TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 266

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C 266

After giving the Light Wind Squad members some time for their meal, Raon returned to the annex building.

He wanted to express his gratitude to Encia, who had created the Hyeokhwan for her, but he couldn't find her anywhere.

"She hasn't come out of her room since morning, saying she's been inspired."

Instead of Encia , Judiel, with her calm gaze, approached Raon and nodded.

"I suppose there's no need to check the performance."

"She seems quite confident."

"Yeah. I guess that means it's perfect."

The fact that he entered her room without even hearing the feedback about the Hyeokhwan she made herself indicated her confidence in the artifact's performance and quality.

Though she was young, her skill and mindset seemed already that of a master artisan.

"I have something to report."

Before Raon could inquire about the situation of the battlefront, Judiel spoke first.

"A command has been issued to update Sir Raon latest information." 

"Latest information?"

"Yes. Injuries, new equipment, hidden martial arts, and whereabouts. It was a cautious directive to approach carefully."

She added that it had been a long time since such a detailed order had been given.

"Is that so?"

Raon raised the corner of his lips. 

The uneasiness he felt from Tias, Burren's butler, made him think that it might not be just a feeling.

"How's the situation at the battlefront lately?"

"It's quiet."


"Karoon Zighart is on a mission, so the Leader of the Thundersword Squad, Gelmier Zieghart, is temporarily managing the battlefront. It's much calmer than usual. And that means..."

Judiel pupils sank deep like an endless well.

"A prelude to a stormy night."

Raon nodded in agreement with Judiel's words.

"They are preparing something from behind or underneath."

"Yes. We can't know the details due to the information control, but the possibility is high."

"Information control…."

It was the first time he heard Judiel use the term 'information control.' 

He thought she should properly investigate about Gelmier Zieghart.

"What kind of person is Gelmier?"

"He's a young strongman who leads the Thundersword Squad/Faction/Division and is known for his martial skill at the Master Intermediate level. He has mastered precise and swift thrusting swordsmanship and is called the Hurricane Sword in the Hoepung continent."

Judiel exhaled softly.

"His external image is as good as that nickname suggests. He is merciful to allies but merciless to enemies, shedding neither blood nor tears. However, in reality, he's a ruthless person who would strike down allies if they become an obstacle. Many people within the battlefront fear him."

"I see."

Raon clicked his tongue briefly.

"Information restriction, Tias's reaction, Gelmier's real personality, and Burren's exclusion from training..."

When he combined all that information, a foreboding feeling ran down his spine.

Everything else was strange, but now that he thought about it, Burren's exclusion from training was the most peculiar.

"There's no way that guy would easily skip training."

Burren, who had the strongest sense of responsibility in the Light Wind Squad, getting excluded from training didn't make sense. 

Even if he was excluded, he should have come to explain it in person.

"I was too careless."

Because Tias, Burren's closest aide and the one who cherished him the most, had come, he had let heis guard down.

"You said the internal information of the Thundersword Division is restricted?"

"Yes. It's quite blocked. They're being very cautious."

"Can I ask for one favor?"

He pointed at the golden pin he had tucked into his training uniform.

It was one of the artifacts he had brought back from the Lohengreen's Dungeon.

"I'll give you the information about this artifact. Please use this to locate Burren's whereabouts within the Thundersword Division." 

"If it's information about the artifact, it should certainly be useful, but why would you need to know Burren's location...?"

"It's just my guess, but I think he's going through quite a tough time right now."

With a cold smile, Raon turned away.


On that night, Raon looked down at the Light Wind Squad members standing in front of Bukmang Mountain.

He smiled at the anger, fear, and annoyance visible in their eyes.

"The survival method is simple. You hide, and I seek. When we encounter each other, it's a battle. Easy, right?"

"You damn pig! How are we supposed to beat you!"

Martha snapped, looking like she couldn't believe what she was hearing. 

She rushed forward and grabbed Raon by the collar.

"Raon, the Handsome. There's no way we can win."

Runaan sighed, looking exhausted. 

After saying she had met Encia yesterday, she had started using the word "handsome" again. 

"That's right! How can we beat a Monster like you!"

"Even when you weren't a master, we couldn't defeat you. Now you're like an impregnable wall!"

"This is unfair!"

The Light Wind members also complained, shaking their fists, expressing that they had no chance of winning.

"Don't worry. I'm not just suggesting we do it."

