RDM (Novel) Chapter 435

C 435

Eun-yo walked quietly down the street.

Do Yeonsan accompanied her.

Do Yeonsan found Eun-Yo fascinating. Although she was blind, she walked confidently through the streets of the city.

Even though many people passed by, no one bumped into her. It seemed that people automatically moved out of her way.

It wasn't as if Eun-Yo avoided people. But the fact that she never bumped into anyone was just amazing.

That was then.

"Isn't it fascinating?"


Do Yeonsan was slightly surprised by Eun-Yo's words, which seemed to cut right through his thoughts. Then Eun-Yo smiled softly and continued.

"There is nothing so fascinating about it. It just happens naturally."

"That seems even more fascinating."


"Sister, are you really blind?"

"Is it strange?"

"It just seems like you can see everything..."

"Not everything can be seen with the eyes alone."

"Is it like... an inner vision?"

"You could say it's similar."


Do Yeonsan unconsciously let out an exclamation.

Even though he hadn't studied martial arts systematically and didn't know the theory well, he still knew that inner vision was a feat that only the top experts in Kangho could achieve.

It wasn't something that someone of Eun-Yo's age could achieve.

Eun-Yo lowered her head as if embarrassed.

"It's not that big a deal."

"Why? It's an inner vision..."

"When one sense deteriorates, another sense tends to develop. I lost my physical sight, but I gained the eyes of my mind. It has nothing to do with the realm of martial arts. If I hadn't received the great technique from Xiaoleiyin Temple, I wouldn't have been able to develop my inner vision".

The great technique forcibly received from Xiaoleiyin Temple changed the lives of Eun-Yo and the children.

Eun-Yo lost her sight but gained the ability to see the world with her mind's eye.

As a result, she was naturally able to read other people's emotions and thoughts, but this made it difficult for her to trust people easily.

There were very few people she trusted.

Her friends, Pyo Wol, and now Do Yeonsan was added to the list.

Do Yeonsan followed Eun-Yo around like a puppy.

In the evenings, Eun-Yo went around managing the brothels she owned.

The reason she bought the brothels was simple.

It was to help Pyo Wol.

The brothels were the places where the most information in the world was gathered.

The information gathered from the prostitutes' mouths was collected by Eun-Yo. Then Eun-Yo passed on the information she had gathered to the chief advisor.


The judgement was the responsibility of the Chief Advisor.


When they arrived at the White Sun Hall, a brothel, a middle-aged woman came out to greet them personally.

The middle-aged woman was a retired prostitute who now ran the White Sun Hall.

Running the brothel was her sole responsibility.

Eun-Yo did not interfere in the management of the brothel. Instead, she ensured their autonomy and only asked for information.

The brothel manager led them to a quiet room in the brothel.

Eun-Yo asked,

"What's the atmosphere in Chengdu?"

"As you know, everyone is holding their breath."

"Is it because of the elder brother?"

"Yes! Since his return, all martial arts officials and sects in Chengdu have completely banned outside activities. They are afraid of being caught by him for no reason. As a result, the number of customers at the brothel has decreased significantly."

"It must have affected the brothel's management."

"Instead, there are many more customers from outside Chengdu, so it's bearable."

"Really? Have a lot of people come from outside?"

"An unusually large number. And a considerable number of those who have come are interested in what the elder brother is doing."

"It seems that they are people sent to monitor the elder brother's movements."

"Yes! Not all, but a considerable number seem to have come for that purpose. Even after they have called the prostitutes to their rooms, a considerable part of the conversation they have among themselves is about the elder brother."

"Who is the most conspicuous among them?

"The movements of the Galactic Escort Bureau are unusual."

"The Galactic Escort Bureau?"

"Yes! It's the courier agency that recently entered Chengdu."

"Why do you think their actions are unusual?"

"Delivering packages to their destination and receiving payment is how a courier agency makes money."



"The Galactic Escort Bureau still hasn't released the gifts they brought to the city. There's no word from any of the top shops or trading companies in the city that they've received anything from them."

Eun-Yo stroked her chin with her white finger.

It was a habit that appeared when she had something deep to think about.

"This is definitely not the usual behaviour of a trading company."

"Yes! So I think they came to the city for some other purpose. We'll have to investigate further to find out more."

"Where is the Galactic Escort Bureau now?"

"There is a rumour that they have rented out the entire Gujang Guesthouse."

"That's the place run by Jang Noya, right?"

"Yes! That's right."

"Please ask Jang Noya to come here."

Eun-Yo casually asked for Jang Noya to be called. The brothel manager, as if it were obvious, called the manager to bring Jang Noya.

Although Jang Noya ran the Gujang Guesthouse, Eun-Yo was the real owner.

Two years ago, the guesthouse ran into financial difficulties due to debts.

At that time, the person who paid off the debt and took over was Eun-Yo.

Eun-Yo continued to let Jang Noya run the guesthouse even though she was the new owner. As a result, people did not know that Eun-Yo was the real owner of the inn.

The reason why Eun-Yo took over Gujang Guesthouse was simple.

Situated in a prime location, it was the largest in the town.

It had a large attached stable and a huge storehouse for the safe storage of belongings.

People travelling long distances, especially in large groups, had no choice but to stay at the Gujang Guesthouse.

