"

Rimmer screamed, echoing the Light Wind members who were once fooled by him.

"Then, here I come."

Raon stepped forward using the supreme harmony steps and swung his sword downward. The flaming aura tore through the air, leaving a mark.


Rimmer barely managed to twist his aura and spewed out the little Aura he had left. 

The heat from the flaming aura melted his sleeve, dispersing into the air.

"This is real!"

His eyes trembled as he screamed in horror.

"This guy has lost it! He's definitely insane!"

Rimmer staggered backward, his pupils trembling.

"That's enough!"

"This guy will kill his own master! He'll kill me!"

-Ah, even demons have masters....

Listening to Rimmer's screams, Wrath swallowed dryly.

-What on earth is going on with this guy….


Limer staggered backward, his pupils trembling.

"That's enough!"

"This guy will kill his own master! He'll kill me!"

-Ah, even demons have masters....

Listening to Limer's screams, Lars swallowed dryly.

-What on earth is going on with this guy....


Tias entered his room and let out a deep sigh.


He felt like he was going to die. 

He had been unable to sleep for several days, leaving him mentally foggy and physically restless. 

If he lay down, he felt like he would immediately fall into a slumber, but anxiety kept him from closing his eyes.

"Is this really the right thing to do? Was there no other way?"

Due to Gelmier's threat using Burren's life as leverage, Tias couldn't request help from Raon, and he had no choice but to lie about Burren's well-being. 

He wanted to contact Raon later, but with surveillance on him, he couldn't move freely.

"Damn it...."

Tias clenched his fists and hit the bed. 

If there was any way, he wanted to give up his old body to save Burren, but there was no solution. 

He felt so pathetic for being utterly helpless.

"What should I do now...."

"Long time no see."


A voice came from the darkness of the room, causing his heart to race.


A tall man with golden hair and sharp red eyes walked out into the moonlight streaming through the window. It was Raon Zigheart. 

"How did you get here...."

"I have something to ask you."

Raon smiled faintly and leaned against the wall.

"You shouldn't be here. They are watching...."

Tias swallowed dryly. 

Since Burren's kidnapping, he had been under constant surveillance, so meeting with Raon was absolutely forbidden.

"You don't have to worry. The person watching you is gone."

Raon smiled as if he knew everything and extended his hand.

"Where is Burren?"


"I called for him due to training, but there has been no response for four days. I might have to resort to forced execution for disciplinary action."

He said he would carry out the disciplinary action since there was no response when he continued to call.

"I... I'm sure I went to look for him."


"Four days ago... Ah!"

Tias stared into Raon's eyes, his heart pounding.

Raon's vivid red eyes showed no sign of wavering.

"H-He knows everything!"

Raon was aware that Burren was kidnapped, and Tias had chosen forced execution as the method to save him.

In other words, Raon was asking for two answers from him: that he hadn't revealed Burren's whereabouts and about the location of Burren.

"If it's him...."

Tias felt a certainty that this man could save Burren.

"I really don't know."

Tias tightly pressed his lips together and lowered his head.

"He might be in the Inner Spirit Realm within the training camp, but I'm not sure."

After revealing the name of the building where Burren was held captive, Tias exhaled a warm breath.

"Forced execution can only be carried out five days after the order is given. Tomorrow will be exactly the fifth day, so come to the 5th Training Ground at night."

Raon smiled slyly and opened the window, the moonlight casting a glow on him.

"Wait! T-Thank you...."

As Tias tried to express his gratitude, Raon put a finger to his lips.

"Why are you thanking me? I'm just going to catch my timid subordinate who's avoiding training."

He smirked and melted away like illuminated mist.

"Thank you."

Tias bowed his head softly towards the window where Raon disappeared.

"Thank you so much...."


The next evening.




Listening to the sharp glares and growls of the Light Wind members, Laon narrowed his eyes.

'They seem to be turning into real wild dogs....'

Perhaps he pushed the training a bit too hard; it hadn't even been a week, and the members energy had become so intense that they resembled savage beasts. 

The effects of the assassin training he gave them while minimizing sleep seemed a bit excessive.

'Nevertheless, their skills have definitely improved.'