Raon chuckled and applied the Hyeokhwan to his wrists and ankles.

"I'll wear the Hyeokhwan, and you guys will take it off. So, I'll find you without using Aura. How about that?"

"O-Oh, you won't use Aura?"


"If that's the case, it might be doable!"

The Light Wind Squad said there was a possibility, gulping down their dissatisfaction.

"No way! We still have a chance!"

Martha stepped forward with a frown.

"What about during the battle? You won't suddenly take off your bracelet and attack, will you?"

"Of course, we'll fight as we are."

"Good! Then it's doable. I'll knock that annoying face of yours out!"

Martha clenched her lips and raised her fist.

"I will too! I'm so fed up with you lately!"

"Ugh, can't take it anymore!"

All of the Light Wind members were stirred up with anger.

"Anyone who can't find me or can't knock me down will have to give up their day off tomorrow."


"Day off!"

"I, I'm definitely going to hide! Even if I have to dig a hole to do it!"

After promising a day off, the faces of the Light Wind members brightened. 

Their enthusiasm for hiding or attacking reached its peak.

Runaan, on the other hand, looked dazed and stared at Bukmang Mountain.

"I'll move in one hour. Let's go!"

Raon clapped his hands with a smile. 

he had seen Rimmer doing it so much that he unconsciously clapped his hands in situations like this.

"Let's go!"

"Today, I won't stop breathing!"

"I'm going to knock Raon-nim down! When else will I get the chance to do it!"

The Light Wind members cheered and rushed up the mountain. 

Since they hadn't used Aura during training, they were overflowing with energy they couldn't control.

Raon watched the members rush up the mountain and turned back.

"You seem to enjoy this."

-Tsk! What's fun about the kids' games?

You said you would give them a day off tomorrow. It doesn't mean you'll go all out. There's some pleasure in crushing their hopes, isn't there?

"Crushing their hopes, huh!" 

Wrath let out a sigh, as if he were downing a beer in one shot.

-It's an evilness even the monarch wouldn't have expected! As expected of you...

'Here we go again.'

Raon pushed Wrath away and closed his eyes.

One hour was long enough. 

Without using Aura, he spent the time sharpening his swordsmanship through meditation.

"It's time."

When an hour and five minutes had passed, Raon opened his eyes and approached the mountain.

"Not bad, huh?"

While some of the guys used mana to move faster, most of them suppressed their footsteps and erased their tracks as they climbed the mountain. 

There was a sense of accomplishment in seeing them use what he had taught them.

'But it's not like they can't find me.'

When searching the mountain, one had to look beyond just the ground. 

There were many hints even without checking the tracks. 

The bent branches and leaves, the scent carried by the wind, the psychological state of a person moving on a mountain path—there were many clues even without looking at tracks.

'They moved quite a bit to the right.'

Looking at the tracks on the ground and the branches, it seemed that more than eight people had moved to the right.

'I should start from here.'

Raon smiled softly and ran up the hill.

'The tracks are getting clearer.'

As he passed the lower part of the mountain and reached the middle, the tracks were more obvious, pointing towards the hill.

'They're pretty obvious.'

Raon chuckled and, as soon as he reached the hill, iron practice swords flew at him from all directions, on the ground, left, right, and above.


"Give us a day off!"

"Hand it over!"


Though it was just a fist hitting their stomachs, the members couldn't stand up with foam at their mouths.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing!"

"It's not even a sword, just a fist!"

"Can't get up."

Raon shook his head as he stepped forward.

Without using Aura, he had released the control over his strength and agility, making it impossible for them to get up.


"This can't be real!"

"We can  use Aura! If we all attack together, we can win!"

Since burren wasn't here, Krein, the deputy leader of the 3rd Division, encouraged everyone and rushed forward.


Raon lightly deflected five training swords aimed at his waist with the back of hid hand and shoulders.

"Don't just follow your eyes. Use your senses. Utilize Aura at full power to grasp the distance and position of your opponent!"

After parrying all the blades that extended like thorns, he countered with a punch, knocking each sword out of their hands.


The storm-like flurry of punches sent the Light Wind 3rd Division tumbling on the ground. The only one left standing was Deputy Leader Krein.

"Eek! H-How is this...?"

Krein's eyes shook as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing, his teeth chattering.

"You told me to 'die' earlier, didn't you?"

"M-Me? I would never say that!"

"No, I definitely heard it. That's why I spared only you."

Raon smiled playfully and turned his wrist.