Eun-Yo saw the potential early and bought it. Now she was reaping the rewards.


Do Yeonsan admired Eun-Yo as he watched her.

He had seen her handle situations many times before, but each time he was impressed.

Normally, a brothel manager didn't need to be cunning. Even if there was a separate owner, they could easily hide their intentions and withhold information for their own benefit. However, none of the managers under Eun-Yo dared to deceive her because Eun-Yo could see through their thoughts and intentions.

At first, some people tried to deceive her. But Eun-Yo saw through their intentions and dealt with them without hesitation. People who saw her determination trembled in fear. They realised that they had underestimated her because she was young, and that she was actually a nine-tailed fox.

After that, no one dared to deceive her.

Soon after, Jang Noya followed the chief into the room.

"Did you call for me, Miss?"

Jang Noya bowed deeply to Eun-Yo.

"Please, have a seat."

"How dare I sit in front of you, Miss! I'm more comfortable this way!"

"Jang Noya!"

"I really am. I'm more comfortable like this. So don't worry about me, miss, and just speak your mind."


Eun-Yo sighed, as if she had no choice but to accept.

Jang Noya was extremely stubborn and maintained this attitude whenever he met Eun-Yo.

"Why did you call me, Miss?"

"I heard that the Galactic Escort Bureau is staying at the Gujang Guesthouse."

"That is correct."

"Are there any unusual movements or points of interest?"

"Actually, I wanted to report something strange to you."

"What's strange?"

"Usually, trading companies talk a lot about their goods, but strangely enough, there's a lot of talk about sutras."


"Yes! In conversations among the leaders of the escort company, the word 'sutras' comes up a lot. Both the manager and I heard it when we were serving food."

Jang Noya was a very meticulous person by nature.

He listened carefully to the guests' conversations without missing a word. This made him very credible.

"Sutras, huh..."

"Shall we have a closer look?"

"Is it possible?"

"It might not be easy for the leaders, but there's one person among the guards we can approach."


"Guard Seok loves gambling and women. The leaders have forbidden him to go out, but he sneaks out to have fun."

"Recommend the underground gambling den to him."

"The underground gambling den? Understood."

Jang Noya replied politely.

"She is determined.

The Underground Gambling House, as its name suggested, was a secret gambling den located in an underground room.

Originally run by gangs or criminals, it was now under Eun-Yo's control.

At first, Eun-Yo wanted to close down the underground gambling den. But she knew that even if she did, people would just find another place to gamble. So she left it alone.

The underground gambling den was the final destination for those addicted to gambling.

There was no limit to the amount of money you could lose or win, and there was no discrimination based on social status.

In one night you could become a millionaire or lose everything and fall into the depths of despair.

It was a swamp where gamblers ended up, and if the underground gambling den decided to fleece an individual thoroughly, it would be done in no time. However, they usually didn't intervene unless Eun-Yo gave special instructions.

"Tell Geum Jo-gyeong to clean him up."


Jang Noya left the room when he replied.

Geum Jo-gyeong was the owner of the underground gambling den.

Originally, he was just an ordinary gambler, but Eun-Yo recognised his talent and made him the owner of the underground gambling den. It was no exaggeration to say that he had the best gambling skills in the world.

When he decided to take everything from them, the gambling addicts couldn't resist his skills, no matter how hard they tried.

Guard Seok was like an ant caught in a spider's web.

No matter how much he struggled, the spider's web would only tighten around him with even more force. Eun-Yo muttered to herself.

"Do you think I can just stand by and watch those with evil intent rampaging through my brother's territory?"

If Pyo Wol hadn't saved her, she would still be living a miserable life in the Xiaoleiyin Temple, being treated like a sub-human.

Thanks to Pyo Wol, she, Gwi An and Soma were able to live like humans.

That's why Eun-Yo prioritised Pyo Wol above all else.

She considered the city to be Pyo Wol's territory and labelled anyone who went against his will as an enemy.

Suddenly, Eun-yo looked at Do Yeonsan.


"Do you think I'm going too far?"

"No! I feel the same way you do."

"I thought so."

Eun-Yo smiled.

Do Yeonsan gently held Eun-Yo's hand. Eun-Yo was slightly surprised. But she didn't pull her hand away.

Do Yeonsan held her hand even tighter.

"An enemy of your brother is an enemy of mine."

Do Yeonsan was also indebted to Pyo Wol for saving his life.

The world's definition of good and evil did not apply to him.

Even the righteous martial arts sects that emphasized justice turned a blind eye to his misfortune.

Justice was only upheld by the powerful, and for the powerless, it was nothing more than a hollow echo.

The only person who took an interest and reached out to him was Pyo Wol.

He was willing to do anything for Pyo Wol, even if it meant being condemned by Kangho.

Eun-Yo got up and said, "Let's go back to Red Pine Manor. I have to see Gwi An."

If Eun-Yo was Pyo Wol's active agent in the city, Gwi An was the brain.

Although he was extremely cautious about going outside and only stayed in the underground, he observed and coordinated everything from there.

Gwi An might have already seen through the movements of the Galactic Escort Bureau.

Eun-Yo thought that was very likely.

Gwi An was that kind of person.

He couldn't be judged by common sense.

I don't know why they came here. But I will strip them down to their underwear.

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