While their overall strength didn't increase significantly, their ability to maintain concentration doubled, and their physical stamina and determination skyrocketed. 

These changes would make a significant difference in real combat.

"It's just perfect."

With the current Light Wind Squad, he predicted that they could hold their own against powerful squad, one rank higher. 

The situation was ideal for rescuing Burren and conducting practical training for the Light Wind Squad.



"That traitor!"

"Let's kill him!"


As soon as Raon mentioned Burren, all the Light Wind Squad members simultaneously sharpened their swords. 

Their fierce reactions showed that they couldn't forgive the traitor who betrayed them. 

They even said they would kill Krein, who had been the closest to Burren.

"You guys don't know everything. Burren...."

"Kill him!"

"That backstabber!"

"Smash his skull!"


They cursed whenever Burren's name was mentioned, so he couldn't explain properly.

"Calm down and listen. Burren...."

Raon briefly explained to Light Wind Squad about Burren's circumstances.

"That's why today, we're going to attack the Lightning Strike squad that is holding Burren captive. We will defeat them and bring Burren back."

"So, you mean there are two bastards preventing Burren from training?"

"We'll kill them! Let only Burren receive the training!"


Light Wind squad had already shifted their attention to Burren, and they couldn't listen to the full explanation. 

They were just focused on taking Burren away from wherever he was and making him go through their hellish training.


Feeling the intense energy emanating from Light Wind members, Raon shrugged his shoulders as if his skin was burning.

"Well, whatever."

Their reactions were different from what he expected, but their combat abilities had increased, so it didn't matter.

What do you mean "it doesn't matter"? The meaning is completely different!

Wrath, shook his head while watching Light Wind squad.

Those guys can't even understand a word. They're just a bunch of crazy dogs, not a squad. 

'Now is the time for crazy dogs.'

Raon raised his hand and gestured towards the Lightning Strike training ground.

"Let's capture Burren and double the training he has had so far!"


"All the responsibility falls on the squad leader! Smash everything!"


"Let's go!"

The 5th training ground erupted with cheers so loud that the ground trembled.


Knowing about the plan in advance, Rimmer, who had been standing quietly next to the platform, opened his mouth wide.

"If I cause trouble again, I'll really die at the hands of the Lord! (Glenn)"


In front of the extravagant main entrance of the Central Martial Palace Headquarters, two warriors were chatting.

"I told him I was from Lightning Strike, and that idiot started to stammer and look around nervously."

"That's the way it has to be. If you say something wrong, your head might be gone."

As they chuckled, they noticed around thirty people approaching them from the darkness.

"You can't help but be cautious. Who's approaching at this hour?"

"I don't know. But the person in the middle looks familiar... Oh! It's Raon Zigheart!"


Both warriors swallowed hard as they saw Raon walking towards them with a stern expression. 

His fierce gaze in the dark night made them tense up.

"Halt! This is the territory of the Lightning Strike. If you haven't made an appointment, you can't enter."

"I may not have an appointment, but I have a purpose."

Raon acknowledged the words of the Lightning Strike members and proceeded up the stairs.


"Yes. I'm here to capture Burren Zieghart, that arrogant guy who ignored my summons."

With a cool smile, Raon brushed past the warriors.



Raon chuckled softly as he broke down the main gate.

"Wh-what is this!"

"What's happening all of a sudden!"

"Is it an enemy!"

Even before the gates were fully destroyed, they could feel a powerful aura coming from all directions, and the Lightning Strike members quickly gathered.

"Not bad."

From the energy and aura he sensed, Raon knew that these Lightning Strike squad were strong opponents for the Light Wind squad.

"I am Raon Zieghart, the acting leader of the Light Wind squad."

Raon turned his head slightly to survey the lightning Strike squad who had gathered around.

"I've come to capture the criminal Burren Zieghart If you get in my way, I'll make you like that gate."

"What, what's wrong with that crazy guy!"

"Where do you think you are!" 

"Stop! Never let him inside!"

The Lightning Strike squad drew their swords and distorted their faces like demons.

"You intend to obstruct official duties?"

Raon nodded and looked back at his Light Wind squad, who were ready to charge.




He grinned at the Light Wind squad gathering around him.



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