"You took quite a few punches."



Raon had come back to the outskirts of the mountain, where the Light Wind Squad members were kneeling, nursing their bruised body parts.

Martha had suggested a one-on-one fight openly but ended up being soundly beaten.

Runaan had hidden until the very end, but eventually, her location was exposed, and she surrendered.

"You didn't properly learn how to search and conceal yourselves, so it was always going to be difficult for you to avoid being discovered by me."

Raon looked at the Light Wind Squad and raised his index finger.

"Then how should we do it?"

"You should be ready to fight from the beginning."

Martha massaged her jaw from the previous hit and frowned openly.

"Correct. The real question is how to fight in that situation."

Raon nodded in agreement.

"When you become a Master, your physical body and senses will improve. Even if only you guys use Aura, I still have the advantage. So how should you fight against an opponent like me?"

"Just rush in and overwhelm them!"

"Ambush them!"

"Surround them in numbers!"

Martha's answer was the most expected. 

Each member of the Light Wind Squad came up with their ideas, but there was no correct answer among them.

"There's no right answer."

"No way?"

"Yeah? Where is such a thing!"

"It's true."

Raon looked at the bewildered Light Wind  Squad with a faint smile.

"The strategy varies depending on the location, timing, and situation. So there is no correct answer. However, there are solutions. Concentration. Focus on how to endure in that situation, how to fight to bring down your opponent. Keep your mind occupied with thoughts of how to handle it."

He looked into their eyes with intense determination.

"I don't know when I'll find you and how I'll fight you. So maintain your concentration from the beginning. Hold the tension string so that you can start the fight with an advantage. I keep repeating it, but it's all about concentration. Maintain your focus at its peak until the end of this training."

The Light Wind Squad clenched their fists, swallowing their pride and taking Raon's advice to heart. 

Their eyes showed a strong determination.

"Understood! Let's go up. Round 2 begins!" 


The Light Wind Squad didn't complain as they did before. 

They were grateful for the broken embarrassment and the heartfelt advice they received from Raon without Aura. 

They quietly ascended the mountain with renewed determination.

Raon watched them carefully as they cautiously climbed the mountain. 

Then, he turned around and walked toward the direction of the training grounds.

Hm? Where are you going?

Wrath, who was yawning on his shoulder, raised his head in curiosity.

'Back to the training grounds.'

Weren't you supposed to go up the mountain?

'Who said that? I told them to go up.'


He opened his mouth as if he hadn't thought about that.

'I meant for them to see you guys and go up. I never said I was going up there.'


He seemed taken aback by the idea.

'Right now, what they need is time to maintain their concentration. I may not know when I'll show up, so they need to stay focused and tense at all times. It might be a bit tough, but it will lead to significant growth in a short time.'

To be honest, it wasn't just a bit tough; it might be unbearable, but it would help them grow.

'I need to train too.'

Raon shrugged and held the Heavenly Sword's hilt in his hand.

Yeah, you're definitely not human!

Wrath shook his head with his tongue out.

That's not how humans think!

'Well, maybe humans aren't the right fit for this.'

You admit it! You finally admit it! Fine! On the Royal Road that His Majesty has laid out…

'I won't live there.'


Raon returned to the fifth Training Ground and closed his eyes.

He slowly drew in the Ring of Fire and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, infusing his entire mana circuit with the power of fire, and then pulled out the Heavenly drive Sword.


A powerful heat that could distort the very air flowed through her body like water running over pebbles.


The fine sand on the ground burned and emitted a gray smoke as it turned scarlet.

"This is the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation Yeomju Wall."

The Yeomju Wall was a defensive martial art that used one's body to endure an attack and raised the heat of one's entire body to burn the opponent's Aura when they were forced to take a hit.

"As expected, the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation has many useful martial arts."

After becoming a Master, he had access to new martial arts in the Backlash of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation. Until now, he had kept his distance from his own martial arts, trying to create and improve them, but now that he had some spare time, it was time to fully learn and explore them.


Raon moved the energy of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, which covered hhis entire body, into the Heavenly Drive Sword.

He thinly extended a line of scorching energy from the blade.


The sand on the ground crumbled at the line of heat, and the surrounding air seemed to distort as if it were bleeding.

"This is the Jeokseom."

The Jeokseom, in contrast to the Yeomju Wall, was a martial art that added overwhelming firepower to the energy, breaking through the opponent's defense. 

It was a surprising power that could even break through the defense of a superior opponent.

Raon lowered his sword slowly.

Even though a sharp hole had formed on the blackened ground, the surrounding sand didn't pile up. 

The sand on either side seemed to rise on its own, as if the surrounding air was melting.

"It's good."

It was a martial art that couldn't be blocked or stopped by a similar or weaker opponent and could penetrate even the defense of a superior opponent. 

However, it consumed a significant amount of Aura, as both Yeomju Wall and Jeokseom were Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation martial arts, so it used far more Aura than basic swordsmanship. 

It was a great martial art, but it was better to use it carefully.

Raon smiled with satisfaction and proceeded to unfold the martial arts he had learned so far and those he could learn in the future, checking them one by one.

Concentrating on the swordsmanship, he had unknowingly lost track of time, and now the sun was rising.

"Now I need to go find them."

He placed the Heavenly Drive Sword into the sheath to call the Light Wind Squad that had been left to train. 

To ascend to Bukmang Mountain, he turned around, and Judiel was standing in front of the training ground, holding a lunchbox.

"I greet the Young Master."

Judiel bowed slightly in greeting and approached her.

"I brought some snacks as I thought you might be training since dawn."

She stood in front of him with a faint smile. 

It was a smile she didn't usually show, meaning she had something to say.

"Oh, thanks. Let's go this way."

Raon smiled slyly and entered the break room with Judiel. 

He made sure to keep his powerful aura contained to prevent the sound from leaking.

"What's the matter?"

"I have received some information."


"It seemed urgent, so I tried to find it quickly."

With a composed gaze, she nodded her head.

"This is just my prediction. Please listen while keeping that in mind."


"In all the martial arts training grounds in Central Martial Palace, there were no sightings of Burren. Although he was said to be in the Central Martial Palace training ground, no one has seen him personally. On the other hand, Gelmier has been spotted here and there. Additionally, there is one more person who hasn't been seen."

"Who is that?"

"Allan. He is one of the Deputy leaders of Lightning Strike Division (The translation Change it,  before it was Thundersword, wtf, my brain hurts) and an expert in swords. However, he has another special ability."

"Special ability?"

"Yes. Brainwashing."

Judiel slightly furrowed her brow and continued.

"It's not a simple method that inflicts physical pain but a brainwashing method that shocks the mind using words and some substances, making it difficult to detect from the outside. The weak brainwashing I was under was that kind of method."

Raon's aura had removed the brainwashing, but she had also been under the same kind of brainwashing that Allan used.

"In that case, what you're saying is..."

"Yes. It might not be true, but it's highly likely that Allan is brainwashing Burren."

"I'm almost sure of it."

Raon furrowed his forehead. Although he said it might not be true, her eyes contained certainty.

"Can that guy Gelmier imprison his little brother?"

"I think so."

"Haah, it's probably because of me, right?"


Judiel didn't answer. 

It meant that she couldn't be sure, but Raon found her previous predictions more reliable because of it.

"The Lophens-style brainwashing used by Allan takes about a week to ten days to complete. After that, he consistently calls the target to reinforce and perfect the brainwashing."

"Ten days...."

Raon nodded his head. He remembered that Tias had said Burren wouldn't be able to participate in the training for about ten days.

-It's certain.

"Yes, I'm sure."

There was no need to listen any further. 

Tias had come to the training ground under coercion, even though he knew the circumstances. 

The unusual reaction from him was a desperate plea for someone to save burren.

"What do you plan to do?"

"Currently, there are only the basic forces and the Lightning Strike Squad (I guess I will use Lightning Strike for now) at the Central Martial Palace, right?"

"Yes. As Karoon is dealing with the barbarians, the remaining forces are all that's left."

"That works out perfectly."

Nodding his head with a refreshed expression, Raon said, "If it's just the them, they're perfect training material for the Light Wind Squad."

"Y-You're planning to attack the Lightning Strike Squad?"

"Yes. Our guys are just about to go wild, you know?"

Raon gazed at Bukmang Mountain with a cold smile.

"They'll be perfect for venting."

-Isn't that because of you! Those guys would definitely want to bite you more!

"Crazy dogs also won't bite their owners."

When he was about to push Wrath away, a loud noise erupted from inside the practice room.


Raon immediately rushed to the break room.

The area in front of the practice room was covered in dust, and amidst the smoke, a sprawled-out Rimmer revealed himself.


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